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  1. I suppose she might have gained a couple of pounds while she was pregnant, and now that she has given birth, her first priority is to look exactly the way she did before. Because, of course, she must remain slim for her husband's pleasure, those two or three extra pounds make her less valuable, and little things like good nutrition for the baby's sake are much further down that totem pole. At least, I suspect that's the mantra she has been fed. I have no idea whether she is capable of enough independent thought to question it.
  2. It's not as though there is anything drastically wrong with Josh's features, per se...It's the smug and smarmy, self-indulgent expression pasted all over them that makes his face revolting.
  3. I don't know that Kendra ever really had time for one...
  4. I hope no one ended up with the nickname "Milf". Even if they were a boy. 😬 In my family, the name was Jozef, often with the Polish spelling, but sometimes Anglicized to Joseph. Most of my cousins have one, though I don't.
  5. That's great! I've been having some minor success with losing weight as well since the medication they put me on after my heart scare a few months ago discourages alcohol. Not that I was an absolute lush or anything, but we did used to have wine with dinner pretty much every night, and more often than not kill the bottle. Sometimes two. Nowadays, I limit myself to one 4 oz glass per week. so it's definitely made a difference in my typical calorie count, plus I don't get the munchies in the middle of the night, so there's that, too. I had lost five or six pounds over the summer between all the
  6. Yup, the angle. If you look at Jer, we are seeing his features from above, and his earlobes look as though they begin at eye level, which would make them way higher than they should be. And since we are looking at Fern from below (as in basically looking up her nose), it appears that her ears are super low.
  7. My son-in-law did a pregnancy photoshoot of my daughter the other day, and got some absolutely gorgeous pictures. I just have to share this because, 1) I figure I can get away with it since her face is not visible, 2) I thought some here might appreciate that you can, indeed, take a pregnancy picture without clutching your vagina, and 3) Atheists can exemplify modesty and elegance without even breaking a sweat.
  8. Wasn't Hagrid's baby dragon in Harry Potter also named Norbert? That was the first thing that came to my mind, anyway. I don't hate the name Nehemiah. Actually, I really like a lot of Biblical names, even the more obscure ones. With the N theme, Naftali (even though it sounds a bit too much like naphtalene) could be another odd but interesting Biblical choice. There aren't a whole lot of really good N names out there, but unless they have, like 15 or 20 boys in a row, they won't be scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel to find things that work.
  9. Had to share this little story that my daughter just posted. I think my granddaughter is just getting way too smart! Facebook story: Granddaughter clutching some kind of chocolate-covered treat (doughnut hole on a stick?) with a big smile on her face. Daughter's question: Can I have a taste? Granddaughter: No. Babies can't have treats, so when you don't have a baby in your belly anymore you can have some. That seems like pretty sophisticated reasoning for 3 1/2! LOL Only about four more weeks to go until grandbaby #2!
  10. I am just picturing the finished room with about a dozen of Jill's tchotchkes perched on each step.
  11. I was the mother of tweens in the 90s, and a Daria fan myself. Come to think of it, I may share some attributes with Jessa as far as being a bit less than invested in people in general but for one best friend and whoever I had an unrequited crush on. If I was Daria, I would totally have had a crush on Trent. In fact, I did kind of have a crush on my best friend's brother who played drums in a band. Of course, Jessa is nowhere near as bookish as Daria, so the comparison kinda falls apart in that level. Sorry, real content is kinda minimal here, I know. I could also talk about Spurge's hai
  12. She is just the image of her daddy in that photo! Usually I don't see so much of him in her features.
  13. Loved the cover, but some of that decor (especially the mic stand) would not look amiss in Jill R's barndo...
  14. That sounds so cool! I love London as well, although I generally hate big cities with a passion. But I was born there, and still have a number of cousins in the general vicinity, so there's a sense of the familiar there which I find lacking in other cities. I might look up those walks next time I go (hopefully in the spring).
  15. I'd rather find out it was faking it, and not only because then it could get its own self out of there (I don't mind live critters, but will NOT deal with a dead one if I can possibly avoid it - I've had the neighbors come over to dispose of a drowned mouse in a bucket while Mr Jyn was away). While I'll admit that their tail ends are kinda creepy, I think their front ends are actually cute - even with all those sharp little, pointy teeth. And they do eat ticks and whatnot like nobody's business, so they are worth having around. There was one which used to come visit on our back deck on a
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