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  1. About time she got that touched up. Major points for the leopard boots though. Michelle must be sniveling into her macchiato.
  2. Hey, Chip Gaines ate a dead cockroach on their show. Also a shed snakeskin. 🤮 So RFP is going for that lovable scamp brand.* I guess. * It didn’t work for me when Chip did that shtick and it’s even worse with RFP.
  3. For a second I thought you were referring to whichever underfed over brainwashed kid that is...🤔 Then I saw that cracked 2x4. Who does 2x4 in Ohio? If that’s living space, it’s going to be a bitch to heat.
  4. Even if they were to “get real” for three sentences, the closer would always be some version of, “But then #bestgodlyhubbyevah prayed with me and I read my Bible and now I am so blessed!”
  5. My inner DIYer just looks at the time it took to write all that crap on the sheathing and they could have insulated the entire room instead.
  6. Well, piffle. I love Brussel sprouts. I have a tough time imagining how they’d taste with hot sauce and pancetta, though...
  7. Tell me she...is not...doing...”slant eyes”...in a Chinese restaurant. What is WRONG with her? Okay, okay...maybe not, she’s making fun of RFP??? Her lord and headship? Honestly, I’d think the ethnic mockery would be more likely...
  8. Yeah...he’d call his “sofa guy.”
  9. Sweet Jesus, somebody explain gravity to her QUICKLY. Jill, Jill, Jill. Sigh.
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