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  1. I went with ‘Jessa’s’ because we all know she is the head of that household and has failed instruct Ben, Spurge or Henry to clean them
  2. I know the effect you are talking about, and I don’t think that is the issue here
  3. Not sure what I did here... am stoopid
  4. Isn’t that the same green top from the baking photos? All taken on the same day and being drip fed to make it seem like Jing cooks regularly
  5. Joy looks tired, I wonder if she’s pregnant
  6. She probably didn’t eat any of it, RPP would have inhaled it
  7. Spurge is cute, but in so many of his photos I see Jessa’s smirk on him I can’t unsee it once I see it
  8. I can’t believe people are so willingly giving money to these people. How are the Rod’s missionaries? Aren’t they just singing to people who are already believers? Aren’t missionaries supposed to be out milling with those who aren’t believers?
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