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  1. Maybe I missed some photos with more detail, but from the ones I see (only one of which even shows a bit of ankle, never mind footwear details), all I see is a brown strap around the back of her heel. I can't extrapolate an entire sandal from that, but even if it was a somewhat plain, strappy brown sandal, why would have that been so egregious a pairing with a red dress? Height of fashion? Probably not. But comfortable and unobtrusive? Almost certainly, from what I can see. Granted, I'm not all that into feet, footwear, or, really, much at ground level if you get right down to it, but doesn't
  2. Of our family, my two sons had the Pfizer shot a few weeks ago due to their jobs. One felt absolutely horrible for the next day and a half (after the second shot), and the other had no side effects whatsoever. Mr Jyn and I completed our Pfizer shots three weeks ago - I had no side effects, and he had some body aches and weakness, but some of that could have been due to some very strenuous gardening the day before. My son-in-law had the J&J, and just had a headache and general malaise, and my 3-months pregnant daughter had her second Pfizer on Saturday, and was barely able to get out of bed
  3. Perils of skimming too quickly again...I read this post right after the one above it, and thought..."but there isn't even room for that!" (sorry, it's on the previous page...)
  4. My thoughts, on reading the past few pages: Anna and the M&M's; riding out a series of despicable events Anna, the M&M's, and He Who Shall not be Named.
  5. I've been skimming pretty quickly just to catch up on everything after missing the original bombshell by a couple of days, and totally read this as a description of Smuggar.
  6. Brooklyn is still so tiny, and while I agree that the photos I've seen of her so far seem to show a bit of a beaky, shrill-looking (yeah, that's a horrible adjective, and hardly descriptive of a newborn, but I can't seem to find one that gives the same sense of what I see in her) baby, I am pretty confident that she will fill in to be a pretty child. Their other babies always seem to have an almost ethereal prettiness to them, and I quite expect that Brooklyn will eventually follow suit.
  7. That looks beyond staged. I wonder whether the kids get any sense that the things they are photographed for are either positive or negative. They seem to get more attention for stuff like this than otherwise, yet I suppose that they often also get punished for the same things at some point that they get photographed for at other times. Poor things probably don't know whether they are coming or going most of the time.
  8. We don't generally do anything for our daughter, except that we usually volunteer to babysit so they can go out to brunch or something. She has only been a mother for three years, though, so there hasn't really been time to establish any sort of expectation, and my daughter has never been one to expect or demand special treatment for anything anyway. But mother's day has never really been that big of a deal in our family. I tend to consider it more of a Hallmark Holiday than anything else. Our sons usually make sure they give us a phone call, but other than that, I don't expect cards or flowe
  9. Those are actually a combination of colors which always gets my heart beating just a bit faster, and gives me a little surge of happy adrenaline. There's not much out there that I adore more than that moody sort of sky with a sort of underlit glow on all the bright greens, whites, yellows, and even browns which show up so much brighter than they ever appear otherwise. I totally have no snark on someone who would be moved to snap a photo of it.
  10. I'm another one who had to google it. I knew there was a tiny niggle of something that sounded familiar, but that was totally not a show I'd ever watched or paid any sort of attention to. It can't be coincidence, can it? It's not as though Nash is exactly one of those up-and-coming names (though it does sound like something which might be poised to be somewhat trendy). But having it all come together to echo what sounds like a pretty forgettable show from over 20 years ago just seems a mite contrived.
  11. It's a sad prediction, but may well end up proving to be true. I can't help but be a bit optimistic for them, though. It seems as though they have come so far in the ways of self awareness and discipline in the past couple of years that they at least have a jumping-off point for when and if things start getting a bit hairy again...
  12. Up until maybe six or eight months ago, I could name all the Duggar Grands pretty much by sight. But either my mind is going or they have just blasted the grandbaby train into the stratosphere, because, looking at that photo, I can't even remember which kid belongs to which family, never mind what their names are. Just like @emma675said, once you get beyond Evy, Felicity and Ivy in that photo, I'm completely lost.
  13. Just some sort of anecdotal evidence that you never can tell with animals...My daughter got a kitten shortly after she met her now-husband around 11 or 12 years ago. This feline was widely known as the Demon Kitty. She hated everyone, even Mr Jyn and my sons, who are complete cat-whisperers. Even my daughter, whom she loved (or, let's say, tolerated) more than any other human on the planet had her fair share of shredded arms and fingers from those times when Lilu was just not in the mood to put up with human interaction. Even the vet gave up on yearly checkups because he was afraid she would g
  14. Our oldest pet was our cat, Meices, who made it to just a hair under 18 years old. Here she is on the left, at about 15 years old, with Onyx, who remains with us, and is now about 14 himself. Our other furbabies are 15 and 12, so I guess we have a houseful of seniors!
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