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  1. Yeah that's fair enough. I've just spent the last 2.5 months reading ASOIAF, with all of its Martyns, Olyvars, and Myrandas, and was truly startled to see a Martyn outside of that context, especially within a fundie context.
  2. I've never watched the Gaineses, but I'm getting a real Faces of Vader vibe from the description of her interior decorating (and, by extension, Lauren's)
  3. I can't judge the laundry basket. I used one as a pen for my Chihuahua when he was a puppy, and it worked pretty well for corralling him until he got big enough to need a crate. Unfortunately, that means as an adult he still sees them and thinks they're home and will try to vault into them. LOL
  4. I'm sure he was there, and if so, it sums up what an utter worm he is. He won't own the fact he was there because he doesn't want the pushback.
  5. I really dislike when people pierce babies' ears. My mother did that to me when I was a toddler, and they aggravated me so much that I pulled on them and clawed at them until they bled. My dad made her take them out, the piercings have closed up, and now in my early 30s I still don't have pierced ears. I just feel like someone should be old enough to express an interest/provide consent before having their ears pierced.
  6. My family is pretty wild admittedly, but I've relatives who were murdered or were murderers themselves. Someone I went to school with also murdered someone. Damn I think I might know more murderers than murder victims. Sad either way though.
  7. Now this is a TLC addition to the show I would be in support of. Just think of how much more lively those stupid family games and races would be if they were competing against a ninja!
  8. I'm envisioning Jill calling them multiple times a day. "Do you miss us? We're SEVERELY grieving your absence, Nurie. Do you miss us? Do you want me to mail you some Plexus? DO YOU MISS US?" And Nurie's internal dialogue is something along the line of "Why would I miss you, you insufferable cunt? Of course, I'm HOMESICK, Mommy Dearest! Kthnxbye"
  9. Oh it had never occurred to me to slash those, but it makes sense!
  10. Wait, does Austin spell his middle name like he's an ASOIAF character? If so, I don't know why that's so funny to me, but it totally is.
  11. I love the scare quotes around Nurie being "homesick." Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night, Jill.
  12. I've not watched the video, but she lives right next to the interstate. If it's filmed anywhere near her house, you probably are hearing I-49.
  13. That's my understanding of most uses of chaperones (protect the lady's virtue!), but they really seem to think women are asexual and only men are subject to lust. It's some weird shit.
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