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  1. I don't know but it didn't stop him from snagging Miss Universe....😁
  2. Well, whoever wrote his platform is aware......But whoever wrote his platform is aware of every issue a conservative candidate could possibly be aware of. And wrote some super-generic boilerplate into Jed!'s platform about every single one of them, including that one... But there are two results of that.... The first is that Jed!"s platform doesn't sound like a person wrote it -- no sense in there at all about what the candidate is especially interested in or whether he has any personal connections to any of the issues or ideas about dealing with them or whatever....I mean, that makes sense since in fact Jed! has none of those things. However, the result is that the thing sounds like AI wrote it, although I'm sure it was one of JB's political acquaintances...No life to it at all... And the second is that it's absolutely clear that no Duggar of any kind wrote it. Since no Duggar knows jack. About anything. Let alone the long list of issues that are mentioned....Of course voters who don't know the Duggars as well as we do might not get that point.... Some will notice the first thing, though, most likely.
  3. Well, I'm just not willing to say "everyone" when I don't know anything about all those people! And from my observations, any institution of much size usually includes at least a few people who are operating in good faith, so I figure this one must include a few as well. For example, I've read enough about what goes on at the seminary (and I've read a lot...from students, alumni, faculty, ex-faculty) to believe that Jer is very much an outlier when it comes to gallivanting around, being a clothes horse, not seeming to have any work to do. By and large, it seems that most of the seminarians there work pretty hard..... So I wouldn't tar them with Jer's brush I'm sure a lot of them are "complementarians," which I believe is misogynist. But I've also read enough about seminarians who've expressed good-faith disagreements with TPTB there and suffered consequences to know that just having enrolled in that seminary doesn't mean that you actually buy into everything MacArthur and his best pals preach. The misogyny and the racism and such aren't actually on the curriculum. And some people apparently come for the non-hateful Calvinism and get some shocks as other things unfold... I certainly don't disagree with you about there being a ton of misogyny and a ton of hypocritical cronyism and so on among this group. I'm the one who's brought most of that information here!
  4. Well, I guess a lot of people did go ballistic to WASC. That's why MacArthur's schools are in their pretty unprecedented second successive year of probation from the accreditation board. Supposedly March of this year is the deadline for something to happen, one way or another. So we may find out then whether all the complaints got the full attention of the WASC people or whether enough other heads-of-colleges figure religion-allows-you-to-do-exactly-what-you-want is the way to go and will let him off the hook. I'd love to see him lose his accreditation for imposing standards on everybody but his buddies, while still taking federal financial aid and letting incoming students and faculty think he runs things fairly. But, as you say, at the same time the consequences of it, including to people who tried to be whistleblowers, are sad to contemplate.
  5. Yeah, I agree. I just didn't know how far the "they" extended. .... It sounded to me as if you may have meant it to include everybody in MacArthur's orbit, and while I know he's got a ton of misogynists in his orbit, I'd hesitate to say that it's everybody at his seminary, for example, or everybody who attends the Atlanta conference. I expect some people in those aren't necessarily hypocritical or misogynist but just don't notice how much of that stuff goes on because they're focusing on some innocuous part of the message.
  6. Google also says this, though, which is what I think is odd about the choice of location: "Second most-Baptist state is Arkansas, where 56 percent of all Protestants are Baptist." https://www.al.com/news/2017/09/3_states_more_baptist_than_ala.html And that's 56 percent of one of the largest percentages of Protestants in any state. Arkansas is the third most Protestant state in the union, with 76 percent of its population Protestant. https://news.gallup.com/poll/167120/mississippi-alabama-protestant-states.aspx ....so according to my math, anyway, 43 percent of Arkansas is already Baptist! If you're going on a "mission," it's presumably to convert more people into Baptists. Why then would you choose a state with an extremely high percentage of Baptists already to do that in? Seems to me that about 48 other states would be more likely venues if you're actually looking to add to the total of Baptists, which is what Baptist missionaries generally aim to do... So I still think it's quite possible and maybe even likely that somebody looked at old home-churchin' famous TeeVee guy Jim Bob out there,....A guy with fame and a following. Strong conservative views. Political experience but a losing record.....And looked at Handsome-Paulie-Caldwell-who-has-political-ambitions and thought.... Hmm... If we hook them up, maybe we could have the beginning of something big. Caldwell, his church and a Baptist missions group could all have seen it that way, once one of them thought of it. I don't believe there are a lot of coincidences when it comes to people with ambitions and goals trying to hook up with people who might be willing to leverage their fame to help those ambitions and goals! So I continue to wonder whether this is any more coincidental than it was when the very religio-ambitious Jer, Bin and Der came a'courtin. 😁
  7. Well, I don't think we should conclude that everybody secretly operates that way.....But the person on whom Jer's future apparently depends at the moment, MacArthur? Apparently so. Or at least there's been a whole lot of grousing to that effect. 😁
  8. True. But there are a lot of places cheaper than Northern Virginia. So I still think it's at the very least interesting that they basically moved right on top of the Duggars! Just the way I think it's interesting that Der, Bin and Jer -- and not three non-religio-ambitious guys from outside the Gothard cult -- came hot and heavy after those first three Duggarling women to marry!
  9. I guess if you get the diploma/certificates that just say "doctorate" and don't add the "honorary," nobody's going to know it isn't real. I assume that's what the intention is here!
  10. With regard to complementarianism as embraced by Piper, MacArthur, the Kingdom of Duggar, Chuck Vuolo, probably Jer....etc etc .... Here's a Twitter thread I found a while ago from an evangelical (Sojourners variety) and woman of color making a strong argument that the complementarians' claim to biblical authority is horse hockey and that they're just decreeing that the way they want things to be, as a bunch of white guys, is the way God wants it to be, so there....I find it pleasing. Also interesting to me that the Seewalds are at least supporting their daughter in having a different view of things now, too, since Vision Forum had a complementarian aura as well....
  11. Well, those who complain of MacArthur always tend to mention these things -- 'John MacArthur is probably the best known Bible teacher in the world today but there is a fundamental lack of integrity in his life. That is apparent in his nepotism, cronyism, treatment of “whistleblowers”'...... Grades, financial aid and degrees awarded for...reasons of friendship, and stuff, and without consultation with faculty and so on.... So I suppose nobody's surprised when cronyism strikes again (or at least the suspicion of it strikes -- always possible there's some innocent explanation...) ...Whether Jer's the beneficiary, or others.... The business below about grades and degrees and money all being handed out just cuz, when everybody else feels they have to earn them, seems as if it might be relevant here. Given what at least looks like a very casual and unusual approach by Jeremy to his first year in what others seem to feel is a fairly demanding and expensive grad-school experience. http://thewartburgwatch.com/2018/08/17/john-macarthurs-the-masters-university-has-been-put-on-probation-by-the-western-association-of-schools-and-colleges/ https://www.gatekeepersonline.com/post/is-john-macarthur-above-reproach (Students who are children of donors seem to get better institutional aid:) The AVT noted with concern the auditor findings that “multiple students who are family members of donors or related parties at TMUS received institutional aid … [which] appeared to be above what is typically offered to all students and is an inconsistency in awarding … according to the currently policy.” This is troubling, both for students without such connections, but also as a matter of integrity with donor, tax-exempt donations, and financial aid practices. The lack of timely responsiveness to auditor reports is concerning . (Grades overridden and PhDs awarded outside of usual practices:) As noted previously, grading and degree integrity emerged as an area of concern relative to incidents of a grade change in the seminary, outside usual and customary practices. The report was that a faculty member gave a student a failing grade. When the student appealed the grade, the TMS leadership had the assignment regraded by someone other than the professor of record; this second individual issued a passing grade that was recorded in lieu of the faculty member’s assigned grade. Multiple reports were received — through the confidential email file and in conversations with TMS staff and leadership — of doctorates being awarded outside defined program and degree requirements. Faculty processes and voices appear to have been silenced and/or overridden by competing concerns from other sectors of leadership. These are alarming reports as they speak to the meaning, quality, and integrity of a degree from TMS, the integrity of the institution and its leaders, and the fidelity to approved standards
  12. I'm pretty sure the alcohol question gets mixed answers from this group. Most view themselves and comport themselves as part of mainstream culture, not in the Gothard way. And that usually means that you'll have people strongly disapproving of drinking and others saying it's okay. For example, the Missional clothes company that sells the Spurgeon shirt and so on also sells a major selection of beer glasses, bottle openers and flasks with theologians' faces and various Calvinist sayings all over them. (which...well, I have nothing against responsible drinking, but I do find carrying a flask around in modern society a little ... odd.....It was one thing back before there were cars and you were gonna walk 10 miles to the next village on a cold night or something but now.... It seems, um, kind of ostentatious and frat boy to me....LIke something Roger Stone would do.....But I gather there is a frat-boy-ish contingent of Reformed men these days....) https://www.missionalwear.com/products/flasks https://www.missionalwear.com/products/pint-glasses https://www.missionalwear.com/products/bottle-openers
  13. Well, the boys may have "tipped" your delivery truck over for laughs once or twice.... ....and maybe stuck a million-dollar tract under your windshield wiper a time or two... but "tips" as in "money"? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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