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  1. I wonder if this is really an UO. I recently re-watched some of Barney Miller, and thought that Fish’s character relied too much on bathroom jokes and “take my wife please” jokes. I believe Bernice should have remained unseen, like Maris on Frasier or Vera on Cheers, because once she appeared, she was such a sweetheart that Fish’s remarks about her just seemed mean.
  2. It's been said that a schlemiel is someone who spills soup and a schlimazel is whoever they spill it on. Yiddish words are such fun to say. Here's a nice list. I also was surprised that "shrinking violet" was a TS. It turns up in the great Tom Lehrer's spoof of war songs, So Long, Mom. "Little Johnny Jones was a US Pilot/And no shrinking vi'let/ was he,,," No idea on FJ. The only British comedy I could think of with an object in the title was The Wrong Box, and I knew that was pre-1975. I've put off watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail because I fear the line-quoters have long since ruined the best bits. (Not trying to be like Friday's contestant Gabriel by humblebragging about it.)
  3. I thought of someone else: Zeena in Ethan Frome. It's easy to think of her as a villain--an unpleasant hypochondriac who has more affection for her cat and her pickle dish than for her husband. But she strikes me as a sufferer of depression, worn down by years of poverty and isolation. I've fantasized a happy ending for Ethan and Zeena: They sell off Ethan's miserable farm and move to a city, where Zeena finds a job as a caretaker-companion to a rich childless woman. Ethan then completes the education interrupted by his mother's illness, and becomes an engineer. When the old woman dies she leaves her money to Zeena, who then goes to nursing school.
  4. John C. Fremont. Yeah, I was put off by his making a point of not having seen any of the Star Wars movies or drinking coffee. Not sure why...I don't think everyone absolutely must see Star Wars or drink coffee, but being so proud of not doing something popular always seems snobby to me. "Never have I ever" played "Never have I ever...". Do you win for having done the most things or not having done the most?
  5. Are you referencing a classic Family Feud bad answer: Steve Harvey: Fill in the blank: Pork... Contestant: -upine. Barney Miller was one of my favorite shows back in the day. Too bad it was "before [the contestants'] time." I find myself thinking of lines from it often. One that I continually recall nowadays is "At least we don't have locusts", said by Nick Yemana. I also knew George M. Cohan thanks to Yankee Doodle Dandy, the classic James Cagney movie. I heard about "blue zones" thanks to this place. I wasn't aware of Pancreatic Cancer Day, but now I am.
  6. 🎶🎵 You know nothing of JAVERT!🎶🎵 Forget Russell Crowe; search for Philip Quast on You Tube. That was a Javert with pipes! I knew curiouser and curioser, Fidelio (Beethoven's only opera) and bluebell. I'm afraid Alex jinxed Holly by mentioning the third podium at the beginning and then bringing it up again during the interview.
  7. I was sure the answer was going to be a Founding Father, but I guessed Jefferson, totally forgetting about the kite story. I thought John would last longer; he was so impressive the first day I didn't think he would be a one-and-done. But Andy seems OK. Ooh, yeah. I wonder if he knew at the last taping that he wouldn't be returning, and if he recorded his farewell sign off.
  8. I found his comments on using music from The Planets really interesting, since the film did end up using quite a bit of the Holst work. It starts out with "Mars, Bringer of War" as Glenn lifts off and then transitions into "Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity" and "Neptune, the Mystic." Commenters on the YouTube clip say some of the other music is from Henry Mancini's score for The White Dawn. Can anyone confirm?
  9. The date could not be more fitting😢. It's like a last Christmas gift.
  10. I was on the show in 2010 and had a very pleasant chat with him during the interview portion. We talked about my summer course in Latin taught by the Pope's speechwriter. I will forever treasure the photo with him:
  11. I thought the same thing. One of the most famous teacher/student relationships of all time! It's also funny that there was a teacher named Regan Read the night "Nominative Determinism" was a category!
  12. I had no idea OitNB had a cookbook! I went right to Amazon and ordered one when I read your post. Does it include Prison Loaf or instant meals doctored with packets of ramen noodle flavoring? I take it the "special sandwich" Red served to Piper after Piper insulted her cooking isn't included. I never collected TV merch as a kid, but as an adult I have obtained a T shirt saying "Do not call me at 7:00" from thejeopardyfan.com. I also have a pen from my Jeopardy! audition. I have a Mad Men cookbook and a CD purporting to be the music used on the show, but which is actually a random collection of 60's songs. Boo! Plus, the complete critical companion to Mad Men and to Breaking Bad. I bought an I Love Lucy jacket at the Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz Museum in Jamestown, NY.
  13. Now I have the Diet Rite jingle in my head:
  14. Tab soda is being discontinued. I know lots of people dislike it, but I enjoyed many a bottle as a fat kid in the 60's and 70's. I never did grow as fond of Diet Coke, which displaced it.
  15. I guess the logic was that he did say "wife", which was the relevant part; and Groundskeeper is Willie's title and not part of his name. If someone had said "Drive My Car" instead of "Baby You Can Drive My Car," would they have gotten credit? I could have sworn that the song was listed on the album simply as "Drive My Car."
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