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  1. Nah, Jill has facetuned that photo to make both Nathan and Nurie look better. Reddit had the unedited photo (which is apparently still in Jill's insta in a different post) and they both have skin texture. (As they should. They're humans.) But Nathan's skin hasn't really cleared up, I don't think.
  2. I read somewhere that the stimulus passport for dependents taps out at $3,000 - which would be six kids. I don't know if that's true because I have no dependents so I didn't really pay much attention. Still, an extra $5,400 would be a decent amount of food. Too bad It's likely to just go into David's printing ministry or Jill's knickknack obsession.
  3. From someone without kids: not gonna lie, most sonogram photos looks the same to me.
  4. People seem to think "social distance" means not meeting new people, and that people you already know is okay. What it really means is if you absolutely HAVE to go out to keep at least 6 feet between you and others, but ideally you stay at home and personally interact with no one outside of people living in your residence. (*Waving at neighbors is okay. Chatting with people on the sidewalk from your porch is okay.) In no way was that wedding "socially distanced". 🙄
  5. A little late and you'll have to wait a little longer, but do I have news for you. Ignore the 8 minutes ago, I took a screenshot back when it was announced in February. The plan isn't to release it until October 2021, but it's coming.
  6. Yes, but to her not being able to have babies would be akin to being dead. 🙄 This is why I don't for one second believe that any of these people value their children's lives as individuals. If they did they'd realize that given the choice between treatment and losing fertility but being alive and with their family; or rolling the dice and maybe (probably) dying but not losing the potential of more kids they're going to choose the latter. Nothing trumps more children for god, even the ones you already have. God will take care of them. It's infuriating. Maybe Anna Marie will prove this wrong but I doubt it.
  7. Sure you can. PayPal would gladly accept donations. 😂 But then there's a paper trail and no one wants that.
  8. This might be an unpopular opinion and I'm not really one for something like martial law, but I'm not sure I'd be upset in this case. The people who were complying and staying home except for absolute essentials might be annoyed but will understand it's for the greater good. People like the Rods and the Duggars and everyone else out because they think they're above the virus can bitch and moan about "their freedoms" while facing jail charges or massive fines. This is not about your wants, Susan. It's a public health crisis. Stay at home orders are fine but ultimately useless if not somehow enforced.
  9. I have a friend closer to Detroit who lives near a hospital. He says the ambulance sirens wake him up at 6am and continue through the day, definitely more than usual. It makes him sad. I'm further away from Detroit and don't live down the road from a hospital so it's quieter in my area. I do live down the block from the police and fire station though, so I'm not sure if the occasional sirens are covid-19 related or just usual sirens. There don't seem to be more of them, at least.
  10. So many reasons to hate Hobby Lobby. 😡 I would never be, but if I were an employee I would be looking for a new job. You could get better from WalMart ... and that's saying something.
  11. That's what happens when you elect an arrogant, egotistical business man only out for himself to Commander in Chief and expect him to lead during a crisis. 😡
  12. The virus is not airborne, meaning is not like pollen, floating aimlessly around in the air. It's only airborne when it's expelled in fluids from an infected person via something like sneezing or coughing. It needs a vehicle. Cloth masks are generally to protect other people from your infection by inhibiting the spread. That's where the cloth masks (or scarves, I suppose) are helpful. They help stop your cough from getting on others or on things others could touch. The cloth masks don't really help you from getting infected as much because that infected cough is all over you. Sure, you might not have inhaled it but the virus is on your clothes and on the things you touch, and if you touch those things and then touch your face (to take off the mask, for example) you're at risk for infection. Cross contamination isn't really something the general public thinks about or is good at. That's why staying home, self quarantining, and social distancing are your best bets for staying healthy, and not just with covid-19. If you have to go out (for -essential- supplies like a full grocery run, not a, oops I'm out of chocolate sauce for my ice cream grocery run) minimize contact and wash your hands when you get home. The virus needs a vehicle and a host. Don't be the vehicle or the host. #staythefuckhome
  13. Off topic, sorry! Blueberry banana bread? That sounds delicious! When you bake with blueberries do you use fresh or frozen? I'm hesitant to try with frozen (the frozen raspberries were a soggy mess!) and the fresh blueberries, besides being kind of expensive right now, are on the sour side. I've been wanting to make some blueberry scones lately though. I've got some past eatable bananas ... maybe this weekend I'll take a stanb at Jill's recipe, just to see. It's banana bread, how awful could it actually be? Wait, I just looked. While the recipe doesn't sound awful ... 6 large bananas, 2 cups of sugar, and 4 cups of flour? That's more of a Duggar-sized recipe than a Dillard one, imo. I'd have to halve it. Or third it.
  14. Maybe, but JB obviously thinks he can keep things within the family secret. I wouldn't be surprised if he assumed that the threat of a lawsuit was enough to Amy to retract the video and keep her mouth shut about the reasons. I imagine if it was really just regret on Amy's part she could have just said as much. Bit Amy's also asked her life -by choice- on shows like Marriage Boot Camp so I'm not sure what about this would make her personally balk.
  15. I'd say she more than strongly hints. She basically says it's him without using his name, directing her comments towards "someone" and calling out "someone's son" "Josh". I don't think it's Michelle. She's too loopy on benzos.
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