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  1. Yeah, I know about that court ruling. I followed it as a reporter. But this case and the group of cases it's part of had nothing to do with any regs or rules or anything else that that guy was involved in. So how is it a good-faith argument when it was quite clear that that guy had essentially zero knowledge or involvement with anything even vaguely related to this case? And there's no way the ruling intended to declare invalid every single thing that Homeland Security was involved in while he was there. No way. But that would be the upshot and the necessary consequence if anybody acce
  2. It looks to be in the sanctuary.....Maybe her baptism congregants? or a baptism party of some kind?
  3. I'd like to hear what lawyers have to say about the upshot of the particular issues the defense raised. To me, some of them --- one, especially -- seems to be so baseless, so in bad faith, so much something that any lawyer would know was pure meaningless garbage, that I wonder what the rationale would ever be for asserting something like that....--- i.e., the one about the Homeland Security official appointed in a way that doesn't meet regulations. .... Is there really any precedent or any good-faith way to argue that that would be grounds for dismissing the case? I mean, this case is a m
  4. I think every state sets their own. In the DC courts, we can be called every 18 months. And I forget what the time is for the federal -- although three years kind of rings a bell for me, so maybe it's that. .... Our federal court has a huge case load....So when you combine the two courts, and the fact that our state court can call you twice as often as yours can, that pretty much accounts for some people's being in a lot .... And then of course there are the people like @awaken and her husband, who don't get called! So.... All that said, i haven't been called for DC duty since late 2
  5. It's very strange. Cause I know people who have my experience and others who have your experience....and nobody can figure out why they have the path they do.... Maybe this is just what randomness looks like from the perspective of the balls in the lottery hopper? Dunno. I just don't want to get on the grand jury lists!😁 ETA: And I have had some interesting times. Once I was the foreperson for a very high profile trial.....got chased by media and by all the lawyers when it was over. 😁
  6. I don't have to imagine it! and I'll tell ya, I'm very very glad that I was apparently born one of the stubbornest, most stealthily conniving kids on the planet. Cause otherwise I'd probably have a fair amount in common with Tim!
  7. IOW, we banged his head against a wall enough times to finally turn his brain to jelly. All glory to Jesus.
  8. Doctrine A Dumbass & Donuts. FIFY, Jer.
  9. I expect he developed that horrible tic partly as an unconscious and absolutely desperate attempt to please mommy and daddy, who are as judgy as it's possible to be! "Judgy" is apparently Jill's dominant characteristic!
  10. I wonder if it doesn't happen in some of the reality-tv families because the parents feel they ought to share the wealth (and not make the kids wait until the parents are dead...) because the kids' lives are changed by the show (maybe making the parents feel a bit guilty and beholden to the kids) and the shows (sometimes) bring the families pretty much money....The Roloffs have prospered some from their show, haven't they?
  11. Tim was frequently branded as the rebellious child for years, as I remember. I hate to think of the kind of stuff that probably happened to him over that time. And some people are just temperamentally more easily damaged by various kinds of abuse, I think. And emotional, physical, spiritual, neglectful, educational, nutritional, deprivational. medical and so on all run rampant in that family. Now shown on the internet for the world to see. He's probably one of the more significant destructions that'll emerge from the Rodrigui house of horrors, though he won't be the only one.
  12. Wow! You must have slipped off both jury lists. Because I get called and called and called since the 80s..... And what a weird day to have as the one day you were there....
  13. It's a miracle that I could....I get about one memory miracle a day. .... Other than that ..... nothing. 😁
  14. Largely thanks to the 2017 "tax reform" bill. Tax Reform Designed For Grifters and Enthusiastic Cheats (Some non-grifters and actual well-functioning businesspeople may also have benefited to some extent from the bill -- but that was entirely coincidental and never our intention!)
  15. My guess is pretty darn close to empty storefronts. .... Not only do the kids not have any real education, I see very little evidence that he makes any effort to train up, apprentice, provide beginner management-level work or otherwise assist his sons to rise to positions of greater responsibility in his alleged "family business." Looks to me as if he mostly just moves them around like checkers into places convenient for him as he plays his checker game. Treats the sons like he treats the money in the tons of llcs, in other words. The Duggar Parents are failures in every way,
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