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  1. Wait, to people so wear anklets? I though that was a trend that died in 2004. But I'm from the north where is mostly to cold to wear anklets, so maybe not. But I'm pretty sure it was never cool to wear a long sleeved blouse under a sleeveless cocktail dress.
  2. Jessa's wedding reception was melted ice cream in a parking lot filmed by TLC. I honestly don't think they toss out a lot of cash for any of the weddings. The daughters not getting any property or LLCs makes sense to me because to JB, they're under control of their husbands and it's their husband's duty to provide. End of story. He's not going to risk losing power of God empire to someone married in. But it's different with Anna, only because that was the only away he could give Josh things without the risk of getting them taken, or at the very least, frozen, when Josh inevitably screws up again with the law because Anna has proven herself to be loyal to the Duggars and to JoshUa. I'm sure Anna's name is on those documents as a name only and Josh is the rightful owner.
  3. But I can't tell if Jer is conventionally attractive or if he's just the one that doesn't look like a cookie cutter Duggar boy and thus is a novelty.
  4. My pharmacy sells naloxone OTC in vials (least expensive), auto injector (like an epi pen, but just as expensive), and nasal spray (narcan, the most popular). You ask for it, fill out a form, and if requested, we bill your insurance to help with the cost. It's pretty simple.
  5. I'm starting to feel like the number of ads is starting to get excessive. On this page alone there are currently no less than 10 ads, plus the sponsored content at the bottom of the page. I don't really mind the sponsored content or the inline ads but the top and bottom bar ads (the new stickied bottom ad especially) are incredibly annoying. I get that ads have a purpose and you need ad revenue but the ads feel like they're starting to take over the forum. 😕
  6. Does Jill not know the difference between "common" and the contraction for "come on"? Because once is say it was auto correct but twice is suspect. To Jill: "common" =\= "c'mon".
  7. Wait, did she change? I thought that was just a (poorly) edited photo where the photographer was practicing swapping colors and changed the color of her shirt. The coloring of the whole photo is off - it's weirdly bright and unbalanced. And her hair looks like it has a pink tinge to it. That's what makes me think they just color swapped the color of her shirt.
  8. Only because she came later. Maybe a Duggar could keep Hagar or Hepsiba in their back pocket though, just in case. 😂
  9. Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank, and Gideon. Bible names, that was Ma's idea. ABCs, that's was Pa's.
  10. The first dress is giving me Grace Kelley vibes, tbh. I think it's the neckline. And I done care for the overlay of the skirt on the second, but other than that I kind of like the dress. Neither are that awful, other than being far too voluminous for my taste. But the style is nice enough, which is why I don't see either Nurie or Jill in it. I'd expect something with far more frills but just as poufy.
  11. Ahem, Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepard. That's where I know the name from. But I like Addison as a name either way. Congratulations to Kendra and Joe, she is adorable.
  12. Most cities how have mandated trick or treating hours. Mine this year were from 4 to 7. The only people out later than 7 were the teenagers. Trick or treating isn't like it just to be. 🙁 Most parents with smaller kids opt for trunk or treating. It makes me sad.
  13. True, although what happens when the number of minor children you have exceeds the allowable number of people in a room? Assuming a double queen bed room sleeps four (+a crib for Janessa), that leaves 7 kids under 18, plus Nurie, Kaylee, and Tim. I don't think Tim is with them, so I guess they could put Nurie and Kaylee each in charge of a room of siblings, but do we really think they're spendin money on three long-term motel rooms while they house shop? And if they're indeed looking to move to FL to be closer to a Nurie/Nathan wedding why are they staying and presumably house hunting in Ohio?
  14. Aren't you supposed to rinse off before getting in the pool?! And regular clothes are not appropriate swim attire, Jill! Would Jill claim persecution if someone complained that they were swimming fully clothed against pool rules? (What am I saying, of course she would. She has before, hasn't she?)
  15. You can get small amounts of codeine cough syrup OTC in the US, too. (At least in MI.) The problem is finding a place that carries the 4oz bottles. My pharmacy did for awhile but then stopped.
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