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  1. ""My Country 'Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liver Tea" was heard several times with my Kindergarten students. They did't know the word "Liberty" yet. Another time a little boy told me his favorite food was his mother's fried chicken and cold slop (I think he meant coleslaw--I hope!)
  2. We buried my dad this morning in a family-only service. Then we had his Memorial Service this afternoon. My dad always hated long funerals, so we made sure it was short, sweet, and by the book. Just a good Lutheran funeral. No speeches, no speakers besides the Pastor-- just an exceptionally nice church service (short!) For years he had said that he wanted me to sing the Navy Hymn at his funeral, so I felt I had to do it. I was the only music besides the hymns, but it went very well. Especially since I had to sing immediately after the reading of his obituary. So many people attended, even though weather was cold and overcast. Luckily, no rain today. He was loved and respected by so many people. It was a good day. I will miss him.
  3. I have the same one! I use it for travel. It just keeps on going and going.
  4. We ate a lot of the Olde English growing up. My mom even had recipes that used it. It is still available in my local market, but the little glasses are just plain glass now--no pictures.
  5. My father passed away peacefully last evening. He was a 95-year-old WWII and Korea Navy vet, and a very, very kind man. He valued education very highly, and was very well-read. He was very loving and giving, and helped so may people, not only through his job as a pharmacist, but in his giving and work with many charities. He had developed an odd neurological condition that destroyed first his ability to speak, and then his ability to swallow. He was mostly unresponsive for the past several weeks, and I am glad that he was finally able to go, but I will miss him. My mother's dementia has progresses very quickly, and she is still not sure where he is, and is convinced that no one has told her he is gone. So now the real fun begins! I am so fortunate that my brother and I are a real team and are in total agreement on all of our decisions. We planned the memorial service today, and are ready for the service Tuesday. I think the man at the funeral home was surprised that we walked in with his Navy uniform, his completed obit, and that we knew exactly what services we wanted. If nothing else, we are ORGANIZED.
  6. I just saw an ad for a hamburger chain--"MAKE EACH SANDWICH COUNT". This takes on a whole new meaning in Duggar speak!
  7. CalicoKitty


    And the unnecessary apostrophe.
  8. I really enjoy this show, but I'm finding Sandy and Noel so annoying that I may not watch in the future. Their stupid antics take away from the show, and they seem to annoy the bakers, too. They are so unnecessary.
  9. Yes, it is the Ripple Rug. Rumple/Ripple. I was close!
  10. To whoever it was that mentioned the Rumple Rug for cats (I think it was someone here), THANK YOU from Lilly and Flora. They just cannot leave it alone.
  11. @GEEGOLLY, you nailed this. You need to offer your services as their wedding planner. Notice that even the model in the pink creation does not look happy.
  12. I would think Anna would be the "Dugger" in the wedding party since she is the sister of the groom. I can't wait for this fiasco.
  13. My mother would do this. She figured that as long as she was in the store before closing she could stay and shop. So she would go in about 10 minutes before closing, and she was a s-l-o-w shopper. I would be so embarrassed. Needless to say, I hated shopping with my mother. Even as a kid I felt so sorry for the clerks in the store.
  14. This just HAS to be a costume for Halloween, doesn't it??
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