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  1. If there were a Mad magazine parody of J!, that would be his name. The magazine was perfectly geared to a 14 year old's sense of humor (though I kept reading and enjoying it until the 2000's, when I was waaaay over 14).
  2. Last week I watched King of the Hill, a Soderbergh movie from 1993 (not to be confused with the Mike Judge cartoon). It's about a boy, Aaron, fending for himself living in a rundown hotel in 1930's St. Louis. His father is a traveling salesman and his mother is in a tuberculosis sanitarium. His streetwise pal is played by Adrien Brody, and Lauryn Hill has a small part as a gum-popping elevator operator. Aaron is well played by Jesse Bradford, whom I'd never seen in anything else. This week I saw Bound by Flesh, a documentary about the conjoined twin sisters Daisy and Violet Hilton. They w
  3. We seem to be pretty evenly split here between Matt lovers and haters. I love winning streaks too, but I'm not crazy about all the runaway games. Last night I almost turned it off partway through DJ when the outcome became obvious. I think Matt corrected himself right away and Odessa didn't. Can someone reconfirm with playback? Mike Richards has his share of sins, but I didn't note favoritism as one of them.
  4. Only if there's a possibility of his being confused with this guy. I was briefly obsessed with heavyweight boxing in the 70s and so knew Leon Spinks and Joe Frazier. I also knew poke, January, and Alfred, but blanked on FJ. Wow, that game was actually in doubt until almost the end!
  5. Not exactly the same thing, but there is a rare Ken Jennings bobblehead.
  6. Burgess was the other possibility I thought of, even though I did know Tolkien (not "Tolkein"). He did create his own slang in A Clockwork Orange, which was essentially Anglicized Russian words. (The Russian word for "good," khoroshiy, was "horrorshow.") Carroll wasn't a bad guess either; he made up words in "Jabberwocky", a few of which, like "galumph", later became "real" words. I'm definitely tired of all the Matt runaways; I got excited when Maureen built up a good score early on, but she fizzled out in DJ.
  7. Daniel emphasized over and over that he only did the translation out of duty to his parents, so I'm not particularly surprised that he didn't retain a lot of the contents. Apologies to the Matt lovers, but I enjoyed those few moments when it looked as though he would prevent another Matt runaway. Yes, articles are not required, but I did wonder whether that applied only to the beginnings of titles, like "Christmas Carol" instead of "A Christmas Carol." I guess "Billy Kid" had to be acceptable if you're going to apply the rule consistently. I don't mind Matt winning, but I ha
  8. I'm a big fan of good sportsmanship, but maybe they just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm at seeing their chances of victory fly further out of reach. (Matt could have been wrong on the DD's, of course, but he usually isn't.)
  9. I was too young to watch it when it was new, but I've discovered a show from 1963-64 called Arrest and Trial. It was an early Law and Order, with the first half devoted to the police investigation and the second half to the trial. I've only seen a couple of episodes, but one guest starring Mickey Rooney as a heroin addict was ahead of its time in its plea for a re-examination of laws criminalizing addicts.
  10. "In just about everything" is right. The first time I saw him was in an obscure mid-60's series called Hey, Landlord. Even then, he played a cranky old man. And it was always great to see a Greek on screen.
  11. Let's not forget the theory that she is still living on the street and on drugs, watching these attractive young people in the coffee shop and imagining herself as one of them.😭
  12. For your reading pleasure. I read a story in Playbill once about an actress who forgot her mic was on when she exited to the rest room, and also got into an argument with another performer that showed she wasn't the sweet innocent she was portraying in the play. The story didn't say who it was though. I would think it was a credit to her acting if she could make people believe that her character never said Such Things (or went to the bathroom).
  13. Did she? I don't recall her ever being shown driving.
  14. For those still reluctant to go to the theaters, here's a funny fake ad. The series is called "It's a Southern Thing," but most of the time you don't have to be Southern to relate.
  15. I'm a city girl, but there was a time in the 70's when I listened to a lot of country music. I liked Tom T. Hall's "I Love," "Watermelon Wine," "I Like Beer," "Sneaky Snake," "I Care," "The Year Clayton Delaney Died," and "The Son of Clayton Delaney." The only one I didn't care for was "Faster Horses." And I enjoyed Jeane Robertson's story of her husband's trip to the grocery store, and her "Vanilla Milkshake" tale ranks up there with the famous "Wheat Toast" scene from Five Easy Pieces.
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