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  1. Apropos of nothing exactly, I was thinking (dangerous!) and I feel a little bad for Matt Amodio, or at least as bad as I possibly can for someone who just won $1.5M. Other "superchamps" got a little more time to themselves in the limelight, but he was supplanted in the general public consciousness by Amy barely a month later. I wonder if he feels he lost a bit of an opportunity to do the rounds, try to pursue other projects, etc. I feel sorry that Matt's run as champ was overshadowed a bit by the Mike Richards drama and the revolving door of hosts. But otherwise, I'
  2. I managed to avoid it in school and I've never had the guts to tackle it, but she's made me think about giving it a go. To each their own. Last night I knew brain stem and FJ. Reading Le Malade Imaginaire in high school was one of the high points of French class. Part of me wants Amy's streak to continue and surpass Ken's, but I'm finding the huge runaway games getting tedious. Nobody should be able to lose 20,000 points and still win!
  3. If Ally hadn't missed the trilobite DD, she would have had a shot at dethroning Amy. I'm getting the same runaway game fatigue I felt with Matt.
  4. I didn't either. I guessed Dolly. I did know PT-109 and guessed Anne Rice. I thought there would have been some acknowledgement of Rice's recent death edited in.
  5. Maybe it's because I watched on a horrible You Tube recording which had an echo problem, but this seemed like a rather rough game for everyone, including Amy. I was surprised no one knew FJ and none of the guesses were very good. I got insanity defense, Bruce Springsteen, Copenhagen, caesura, and FJ.
  6. It was something like "strut on the runway, won't get out of bed for less than $10,000." (Now if the clue had said "Won't get into bed...")
  7. I've always heard it called a "pinky swear" and not a "pinky promise," so I think the answer is yes. As for "spiritual," I wonder if the contestants were unsure of what to call them? Way back when, they were listed in hymnals as "Negro spirituals," and now they are called "African-American spirituals."
  8. Do they still play the original version? Some have objected to it because it uses the word "faggot." There's a revised version that replaces it with "haggard."
  9. Yeah, that was strange. I never heard of the "Monday curse." Ken doesn't lay it on as thick as Alex did. I guess the temptation to read a quote by a Southerner in a Southern accent is pretty hard to resist. The Tony. I knew planter's punch and tacit. FJ was easy, though I wasn't expecting the question to be about a statuette.
  10. Weirdly, I thought Kidman was most convincing as Lucy in the black and white re-creations of the show. At least that's when the physical resemblance to Ball was strongest. I agree that Bardem looked too old and craggy, but he was fairly convincing when there weren't close-ups of him. His performance of "Babalu" was his best scene, I thought. I wished they had given JK Simmons some cheek padding to make him look more like Frawley. Of the four, Nina Arianda looked the most like her real life counterpart. My problem was that I was much more interested in the other behind-the-scenes subplots
  11. I never thought of "schoolboy" as a Britishism. I thought the question was worded oddly, as if it were asking about a pair who performed as a duo--which was why minds went to Simon and Garfunkel.
  12. I ‘m curious—how bad could chicken with garlic sauce be? Of course any recipe can be badly executed, but was this just a bad recipe?
  13. A lot of TS's! I knew Chicago, T. Roosevelt, Mark Ruffalo, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, the solar wind DD, Kathy Hochul, Joyce Carol Oates, South Africa, and Sinclair Lewis. And then I said Titanic for FJ and thought, "This is too easy!" 🤤 Could Authors be Amy''s Achilles' Heel?
  14. I knew FJ was referring to Italy, so I said the Tiber although I was not confident about it. I didn't get any TS's (there weren't many) besides David Copperfield. It was supposedly Dickens' most autobiographical novel, so it stands to reason it was his favorite.
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