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  1. Indeed. And, in fact, even if they educated their future stay-at-home housewives and mothers of a million in baking....Wouldn't even have to have been chemistry, more's the pity. And why the hell didn't they educate them in baking and cooking, at least? (Jessa not knowing she needed to brown hamburger before putting it into a casserole, for example....) Idiots. Also -- nine times??? And she couldn't even try following the recipe exactly even once before that? Doing that never occurred to her? She must have an IQ of about 70. ....not that that surprises me really. Of course, this is highly likely to be a piece of fiction written by PR Laura or someone similar, I suppose. Is the Great Duggar PR Blitz of 2019 working with anybody, I wonder?
  2. The dream job, perhaps..... I think it may look that way to Jer and Jingle, too, actually.
  3. Could be, certainly. I'm not sure that a lot of people who say they follow influencers just to snark don't actually secretly want to be influencers anyway, though! 2000 doesn't sound like a small sample size to me, but I didn't actually look at the study, so I'm probably misunderstanding. (Okay, I looked at the study now -- over 2000 interviews looks quite solid to me, giving about a 3 to 4 percent margin of error I think, so we'll just have to disagree about the adequacy of the sample size.) In any case, though, I still think Jer and Jingle will have a run for their money with those 3-year-olds!
  4. That's probably a Duggar rule: Always start by licking your own plate. After that, it's whoever gets their tongue down on the item first. Hey, he charges money for it. It must be Commercial!
  5. Note to Vuolos: Competition is stiff. Read this in an article this morning -- 'According to a study conducted by the market research company Morning Consult, “86 percent of people aged 13 to 38 would like to become a social media influencer."... 'My 3-year-old niece helped my wife put icing on some cupcakes, and when they finished, she showed them to me and said, “If you want to see more, subscribe to my page.” She doesn’t have a page.' 😲 But my guess is that if the 3-year-old niece gets a page, Jer won't be able to compete with her.
  6. There's a portrait somewhere in a dark attic that shows her true age and the continued warping of her nature.
  7. There were probably strong headwinds and crosswinds. It's like canoeing upstream. A small plane can be slowed down and pushed off course quite a bit flying into strong winds. Josiah's been flying for a few years. He flies a helicopter too now, apparently. I wonder how many of even Jim Bob's friends trust Duggar boys to fly them around....
  8. Am I the only person who thinks that if you feel compelled to designate a time and date and deem it "Fun Night," it almost certainly won't be any fun?
  9. Whereas if you show up at the ER bleeding profusely it's illegal for them not to let you in. (Plus, it makes for a more exciting TeeVee episode! Not only will there be film of the home birth, but there'll be film of the ensuing emergency call!) And basically we're all paying for their lack of prenatal care because most of these emergencies probably cost more than it would have cost to head them off and prevent them.... If they're insured, these higher costs are getting spread around their insurance pool, and if they're not insured, it's very likely they may end up not paying the whole bill so the costs get spread around in the form of higher bills for everybody else who uses the hospital, both the publicly and the privately insured. ..... In any one case, that may not be a lot of money added to everybody else's bills -- but what if a lot of people act like this? Shrugging off preventive medicine is risky for Jessa's family and bad for society overall. This behavior is both dangerous and wasteful. And they're very likely doing it at least in part to sustain their appearance on TeeVee. Yet I think Jessa firmly believes she's some kind of role model. Her parents certainly believe that. Nice.
  10. Maybe he really meant he'd prefer it dyed ginger. 😈 "Do you like her hair blonde or brunette?" "I love ginger! I love ginger!"
  11. As usual, it's Paul. First Corinthians 1, 14-15 .... I'm not really a Paul hater although I know I often sound like one.. Most of the things he says that are stupid are things I think primarily reflect the fashions and self-serving beliefs of the powers-that-be of his time and are a focus on the trivial that irks me. There's a lot of great stuff in those letters, too, however, I think. And while I don't believe what he believed, I admire the brains and persistence he showed in his life. But this kind of thing -- for modern people to grasp it and pretend it means something important. (And then go further to think it means something that doesn't even relate to Paul's context here, which is about covering your head while praying...) Yeesh. KJV because, ya think I'm a heathen? 14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? 15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. (Have no idea how "nature" teaches you about that long hair thing and men.....It's the male lion that has the hefty, Cade-like mane...and I don't think anybody shames lions about it...) And yet the Duggar women go along with this as a fashion commandment from on high (not about praying in a house of God!) I'll bet Gothard occasionally has a good laugh about all the curly long hair he got to see because he was able to convince a bunch of dunderheads that this was a really important thing that matters like crazy to God.
  12. Maybe she's so used to wearing bell sleeves when working with flour that these sleeves don't seem like a problem. 😁
  13. Because the uppermost thought in everyone's mind on Family Fun Night is how soon it'll be over so they can leave? (in their case, of course, to go sit around with their jaws hanging slack somewhere else, I suppose...)
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