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  1. I was also rooting for nobody else to end up on the throne. I'd actually told several people long before it ended that if the end game actually was Dany's ass upon the throne as a good thing, I was going to be pissed. There's also a dark side of me that sort of rooted for people like Varys, Littlefinger, Roose Bolton, or the Night King to win the Iron Throne. Lol this is also the side of me that rooted for Skeletor over He-Man as a child.
  2. Lost is one of the shows that was really hyped to me by friends, which made me not want to see it because I was exhausted by their hysteria, but by the time I was motivated to watch the show, those same friends had turned on it, so I never wasted my time on it. I've had similar experiences with Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, and Homeland. I'm not opposed to watching shows that have wonky, controversial final seasons. (I went into Deadwood knowing some folks took issue with the ending when I watched it for the first time a few years ago and still loved it.) But in all those cases I mentioned earlier,
  3. I also thought she looked like Jill!
  4. And I just remembered another relative who did that in the 60s. She was my grandfather's widowed grandmother. She said staying with my newly grandparents was way more pleasant than staying with any of her kids, but she did have a basic rotation she followed.
  5. I don't really consider Anna a good mother, but I definitely think she has much better housekeeping/home management skills than her in-laws. Her parents are weirdos in their own right, but it does seem like they taught their girls much better domestic skills than the Duggar girls got.
  6. In the 1950s in North Carolina, my grandmother's grandparents did the rotating months with various relatives thing after they got too old to care for their farm. My great-great grandmother apparently really regretted it.
  7. I think it would be clearer if it was basically a sign with an elephant on it (the elephant version of a deer crossing sign) and then the words "stay in car." But a part of me just wants it to say "Elephants. Stay in car." Not for clarity but because the periods make it seem so blase about it.
  8. Yes I talk about that in one of my later comments--it's to its benefit to be flexible. My point was not that everything was tightly plotted. It wasn't, though I think the way they integrated what they adlibbed was seamless and is a great example of a show that never seemed meandering. I'm simply saying that starting with a specific ending in mind, even if it is as vague and open-ended as just that Walt dies, is still way better than introducing an elaborate mystery that you don't have an answer for, like Lost apparently did. I think you have a much better chance of landing the ending the
  9. I've increasingly come to believe that this sort of controlled chaos, if you will, might be the best recipe for TV writing, if it is in the right hands. It gives the story the necessary structure and framework of a planned ending, but it also allows for flexibility because, as is true of any writing, sometimes you don't think of the really good stuff until after you've started or you don't realize that something isn't working until you're in the trenches.
  10. Agreed. I am glad that she paid for his medical bills like she said she would and supported him during his recovery. Sounds like he's still a long way off being fully recovered physically or emotionally, but that would be a difficult attack to recover from. After rereading the article, there's a lot of weird wording in there in general (at one point they say he sacrificed his life, implying he died), and I noticed he mentions a couple of times in direct quotes something along the line of realizing people may have a hard time understanding what he's doing. Makes me think he realized the r
  11. Yeah my understanding is they always knew Walt would die. The details needed to be filled in, but they had a final destination in mind the whole time.
  12. I'm honestly not trying to be a bitch, but I am rolling my eyes at the dog walker saying he wants to do his road trip himself while still soliciting funds for it from other people. He's not doing it himself. He's doing it with other people's money, just not Lady Gaga's money. I get why he wants to get away and I can understand his reasoning for not wanting any more of her money, but I just find that phrasing incredibly disingenuous. Edit: I just realized that was the journalist's phrasing, not his or someone associated with him. So, I'm just raging about lazy phrasing, not him. Carry on.
  13. In that first picture, they both have the same body language as someone confronted with a cobra.
  14. I understand all that. I was just pushing back on the narrative that seems to be forming that she has no other options. She does have options. Like all options, they have their pros and cons, but it's not like she is completely without a way in the world. Is that probably a very undesirable option to her, even for practical reasons? Of course. But it still remains as a course of action if she really wanted out.
  15. But it's still more than $0 and Jim Bob free.
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