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  1. In Moscow, you go to McDonalds because they are known to have the best and cleanest bathrooms. Actually, all the McDonalds in Moscow are beautiful. And extremely clean. There was someone mopping the floor and someone washing tables constantly. But they do have Western style, clean, bathrooms.
  2. I might understand if she was using the air fryer lid for the instant pot, but fish would get mushy with all the steam with the regular lid. I "steam" fish in the oven wrapped in a foil packet, and it takes such a short time. And easy cleanup.
  3. That could be. I actually taught with a woman who had trouble getting her family organized in the morning, so she had her kids get dressed for school the night before and sleep in their clothes. But, besides the Duggars, that is the only person I have ever heard of that did this.
  4. I'm a little surprised she knows about pajamas at all, given her family history. Or did only the girls have to sleep in street clothes.
  5. After several years of buying Dyson products, I am now staying away. The motor of the stick vac I bought just last year is actually falling apart. My Dyson fan/heater, which I loved, is now producing a screeching sound that is not pleasant in the middle of the night. I am finding that the quality is just not as high as before. I do have an Air Ram, which works well (if I can find the charging cord when I need it.) I just bought a Shark that plugs in. I will see how that works.
  6. Thanks for that info. So. They presented a product that they do not have in stock, and will not have in stock, several more times during the night. How does this make good business sense?
  7. I, too, was surprised by Shawn's behavior on the Bethlehem Lights show. She was actually watchable. At first, I wasn't sure it was even her. Here is my problem with QVC. I haven't had QVC on my tv programming since I cut the cord and started streaming my TV, so I never actually watched in recent years. (I have been a viewer since the beginning of CVN, however). YoutubeTV does have QVC in its lineup of stations, so now I have QVC, and sometimes catch a program live rather than check on the computer. Last night, I wanted to watch Bethlehem Lights, and I tuned in just at the end of a presen
  8. They are finally getting some containment on our fire. I have heard that they are hoping to get it under control by the end of August. I don't think it will be totally out until the first snowfall, however. The fire fighters are doing an amazing job. So far, I have only heard about 8 structures lost, which is amazing. The air quality here is in the dangerous zone, and people are encouraged to stay inside. It is overcast, and looks like a dreary winter day---except it is really smoke in the air, and it is in the 90's. We are getting thunder and some rain in the afternoons this week. Tom
  9. In what way? I have had physical therapy several times over the years. Knee, shoulder, foot, finger. I have found it very helpful each time. Usually, after the evaluation, an aid will do the needed exercises with me, and then the actual PT does any manipulation and massage necessary. Then I get to "chill" and relax with ice. I never minded going.
  10. For years, my mother put paper plates on top of her regular plates so she didn't have to wash dishes. She would get the super cheap ones at Costco. Once in a while, for a quick microwave hot dog, sandwich, or a piece of pizza it makes sense, but not every.single.meal. For years. They would get soggy, and it would be hard to eat things like spaghetti or anything with any moisture. You kind of ended up with cheap paper plate paper in your food. She would stack her plates in the cupboard with a paper plate on each one, all ready to go. She had a dishwasher, too. Alyssa may think this is a
  11. There was a period of time when she appeared to be "tomato staked" to her parents, and I always wondered if this had to do with a guy she might like. I don't remember that we ever discovered what the problem was.
  12. So the M's are basically all alone in this mess. Josh gets the attention of his wife, and the kids don't get the attention of their mother. Nice.
  13. Actually, only the toys with extra-long tails or are extra squishy get stuck in the Roomba. Mine actually pushes all the "lost toys" out from under the couch and the bed. Every now and then a toy will get "eaten" and I have to rescue the robot. But really, not very often. If they toys are big enough, they just get pushed around, and then you can find them again. I am always surprised to find out how many cat toys ended up under the couch.
  14. I have a question. Does Gothard teach that a spouse is more important than a child? Is a wife supposed to support her husband, even if it means not caring for her children? Just looking from the outside, I get the impression that the children are of less importance as people. Numbers matter, but not individual children. If this is the case, I can see Anna sticking with Josh, even if it is not the best situation for her children. But then, I don't understand this line of thinking at all.
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