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  1. The first thing I'm going to do is go to a local little sandwich shop/coffee place/ice cream shop I adore and eat a sandwich in the damn building. I've not been to any restaurants since March, and I don't particularly enjoy eating out or do it all that often. But I used to have a little tradition of rewarding myself with a lunch there on errand days, and I always so looked forward to it. Now, my errand "days" are just frantically tacked on to the beginning or end of work shifts since I am avoiding being out and about any more than I have to. Also visiting my dad. He lives in a bordering state, and I have avoided visiting with him. I was always a daddy's girl, and even though we talk on the phone almost every day, I miss seeing him in person.
  2. LOL yes. I had not quite been able to articulate it until you mentioned it, but it is really weird they didn't just use the podcast thing as a jumping-off point for merchandise rather than a whole new tagline. "Hope we hold" isn't great marketing, either, but it at least already existed and is way less abstract and confusing than "Hope and Stead." I'm totally envisioning Hope and Stead as like the fundie version of Goofus and Gallant. "Hope is polite to his elders. Stead is not."
  3. I don't think she would care--she neglects and starves her own children, so unfortunately, I don't think she's going to care or notice if anyone else neglects or abuses an animal. She's that heartless and self-centered.
  4. That is one of the bizarrely vague and meandering business descriptions I've ever read. It seems like they are consulting with marketing people, but what do these people do? Are they terrible at their job? Do Jinger and Jeremy just not listen to them? I can't imagine anyone with a marketing background signing off on that phrasing. Or the brand name.
  5. I swear like a sailor, but usually try to avoid using the word cunt. But I apply it to Jill on a nearly daily basis.
  6. I had some bloodwork done for my thyroid a couple of years ago. (My doctor told me he thought my thyroid felt weird, so he wanted to be on the safe side and see if there were issues or if I just had a weird-feeling but functional thyroid.) Even though they told me they'd call me with the results, I found them on the online portal before the phone call. (Verdict: I have a weird-feeling but functional thyroid.)
  7. Bahahaha I love that scene. Jim Bob and Michelle are totally Chevy Chase standing in their window judgmentally thinking about the asshole in a bathrobe with the chemical toilet every time they think of the Rods!
  8. My family from Western NC says "our" the same as "are" too. Their long Is almost always become aw sounds too. "fire" is "far." One of their favorite outburst words is "Hellfar!" 🤣 It doesn't have quite the same ring to it when pronounced right. Edited to add: Thought this was Small Talk. Sorry. In the name of being on topic, Ozark accents can be quite similar to Appalachian accents, so it doesn't surprise me there's some overlap with that and the Duggars. Personally, I think Arkansas Ozark accents are a touch softer than Appalachian accents and have more of a twang.
  9. They were an abysmal team--and I agree that they were both stubborn. I was expecting Ben and Jessa to be the worse team, but they worked better together than Josiah and Lauren did. Their dynamic basically seems like he can't read her or chooses not to, she reacts in the most toxically passive-aggressive fashion imaginable, and then he responds by spinelessly groveling, which just makes her even more passive-aggressive. It wouldn't surprise me if his ignoring her and then groveling is passive-aggressive in its own right if only to get martyr points with any onlookers or for pending fights.🤣 ("You didn't listen to me!" "Well, I was the one who read the vows into the damn phone--where were you?!") To be fair to her, I imagine there are issues on both sides, but they were acting like a jaded middle-aged couple on the verge of divorce in an Edward Albee play instead of relative newlyweds. And yes I suspect you're right that she expects him to react any way except the way he acts.
  10. It does cover my "Bitch, please" face I get when people are annoying me. My eyes might still be a tell, but the mask probably makes people think I am friendlier. LOL
  11. Bahahaha I've been telling myself that too! It may cause the acne, but at least it has the decency to cover it too. 😄
  12. @SunnyBeBe Very sorry to hear about your cousin. You and your family have my condolences. @PikaScrewChu and @awaken, I've also been dealing with mask acne. So are a couple of my library coworkers. We all have oily skin, and the one it doesn't seem to affect has drier skin. Not sure if that applies to you or not, but that's our theory about it. I finally started putting a clear bandage over the acne to provide a layer between it and the mask. It's helped it not get worse, at least.
  13. I've not watched much of the show, but watching her lying on a couch in sight of everyone else during that marriage retreat when she claimed to not be feeling well was something straight out of the "look at me" playbook. That was pretty much true of every single thing she did during that episode. She wasn't getting attention because it focused on everyone, so she went about getting it the most passive-aggressive way possible.
  14. This is a really good summation of how she comes across. If she weren't so insufferable, I'd actually feel sorry for her.
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