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  1. Okay, so I knew Jess was going to slither back eventually. He’s every bit as loathsome as ever. I will begrudgingly admit he was handsome...but either he hasn’t aged well or the all-encompassing beanie-instead-of-eyebrows look REALLY doesn’t work for him. Like it wouldn’t be cheaper to buy another beater in California than to fly to the east coast to retrieve that piece of crap? Especially since supposedly Liz just found out about the car from Luke that morning so I can only assume Leather Punkadaro went immediately to the airport in California and flew east...because those last-minute fares are so reasonable. The logical holes in this show are just enormous sometimes.
  2. Now there’s a picture that might draw in a few sinners to his sad lecture. SEVERELY lonely sinners, but hey...
  3. Sad drooling stoned dog is home, although I’m not sure he’s awake enough to know. Poor baby...his back looks like flying over Nebraska after the corn harvest...SEVERE owner guilt right now.
  4. It’s almost exactly 10 minutes in if you include the recap.
  5. Thanks, IWC...you’re sweet to ask. It’s relatively minor...he’s having some lumps removed and you’d think, since I was once a vet tech, that I would be calm about this. Oh No. I’ve been awake since 2 a.m. fretting. He’s an utter spoiled goober, has me completely wrapped around his paw, and did I mention I AM FRETTING.
  6. Can you call the place where you had the scan done and ask them if it’s been read and sent to your doctor? Or do I have this backwards... I am now a devotee of the Relentless Polite Phone Call/Email/Everything School of dealing with any monolithic and overly powerful organization. I called the vet’s office four times yesterday. I finally got answers and my boy is there having surgery as we speak 😱😬😱 My brother-in-law also relies on the polite but firm, “please transfer me to your manager” method. Sadly, I suspect that works better for men. Just keep calling. If they say they don’t know, ask who you can call to find out. Boneheads.
  7. Aw, Ginger90, that’s got to be a stew of difficult emotions. I’m so sorry.
  8. Wow, really? Who knew? Of all the things I associate with Hollywood, seminaries would be pretty much dead last. Next I’ll find out the second major seminary cluster is in Reno.
  9. Well, Timmy, you can sleep in the car tonight, but as you SEVERELY neglected to mention your Sainted Mother, you still can’t sleep in the Barndo until you’ve learned your lesson.
  10. So I’m thumping along on the treadmill watching Season 4 and all of a sudden there’s Rami Malek in Lane’s church group. Now that was some major cognitive dissonance...I almost fell off trying to rewind.
  11. Ha. “Having a Shirley.” I love that! If you need me, have your mom conference me in on the call. I can shriek backup.
  12. Oh, man. I feel for you both. A few years ago I injured my tailbone and couldn’t sit down or lie down without pain meds , which I hate, for eight months. I waited four months to hear back about an MRI appointment...finally found out it had never been requested. I did not take it well. Annnd I have been waiting all day for a call back from my vet’s office to find out whether my retriever is actually having surgery tomorrow, which is what I thought, or if I am getting him there at 7 freaking a.m. for what will turn out just to be pre-surgery bloodwork and vet exam. And do I feed him breakfast or not? Water or not? And why did the text and email reminders say “medical” appointment, not surgical? THIS IS MY SPOILED ROTTEN STINKER ADORED NERVOUS BABY BOY AND GENERAL ANESTHESIA AND THEY ARE TAKING THIS WAAAAAY TOO CASUALLY!!!!! So move over on the WTF Sofa, Medical Edition, and at least we can sit together and eat cake.
  13. I just assumed the thing in his right hand was a cheeseburger. Turns out to be a Bible. Did NOT see that coming...
  14. Sounds like maybe someone is covering for a “premature” 9 pound baby born 6 months post-wedding?
  15. What’s he yammering on about now? I can’t even tell. I assume it’s food. It’s telling that he’s a hundred times more excited about food or a new”lewk” than he ever seems to be about anything he’s learned in Jesus Shouter School for Boys.
  16. Okay, has anyone other than my obsessive self noticed how utterly filthy the inside of the door to Luke’s Diner is? Every time someone leaves all I can see are the gazillion greasy dark fingerprints along the doorframe above and below the door knob. And Luke is my favorite character. Seriously? No one...not Luke, Jess, Rachel, Lorelai, Cesar, Nicole, Lane....hell, even Emily ate there...noticed???? (Yes, I know they’re fictional. Also actors. But not a single member of the crew staring at that set a thousand times thought to break out the 409 and a scrub sponge?) Shudder.
  17. The fact is that none of us know them IRL. All we know is what they put out there. I think Jill has been given a lot of credit for breaking away, to the extent they have. I wonder more about Derrick’s sincerity, frankly. But he may have changed more than is apparent. But their marriage and sex advice have invited a shit ton of snark. I don’t care who wrote the “scented lotion” marriage manual, they’re gonna get snarked.
  18. Dunno, Jill, that’s a pretty wide part/bald spot on the top there. Maybe she spilled some Plexus up there?
  19. It rained here on Friday evening, finally, for the first time in weeks, maybe months. And it didn’t kid around...it poured for two hours and has rained a little on and off ever since. The smoke is mostly gone from the air, you can feel the relief of all the trees and wildlife, and I can stop lying awake at night with my escape kit next to the bed and trying to figure out if the smoke smell has gotten stronger and looking out of all the windows.
  20. Well, that’s a relief because my reaction was “that kid looks creepy” and then I felt like an asshole for thinking that about a child.
  21. I think it depends. If it’s obviously a cyst and not causing any trouble, they might just wait and see. I have a couple of ovarian cysts that so far are behaving themselves. (Once again, apologies for the TMI.) I had two large breast cysts removed surgically, outpatient. My abdominal and uterine aliens were surgery, but endoscopic, so pretty fast recovery time. But it’s been six years since my last experience and techniques and procedures are improving all the time. I know it’s hard not to, but please try not to assume the worst. Distraction is your friend. Also ice cream. And naps. Hang in there, okay?
  22. Good night and sweet dreams, RBG. You were one fabulous brilliant broad and I will always count you in my collection of heroes. I don’t believe in heaven, but if there’s such a thing as a waiting room, I hope you and my mom get to talk. She was a prosecuting attorney and I just know you would hit it off. For fuck’s sake 2020...give it a rest already.
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