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  1. Height is definitely not a deal-breaker for me...Among all the guys I've ever met, there have been a surprising number who made being under 5'4" really, really work for them. Maybe in some cases it's a bit of overcompensation, I don't know, but they really stood out in a crowd, and not in any sort of bad way. Mr. Jyn claims to be about 5'9", but I'm 5'3", and feel as though when I wear three inch heels I'm not more than a couple of inches taller than he is, tops. And since his height is all in his legs, and he has a really short torso, I am definitely taller than he is sitting down. The one guy in my past whom I was really head-over-heels about was probably 5'7" on a good day.. I get a kick out of what people consider deal-breakers, though...My mom tells me that her one non-negotiable in a prospective husband was always that he was a good dancer. Given that I inherited my dad's anti-talent for dancing, I guess that went by the wayside. I was always bound and determined that I would only marry a guy who loved to sing. We have a standing joke that I had always pictured my prospective husband to be a red-bearded Irishman who was an English professor who loved to sing folk songs around the fire at night. I have never heard a note of music pass Mr. Jyn's lips, and, in fact, he gets very resentful if anyone even brings up the subject. Besides which he refuses to grow a beard, which would not be red in any case, and has degrees in math and history, which were always my most hated subjects at school. My daughter's non-negotiable was height...she was flexible on a lot of personality details, but never could imagine being really attracted to a guy who was not tall. She is 5'5", and her husband is 5'8"
  2. I can see that. I was trying to figure out who she was making me think of, and all I could come up with was some variation on Carol Kane or something out of a Tim Burton movie.
  3. I have some relatives in Chicago, and do know that it has a high Polish population. I'm in Connecticut, and New Britain, a little west of Hartford, has long been known as "New Britski". We didn't live there, but were only about a dozen miles away when I was growing up. I have been to Poland a number of times, though not for over 40 years now. When I was young, and my grandparents were still alive, we used to go every few years. It really is a lovely country.
  4. Will have to put that on my list. Even though I like to consider myself totally non-racist, it seems that we need to be a lot more than that in this day and age to counteract the poison. I grew up in an immigrant home (Polish), and even though my parents were far from racist in the general scheme of things, my dad in particular was not at all averse to making quips and jokes at the expense of other races/religions. Then, again, he rather enjoyed Polish jokes, as long as they were clever, so he never understood why it should be an issue for anyone else. As I said, I don't consider myself racist at all, but I do have to admit that many of the stories and essays I've been reading really make me think twice (and more) about white privilege and the ramifications thereof. We still have so much to learn and to absorb.
  5. They do have that odd sort of disconnected sound in their speech (and singing) which is often heard with the hearing impaired. And the lip-syncing just makes it so much more apparent. Was that Jill harmonizing in the background? I was going to give her credit for not actually trying to out-sing the lead with soaring (or flailing) descants as she seems to do Every.Single.Time. But maybe it was just one or two of the Nuries. I managed to last about halfway through, and was trying to be generous in wondering whether he might actually have the makings of a decent voice in there if only he could stop being so nasal, learn some support and projection, and not be afraid to show any sort of emotion. I still didn't figure it out. The Rodriguii are not, as a group, completely untalented, musically - I'm assuming that the instrumentals on the video were done by them as well, and they do, sometimes, come together for a brief moment sounding as though they kind of know what they are doing, but they all desperately need real training if they are going to start thinking they can actually produce CD's that anyone would ever really want to listen to. At the moment, they all remind me of that sort of reasonably talented (though far from being a prodigy) 5th grader who gets the solo because they are better than most of the other kids, but, in reality, only their parents actually find their performance really pleasing to the ear.
  6. It's just that I keep seeing people trying to justify it, and that just doesn't make sense. As opportunity for criminals and, as @Scarlett45 said, for personal gain through using the tragedy and righteous anger of others, yes, it does, but I didn't know whether I was missing anything. Thank you.
  7. Peaceful protest, I can definitely get behind. Rioting, I guess I can understand. But looting? Can someone explain to me, in words of one or two syllables, how in the world anyone thinks that can be anything but counterproductive? I just don't get it. Not remotely.
  8. Sounds as though they really did a good job covering all the bases. Stay safe, everyone who chooses to go back to in-person church services. I have to ask, though - at the risk of sounding blasphemous, because I really do find church dogma fascinating - when you say no holy water, just hand sanitizer, I assume it was just plain hand sanitizer. I wonder...could a priest actually bless the hand sanitizer and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak?
  9. I will give them a break for not baking bread right now as well, though. Baking supplies are pretty much impossible to find right now.,, I found that out fairly early during the pandemic. Did manage to find a small bag of generic, store-brand flour, but I really wanted King Arthur, and finally, in desperation, ended up ordering a 50 lb bag, which was the only way I could find it available. So I'm probably set for flour for the year now!
  10. Getting back to @Nysha, You are such a role model and/or touchstone for how traumatic life can be for those of us who think that annoying relatives are causing us anything like truly life-affecting issues. Hats off, and huge hugs to you.
  11. I'll third and fourth this if it will help 🙂 And I also want to be friends with all those English majors with a predilection for finding the Freudian imagery in whatever came their way. I was not an English major, though, in retrospect, it might have been a better fit for me than the Biology which I started out as, or the Psychology which I eventually suffered through to get a degree of some description...I think I was just not cut out for higher education. I did, though, have a notebook entitled "thoughts from the gut(ter)" at about that time, in which plenty of these thoughts might have been at home. Anyway... I've been meaning to comment, though I hate to say anything negative about a baby/toddler, but Felicity has really been going through what I hope will just be one of those awkward periods which come around in almost everyone's childhoods once, twice, or a few times. She is just not photographing as cute right now, and I really hope that if Prop #2 turns out to be another really photogenic baby, Felicity will not be relegated to "has been" before she turns three...
  12. Well, she claims to love everything that Jeremy loves, because, well, she loves Jeremy, and if Jeremy loves all things classical, then she loves them as well by definition. But that still says nothing about what love. or, indeed, knowledge she has of any of Jeremy's books she might have outside of recognizing the titles on his bookshelf.
  13. The highlighting looks pretty good, and her hair, in general, looks much healthier than Jill or Nurie's. No doubt that's because she doesn't spend a couple of hours every day drying, brushing, teasing, and spraying it into submission.
  14. Haha...sometimes toddlers have everything to do with their parents' sex lives! (though, to be fair, not necessarily as an aid toward producing a sibling)
  15. I'm glad that I'm pretty low-maintenance these days...I stopped coloring my hair about 3 years ago (and always did DIY color anyway), so it's all grown out to whatever salt-and-pepper color it feels like being now. I did actually get it cut in January, but it was a Deva cut, and she said it would be good for a good 6 months before it needed to be touched up. My hair is a little below my shoulders now, so pretty easy to take care of. Plus, I had not had it professionally cut in at least a couple of years before this past cut, and since the curl makes it pretty forgiving, DIY trims are easy enough. I don't get manicures, and especially at this time of year when I'm doing a lot of gardening (and hate, hate, hate wearing gloves), my nails are a lost cause in any case. It's all I can do to keep them reasonably clean. Ditto for pedicures - never had one, never intend to. Mr Jyn is really feeling not being able to get a haircut, though...He's always kept his Navy regulation haircut since he retired, and his hair was NEVER below his collar in his life until now. Other than the top having thinned to almost nothing over the years, he actually has worn his hair in exactly the same style (minus the weeks it was shorn off for boot camp) since childhood, and I have the pictures to prove it. It's slightly below his collar now, and beginning to show a bit of wave, which I had no idea he had LOL He won't let me touch it, though...As much as he hates it, I suppose he figures that I might make it even worse.
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