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  1. Maybe she's just showing a bit earlier after however many kids it's been...
  2. I actually think that's wonderful! My granddaughter is at one of those stages at almost 19 months, and there seem to be constant plateaus in those first few years when they are learning so much and trying to verbalize it - then making huge leaps forward. Three and four are the most amazing ages! I give them credit for recognizing and acknowledging it, honestly.
  3. He'll look 12 until he suddenly (and, inexplicably) starts to look 40. At the same time. In about six months.
  4. Definitely pregnant. I do have to admit, though, that this is a nice birthday sentiment (did they forget to mention God in there??). And, somehow, David and Pris seem to actually be happy. I don't think I could take either one of them for more than 15 minutes personally, but whatever they are doing seems to work for them, and the kids seem happy and well cared for as well.
  5. When my cousins come to visit from England, the one thing they always go back with is Glad Press'n'Seal. Multi-packs from BJ's. There is apparently nothing like it there, and they think it's practically magical! LOL Taking this to the prayer closet since I can't even remotely figure out a way to connect it to the Duggars... Oops...we already ARE in the Prayer Closet! Nevermind....
  6. I lived in England until I was 10, and, of course, had an English accent. I think I had lost it almost completely after about three years in Connecticut, and the rest of it went away over time. Maybe it was because my parents exclusively spoke Polish at home that there was no influence there to reinforce keeping it. I find that when I go back to visit, I very quickly begin to sort of think in a British accent, but I'm too self-conscious of how I am forming the words, somehow, to begin mimicking it. If anything, my American accent gets broader to compensate. I hate that. I haven't actually seen any clips of Jinger speaking, so I don't know exactly what she is doing, but it does seem that she must be doing it consciously if it's sounding as stilted as described. Whether that is due to Jer's influence or her own feeling of needing to reinvent herself as something other than an Arkansas hayseed, I have no clue.
  7. In England you can also get Tylenol (or similar - it goes by another name there which escapes me at the moment, but is essentially the same thing) with a small amount of codeine in it OTC. That can be especially useful if you are also fighting a cough.
  8. Then again, it the child was actually born, it could grow up to identify male (or female) regardless of the chromosomes. Which would really throw a cog into their fundie machinery. But these days sometimes it feels as though those pronouns are getting to be less and less pertinent in any case.
  9. I thought it was caw-fee! LOL...Actually, I really adore accents, and wish I had the talent of being able to mimic them with any degree of authenticity. Weirdly, I can do it when I am singing, but there are very few I can even get close to in speech. Even having grown up in a home where my parents both have heavy Polish accents, I wouldn't even be able to begin mimicking that as it just sounds so "normal" to me. To get back to Jinger, I get the feeling that she is trying to sound classy and refined, but since her sphere of influence is so small she has to rely on an attempt at a sort of mid-Atlantic thing without really knowing what that entails.
  10. Oh. I'd pay money to see a good fundie argument over Jill's makeup fixation!!
  11. I'm kind of with you on much of this. As I said, I have only been watching this show over the last four years or so, having binge-watched everything up to that point, therefore I understand that I don't have nearly the sort of investment in it as those who have watched it, year by year (with, no doubt, lots of repeat viewings during the off seasons). I guess in a way I see myself, in this forum, at least, as the casual viewer, who is just there for the entertainment, and all the pretty that is Dean, without getting caught up in all the drama of exactly who the characters are and whether the various writers are true to them; I just don't have enough background with the show to really worry about it, so may be more representative of possibly a good chunk of the audience. I did mostly enjoy this episode, and the old characters we saw turning up. Yes, it does seem re-vamped overall as something at least a bit different from the original show, but, to me, at least, it doesn't feel jarring as much as a set-up to what I hope (and it's nothing more than a hope, given how many shows have had truly dismal attempts to tie things up) to some sort of ending which will encompass various elements from past seasons. I'm not sure there's a way, at this point, to come up with something truly satisfying - it's been something of a mess for so long - but I'll settle for something that feels like an ending, and preferably something which can make me feel good.
  12. I think most American accents will end up pronouncing the "t" in the middle of a word with a more "d"-like sound. Pronouncing the t's sounds a bit off, especially if the word has an "r" at the end which is sounded. So, if you are American, "water" will be something like "WAH-der", where if you are British, it will more often be more like "waw-tah". It's when you are in between that it just sounds affected.
  13. We really need more response buttons to cover the 🙄😵😖 🤢sides of the scale...
  14. I'm not sure it's that...I would far, far rather live out in the country, and the idea of living in a city just gives me virtual hives. It's just a preference, and even within the Duggar family there are some on each end of the spectrum.
  15. Update on my son...He's back on base now, and appears to be handling everything right. It turns out, on talking further with him, that his blood alcohol level, while not astronomical by any means, was high enough that it really could not quite be put down to a faulty breathalyzer, but the fact that he was coherent, cooperative, and did not appear impaired still stands in his favor. His unit is still going to let him begin the class for Air Traffic Control. which is going to be his designator, and his Commanding Officer is fighting for him. No further action will be taken until after his trial, which is slated for the end of the month. Then we'll find out whether he will still be able to remain in the service, and if so, how much of a penalty he will have to suffer. Hopefully it can still just turn into a bump in the road. It can happen if an officer has enough positives to overcome a mistake, though is by no means an easy road. His integrity in letting his command know immediately, even though it was something which, having occurred out of state, might have been covered up at least until he needed some sort of security screening was a big plus for him. His unit has a safety briefing tomorrow, and he has asked to be able to give the presentation, both to own his mistake and make sure it did not have to get out through the grapevine, and as a very personal lesson on using one's judgement, and how quickly a bad decision can lead to potentially lifelong consequences. He definitely has his Commanding Officer on his side, which is huge, based on his honesty and the way he has always done his job over the past year or so that he's been there. I'm so proud of the man he has become, and how he is handling things!! Fingers crossed!
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