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  1. Sun protection includes hats clothing and sunglasses They may not be burnt right now, but fair skinned people don’t take long to burn, even with sunscreen I’m old and fairskinned, I know this from experience How often do we pictures of Izzy and same with hats and or glasses? Tortillas don’t count
  2. I’m sorry that something that is a basic right is such a struggle 😢 I would have thought knowing all of those things would be what school is for? There were no expectations that my children ‘knew’ anything I forgot to add that my youngest has special needs and still didn’t have ‘expectations’
  3. No mention of Israel being safely strapped in his care seat 😒
  4. I think jin’s hair is a fried mess i dont think it looks smooth or healthy, just filtered FFS a food crawl. My eyeballs are going to detach from rolling back every time I see another wanker post from Jerm
  5. I was going to mention the hair and eyebrows Why on earth is he dying his hair? That seems so weird for a fundie male
  6. Every time RFP posts a picture .. I think to myself he can’t possibly be anymore of a tosser Then he posts another picture
  7. With all the coffee these two wannabes drink can’t they get a couple of reusable coffee cups to save something of the environment
  8. I feel the same .... I wish I could wrap him and in a big cuddle and tell him how special he is, and just give him some love
  9. Multiple visits from CPS? Wouldnt one visit be unusual and multiple concerning? As parent I’d be concerned if people thought I warranted a visit from CPS and if I’d had multiple I’d have done some serious looking at my parenting
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