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  1. Nothing against the song as a song; it's beautiful. It just felt like the wrong choice for a memorial montage.
  2. OK, one to go. Will it be 1917 or will Parasite pull an upset? Please, Jane, not a long speech about how movies save the world.
  3. Oh god, another rambling speech. Like Joaquin's without the entertaining touch of madness.
  4. I had forgotten--or didn't realize--some of these folks had died. Catherine Burns, for example--she had one excellent film, Last Summer, and then not much. I still remember her climactic monologue about the senseless death of her mother.
  5. Ugh, I am already tired of Diane Keaton's blithery delivery. Whose idea was it to have her give out writing awards?
  6. For your entertainment: a song I heard Orson Bean perform on a talk or a variety show years ago. It has a couple of ethnic stereotypes so probably wouldn't fly today:
  7. It's been years since I read it, so you may be right, but I don't recall her or anyone else ever mentioning a dead husband.
  8. I said Henry James too. I thought the description in the clue fit the Turn of the Screw governess better than Jane Eyre. Much of the book is devoted to Jane's romance and eventual marriage, so I didn't associate her with "spinster". And yet Charlotte Bronte was making the point that a Victorian heroine does not have to be beautiful to make for interesting reading, so I guess someone decided "plainness = spinsterhood."
  9. Not a great game tonight; lots of TS's. I got sacraments, Chichen Itza, interplanetary, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Guiteau, Priam, and Cyclops. Have other people found the regular games a letdown after the GOAT tournament? I keep thinking how Ken, James, and Brad would have crushed these questions. I missed FJ; did not know Camembert was a town and a type of brie cheese. All I could think of was ChateauBRIEand. I will give Audrey the benefit of the doubt that her "Can I change my wager?" request on the DD was tongue in cheek. I lost sympathy for her when she couldn't think of one Native American tribe as a guess, though. That said, I like Michelle and hope she can continue to win.
  10. Chiming in late to say how much I enjoyed this. I was glad to see Ken take it all. I don't have any special fondness for him, but I was put off by all the "of course James will win" pre-game hype. I began to dislike James after the "Brad's score is still there" crack and the GHOST answer on FJ. I was disappointed that Brad never made his comeback or even came close. When New York Magazine published this speculative piece, I thought "Do they know something we don't?" Yay for me, I knew Lawrence Welk! I used to watch his show with my grandparents on Saturday night. Disagree with whoever called watching the show child abuse--sure, it was a Conservative Old People's show, but Welk assembled some of the best musicians ever on TV. On last night's FJ I thought of Falstaff first, then remembered the Henry IV plays are histories and not tragedies and The Merry Wives of Windsor is a comedy. I guessed Iago at the last minute. I didn't think of Brutus at all, or I would have gone with him.
  11. I suspect it was the "Secretary of State" part of the clue that stumped them. People tend to know Bryan as someone who ran for president a lot and lost, and was also on the "wrong" side of the Scopes Trial. I had forgotten there was no GOAT game tonight. The 3 contestants tonight weren't bad, but I kept thinking that Ken, James, and Brad would have gotten all those TS's.
  12. Mine too, and I missed it. I fixated on Ayn Rand's books because of the references to self-preservation and rationality, though neither of her major novels fit the clue.
  13. Here is an interesting article about the history of TV dinners. Not surprisingly, the first frozen meals were manufactured during WWII. I grew up eating lots of Swanson and Banquet meals. I remember the experience of eating my first fried chicken dinner in a Southern restaurant--I was both pleased and disappointed that it tasted just like Swanson's.
  14. GreekGeek

    I Need a Recipe!

    This one. It's time-consuming but worth it.
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