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  1. Agreed! I can't even imagine how devastated his family is. He was 27, I think.
  2. Yeah that honestly freaked me the fuck out. That kind of stuff just does not happen in Fayetteville. The officer who was murdered was shot while sitting in his police cruiser in the police station's parking lot, waiting for his partner to start their shift. The guy who shot him was pursued by other police officers into an alley and was shot and killed. So far, they're saying the cop who was killed was not specifically targeted. I guess the guy just wanted to kill a cop and killed the first one he could find. 😞 The suspect had a police record but nothing that suggested this sort of violence, from what I could gather. That being said, I doubt JD has anything to do with Fayetteville PD. Springdale would be closer to Tontitown. And constables are not really officially attached to police stations--they operate independently in their precincts. If he does ride-alongs or whatever, that's not really his job.
  3. So, they rotate Family Fun Night--or whatever the hell it's called? I thought it was always at Mama and Daddy Jim Bob's?
  4. I can't even explain why, but the look on her face in that dough picture is seriously cracking me up. It's like she is trying to become at one with it.
  5. Though I cannot fathom her decision to stay with the sex pest, I do think Anna has the logistics of household management and most parenting tasks down pat much better than her in-laws. With the exception of apparently keeping track of her kids in public.
  6. I went to church a lot for the first 21-ish years of my life and never attended one that had a cantata for, well, anything. I am more familiar with cantatas from the realm of music. I assume it depends on the denomination and perhaps the formality of the individual churches on whether or not they have one?
  7. Those are cute pictures of Izzy and Sam by themselves. I wonder why Jill keeps clarifying who cdilla is. I'm pretty sure we all know. But I think it might be a way to publicly distance herself from her parents further, by drawing attention to the fact she's hanging with the in-laws more.
  8. I'd heard about this but never saw it and had to look this up. I sincerely regret doing so. 🤣
  9. Oh I agree, but I really have no patience for arguments that Jinger or Jeremy are the victims in being dropped by that company.
  10. Well, to be fair, the fallout is just as much over Jeremy's views--and the organization he has chosen to align himself with--as much as her parents' views. Jinger has never indicated she disagrees with either Jeremy or her parents, and I seriously doubt she does. If she does disagree with them, she should grow a pair and speak up.
  11. One of the only Duggar anythings I have ever watched was a YouTube clip around the time the Josh molestation scandal broke. It was of Jill and Derick leaving to go to Danger America and being told bye by the Duggars. It might have been a return trip and not the first time. But I just remember one of the little girls (I assume one of Jill's buddies) sobbing uncontrollably. To her credit, Jill was trying to console her, but she was the only one. Everyone else just stood there like a lump on a log. The only other thing I remember was how stilted it was. I was like, "How have these people been on TV for years and not gained any ability to act natural while on camera?"
  12. Rendered speechless! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. I find it interesting Jeremy didn't object to the bride's dress. I know a lot of pastors who wouldn't officiate a wedding with that much cleavage on display. Not saying that attitude is right--I feel like what you wear at your wedding is your own damn business--but still I think it just reinforces our collective forum theory that Jeremy doesn't really care about principles as much as he does getting media attention.
  14. @galaxychaser, I am sorry about your uncle. Is this the one who can be difficult? 😞 I agree with everyone else, though, to respect his wishes about keeping it private, though I know how hard it is to be put in that position. 😞
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