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  1. Yep, I hear ya. .... and I agree with your basic point. I know myself, though, and I know that it's not good for me at all to be as tribal as they are, I easily lose all perspective if I look at people as too black and white and one-dimensional. So I try to think of them as people with a bunch of facets, some of which I might approve despite my horror of others. Otherwise I have a tendency to dehumanize people....and that's dangerous for both my judgment and my mental health, actually!
  2. Well, you can't apply it to the person God has chosen to lead this nation back to the correct Jesus! They seem to believe that they and they alone are very very very special.
  3. According to the Reddit AMA guy who knew Josh, when they were teens, Josh got a lot of very fancy computer equipment from JB. He had a brand-new Mac and all kinds of stuff to do video editing -- way back in the early 2000s, when he was around 15 or 17. And that stuff wasn't cheap. Josh was really into the fancy computer stuff he had -- and who knows what he was really thinking about when he was heavily into video editing? Getting fancy tech seemed to be part of his kit as the golden child/man of CHristian destiny who was going to make a huge splash in the world on behalf of Jim Bob, Goth
  4. Yeah, I don't think we can expect any of these people to give that stuff up. But I can really really dislike that and still give them a few props for something else when it's earned. I mean, Marjorie Jackson's at Family Research Council, and that's despicable as far as I'm concerned.. Nevertheless, I still admire her and her family to some degree for the attitude toward women and toward education and toward work and toward the arts. That's above what others in this group do, so, good for them on that. Bad FRC. Same for Der -- I expect he'll try to get into a law firm or a some organi
  5. I think he had originally aspired to be a forensic accountant for the FBI or someone. When he was college, I think he was really really hurting over the death of his father, the policeman. And I think he wanted to live up to his father somehow, even though he himself was more the accountant type than the cop type. But I don't know that he was up to the FBI standards ... or something didn't work out, anyway. ... So if you were imagining going through the books of mobsters and ended up doing the monthly tax work for Walmart, your reality definitely wouldn't live up to any of your expectatio
  6. Well, considering that nobody including Jessa, said anything when Bin -- Meeechelle's in-law crush and husband of the most kool aid drinking daughter -- got his pastoring degree from Moody, we probably shouldn't hold our breaths for any congrats or happy talk regarding a stinking law degree awarded to the least favorite in-law (and I don't know that they even like any of them) who's married to the least favorite child. 😁
  7. I made Mp3s of the two podcasts/youtubes by the reddit AMA guy who knew the Duggars, including Josh. Been listening when I had some time over the past couple days and finished the whole three-plus hours. They're called "I pray you put this journal away," and he bases them off reading a journal he kept back in the 2004-2007 era when his family when to the Duggar home church. He (and his wife, who doesn't know any Duggars) are campaigning against media's whitewash of Duggar-type extreme views -- I guess I'd call them patriarchal fundamentalism. He describes this patriarchy as --
  8. For some reason they're too childish, thoughtless, shallow and self-centered to do anything else. The few stories about God that they drag out of the bible and repeatedly spout are in reality about as meaningful as the bikini-lawnmower story that they also repeatedly spout as if it were profound. Seems to me the religion they grab onto is pretty much the equivalent of a rabbit's foot or a four-leaf clover under plastic in your pocket. A lucky charm that keeps you from actually having to look at facts or consider a different opinion or think things through or try to empathize with another
  9. Signed back when it only had a couple thousand signatures. Glad to see the numbers now!
  10. I've avoided the details about what Smuggar had, but I know this incredibly tragic and horrifying story. It's the Australian guy who committed years of unspeakable crimes in the Philippines, right? I saw an Australian news program on it and on him, including the search for the bodies. And that was a huge story all over the west side of the Pacific rim, I think, so it's hard to imagine Mrs. Reber hasn't heard at least hints of it, if she is Filipina. And I expect she is. I despised her "patriarch" husband before, because of what became clear from her testimony in court. And, to be fair, I
  11. Agree. Just something about his general attitudes and demeanor, plus the depiction of the molestations, has always suggested that to me, too, for some reason,
  12. I like Mr. Headship Patriarch Reber's pushing his wife to do this even less (if that's possible) now that I see she's Asian. He's not just a sexist horror. He's a sexist racist horror. Although I'm sure he thinks he's not racist a bit. I would bet otherwise. Jerk. And I note that the Duggars (who've lived in this same area for a bazillion years) only met these really "close friends" that they're now making use of in 2015. Yet another small fact that speaks volumes about JB and M. And, of course, there's the fact that close friend Mrs. Reber seemed pretty darned in the dark about a
  13. My possibly wrong and definitely amateur idea about this goes this way -- They only really charge you with receiving if they can figure out facts about how and when you received the thing, I think. If all they know is that it's on your device now, but they can't get any real bead on how it got on there or when, they just charge possessing.
  14. Yep. Even Joshua Harris knows this now. But not the Duggars. ☹️
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