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  1. It's been a few days now but I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they not only brought guns with them but are openly wearing them along with their Mayberry-type badges. And they are supposed to be a Christian organization. I would really like to hear their explanations of things. I'm not sure what I would think if I was a Bahamian person & saw this group coming to rescue me. The openly worn guns would probably scare me to death. But then I would probably lash out to Jana for wearing skirts & sandals. ETA: I would also ask Abbie what the hell she was thinking when she decided she needed to be there. Besides the Zika thing, what if something happened & she needed to go to a hospital?
  2. Are the social workers allowed to pull the children aside & talk with them individually about what & how much they eat? I don't care how large Jill's grocery bill is or how many groceries are in their cupboards but any person can tell who is getting the most food in that family just by looking at David & Jill. It does make me feel good there are others out there (besides us) that think the Rod children are being neglected. There must have been plenty to warrant a visit from Social Services.
  3. I was just on the Rodrigues site. Jill posted they had a recent visit from Social services! Sorry. Don't know how to post it & it's long. Maybe someone else can do it. Thanks.
  4. I had to check out Milk Baths after reading about Amy's. Some photos were nice but there were some that were downright creepy. It seems most women wear a more revealing lacy white nightgown or a fancy, lacy white bra. Amy looks like she's wearing a heavy black satin tank top. I think she should have worn orange or yellow to match the fruit to give the photo a more lighter look, if that makes sense. Most had pink or red rose petals as well as rose buds floating in the water which I think looks better than the citrus slices & daisies but to each his own. Maybe she wanted more of a country look. Who knows? This was interesting in my searching: One of the ladies had posted her milk bath picture on her IG. Someone commented that they owned a company that sold baby items & wanted this lady to promote their things since they loved her milk bath pictures & other pregnancy pictures she had posted. She was pretty so I can see why they wanted her to promote their items. Thought of Jill right away except she does nothing to promote C&L in a positive way.
  5. Sierra's face looks very thin even tho she's ready to pop. I know all women don't have full faces when pregnant but her face looks thinner than when she is not pregnant. Jill's shirt has a very low neckline for her. Or am I missing a modesty layer?
  6. Oh, I know most of their info is from other sources, mainly social media like IG. It's become my habit to visit their site after reading about something here. It takes a day or two because Ellie posts the story first, then adds the comments usually a day later, so by then it's old news & something else has happened. This is definitely a Pro-Duggar site but I like to read the leghumper comments &points of view. It's funny when they get fighting amongst themselves or complain that Ellie should be more discretionary when posting negative replies. I've been tempted to post something negative (but truthful) many times but haven't followed through. Back to the steaks - I remember the Smuggs family going to an organic farm to buy a side (or whatever size) of beef on the original show. I guess they have kept up with that esp with a growing family. Hopefully Anna adds fresh veggies to go with the beef. I'm also glad to see the TTH grill being used. IIRC, a fancy grill was put in when house was built but they barely used it.
  7. I read on another site* they celebrated Mechelle's birthday at the TTH. Josh grilled grass fed* steaks. It was also mentioned one of Mechelle's nicknames is Lolli. That's a new one. * this info is from Lilly & Ellie's Duggar blog & is the second time they have told us the Smuggs have used grass fed beef. The other time was for their Monday night big family dinner of steak fajitas which was also made by the Smuggs. I guess they are trying to impress us except it's not working. There isn't enough grass fed beef in the world to offset the crap this family eats.
  8. Try again Duggars. I don't think they did much donating. Not only are they holding unwrapped sandwiches, it's obvious they have already eaten part of them.
  9. I actually read a racy story like this years ago. But mine was about a college girl home from school getting it on with the UPS guy. I thought it was a stunt too. That would definetly be a shocker to open the door & see Derelict standing there. Glad I use Door Dash. I really don't know how Jill is dealing with him coming into possible contact with those evil women out there even if it is just a quick Hello & You're Welcome.
  10. I thought you were just making fun of Joe in the first post.
  11. There are probably more pictures taken of these DC preachers than of the monuments.
  12. Nice pictures except there are some of them which would have looked much better if Kendra would have let both her arms hang naturally rather than one arm doing the "holding baby bump/I gotta pee" look. For example, the first picture of Kendra by herself & the other one with her & Joe walking. I think this is one of the few times Joe's hair looks good. His hair swirl is much better controlled than in their wedding photos (where the swirl seemed to have had a life of its own.) Kendra looks gorgeous - I love her hair & her dress is really cute. I like her sandals too & wish I could have worn ones like that when I was 7 months along. Pregnancy sure does agree with her (for now.) Hopefully she'll look this good in Baby #11 Photo Shoot.
  13. They should also have to pay FULL tuitions for at least 100 students that aren't able to afford college. Maybe full scholarships for needy graduate school students as well. This would just be the beginning. The list is never ending.......books, out of the country studies, room & board, etc.
  14. I figured it out: Ben must have a new job with a barbershop quartet with his handlebar type mustache.
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