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  1. Because I had nothing better to do .. I had a look through Carlin’s photos and she does seem to have decent sized feet , but they do look particularly huge in those pics 😮
  2. I can’t forget Bin ‘preaching’ to the kids before they could go to the beach, he made no sense and didn’t engage the kids at all
  3. I wasn’t trying to correct you, just saying what I think about his hair
  4. Spurge has the wavy til brushed type of hair,not true curly hair.Jessa has no idea how what to do with his hair
  5. That video of Timbits singing😮 The rambling intro 😮 The change from his speaking voice to singing 😮 The black caterpillars resting below the dyed blond hair 😮 The judgement on everyone who isn’t his tiny little circle of life 😒
  6. If Jinger has an eating disorder then the exercise is not about being fit but about how many calories she can burn off ☹️
  7. I figure Spurge is in charge of laundry by now
  8. Releasing balloons outdoors is illegal where I live, because of how damaging balloons are to wildlife/marine life
  9. So Jill is admitting that David as Head of House cannot keep them fed clothed and holidayed so she needs to work to fill in the shortfall?
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