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  1. I know I'm a Nervous Nellie type of person but we can add letting Giddy Up out of his car seat so he can stand up and "drive" up the camp drive way with Austin another crazy thing. I know it's a private road, but crazy things can happen like hitting a rough spot or pot hole causing Giddy to lose his balance and bumping his head on the windshield to say the least. I didn't even make it to the part with Joy on the ATV. 😳Thank God I didn't, I would still be recuperating from the vapors.
  2. I think I'm the only one that feels this way but I give Josie a pass on the painting. Jana started with "there is no right or wrong" then ends up sending Josie away because Josie didn't paint what Jana wanted her to. Who cares ifJosie sat there & painted her own thing? I know it got messy but Jana should have just squeezed out a few dots of paint for her to work with. Why didn't Jana just take away the blue painted picture to dry and get her a new piece of paper to start over? Jana could have explained that this type of paint is different & given her some pointers of what to paint. Josie's picture started out similar to the other sister who started painting the gray background. Maybe Josie was copying her & then got carried away? But to be reprimanded and made to leave in front her sisters was uncalled for. My father was definitely the artistic one in the family & my mom's painting (even as an adult) would have turned out like Josie's if she was painting along with the grands. Some people just don't have the creative artsy touch.
  3. I helped teach a 4-5 year old Sunday school class many years ago. We were lucky to get the kids to say one thing they were thankful for or how they help mom and dad.
  4. Off topic: Feel free to blame the paper towel shortage on Mr.Barb. Well at least ordering them on line at the beginning. He went wild & there seemed to be paper towels included in every Sam's Club or Amazon shipment we got (& he ordered.) I think we've worked our way down to a normal range but for a while our dining room looked like a maze of paper goods. (He also went wild buying cases of the cheap underpads I use underneath my leg wounds during dressing changes. There was a good sale on them at Sam's way before Covid started so I do give him a pass on those.
  5. I forgot to add on my orig post that they started praying right away. Nothing wrong with that. I would have joined in on any prayer chain that had an open link for me. But like we say, they think their way of praying and living is the ONLY thing that helps them. IIRC Evan mentioned about how praying helped with the negative results when the nurse called him back. I think most people would have just said a simple "Thank God" & left it at that. I also forgot to repeat this was the couple that didn't have a clue when Layla was in distress and/or monitor was going off when she first started having problems. Carlin called to the Bates' house rather than calling 911 first because she was so flustered. Luckily someone was home at the Bates & they had smarts to call 911. But that had to be a confusing and difficult call for the 911 operator. They have to ask many important questions relating to the patient's condition at that moment and not have to go through a third party. Especially since it was an infant with known problems. (This part is just my opinion. Hopefully they hung up the 911 Bates call & had Carlin call them back directly.) BTW, I'm also predicting a new blessing in their future. I'm sure they found a way to pass the time. ETA: Fundy dingbats in general do a lot of stupid and crazy things that upset me. But this one takes the cake. I have heart & lung problems that developed later in life . I know the seriousness involved & possibly life threatening in certain circumstances. I feel nothing but sorrow & sadness that this precious little baby has to start life with such uninformed & clueless parents that seem to take her problems as minor bumps in the road & that their God can fix it all.
  6. You would think the Stewarts (CaRlin, Evan & Layla) would stay at home and thank their lucky stars. According to their recent Vlog, Evan had to be tested because a coworker tested positive for Covid. Luckily it came back negative. But it seemed when it was a possibility it could be positive, all they (mostly Carlin) was concerned about was cancelling their trip to the Forsyths. Worrying about consequences with baby Layla who has a hole in her heart & was having breathing issues around this time, seemed to barely cross their minds. They seemed to be more worried about how they were going to pass the two week isolation time. It showed them eating (Carlin getting on Evan's nerves eating crunchy apples) & playing cards. I would have been shown calling Layla's doctor(s) first thing to find out what to look for if she was my daughter and it was my video. Her health was definitely an afterthought. Luckily they did finish out their quarantine. These two are way past the covidiots stage.
  7. I've loved reading all the watermelon posts & luckily Mr. Barb just got us one at our local fruit stand. My mom didn't like it but we still were lucky to get it during the summer (cut in slices & eaten outside.) She had a tendency not to cook & serve things she didn't like. Don't think I had macaroni & cheese til I was 15. My mom also had a melon ball maker. It came out & was used mainly for company when she made a fancy fruit salad. My sister & I fought over who got to use it so luckily one of us got to make the watermelon balls & the other one got to do cantaloupe. The watermelon sticks look interesting & would probably work well at a party. Except I would cut the sticks from the melon & put them on platter with a fork to make it easier & less messy to get a piece. Welcome! This is a great forum & please don't hesitate to jump in or change subjects. We can start the day discussing Covid, switch the conversation to a make-up recommendation at lunch, discuss pets in the afternoon followed by new recipes or what we had for dinner later on. A simple statement can start a whole new discussion like name origins or what books everyone is reading. May I also add this is a great place to vent whether it's about family, friends or coworkers. Health is also a big topic here (whether it's about you or someone else) so if something as minor as a paper cut or as major as a serious disease has you concerned or upset, we are here for you. I'm mostly homebound (even before Covid) and consider this group my best friends. Someone is always here 24/7. Well since it's Saturday(my nail day) & the 4th, I'm off to do my fingernails in a sparkly red color. I usually stick to the softer pink and peach colors but have this red from Christmas and also used it for Valentine's Day. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July everyone! 🇺🇸🎆
  8. Jessa referenced them adopting a baby. She never mentioned adopting an older child which are plentiful. I agree that if it ever happens, it will be through a sketchy agency or a family's friend's unwed daughter kind of thing. Of course the poor girl would live with them & be a housekeeper/nanny for the entire 9 months.
  9. I just got a pop up ad for a tour bus company. Was expecting to see the Rods hanging out the windows.
  10. I hear you. It seems the flood gates opened Memorial Day when a lot of people thought it was OK to have parties & social gather without any precautions. (My family included.) It scares me to think about the increases after the 4th of July. Stay safe everyone!! 🇺🇸
  11. I agree. I would be hunkered down in the house (w/o visitors) if I were Jill. Didn't her& Austin do some type of interview at the beginning of Covid & when she was early pregnant? IIRC they weren't even wearing masks yet alone distancing themselves from one another.
  12. @Scarlett45 So sorry about Mr. Norris. You were a great kitty mom. I enjoyed all the stories you wrote about him. @jcbrown. Hoping for a quick recovery for your sister.
  13. It's one thing to take outdoor photos but theirs seem to end up in the weeds. Makes me itchy every time I see one.
  14. That is stupid to have a tree like that in a room where the kids play. Besides making sure Ivy doesn't eat the dirt, I'm sure the kids love playing in it. I can just see puzzle pieces, Lego men, play farm animals & any other toys they are playing with strewn in & around the plant along with a covering of dirt over every thing. They will be "inseparable buddies" until they aren't allowed to be which will be when they turn twelve.
  15. What Rod daughter is in the 3rd picture? Her hair looks likes it has been lightened. Maybe Jill had some leftover dye to use. She had dark hair when she got married. (Think I remember that correctly.) So most people who know her or have seen the wedding pictures know she has lightened her hair. Even when we discussing Tim's hair color a while back, I was still going with it was dyed. A lot of posters brought up that there can be a natural blonde in a family of brunettes which is true & I know families like this. But his just had that non-natural gold look to it.
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