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  1. She should have gone with a lighter color or anything else to help the coloring mishaps. Maybe John David was unavailable to do them. (I typed John "Boy" at first and had to fix it.)
  2. Why is it when these people want to move, all of a sudden their lease is up? It may be just coincidence but I thought Buddy gave the reason of his lease coming up to move in with Twit. How convenient.
  3. @Jynnan tonnix Remy is beautiful & thank you for sharing her picture. She is really going to be a knock out when she gets older. Her conversation with her daycare teacher was priceless and definitely tops Spurgeon's sayings. I know I'm early but Happy New Year. Once again you all have helped me through another wild year and just not pandemic related. I don't know who I would talk or vent to if I didn't have all of you. We are very lucky to have found one another through a crazy source - the Duggars.
  4. I was just reading about the Steve & Terri Maxwell family Christmas celebration. They did mention how great it was that Christopher & Anna Marie & family were able to attend the celebration after her battle with (breast?) cancer **. I'm not so sure I would have attended if I were her. This is the most aggravating & upsetting part - SHE WASN'T WEARING A MASK!! (at least in one of the pictures she wasn't but I doubt she wore any because of you know --God & Jesus.) I did a rough count of how many adults attended their celebration & the total was 15. That's not incl
  5. I agree about the noise level. I would have one massive headache when I left. Just a few observations: The photo album Lauren gave Michelle was a very thoughtful gift. Someone up thread commented on using Amazon shipping boxes to wrap a gift in. My opinion is it all depends on the gift. I don't think it's a problem if it is a heavier gift. I had to use a cardboard shipping box for a heavy gift I gave my MIL this year. It would have definitely ripped thru a gift bag. Even a regular gift box was too thin. So I just left it in shipping box & wrapped that. Why do they ha
  6. I still can't believe how Jim Bob continues to "hold onto/grasp" Michelle. I know this is their thing but can't he change it up once in a while by putting his arm around her shoulder like most couples do? We know she's your property Jim Bob. ETA - that is one big Christmas tree.
  7. Happy Birthday @iwantcookies. As my former coworker used to say - I hope you get lots of presents!
  8. "Meet Me in St. Louis" is one of my favorite movies & I don't dare remove it from my saved movies & shows. I love the acting of the youngest daughter Tootie Smith played by Margaret O'Brien. I love all the costumes & dresses as well. I think I may watch it again this afternoon. I agree with the poster who said she has had enough of the Hallmark Christmas movies. I'm with her. I had a great Christmas. Our family was able to have its traditional brunch & gift exchange at my mother-in-law's. My adult son really didn't want me to go since I am high risk. I told him I real
  9. Merry Christmas everyone!!🎅🤶🍪🎄 It will definitely be a different one for our family from wearing masks & social distancing to gifts that haven't arrived yet. But we'll make the best of it as well as we can.
  10. Boy this talk of childhood vaccines has brought back memories for me & add me to the group getting the vaccines in a different place other than a doctor's office. I remember getting an injection in school. They lined us up in the gym/cafeteria. For some reason I'm thinking it was circa 1972 when I was in the 4th or 5th grade, around 10 years old. I remember it was given by a gun-type injector & it seemed huge at the time. The only excitement was one girl's arm wouldn't stop bleeding. I don't remember what they did with her re: the bleeding - this was before our old elem. school h
  11. I was getting popups from this company over the summer. There was an anniversary band that was beautiful & caught my eye. I guess I forgot about it when the pop ups stopped. Maybe Santa remembered but I doubt it. My good news for Sunday is my sister & brother-in-law's Covid tests both came back negative. They had been to a 20 person allowed, mask wearing family funeral last weekend & one of my BILs sisters (who was at the funeral)tested positive even tho she was asymptomatic. She is a nurse & evidently was tested for Covid before getting vaccine. (Not sure how that w
  12. I agree that Ben's outfit looked like a leftover Halloween costume from the thrift store and Joe's was the ugliest. I thought Abbie's outfit/hair style was cute & it looked like she came right out of Whoville. Gracie is adorable as usual. On the picture of some of them sitting on the sofa, it looks like one of the J'slaves (think it's Johanna) hair is receding as bad as her brothers. I think we discussed this before & someone said it could have come from the hair being pulled back tightly in ponytails. She's only a teenager- she'll barely have any side hair left by the t
  13. My sister said that once everyone in our family gets the Covid vaccine, we are going to have one huge party. It will be to celebrate all the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations we usually do but put off due to Covid. We can't wait & are really looking forward to it.
  14. My young niece was scared to death the first time my mom took her to the movies. They finally ended up leaving during the movie because the loud sound scared her. I don't think Jill's clothes are that bad either especially if she's going for comfort.
  15. I had a dream last night that Lauren was pregnant.
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