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  1. Jynnan tonnix

    S04.E13: The Seam

    That's honestly what I expected to see for a minute there...It seemed that the monster mulling over the beauty of that leaf indicated that he was redeemable. It also even crossed my mind that rather than Everett, it might somehow be possible for Julia to regain her goddess powers by way of a redeemed monster. Lots of ways for it to work out. Quentin was not one of my favorite characters either, but the Eliot/Quentin dynamic was such a strong undercurrent running through the show that it's going to feel so empty without it. I love Eliot, but imagine that his character will feel incomplete without Q. I'm sure I'll probably still watch next season because I'll be too curious as to what they will do next not to at least check it out, but after this season having been relatively disappointing after season 3, I don't imagine my heart will be in it. 😢
  2. Jynnan tonnix

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I think that anyone who places himself on a pedestal runs a very high risk of getting knocked off at some point. The phrase, "pride goeth before the fall" didn't spring from nowhere. No gods needed.
  3. I knew a very fundie couple back in the day (this was back when we were stationed in Guam - I have probably mentioned them a time or two). In any case, she was raised ultra-fundie from day one, while he, from what I gleaned, was brought up in a semi-dysfunctional, nominally fundie family, and despite being formally "saved" again as a young adult still allowed himself the occasional beer. He never specifically forbade his wife to drink, but, given that his own father battled alcoholism, lectured her on how dangerous it could be to ever take that first drink which could lead you down a slippery slope. And she, though curious, was determined never to give in and taste alcohol just in case it made her lose all control from that moment forward. Once, someone who did not know of their beliefs gave them a bottle of wine, and she was soooo sort of thrilled in a kind of "forbidden fruits" sort of way to have the bottle in her home, even if she never, ever planned on tasting it because her husband had told her that he would prefer she never did. I always found that really sad. He may honestly have been trying to shield her from what he had experienced in his own family, and she may have just deferred to better judgement in a case of something she knew nothing about, but that glimpse I caught of her finding such fascination in the bottle of wine as a sort of symbol of exotic romance while still determined never to let herself be tempted to taste it just left me kind of wistful for her.
  4. Who knows what they will grow up to look like in any case. Pretty children -boy children - who are just disarmingly lovely in their youth often seem to lose that bloom once their faces mature to manhood. It just doesn't quite add up to a coherent sort of look while children with somewhat awkward features when they are young can grow into devastatingly attractive adults. And, of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, plus personality puts its own stamp on a face once it matures to a certain point as well. I always thought that Henry had the potential to be much better looking than Spurgie even back in those Winston Churchill days, and so far he is following that trajectory, but they may both fizzle out at some point, whether or not they eventually find their stride again, looks-wise. In any case, it's all really about who we are inside, so hopefully they grow up with some semblance of introspection and critical thinking which might lead them from the fundie life. By the looks of things, at least Ben's siblings seem to be challenging the status quo, so maybe there's some hope...
  5. They look like a couple of those curly-headed Hobbit children from the Lord of the Rings! 🙂 I don't suppose Jessa (or Duggars in general) would be all that thrilled with that comparison.
  6. Jynnan tonnix

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    The worst cockroaches were the ones we had when we were stationed in Guam. They were enormous, and you couldn't keep them out of the house. At one point, the toilet in our housing unit had to be replaced because the seal gave out, and when they pulled it free of the floor, a wave of cockroaches came spilling up out of the hole like something out of a horror movie! I don't have much of a fear of bugs, but that's not an image I will ever forget! Another random, creepy thing was that they would eat labels off cans, jars, and other things which might have been in storage, but they did seem to prefer come colors over others. I had a watercolor painting of my kids which I had been working on, but wasn't terribly happy with, so it ended up in a closet for some time. My kids all have brown eyes, and for some reason, the roaches decided that was a yummy color, and when I came across the painting a few months later, the eyes had been eaten out of it! Truly disturbing!
  7. Jynnan tonnix

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    I'm not quite old enough to have had the beehive hair and cat's eye glasses - I came of age in the 70's, and really didn't much get into fashion until the 80's. I'll admit that I do still kinda miss the big hair and the shoulder pads. Looking back at sitcoms of that era, like the Golden Girls and Designing Women, I still see that phase as one of the most flattering to a lot of women. It did suit me, at any rate, since my hair is naturally curly so did "big" with little coaxing and only a touch of product. My shoulders, on the other hand, are very narrow, so the pads really balanced me. I keep waiting for it to come back around again. I can't entirely blame Meechelle for being stuck in the 80's, though the fundie version of that fashion is so poorly done that it does pretty much negate anything positive about it, and updating it would definitely make her look better.
  8. Jynnan tonnix

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I keep having to sign back in as well, almost every time, and again whenever I go to the home page. It's getting annoying. As far as this being a "snark" site, now that I think of it, this is the only show of the ones I follow here (the others are Supernatural and The Magicians) which really deals in snark anyway. I guess it's because the Duggars are so eminently snarkable, but it had just never really occurred to me that while we tend to have some fun at their expense, the pages for those other shows seem to consist of earnest conversation about them. And even we have at least as much serious discussion as snark - analysis of what goes on in these families and whatnot. It's just that none of us seem to be actual fans of the Duggars and their way of life. I suppose there may have been the occasional person here who might have wanted to defend them, but they don't seem to stick around.
  9. I think most of it is personal preference. My feet tend to feel hot much of the time, and I don't like the feeling of having them encased in anything. I hate socks, and will wear sandals - when I have to have footwear - for as much of the year as I can get away with. So basically, anything outside of a snowstorm or truly freezing weather.
  10. Jynnan tonnix

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    At the risk of sounding like something out of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", I use Windex. Only on flies, though. But when I get a bunch of flies in the house which like to congregate on windows, a few well-aimed blasts of Windex will kill them pretty rapidly even if they manage to fly off at first. And I get clean windows into the bargain. Works well if they land on the counters, too.
  11. Jynnan tonnix

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    If nothing else, I wish Jill was aware that killing bees is not a good thing. They will never sting unless they are threatened or provoked (they themselves will die if they do), and this planet needs every bee it can get right now. 😢
  12. And younger. There are virtually no shadows or any contrast in her face other than the eyes and mouth.
  13. Jynnan tonnix

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    For whatever reason, my main thought when it comes to John John is Elaine from the "master of my domain" episode of Seinfeld! LOL. I guess I'd never really bothered to think much about him before then. He was certainly nice enough looking, but not someone I'd particularly do a double take at if he was just some guy, As for JFK, to be honest I don't recall him back in the day - we didn't move to the USA until some five years after his assassination - but I always got the impression that people found him attractive. Maybe that was partly a money/power thing, and partly that he was actually a young enough president to even have potential for that sort of appeal. And probably rumors of goings-on with women like Marilyn Monroe didn't hurt.
  14. I'm pretty sure I spent the bulk of my childhood barefoot. I'm certain my kids did. Many of us did likewise, and Jessa seems to also be of the barefoot persuasion. And, yes, she has learned that people are going to comment about it, so she's just being proactive. Not sure how that (specifically) makes her a bitch. I personally think these photos are rather sweet. Not that she doesn't have her share of faults and snarkworthy traits and Duggar blight, but I can't twist a couple of barefoot kids into cause for vilification.
  15. Jynnan tonnix

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    The basic Duggar features and the basic Kennedy features are not unalike. Funny how the one family was always seen to be so attractive, while the other, not so much. I could never really see what was supposed to make JFK particularly handsome. Both families have that basic sort of "All American" look which does nothing for me. I guess a lot of the difference is in how you carry yourself.