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  1. Give him one more year of all this birthin' and he'll forget about at least a third of his progeny once removed. TLC'll have to offer him a teleprompter so he can still pretend to be Grandfather of the Year.
  2. Oh...so Jessa wasn't talking about affection in general but about PDAs? I didn't watch this so I didn't know that. In that case, yeah -- she's not even talking about affection. She's talking about faking overdone affection for advertising purposes. That's what the Duggars do. And it's what they've always done, even before they were in television, no doubt, since they were always advertising their evil cult. I mean, this was the whole idea behind last night's show, if I'm understanding correctly what they did on it. I do wonder if the producers are trolling them with a show idea like that. That's the realm of childish idiots. And the Jessa's-now-the-warm-one is a whole different issue if that's what they were talking about. Jessa's so-called "affection" would have nothing at all to do with her somehow turning into a warmer person if she meant PDA. PDA usually betokens being a showoff and not a warm person, seems to me. And Jessa's always been a showoff. Bin may just have grown past the 13-year-old stage and not be as interested in advertising, if that's what he's objecting to. Of course, I still wonder whether Bin isn't less amenable even to private affection than he once was....because, you know, bear trap.... 😁
  3. Jessa's affectionate to a degree that's "more than Bin is comfortable with..."? Hmmm. Maybe she hasn't changed a bit. Maybe Bin's the one that changed. Once he looked at Jessa and saw the hot girl on TeeVee. Now when he looks at her he sees the bear trap to which he offered up his youth before he had any idea what he was doing.....and in which he's now excruciatingly stuck for eternity. ....
  4. Neither do the nuts. 😁 That said, those kids are adorable. I wish I thought they'd go to school and college, and hang out with friends, and go to non-Duggar birthday parties, and read all kinds of books, and choose their own religions and politics, and act in community theater and play on basketball teams,.....
  5. Yes....but you can make it look difficult if you want to spend decades making your living by being on television. tm Meeechelle and Jim Bob
  6. On another note, I'm always cheered up when any little extra something happens to trip up and wall up Steven Anderson. Came across this tidbit this morning, from April: "One “church” warrants special attention. The Tempe, Arizona-based Faithful World Baptist Church (FWBC), along with its pastor, Steven Anderson, professes to be a church, yet has prayed for the death of President Obama and called for the government to “put homosexuals to death.” Anderson’s church has been labeled a hate group by the SPLC, but perhaps more importantly, he has been banned from travelling to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, and in May 2019 became the first person ever to be banned by Ireland. "Snake charmers like Anderson, under the guise of religion, manipulate susceptible individuals to embrace toxic ideologies, not unlike the leaders of neo-Nazi groups like the Attomwaffen division. Financial institutions and governments should raise the cost of doing business for hate groups like FWBC. "In April 2019, the Bank of America took an important step in shutting down all accounts associated with FWBC. This had a significant impact on Anderson’s hate church. He was quoted as saying, “we can’t even get our money out…they just froze everything.” Bank of America’s decision to sever its relationship with the FWBC was a prudent business move." https://talkingpointsmemo.com/cafe/hate-groups-funding-tax-code
  7. Well, apparently there are 1.2-million-plus women out there who live to see the "gender-reveal parties" of super-boring ignorant idiots they've never met. I'd think that anyone who's entertained by that might be equally entertained by those old "test patterns" they used to show. That'd be even cheaper for the network.
  8. Weren't they hovering down around .9 million to 1.1 million or so a couple years ago? How the hell'd they climb back up to the 1.2/1.3 million range? How the hell'd they attract more viewers? Honestly, I'm obsessed with these people, and I've never been able to stand watching their show for more than 20 minutes at a stretch -- and I've only forced myself to do that about three times, total..... What the hell are people interested in? The fucking babeez???? Lauren? Jeremy? WTF? They're excruciatingly boring to watch -- and just their stupidity alone is horrifying to see and listen to. I'm baffled that they're actually gaining viewership.
  9. I'm not sure we know that......There's always some cutoff point for any show. It comes when they just can't make the numbers add up any longer, and they'll try to do that as long as possible....But when they finally can't, the show's over. And people seldom really see it coming. Don't destroy my tiny shred of a remaining dream that the Duggars will be off the air at some point before I die of old age!
  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH On the other hand, I'm every bit as disgusted -- if not more so -- that JB and M have been back. Josh did his worst -- by far -- as a kid. But they were fully fledged adults when they covered it up, lied to the network and everybody else about their wonderful characters and their suitability as role models for America, refused to get help for Josh or their daughters or even really inquire whether any of them needed it (Spoiler: all the kids involved needed at least some help), totally ignored and thus massively disrespected the non-family-member girl who was also molested, deliberately and quickly placed Josh right back into his favored position as arrogant crown prince and heir apparent, and ordered everyone who knew something was up to pretend nothing bad ever happened and to proceed with their JB- MOTY- and eventually Josh-worship just as usual.
  11. More corner cutting? As the audience way too slowly for me dwindles, they'll just keep trimming costs in every way possible until the math no longer provides the network any return at all for keeping them on the air, I would imagine. Then TLC will have to bite the scary scary bullet and try to find a new show to replace them.....Hollywood really really really prefers the devil they know to the new devil whose audience appeal is untested and perhaps nil. (Or whose conservative Christian stars turn out to be some kind of felons, in TLC's case....)
  12. Hard to tell, since the pictures appear to be completely out of focus.* *May be symbolic of Nathan's being unable to see what he's actually getting into(???)
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