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  1. MacArthur is seven kinds of asshole.., What virus? I would bet major money his ass kissers were required to be there.
  2. Glad you had some good news, Zoomama, and that you feel somewhat reassured. Sending a big hug and hope that this is just one of those things where life likes to terrify us for no good reason
  3. Thank you all so much for your kindness and words of wisdom. You’re lovely people, all of you. While I’m at it, Pentatonix...try “Mary Did You Know” or “Take Me Home.” That they sing like that a cappella is amazing to me.
  4. I don’t really know how to start this...and it’s hard to even type the words, which is probably why I’ve put it off. My mom died last week. She did NOT have Covid, for which I am forever grateful. She had had a few more falls lately, including the last time I talked to her two days prior. I called and she was able to answer the phone but not get up from the floor to hit the alert wall call button. I called the AL front desk and they got her up and she seemed okay. Two days later she seemed more confused than usual, so they took her to the ER for a CT scan. My saint of a sister, who lives four hours away, had gotten that call at something horrible like 4 a.m. and when she got to the hospital they wouldn’t let her in the ER due to the forty Covid positive patients waiting in the ER to be admitted. My sister could see the people through the ER windows and she said it was a scene from hell and my sister was a nurse. The internal medicine doctor called my sister that afternoon to say they were planning to admit Mom overnight, just for observation, if they could find a bed, but that she was doing well, laughing and making friends with everyone there. The CT scan was negative and everything else checked out. At 3 a.m. my sister was called at her hotel and told that Mom had died. Her heart rate, despite the pacemaker, just kept dropping and she quietly moved on. The hard part, like so many these days, is that she didn’t have family there. I couldn’t even get on a plane to go help, before or after, because it’s a five hour trip and just not worth the risk. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas. No service. My sister took her ashes and my father’s and spread them to the winds, together, near where they lived for 45 years. She was 92. The thing about my mom, though, is that she was always so ALIVE. She was a natural, genuine extrovert and could make six new best friends in a gas station parking lot if you left her alone for three minutes. She was smart, kind, a terrific audience, and and even in her dementia years, still occasionally very funny. She sang all of the time, seemingly out of nowhere and was endlessly positive and cheerful. (Needless to say, I take after my dad.) Anyway, I’m still just sort of in shock. This is a woman who successfully battled severe heart disease for 25 years...her heart had been restarted twice. It sounds kind of ridiculous to say her death was “sudden”....but it was. Now it’s nothing but paperwork and more paperwork and every once in a while, I suddenly think, “Oh SHIT I forgot to call Mom today!!!” before I remember. It could have been so much worse...cancer, being bedridden, her dying alone in the night at the AL place... so there’s that. Our relationship was complicated by the fact that she thought my father could do no wrong and he and I did not get along. At all. So, feelings. So this is hard. My best to all of you who are also going through stuff. 2020 is just one rough, rough year.
  5. It does not fill my soul with comfort that there are SOTDRT-trained Duggars flying multiple-ton objects filled with flammable liquids around overhead.
  6. The Right Reverend Punchable can fuck off sideways with his useless arrogant self. He married Jinger because he could leech off her G-list fame and because she was a malleable clueless little dumbshit who could be trained like a damned lab rat. But NOW he’s calling her out for being exactly that? Choke on it, you miserable creep. I hope Jinger smothers you in your sleep.
  7. Oh FFS. Whose request might that be? I want actual names.
  8. He’ll cry. He’ll claim he has thrown himself on God’s mercy begging Him for forgiveness for letting Sa’n (TM JillR) build a fortress in his heart...and then Jesus sent him a DM saying all is forgiven. Then it will be magically erased from the annals of time. Back to business as usual. Asshole.
  9. On behalf of mankind, thank you for your sacrifice to ever-improve science as we know it. Keep up the good work.
  10. “For me, it was like God took that passion for soccer and just relocated it into ministry." No wonder he washed out of both... Thanks for posting that...first good laugh I’ve had in a while...
  11. Would someone mind summarizing? I am dealing with Life Stuff and in no way inclined to listen to their bullshit....
  12. It makes zero sense that Renee would post a zillion words kissing her mother’s ass right after her sister’s wedding. How about a post about how wonderful the wedding was and how happy she is for her sister? Now that would make sense. This is just Jill Appeasement at gun point. Hey, Jill? Seek help. Also, fuck off.
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