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  1. At first glance , Nurie looks very deformed--like hunchback--in that photo. Once I zoomed in I could see that she was a normal shape. What better way for BME to get attention than being pushed in a wheelchair. Maybe she will get an electric scooter because of her SEVERELY damaged knee. Poor little baby. I hope he can stay healthy. He needs to be cuddled up in his own bed instead of being a showpiece.
  2. Since her brother was still doing basic math flash cards when he was 12, she probably thinks Spurg is ahead of schedule.
  3. RE: item K-54387 silicone popcorn popper. I have one similar to this and it is fantastic. Perfect popcorn every time. However, I bought mine on Amazon for $13.99 instead of QVC price of over $30. True, I only got one, but it makes any size batch you want. I have never had an unpopped kernel. And it collapses for storage. I'm sure the one on QVC works as well, and I am extremely happy with this type of popper. And I don't have an extra popper that I don't want. I can make a "personal size' serving by just putting less popcorn in the popper! Certainly not worth paying over twice as much
  4. I just came home from getting my 'flu shot and my booster. My brother the pharmacist says Moderna is currently working on a combined booster/flu vaccine, so next year we can have both in one shot. For people dealing with elders and ipads, there is a product called "Grandpad" that my dad really liked. It is an ipad-like thing that is also a cell phone. The beauty of it in dealing with elders is that you control who is in their phone book, so they can only call their friends and family, and only designated friends and family can call them. No more worries about spam calls. It has video
  5. At least Nehemiah doesn't have to wear a huge hair bow or a stupid headband with pig tails.
  6. Cat blanket season has officially started.
  7. I would be very surprised if Henry could even pronounce some of these words with his speech issues.
  8. And Janelle would think this is bad because...........? Money apparently grows on trees for her. I would be surprised if the cost would faze her at all. This probably is her plan. This family has no money management skills at all, and they are certainly not economy-minded. They drive me nuts. (Did they ever return the rental trailers they were paying rent on?)
  9. Some people just have a higher tolerance for horror. I have heard church choirs that are absolutely ear-bleedingly bad, and someone always makes a big production on how wonderful they are. I still suspect the lady that had tears in her eyes while talking about how wonderful the choir was actually had tears for other reasons. I'm sure this is the case when the Rods sing. Either people really can stand a lot of torture, or they really don't know the difference. Maybe they hear this quality of music on the regular. (What a sad thought.)
  10. Judging by what we have seen of his diet and eating habits, I'm not surprised he knows the word "constipated".
  11. I think it's interesting that even at her young age, Evy has learned to cover her right hand in pictures. That's the hand that had surgery to unfuse the fingers and make them into a useable "pincer". She always looks so happy and well cared for, and is such a cutie. I'm glad she seems to be doing so well. Especially since health care seems low on the Brown list.
  12. I'm always surprised that Jeremy is so into Nike shoes. I would think Nike's political views would give him pause. Also, I guess collecting sport shoes is a "thing" for a lot of people. I don't begrudge him a hobby, if he was working and could support it. He is just trying so hard to be relevant. Working for and supporting a worthwhile charity and showing some humility would gain him more respect.
  13. I absolutely love the Dyson fan. I do not have the one with the air purifier, but it really puts out the heat. It does a good job as a cooling fan, too. It is also very quiet. QVC does have a good price when it is a feature, but Amazon sells them, also.
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