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  1. Also, Izzy is practically a clone of Derick, though I remember how many of us thought he looked exactly like JB when he was born. I guess it went the other way round with him. Agreed that Garrett is a Mini-Joe, but I also see Kendra's sweetness in his face, which could just be a matter of personality, but I think he may end up looking a bit more like her around the edges as he gets older. Maybe he'll manage to avoid the Duggar hairline; don't genes for baldness pass through the mother's side?
  2. That's not the first time this has been mentioned here, so I can only assume it's been mentioned elsewhere...I just hope it doesn't give Jer ideas. Of course, Lissy would have to have some actual talent at something for him to be able to pull that off. Still, with considerable musical talent on the Vuolo side of the family, and intermittent spurts of it on the Duggar side, that's not beyond possibility.
  3. I'm kind of partial to the longer hair on him...maybe if the new cut didn't look quite so slicked back? I don't know. In any case, it will dry/fluff out a bit/grow soon enough, so as long as he likes it, I'm happy.
  4. Oops, yeah. Sorry, I missed the "not" part of Not Nurie. That's actually quite a pretty dress as well, and it seems to fit her nicely, so I can't really hate on it. She would look a lot better if it was a more vibrant color, though.
  5. I've always thought the same. As for Austen suitors, there are some lovely ones out there, and in trying to refresh my failing memory, I just spent way too long getting distracted by watching clips from Emma and drooling over Jeremy Northam. However, finding her a Mr Knightley would probably mean staying way too close to home, and these fundy types always seem way too closely related already.
  6. Prom dress or not, I actually think that's about the most flattering thing I've ever seen Nurie wear.
  7. So, typical day...Having Mom over for the weekend as usual...no problem other than her always managing to notice whatever has not been accomplished since the last time she was here. But that's par for the course, and I know that my actual sense of ambition goes out of the window as soon as the real summer temps arrive, so I deserve it. Daughter, son-in-law and Grand-Jynlet also over for a couple of days (also as usual these days). I do like to have them over, though. Mr. Jyn found a recipe for an Indian-spice inspired vegetarian shepherd's pie for me to make for my daughter , which took me waaaay longer than it should have (I don't cook nearly as well from recipes as I do when I just make things up on instinct). Then made dinner for everyone else. All came out very tasty. After dinner, Mr Jyn and I, plus son-in-law went out to sit on the Adirondack chairs in the backyard with another glass of wine to relax. My daughter was putting Grand-Jynlet down for the night. Anyway, somehow we got to talking about how difficult this year has been to get anything in the vegetable garden to grow, etc...It's really been a horrible season, and I'll admit that while early mornings would probably be the best time to do work, I don't do mornings, and especially since Mr Jyn doesn't go out anything like early himself; he actually gets the most work done in the godawful part of midday that's not fit for man or beast. So, anyway, it was really pleasant sitting there after dinner, and conversation went to both my son-in-law and I agreeing that this was the nicest time of the day to do some work, and we sort of got up to start pulling at a few weeds, and so did Mr Jyn, as he was certainly not going to sit there if we were working - quite understandable. However, after 10 or 15 minutes, I decided that the couple of glasses of wine I'd had were making me feel a bit woozy, and I didn't necessarily feel like devoting the evening to yard work given the fact that we had a houseful of company. but Mr Jyn kept doggedly at the part of the flowerbed he had tackled. so I didn't feel right giving up since I was the one who had brought up the idea of weeding to begin with. So I kept on. At which point Mr Jyn decided that I was being a "ridiculous bitch" about the whole thing. This is just the sort of thing I seem to have to deal with way too often these days, and part of me just figures that the only way not to end up feeling really put upon is to basically agree that he is right, and I have to find a way to be more reasonable (and to do my fair share of yard work. which he is probably more than justified in feeling that I don't quite get to, but I do babysit my granddaughter, do most of the cleaning, and all the cooking, to be fair - plus which he doesn't hate hot weather the way I do). So. Yeah. I'm frustrated. I feel as though I'm horribly negligent on the one hand, but also feel as though I don't really deserve some of what he accuses me of on the other. Sorry to bring this up here....I'm just having a really depressing evening...
  8. When My older son and daughter were about 2 and 4, we used to call them Narcissus and Echo, as my son always had a streak of the dramatic in him, and loved to set up various scenarios, then you could just see him checking himself out in any reflective surface while he told my daughter what he was going to say, then tell her how she was supposed to respond - and she always said whatever he told her to. Of course, she eventually did grow out of that! LOL Sorry for going off topic, just couldn't resist. But, yeah, Narcissa Magna is perfect for Jill. I might just call her that from here on. Too bad that she and the Rodlings have probably never heard any Greek Mythology. Well, I suppose Jill might have at some point, but probably thinks it's Satanic. Still, those roots have become commonly enough used English words that she'd still get it.
  9. I think that between everyone who was there with cameras, there are enough nice pictures of them to make an album they will enjoy looking back on. I mean, really...what do you need? My parents, who got married in 1956, have half a dozen photos, and those are enough to show how joyous the day was, and how in love they were. Mr Jyn and I did not have a photographer, and about 45 people at the wedding, and we have about 30 good photos, none of them professional by any means, but perfectly suited to remember the day. My daughter had about 20 people in my mom's backyard for her wedding, and probably had a few hundred photos to choose from, quite a few from people who definitely knew their way around a camera. What's really the big deal about professionally posed and shot photos anyway?
  10. I think she just has a lot on her plate and has let posting here slide a bit. I have her as a Facebook friend and see the occasional post, though we don't really converse much. She seems to be fine and in good spirits.
  11. I fear that we might have that problem down the line. We have a lot of china and crystal which we got when we were stationed in Scotland back around 1989-1991. There was a special deal available at one point through the Submarine tender which let us buy Royal Doulton china and Edinburgh Crystal for something crazy like 10% over wholesale, and Mr Jyn, being who he is, had to get basically everything available in multiples of 12 for both the china and crystal set we picked. We have 12 of 11 different glasses, from liqueur to sherry to claret, to white wine, to whiskey, to water, with whatever else in between, plus every decanter they made to match. Luckily we have only lost about three or four pieces due to moves and mishaps, but he always insisted on getting replacements when we could. Those replacements are far from cheap - even a tiny liqueur glass will run some $40 since the company has since gone out of business, and this is really high end crystal. If we could sell them off individually as replacements they might be valuable, but, realistically, that would probably just be putting holes in a complete collection. Maybe our three kids might be interested in some of it after we downsize or pass away. Same with the china...but to be honest, I don't know how interested they really would be in most of it. We have gotten a good deal of use out of the china, really, since that's used for most holidays and birthdays, but I know that we've probably never used at least half the crystal since there are just some things which we have never run into the need for, or only use maybe two or three at a time. The vast majority of the time we use cheap glassware, and wine glasses that we got for free at tastings! It all does look so pretty and sparkly in the dining room hutch, though, that I'd never be able to use that Marie Kondo mantra to get rid of it, because it undeniably sparks joy in my little magpie heart.
  12. But they are angels. With wings. Surely that must be OK? And the one in the foreground is just there to block the view of anything which might be too defrauding.
  13. Fundie dregs....just imagine....I suppose it would be too much to hope that they were single for so long because of some sense of standards and expectations?
  14. Haha! I'd actually wear it, and I'm Waaaay past any "maternal" possibilities. Actually, I have a very similar thing I got in the Wal-Mart nightgown section about 6 years ago, which I have been known to wear all day when I don't have to go anywhere. It kinda needs to be replaced.
  15. She's too much of a narcissist for that....if she failed to find a lucrative deal it would doubtless be a toss-up between Satan and the everlasting prejudice against Christians that she has to endure...
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