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  1. That is the perfect name for it! I'd never had it happen before so suddenly and so strongly, but I was immediately like, this is an ill omen. . . .
  2. Oh that's interesting about the back pain! I wrote about my ear congestion on the first day too. For me, since mine was over a year ago, I know it wasn't COVID-19, but I would be very curious to see antibody results for me in general. As far as I know, I have not been exposed to it, and I've tried to be careful, but that of course doesn't guarantee anything.
  3. Virtual hugs for all of you who have older relatives struggling through this! 😞 @SunnyBeBe I found my diary notes for the bronchitis ordeal. Feel free to skip this, everyone. I'd written a bit more than I remembered, but I think I was paranoid and trying to document symptoms. But I was sick for about 3 weeks and then still had some residual issues for a week or two, but I was able to work at that point and run errands and whatnot. It started with a very sudden sore throat and cough right before bed one Saturday night--and I remember that very well because as soon as it happened, I was like "Oh shit! This doesn't feel good at all." And by the next day, I had a really deep chest cough, a fever a touch over 100, and a lot of other discomforts. The coughing until I puked is what freaked me out enough to go to a doctor early the following week. Got diagnosed with a bad cold and given prescription cough medicine and then from there just continued to deteriorate. By the following Saturday, the feeling like I was going to drown at night made me go back to the doctor, and I got the bronchitis diagnosis and more meds. Even with that, I was still pretty miserable for another week or so, though that was the week I was finally able to watch TV and read a little rather than spend the entire day hiding in my bed. I apparently at the time thought that coughing until I lost bladder control was on a day my cough was doing better?! I didn't remember all this, but apparently I also coughed until I had a nosebleed one day and I also coughed until my back hurt. I remember that in retrospect now, and that really sucked because the coughing made my back hurt even more, and it struck me as perversely funny, and any laughter made my back hurt too. Not sure what I managed to do to my back, but after I was feeling better and had stopped writing about lingering shortness of breath and wheezing, I was still bitching about my back hurting in my diary for a few days. And that concludes Zella's Bronchitis Chronicles. 😉
  4. Oh God I will never quash *that* from my brain. But I think it was more ShrekRod like JillRod rather than Shrek's Rod. God I hope so.
  5. It would have been just as inappropriate if he had been eulogizing his wife's tits.
  6. I basically was curled up in a ball for a week. That was when I told my family who still wanted me to do things to fuck off. Lol after that I was able to do things but I got winded easily. I was too sick to read, and I tried to catch up on sleep because I spent my nights choking on all the fluids I was coughing up. I remembered reading about men who survived poison gas attacks in WWI having lung damage and sleeping in chairs for the rest of their lives due to similar issues, so I ended up propping pillows up to where I slept sitting up. One of my undergrad degrees was in history. Who said that history degree was worthless?!?!? 😉 I can check my diary later to see the exact progression but I don't think I was able to write much.
  7. FWIW, in February/March 2019, I had bronchitis. Obviously not possible for it to have been COVID-19, and that is the most miserably sick I have ever been. I coughed until I vomited more than once, and I also coughed until I pissed my pants more than once. Sorry if that's TMI, but it took me weeks to recover. So, yeah, bronchitis is a bitch on its own.
  8. Yeah, I'm from the South and have a master's degree in English and call it a bedroom suit. I don't think I've ever heard anyone call it a suite and would be weirded out if they did. LOL
  9. We are broken into shifts of 2 and quarantining everything that is returned for a week. It can be pretty crazy because that's about half the staff we usually have on a given day but filling orders and sanitizing means we feel just as busy despite serving far fewer people than usual, but so far we are doing okay. A lot of folks in our area don't have wifi at home and they seem to appreciate our efforts. They've thrown candy, homemade masks, and hand lotion into the book drop for us. ❤❤❤❤❤ Some of our sister branches have really struggled with it because of staffing issues. Once we close permanently, my boss has stuff we can all work on from home. She's trying to ensure nobody full time has to take leave for this and nobody part time loses time. I'll be doing a bunch of readers advisory research from home.
  10. Our library is still doing curbside service, and I have been stocking up on doorstop books every time I work a shift. We will probably shut down completely in 2 weeks because we will run out of cleaning supplies. Which platform does your system use?
  11. For those of you who like ebooks and audiobooks and are active library users, check if your library has Libby. I don't read audiobooks or ebooks. But I know from working at my local library that we have a pretty nice selection on there, and I'm sure that would be true for many other areas too.
  12. I know people who know people who have gotten tests, including one of my brother's coworkers, my grandma's pastor, and at least one patron at our library. The requirements are pretty tight down here already though due to the shortage of tests in general.
  13. Yeah at the very least he was trying to put everything in other people's names. In his immortally ironic words: Sadly, I think when it came to the animals, he would have killed them before he gave them to her.
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