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  1. That is very likely. Buy used and save the difference!
  2. I used to spend a lot of time contorting my mind trying to figure out the logic behind their actions before realizing that I was putting way more time into analyzing their thought process than they put into thinking. LOL
  3. I mean, that's what a normal person would think, but I seriously doubt any pap picture ever taken of them in CA was not a called-in tip from them, either now or in the past. Apparently people who are actually legitimately famous but thirsty do this all the time, and I can just see Jeremy practically salivating as soon as he figured that out. LOL
  4. One of my neighbors works in our local courthouse, and she once saw one of the local attorneys trying to deal with an extremely annoying client that he very obviously wanted to shove off the nearest cliff, and then after that, every time that client came to court, said lawyer was nowhere to be found but the junior partner in his firm who happens to be a childhood frenemy of mine was with her as her attorney. Senior lawyer obviously got tired of her shit and did some delegating. I suspect something similar happened here and Loehers realized this was a lost cause shitstorm and delegated it. LOL
  5. Michelle smiling in this picture taken by paparazzi that they almost certainly called on themselves while everyone else tries to pretend they're surprised is giving me big Hilaria-being-the-only-one-who-looks-at-the-camera-and-smiles-coming-out-of-the-courthouse vibes.
  6. And she was already murdered by words when she testified and was cross-examined. LOL
  7. They run a real tight ship at Wholesale Motorcars, doncha know. 🙃
  8. It would be the most informative and original content he's ever done! LMAO
  9. I would think so, though there may be a process that involves ordering them. One of our lawyers should probably know!
  10. I personally think I'm going to skip them. My understanding is that for the purposes of having it on record, the CSAM was described rather graphically before it was shown to the court. I don't want to read that myself.
  11. Party on top, business on the bottom. Undercuts always scan to me as "Hitler Youth Hipster." Like, I know they were just tremendously popular in 1930s and 1940s in general and not exclusive to Nazis, but I've seen it on so many Nazis in old pictures that I just can't think of anything else when I see them. I think they look silly even without that context but it sure doesn't help.
  12. Not just homeschooled, but "homeschooled by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar." They actually said that in court as part of his defense. I crack up laughing every time I think about it. It's like a scenario in a bad sitcom, but it happened in a federal courtroom.
  13. I'm still working my way through the Waltons but I keep making mental notes between it and LHOTP. I often think about how often LHOTP introduced someone as massively important for one episode and then they dropped off the face of the earth never to be seen again. Lol The Waltons seems to do a better job of using people who seem like one-offs for repeat episodes and providing closure on them when they don't show up again. I don't really hold it against LHOTP. I know television conventions were very different then, and serialization like we think of TV plot now was not the norm. But i
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