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  1. Only because she came later. Maybe a Duggar could keep Hagar or Hepsiba in their back pocket though, just in case. 😂
  2. Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank, and Gideon. Bible names, that was Ma's idea. ABCs, that's was Pa's.
  3. The first dress is giving me Grace Kelley vibes, tbh. I think it's the neckline. And I done care for the overlay of the skirt on the second, but other than that I kind of like the dress. Neither are that awful, other than being far too voluminous for my taste. But the style is nice enough, which is why I don't see either Nurie or Jill in it. I'd expect something with far more frills but just as poufy.
  4. Ahem, Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepard. That's where I know the name from. But I like Addison as a name either way. Congratulations to Kendra and Joe, she is adorable.
  5. Most cities how have mandated trick or treating hours. Mine this year were from 4 to 7. The only people out later than 7 were the teenagers. Trick or treating isn't like it just to be. 🙁 Most parents with smaller kids opt for trunk or treating. It makes me sad.
  6. True, although what happens when the number of minor children you have exceeds the allowable number of people in a room? Assuming a double queen bed room sleeps four (+a crib for Janessa), that leaves 7 kids under 18, plus Nurie, Kaylee, and Tim. I don't think Tim is with them, so I guess they could put Nurie and Kaylee each in charge of a room of siblings, but do we really think they're spendin money on three long-term motel rooms while they house shop? And if they're indeed looking to move to FL to be closer to a Nurie/Nathan wedding why are they staying and presumably house hunting in Ohio?
  7. Aren't you supposed to rinse off before getting in the pool?! And regular clothes are not appropriate swim attire, Jill! Would Jill claim persecution if someone complained that they were swimming fully clothed against pool rules? (What am I saying, of course she would. She has before, hasn't she?)
  8. You can get small amounts of codeine cough syrup OTC in the US, too. (At least in MI.) The problem is finding a place that carries the 4oz bottles. My pharmacy did for awhile but then stopped.
  9. Just a note, Zostavax was the old shingles vaccine. It has been replaced by Shingrix. At my pharmacy we've anecdotely had higher reports of injection site reactions like tenderness, redness, and swelling as compared to other vaccines but most people seem to tolerate it pretty well.
  10. Me either but I just don't think having your family visit is indicative of a pregnancy announcement. Maybe with the Duggars (but not in this case) so they can film it, but not the Vuolos. I think Jinger might be the one to have a limit on her family size.
  11. The actual third Property Brother or just like he could be part of that family? Because there's already a third Property Brother, JD.
  12. I love that those are considered scandalous in Duggar-ville! And good for Jinger for living her life.
  13. Wait ... Derick is actually working? (Though I can't imagine GrubHub delivery making enough to support a family, a new house, and law school. )
  14. The text says "Getting real y'all", meaning the situation (of having a baby) is happening and her audience is the y'all she's taking to. I misread it the first time, too.
  15. "I love it when you call me big poppa" is a line from Biggie's song "Big Poppa".
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