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  1. Matt needs help managing his stress and his anger. Lexi is just terrible. I think Sandy made the right call with what she did with Matt. Take him back for the charter and replace him when you can, because you can't go without a chef an no one else on the boat is qualified to pretend to be one. At least Matt sought out everyone to apologise and sounded a bit ashamed. Though next to Lexi, that's not a high bar to clear. Lexi, on the other hand, should have been given a plan ticket home immediately. She's toxic and terrible to work with, and wants to be seen as the victim because s
  2. It's been awhile since I checked in with any fundies. What's the deal with Nathan's white silicone looking ring? Is it the male version of a purity ring?
  3. From tangential experience friend and family, yes. Most newborns see their pediatrician within two or three days after discharge. That's pretty normal around me, even with uncomplicated vaginal births.
  4. Yeah, this dislike of Jo as a middle name makes me sad, probably only because it's also my middle name, after my grandpa. It's also my niece's middle name, but after her paternal grandma. To be honest, when I was a kid I wished it would have been Josephine because I thought that's a prettier name and because I thought people would think it was backwoods or hillbilly. It's disheartening to see I wasn't exactly wrong. As an adult I like my name because it's mine. I'm not Josephine, I'm Jo, and I'm not upset about it.
  5. One of Jenna's hints is that she thinks it would be fun to be pregnant at the same time as Peta so I imagine another Peta/Maks baby has been at least mentioned. And Cheryl's mentioned retiring but she's been in and out the last few seasons so who knows. I think she's also mentioned babies in paining but don't quote me on that. I don't follow the gossip as closely as I used to. But I definitely think Lindsay and Witney are good to return if and when they want. TPTB will expand the cast to accommodate them if they have to, imo.
  6. Short answer: yes, definitely. She's been dropping hints to Val about having kids ever since they got married and she could no longer drop hints about getting married.
  7. The star halo I thing Tyra was wearing for her ... third? outfit change just made me think of Regina George in Mean Girls after she was hit by the bus. Probably not what Tyra was going for. I can take or leave Kaitlyn but I'm glad Artem finally gets some recognition!
  8. Was that not the version (or a cover of the version) from Mulan Rouge?
  9. I feel kind of bad for Chrishell because I don't necessarily think she and Gleb were having an affair, even though I suppose they could. She's just going to be the likely target, true or not. I've always felt there was something gross and smarmy about Gleb so I'm not at all surprised by continuing infidelity allegations. It just all tracks for me.
  10. I'm more surprised that they stayed married as long as they did. I don't know much about it but I know Gleb's been accused of affairs in the past and if his dances are any indication it's unlikely his tastes have changed.
  11. I'm not saying the definition of a lift as set forth by the show is inconsistent but that Carrie Ann's enforcement definitely is. Especially when she sees the same movement twice and one is called a lift and one is not. I would argue that the Cameron/Edyta example was not a lift simply because his arms straighten. His arms would have to based on where her hips start and end in relation to his body and he doesn't seem to bear any of her weight. And if he did-but-didn't-mean-it, then we're back to the Kaitlyn scenario: can you do it by yourself? If yes, then by Carrie Ann's count, not a li
  12. This is going to date me here but ... except when it doesn't. Waay back in season two or three Cameron Mathison served as basically a table for Edyta to do a handstand on. Carrie Ann called it a lift. The same "lift" happened again a season or two later (with Edyta or Cheryl? I can't remember). If we're calling an assisted back tuck a lift (but not an unassisted back tuck), by the same argument any time a dancer is dragged across the floor should also be a lift. Sure, their feet never leave the floor, but it's not something that one could accomplish under one's own power. Point
  13. Bottom two and I'm torn. Chrishell is obviously the weaker dancer but I'm just not feeling Skai. To be honest, I'm happy with either going. Actually can we eliminate Skai and Gleb and see what Alan can do with Chrishell? I'm also not sure Nelly wants to stick around. He always seems so mad.
  14. Lol so no favoritism there. Nope. None at all. Gleb's a fine dancer to watch. And then he choreographs routines and my eyes narrow because he has to put sex into everything, even a waltz. And then he talks to his partner and I cringe. (Full disclosure: I prefer Artem. He just moves better anyway, imo.)
  15. Not must see tv, imo. It's already been done by Jonathan way back on season 4 in 2007. 😂
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