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  1. Good summation…Washington Post ran this in their “Religion” section, which I thought was interesting… Josh Duggar Porn Charges
  2. I have to hand it to Derrick. I never thought he’d get through year one, let alone graduate. Never going to like the guy, but fair’s fair….law school isn’t easy.
  3. I vote for this! Or let’s put him on an asphalt or a roof tarring crew made up of Latinx guys who are half his size, insanely tough, and could kick his ass in thirty seconds flat. Enjoy your rich White privilege while you can, marshmallow guy.
  4. Let’s do both! Jeremy, there are some famous beltless slacks, very much favored by old retired white men, called Sansabelts. They are frequently worn with pink polo shirts, white patent loafers and a capacious beer gut. Is that really the look you’re going for here?
  5. She’s a woman who has been given authority over every aspect of his life right now. He’s going to hate any woman in that position. Or any man, for that matter.
  6. To quote that great 20th century philosopher and poet Mr. T, I pity the fools.
  7. Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my eyeballs as they have rolled entirely out of my head and have escaped the building.
  8. Or it’ll go the other direction and everyone on the jury will be heartily sick of the Duggars and their arrogance and be happy to watch the mighty fall. In reality, jurors are chosen to avoid both of these scenarios, at least theoretically.
  9. I agree...just not having internet access until July will make him BSC. He doesn’t have a job, I doubt very much he has any hobby that isn’t illegal or a probation violation, and he’s in some stranger’s house 24/7. He’s going to have to sit on their sofa, eat junk food and watch basic cable until his trial. Actually, he might be much happier.
  10. They won’t let me look at that without signing into IG apparently, which I refuse to join, so can someone describe? Some comic relief would be good right now…
  11. Just my opinion, but that guy is better looking than Derrick and that doesn’t look like Izzy or the back of Jill’s head. And, of all the adjacents, Derrick is the one least likely to show up for anything Josh or JB related.
  12. Okay here’s one for all of the smart people here...wouldn’t a new phone suddenly pinging out of the Reber house show up somewhere somehow?
  13. Yes. Because there’s absolutely nothing else going on these days. 🙄
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