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  1. If he uses one of his schmancy €90 silk Impressionist ripoff pocket squares as a mask, that could get entertaining. You can’t really get enough air through most silk weaves. So if he starts sounding even more vapid than usual, it’s just a little Metrosexual Hypoxia.
  2. Here’s the thing, though...if one or more of these ignoramuses (ignorami?) catches this virus... 1) They will no doubt spread it far and wide. 2) They will grift the daylights out of the leghumpers. 3) If they recover, it’s because they’re Godlier Than Thou. See #2, above. 4) If they don’t, TLC will VSE the funerals forevermore. See #2, above. This smug, selfish, arrogance scalds my ass x1000.
  3. Well, there goes the self-delusional “career” paths of at least 50% of the Duggar 2.0 crowd... Is this the end of influencing as we know it?
  4. You’re giving them much too much credit...no way they’re up by 8:05.
  5. So she weighs 131.8? THE HORROR. This is one oblivious tone-deaf bunch.
  6. Well, he may have been the first guy she ever kissed but that certainly leaves a whole bunch of other possibilities. She doth protest much, much too much....
  7. They have a zillion people in that home and what, two toilets? Don’t hog the bathroom, you dumbshit. Your kids need to pee.
  8. Nothing like a straight skirt for a long day of physical labor... They weren’t there fifteen minutes.
  9. Hogwash. Clearly they only hire idiots. You're just way too smart to fit in!
  10. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry sometimes...
  11. Look, if these people want to stay locked inside that church nonstop for their DIY Rapture/Picnic at Jonestown, fine. But instead then they go back home...and potentially infect 2.4 others per person. In Florida. Home of the elderly and retired. Oh and when they get sick they don’t stay home and just wait for Jesus...they go to ERs and tie up hospital beds, respirators and exhausted medical professionals. This is really no less irresponsible than all those idiots on spring break and at that point social distancing was a suggestion, not a mandate. And chronologically, at least, these are supposedly adults. Absolutely unforgivable.
  12. Oh, sweetie. I’m so very sorry.
  13. What does Jill even read? Do they have a heathen television? Cable? The only book she reads talks about plagues but isn’t exactly current. She may not know. Or she’s only heard about as that political “hoax” or “it’s just a bad cold” and is believing she is protected anyway because Jesus. This is not a smart woman. In part, it’s on the idiots she’s grifting from to tell them to stay away.
  14. I’m so sorry, Betybee. Your mother sounds like a codependent and enabler for your brother. Dealing with that kind of dysfunction is hard enough when you’re healthy! Do NOT risk your health further by doing for them what they’re perfectly capable of doing for themselves. When you’re feeling better, you might want to do some reading about codependent families and how to set boundaries...in the meantime, I send you a big virtual hug. Take care of you!!!!
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