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  1. I’m not sure that Jinger’s kids are going to have any kind of normal childhood. I’m yet to see the back of their heads at a library, playgroup or any other early childhood appropriate ventures What I do see is plenty of tagging along to what the adults want to do and no example of working for a living, just parents going out to eat, ballgames etc.
  2. I would happy to never see a back of the head photo of their kid if you don’t want them on social media don’t put them on social media 😒
  3. I’m snarking on the ‘car date’ how about taking the drive through food to a park where Ivy could have had a play and had lunch. Or even a picnic basket made at home to take Ivy looked to me liked she was over the car with the climbing everywhere Jessa could have sent Bin and the boys out and had a backyard picnic, they have that deck that comes off the bedroom into the backyard. Ivy would stil, have one on one time with Jessa in an age appropriate way I just don’t understand containing a 2 year old to a car
  4. I always think Sam looks like mini Wallace Shaw and wonder if I should message Jill and ask her if she sees the resemblance Then I start to wonder why I would think she would know who Wallace Shawn is Then I wonder if Derick has seen the resemblance Then I smack sense into myself and stop thinking about the Sam/Wallace,Jill and Derick until the next time I see a pic of Sam 😳
  5. My kids always got some of their favourite treats for birthdays
  6. Good to see they learned from the accident that left Amy? a SEVERE quadriplegic 😠
  7. Things must be desperate in the Vuluo world.. that’s a couple of half kid pics this week isn’t it?
  8. 9:16 they were getting into bed They were awake at 6:30 am
  9. I watched that video .. my takeaway school starts at 7:30 am in the US 😮 And my 9 year old is asleep 2 hours before the boys went to bed
  10. Nuri has watched her mother feeding her father over and above everyone else and is repeating the same with Nathan maybe
  11. I just watched that story, I’m old and grumpy and wanted to smack those cameras out of their hands
  12. Jinger looks pretty fresh for someone who just put a swing set together on a summer day
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