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  1. I'm enjoying most of the dancing, but won't miss Chrishell, Nelly, and Skai, in that order. Some of the others (AJ, Justine) aren't necessarily better dancers, but they bring the personality and drive, as does Jeannie. I'm really enjoying Derek's judging. Far superior to anyone else who's judged the show. I like his combination of praise plus specific advice. I don't know why I can't stand Gleb. He's a gorgeous guy, but I guess it's his affected, way of dancing and the overly "sexy" stuff, too aware of himself? I'm always interested that others here seem to feel the same. I can't r
  2. I'm going to predict that Hannah, in winning, will whine about how mean the DWTS fans are to her, how the judges were so mean to her, how hard the whole experience was for her (unlike anyone else) because people didn't realize how sensitive and how wonderful she was and criticized her when she should have been praised! It's how she was all season, but now--with the "burden" of winning--I'm guessing she'll actually be worse. She's a good dancer, but I was rooting for Kel.
  3. Len's little chacha with James didn't look very good. Not sure why he bothered. I'm sorry for James and his family but I doubt he asked to go. If so, he should have just said so--and I think he would have--rather than staging a vote off that would have negative repercussions for others. He doesn't seem like the type to do that. Also, Tom's reaction about his low scores seemed that they were unexpected. I think Ally's really good, too, and deserves to be there, even to win. Hannah's a good dancer, but she's so annoying. Her emotions every week about being criticized seem excessi
  4. Karamo was the worst dancer after Sean, but at least he continues to improve and can manage most of the steps and rhythm so that its not painful to watch. Sean's like a "5" to Karamo's "7" with everyone else an 8, 9 or 10. There will hopefully come a time when Sean--whoclearly realizes he's the worst--will hopefully start being embarrassed to be eliminating others based on Trump supporters' voting. If it goes on another week (and someone so much better would be eliminated, probably Kel or Kate), then I'd be in favor of Sean winning the whole thing--and ratings declining accordingly
  5. Maelyn has something that's become a rarity on singing competitions--lovely tone and pitch and, best of all, vocal restraint, as she showed on "Hallelujah" despite the temptations many others have given into with it. She hits the notes cleanly and doesn't oversing. I really hope she wins. I enjoyed "Unforgettable" as well. It was nice to see a live duet of it (as opposed to Natalie Cole singing to a recording of her father--Maelyn and John basically used the same arrangement). She did well and John, like Blake, seems a generous singing partner. Dexter and Andrew were fine. Gyth was off a
  6. I am actively rooting against Gyth as, imo, there's no reason to choose God Bless the USA--with its massive red-state/Trump supporter branding--unless you're making a play for those voters (plus, of course, God and patriotism). I get that vibe from him -- as if "white country guy" dominance wasn't already being rubbed in our faces enough this season. I did enjoy Kelly saying it wasn't such a good performance because of his inability to sustain the notes, and John humorously, ironically, noting that they were saluting British music with the Beatles and Gyth dug in with the most "We're Ame
  7. Even before last season's fiasco, I'd never have chosen Adam. I don't understand why so many still haven't caught on to his insincerity. (I enjoyed John's comment last week: "Adam's pitches are all about love--he really loves himself a lot". Ha. Truth in jest.) I'm tired of seeing people I like fall for his lines "You're great!" "I can take you to the end!" "I love what you do,, but I can help with the (fill in problem). Just being honest with you."). Then he dumps them without looking back. Or undermines them (esp. if black man) with some old old oldie, maybe Michael or Stevie or …. Zzzz. Or
  8. I don't get it either. What I'd want to know is the old "everything but" question. I mean, does he do anything else to get close to a woman he's seeing? He's good looking, seems nice, but oh-so boring. If, in addition to that, he didn't enjoy physical closeness, wasn't affectionate, didn't "feel it"...what would be the point? I mean, why isn't he already in the friend zone for all of them? That said, I didn't see him on the earlier one, so maybe there's more to it. But when he said it wasn't about religion, I kind of thought "to each his own, but why are you bothering, ladies?" I guess there'
  9. I agree with almost all of your post--except this part. Well, I agree that Blake is brilliant at branding his people and that all the kissing made Chris seem kind of cuter and more lovable. He looked fun to cuddle, like a big blond teddy bear. And he's such a shy guy that Blake gave him more emotional connection with the audience. But.... but.... as cute as it seems, I think we've gotten beyond that kind of unwanted action being okay. Chris seemed good-natured but also a little uncomfortable with all the kissing and he didn't seem to initiate or reciprocate it. It's kind of the embodiment
  10. One of my favorite things about the Blinds is when an older singer gets through (even someone over 401) I've always liked how, until recently, this -wasn't- AI, and gave a real chance to "adults" at a new career. So seeing younger teens competing and winning is kind of sad to me, even though I understand it as trying to help the show's popularity with a wider, demographic. Still, it's unfortunate. On the other hand, I can't honestly say that I feel Chevel (or Kennedy, if she'd won) would have been undeserving, or have mainly gotten through by looks/age. They had plenty of talent to be t
  11. I enjoyed it. Then again, I usually enjoy Blake's singing (on other people's songs. And in duets, where he's very generous.) I thought Kirk held his own on their duet, although was Blake making it about two guys and Kirk wasn't? I may have been confused. I wouldn't object to that approach on a country song (might be refreshing) as long as it wasn't done for a joke. Re: the duet with Chris. I thought Blake was trying to show him how to bring the energy and some machismo to a performance. If so, Chris didn't get it. Blake revved up the vitality and performance and every time it went back to
  12. I enjoyed "Blue" and you have some good suggestions for songs. (Danielle B. did well with "Heads Carolina..." so that's probably off the table). I'd like to see Chevel do something upbeat and written within the last fifteen years or so. I love Dolly, Patsy Cline, etc. but if they're really trying to get a teen to win it, let's not have her singing grandma's (even great-grandma's) generation of songs for the finale (and I say this as someone more or less "of" that generation). Let them do something that doesn't feel overly familiar to one generation and of little interest to another. It's the
  13. I watched by accident, but was very impressed. Enough to look up her AGT performance on YouTube. It was hard to believe she was actually singing like that as a ventriloquist--I thought she was amazing. Plus, the way she worked with her puppets, created the characters so well, and interacted perfectly as a likeable "straight man". Plus she's pretty, a natural host with great comedic timing. Seems very sweet--and she's still a kid! I thought it was a great showcase for her--heavy on the music and just the right amount of guests and comedy. I really hope she's saved the seedy Casino route--she sh
  14. Yep, although I won't specify what "creepy Adam" means or doesn't mean. I only observed, don't understand, it. It just...was a very weird, unusual vibe from him after all these seasons, underscored by how he loves to talk about her personal qualities--and maturity and sophistication supposedly beyond her years (I, too, don't see it)--rather than her singing. Where his focus really should be, particularly when she's already been eliminated and he's not making a sales pitch for votes anymore. I also thought Reagan now lacks the bubbliness she started with and I hope she'll get it back now tha
  15. Yes, you and Dots and Stripes are right. I don't know what I was thinking--makes sense! Adam has a really weird, intense look toward Reagan and is so over the top in his praise. She's a kid -- she's fine, but the "poise and elegance and grace" or whatever he was saying. Still not a whole lot about her...singing. Maybe she reminds him of someone else or he's overcompensating for his blunder last week, but it's weird. Seriously, I don't know why anyone would choose him as a coach if you had another choice.
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