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  1. Funny story... Went to a show last night to see Randy Rainbow with a couple of friends. We had decided to have dinner beforehand at a place attached to the Holiday Inn in town, then walk the couple of blocks to the venue. Didn't realize, of course, until way later, that my car keys were nowhere to be found, so we went back to the restaurant after the show in hopes that they were, in fact there and I hadn't managed to drop them in some other random location. Success!! The restaurant was getting ready to close up, but the keys had been picked up and left for me. Grateful for a crisis averted, we headed back out through the lobby, when we spotted a figure in a sparkly blue suit headed for the elevators. Randy was staying at the hotel, but graciously agreed to let us take pictures with him! EEEEEeeeee! The show was great, by the way - I don't think I stopped grinning once through the whole thing. The audience demographic was amazing - a sold out house, pretty much evenly mixed in age and gender, all clearly crazy enthusiastic about seeing him and having the chance to support a career with such a modest start which is doubtless well on the rise! And I'm still amazed at how losing one's keys can turn so fortuitous! ps...Randy said he liked my shirt! Thanks to my daughter, for my eye-catching,sparkly Christmas present! Yay for glitter!
  2. If I don't fold each piece immediately when it comes out of the dryer (which I generally do only because I hate ironing much more than I hate folding clothes and have a convenient bit of countertop right over the machines), it does, indeed, stay in the dryer until such time as I can hit the "wrinkle away" button and freshen it up again. Best invention ever! If Jill doesn't have this feature on her machine, though, and no immediate spot good for folding laundry right there, I certainly don't blame her for putting everything into baskets and tackling it in one fell swoop while she listens to a podcast. Hopefully she is still keeping an ear out for the kidlets, though. I might put it on the bed rather than on the floor, but I'm not going to give her a hard time about it either. Actually, I'm kind of impressed that she uses the time to listen to podcasts, and wonder what she listens to. It would be nice if it's not all more religious stuff, but that may be too much to hope for.
  3. Because he is? Nothing like great minds thinking alike! 🤣
  4. There's a church in London called St. Andrew-by-the -Wardrobe...Maybe the Lord, Daniel-in-the-Laundromat is some sort of relation...
  5. Besides, they could always call her Beth for short.
  6. I have to wonder if there isn't some way around that...There's a house I pass on the way to my mom's which has always intrigued me, and I always meant to check out the listing on Zillow when it went on the market a couple of years ago, but never got around to it before the sign in the yard disappeared and all sorts of work started happening on the exterior. A year or so afterward, it turned up on the market again, beautiful on the exterior, and with an absolutely gorgeous kitchen area, though none of the photos of other parts of the house looked particularly as though they had been newly redone. Anyway, when I checked on the listing history, figuring someone had either delisted and done some extra fixing up, or bought it and semi-flipped, but there was no indication that it had ever been on the market since it sold some 12 years ago. I wonder whether there are ways that someone as familiar with the real estate game as Jim Blob could finagle ways to hide previous listings, etc?
  7. I actually agree with this...though, as you say, it in no way excuses his betrayal of Anna. I feel as though in their minds, the wedding vows are somehow more sacrosanct, being more specific. But I'm sure that whenever he was "born again and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior" (which was doubtless before the incidents with his sisters, as these people seem to invariably make those decisions in early elementary school years), he broke those vows front, left and sideways by the time he got to the point of Ashley Madison.
  8. He might have, but he actually looks quite nice if that's the vibe he was after. To each their own and all that.
  9. LOL...You win the internet! (and all else being said, those macaron ice cream sandwiches sound amazing!) Oh, and Jinger looks really, really nice, if a trifle affected, in that photo just posted above.
  10. Yup...not leaving a visible mark is stressed so much, yet not leaving a psychological mark (outside the all-important obedience, of course) gets not a mention. And I don't think this is necessarily off topic, as it is part (for more or less depending on the family dispensing the "wisdom" and the personality of the offspring who choses how to implement it) of pretty much all families within the reach of the Pearls.
  11. That "house" looks to be secluded enough that it makes me think of that one place that the Turpins had before they moved to Calofornia. Now, I don't think the Rods are on anywhere near the same level as the Turpins; every place the Turpins ever left seems to have been described as uninhabitably filthy for one thing, but there does seem to be something a bit suspicious about essentially buying a warehouse with a single spare bedroom to house your 13 kids...
  12. I never find the "relaxation" ones helpful...I think I get performance anxiety when they start telling me to let every part of my body relax. Invariably, my restless legs start to kick into overdrive. I do much better not trying to fall asleep on purpose.
  13. Haha! I use podcasts to fall asleep! Strangely enough. though, while I find it difficult to concentrate on them "as is", and while I'm generally horrible at multitasking, I do love to listen to podcasts and play solitaire at the same time. I suppose I might be able to listen to them while I clean the house or something, but that sounds a bit too constructive! LOL
  14. A rural bit of Connecticut, close to the top of a hill with farmland on the other sided of the street.
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