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  1. Yeah I am pretty sure when Joy and Austin say they'd rather live in the country it is a relatively informed decision. I'd 10 to 1 rather live in a rural area, and I knew that before my one good-faith attempt at city living. I like the peace and quiet and my privacy. Doesn't mean people who live in cities are doing anything wrong anymore than it means people living in rural areas are inherently narrow-minded and trying to avoid people who aren't like them. (Not that I don't think Joy and Austin are narrow-minded--they are, but preferring to live in the countryside doesn't inherently mean that.)
  2. Yeah she does do that all the time, doesn't she? I think they think it looks mysterious or cool, but it just starts to come off as goofy.
  3. This is me, too--not watching but avidly following the snark! I am hoping someone will gift us with some bite footage, though. LOL
  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear that! But please don't think that you have to earn the right to vent or talk in this thread. It's a wonderfully supportive group, and everyone here will have your back if you need a place to come talk. You'll be in my thoughts!
  5. Oh hell I wonder what Sam's Club she went to. I went to one in Fayetteville on Saturday, and as is true of every time I go to a Sam's in NWA, I kept an eye out for Duggar sightings. It was all clear, though. Obviously just missed them by a matter of days! 😂
  6. Bahahahaha I'm dying laughing at this! 😂
  7. Jesus, how old is this poor little kid? 😞 I must confess, I am not familiar with this family.
  8. Looks like Spurgeon turns 4 in a couple of weeks, and Henry will be 3 in February while Ivy is nearly 5 months old.
  9. I cracked up about the groaning she did over a dirty joke. What a killjoy! When I was at College of the Ozarks, which is rife with intense, holier than thou fundies, I used to pretend to be offended by random, completely innocuous things they had said. I would tell them what they said was very dirty and offensive to me and they would think about it for awhile and then come back to me with the most imaginatively pornographic interpretation of how their comment could have been misinterpreted. And they would apologize! It was hilarious, and none of them would ever call me out and tell me I was the one with the dirty mind for thinking what they said was offensive.
  10. Thank you for posting your insight about that case. I remember when it was first announced, you'd mentioned on here that some of what he said didn't add up, but based on what you posted tonight, it really does sound like they were in denial about the seriousness of her illness and that he still is. (Personally just as a total laywoman, I was surprised to read that she was having what they thought were gallbladder attacks every few weeks and there was no apparent discussion/decision about surgery. I had what was a suspected gallbladder attack a couple of years ago, and even just after the 1 time, I was basically told if it became a recurring event, I'd almost inevitably have surgery.) The whole thing is so sad but reminds me of a lot of other fundamentalists I know who are very suspicious of doctors and modern medicine. I know a fundie family who is like that, and the mother is currently battling a rather aggressive form of breast cancer. I was very worried that they would dismiss the advice of actual doctors but I have been pleasantly surprised that they seem to be cooperating, and she is thankfully doing well, at least last I heard.
  11. I would pretend to not know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek to torment my second roomie, the one I'm still friends with. So, she'd have on Trek, and I'd ask, "When's Darth Vader showing up?" or she'd be watching Star Wars, and I'd ask her if Chewbacca was Spock. And every time, she'd literally howl in anguish at my ignorance and then frantically try to explain them to me. "THAT is Star WARS--THIS is Star TREK!" or vice versa. She never caught on that I was doing this intentionally, over the course of 3 years. 😂
  12. Terrible roommates are best experienced vicariously! 😄 I always love hearing other people's terrible roommate stories, too. I had exactly 2 roommates in college. The first one I barely spoke to. She was okay, but we had nothing in common. She was also never in the room. Then the second one was the one who had slob issues, though we did at least get along. Once I graduated from college, I vowed I would never again have another roommate, though! In grad school, some people hinted about rooming together to cut costs, and I always made excuses. Fortunately, rent is very reasonable in Fayetteville, and I was able to find a 1 bedroom apartment that I could afford without needing someone to split costs.
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