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  1. I've joked about this on here before, but I am envisioning Lord of the Flies/Knives Out levels of ugly.
  2. LOL That is a good point. I suspect in the same way that Josh was the golden boy for the Duggars and their prince that was promised, Holt probably had near messianic views of himself. I must admit that is something I never thought too much about until reading that AMA with Josh's childhood friend. I know from being around fundies that they can have a high opinion about themselves and their families and their place in the world, but it had never really clicked for me how extreme that can be.
  3. I suspect Holt's campaign staff knew he was a psycho and, without any additional information on Josh, just assumed he was a normal kid doing normal things and were trying to spare him the inevitable explosion. Honestly, if I had been the one who caught him and knew nothing at all else about him, we probably would have had a chat about professional expectations, but I don't know that I would have told on him either. I've never really heard gossip locally about the Holts. I know some folks who have met him once when he was campaigning--and similar to the people I know who have met t
  4. Did Jason post anything for Hilaria?!?! :D
  5. It's interesting to me that whoever caught Josh looking at porn basically shielded him. Seems like they never reported him to Holt until the "sin in the camp" internal investigation was launched.
  6. Even if Jessa lived in a mansion, my guess is the house would still be gross and dumpy. I am still traumatized by her birth couch and diaper mountain. Nearly gagging trying to type this thinking about them.
  7. I wonder if the Duggars had a big family meeting yesterday or this weekend. If so, I can imagine that got awkward fast.
  8. Others might be more up on it than I am, but I believe Jill said in an interview, vaguely, that some of her siblings were more supportive of her decisions than others, without naming names. But it's led to a fair amount of speculation about who is in which category.
  9. They've got a little under 3 hours Arkansas time to get with it, but yeah I am thinking if they were going to post, they would have posted. The silence is deafening.
  10. Thanks! Okay I think what happened is I stopped checking the board at some point during that time, came back, saw he was still there, and somehow internalized that as 2 separate stints rather than 1 long one.
  11. For some reason, I thought he went more than once. How long was he there?
  12. I love that the agent made a specific comment about a building that looked like a toll booth that they found out was an office. Like, I can only imagine the conversation. Agent 1: "We need to search the shack." Agent 2: "The office?" Agent 1: "That too. Where is the office?" Agent 2: *points to shack*
  13. I doubt any of them but Jessa wrote the messages they posted, but I still find it interesting what each one still included or signed off on including. Joy's message definitely acknowledges that children were harmed in a way that Jessa and her parents didn't, and I will give her kudos for that.
  14. Timba still trying to work his way off the shitlist. His body language in those pictures. He looks like he's about to start blinking Morse code messages.
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