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  1. I got an automated call last week from a local number. It stated that Social Security was issuing a warrant for my arrest because of fraudulent use of my SS number. So far no one has shown up to arrest me but my husband has my packed bags ready to go by the front door in case they do. ☺ I may "Press 1" next time if they call to see if I get a real person & to play along with them. Like acting upset & rambling off 8 random numbers when they ask for my SS# which is probably the main reason of the call. I just wonder how long they keep the call going.
  2. I thought it was him too. Maybe she is praying to change Kaitlyn back to Bruce.
  3. Agreed. Kendra seemed overwhelmed at times with just one kid. It would be interesting to see how she's handling two. @mynextmistake. Great ideas. Let's hope TLC reads here.
  4. She is definitely thinking "I can't believe I have to grow up with these nitwits." I hear you. You would think she would prop Bella up more in a sitting position like Kendra is doing with Addison for a posed picture. It's like she can't be bothered. Sorry, I know I'm reading way too much in this picture.
  5. The TLC site has the full set of newborn pictures. (I can't link on my phone.) I like Joe & Kendra's newborn pictures with Addison much better. Did they use same photographer?
  6. I take it Anna's reference to "Sweetie" is Josh? Just gag me if it is. It actually took me a minute to realize that's who she meant. I originally thought Sweetie may be the nickname an older church widow who they invited out to dinner since Anna referenced getting advice from older people. I use the term Sweetie occasionally but may have to think twice since I'll be thinking of Anna's "Sweetie" now.
  7. That is wonderful! It is great to finally hear of good news for a change. All my news lately has been either deaths or declining health. We need to get out of this slump. Hopefully this happy news is a start.
  8. See below for my comment. I think he should move in with Babs and Glenn. Boy TLC loves to tape Whit in compromising positions. In this episode it was her bending over & showing her backside. Maybe it was because of her statement that she didn't wear underwear but we got to see plenty of her huge derriere in the storage scene as well as the contest. They actually lingered on her crotch area in the contest scene. I'm just hoping I hope it was sweat that caused the darker area. Now I have to go stand outide in 30 degree windy weather to clear my brain. ETA: I wish Whit would wear another shirt over the sports bra (which isn't very supportive) esp during the contest. Her closet was filled with what looked like plenty of shirts but she rarely wears them. (I know she wants the world to see all her fabulousness.) I like how Glenn kept bringing up the finances which Whit seemed to gloss over.
  9. I was just going to post the same thing. I understand where she was coming from about only buying matching outfits but why pass up a nice shirt because it's a single item if there are pants at home that still fit and would match it? She didn't address that situation. I know kids grow but, at least for Son of Barb, there were clothing items that still fit & got carried over to the new season. I guess it's the style now, but the boy's pants & jean's look so tight to me. Like there's not much room & stretchability (not sure if that's a word) for them to play & climb around in. Same thing for the dressier plaid shirts. They don't look comfortable to play in. But she did have the pullover shirts too. I can't believe she only had 2 sets of PJs for each boy & then they looked like one summer & one winter set. What happens when they get dirty? I know they can be washed out by hand but think it would be easier if there were a couple of backup sets especially if one is needed in the middle of the night. I hope the boys get to choose what clothes they want as they get older. I remember letting Son of Barb choose what shirt, PJs or shoes he liked when he was Spurgeon's age.
  10. "...special night of celebrating Jinger." Does this mean they served Jinger Ale, Jingerbread, Jingerbread Men, Jinger Tea or Jinger Beer? I agree with you @floridamom about Jinger's knees & she would look better with nylons. (I actually think all of the ladies would look better with hose.) That's the first thing I noticed in the picture. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I used to be one of those people.
  11. Did Jed!2020 post anything about MLK Day or was everything about his joining in Springdale's March for Life on Sunday?
  12. Pretty nice bikes for Buy Used & Save the Difference. (I know they are pretty much past the thrift shop thing & the bikes could have come from Walmart but I like to mention it in case they do read here.)
  13. Don't even get me started about the opioid crisis. I have been on various narcotic opioid medicines for my RA for probably 15 years & boy things have changed for the worse. (I am also on other RA medicine.) I know I'm addicted to them but I like to say I am DEPENDENT on them instead. I couldn't have worked or even lived a semi-normal life without them. Thank God my rheumatologist is able to prescribe them & not a pain mgt clinic & is he able to send the rx electronically to the pharmacy. But each month it's a crap shoot and there always seems to be an issue. I have experienced similar problems to the ones others have posted insinuating I'm a drug abuser when I'm not. I'm just a person with a crappy disease that causes a lot of pain and need strong pain medicine. I keep saying the laws would be different if it was one of the lawmakers or their family member that had to go through what I (&others) go through each month to get their pain med refilled.
  14. I agree. No young person would say "where does time go." Re: Jill's hair color. I wouldn't even call her current color Blonde. It's what you get when you have dyed/highlighted/frosted it with various shades of blonde/red/light brown. You end up with that non-natural Rusty Gold color. Mix that with the damaged, frizzy, over treated hair itself and you have one bad look.
  15. Well that sounds like a fun evening.
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