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  1. I think it's always been at or near the bottom more often than anywhere else. It might make for a fun twist to start putting it under the $200 clue more often. I'm not crazy about runaway games, especially those where the champ has a huge lead before the first commercial. I managed to get odium and Socrates. I got FJ after trying to think of dates way back when it seemed that every president was from Virginia or Massachusetts.
  2. Hello, nice to "see" everyone again! I missed the show last night and had totally forgotten who was champ when last season ended. I knew ixnay and Jane Austen. FJ was an instaget, although I don't remember if I saw the first Beatles appearance or not. I Love Lucy was a pretty bad guess, around 10 years too late.
  3. Do you think he would accept these instead?
  4. Me neither. I would have said amphitheater. Not a great game for me; the only TS I knew was vibrations. I knew FJ was the ship that rescued Titanic survivors but blanked on its name. See you all in September!
  5. Yes, I would love to see an episode on the Lawrences. I thought it had been made explicit that Eleanor has bipolar disorder. She said herself that she was being given herbal tea instead of medicine. Did anyone else think that when Serena went to check on Eleanor after the "ceremony" that she would find Eleanor dead by her own hand? I hope Lawrence isn't written out of the show. He's the most interesting character around. Loved his suggestion that they play pinochle. It would be a neat twist if June did get pregnant by him, but they've already done a pregnancy story with her. It was kind of blurred out whether June actually took the contraceptive pills or just drank a glass of water. Oooh, another horrendous punishment--being ripped apart by dogs! Poor Janine. June's story about her son being on a beach in California reminded me of telling kids that their dead dog is in a farm upstate.
  6. Good game today! I was happy at Mr. Dad Joke's comeback. I knew macherology, Nevada, El Dorado, and declined. Easy FJ. I'm sad that this is the last week of first run shows until September. ☹️
  7. I agree with the disappointment about this episode and the season in general. Either let June lead a major coup, or take the focus off her and show us more of the others. I'm not as invested in Emily, Moira, and Luke as others are, but their story lines are more compelling than watching June lurch from one bad idea to another. I guess stoning is so last year, and now the Handmaids have to pull on ropes like ancient galley slaves to hang people? After showing some glimpses of humanity last week, Aunt Lydia is back to ordering cruelties cloaked in piety. I can hardly wait to learn her backstory. I wish Commander Stabler would quit flirting and make an all out pass at Fred. I too was surprised that Gilead allows dancing among the Commanders and their Wives. So Fred and Serena love each other again? I want to see more of Commander Lawrence and wife Eleanor. That was really resourceful of her to make up that story on the spot about wanting a tour of the school. She alternates between helplessness and cleverness, and I wonder whether she exaggerates her illness to throw people off the fact that she's playing some kind of long game. I hope she and June have more "adventures" together. I really want to know whether Lawrence turns out to be friend or foe. He doesn't seem interested in baby-making, but it could be a problem for June if she doesn't get pregnant soon. Ofmatthew intrigues me also. Last week she didn't seem that happy about her latest pregnancy, but this week she's back to mealy-mouthed pieties. I hope she doesn't miscarry as a result of being attacked by June (for June's sake). She seemed to have some kind of pain during that shopping trip and implied that this pregnancy hadn't gone as well as the earlier ones.
  8. I like Charlie too, even if he thinks a conservative and a conservationist are the same thing. I got Ray Bradbury, Alberich, officious, and South Lawn. In FJ I wavered between the Furies and the Gorgons and picked the Furies, because I didn't think Medusa's sisters were especially scary. Sometimes you can know too much!
  9. I know, right! Did anyone else cringe? It's good to have the regular games back; I didn't catch much of the Teen Tournament (nothing against it, just a lot of evenings spent elsewhere). I got maladies, penicillin, Thane (missed DD) and Chicago Hope. The latter might have fared better if it hadn't debuted in the same year as ER, and I thought it started out as the better show. No idea on FJ.
  10. I didn't realize that the writers had addressed the matter of Serena's fertility. I've always assumed that if something hasn't been said or shown on the actual show, it didn't happen. Spy guy may not have known about the gunshot. Yes, Gilead is proud of its handmaid system, but they have to realize that other countries may not see things the same way. Or are they really that stupidly oblivious?
  11. Wait, when was it established? I know Fred is sterile, but we've been led to believe that the gunshot wound to the stomach that Serena took way back when messed up her reproductive organs. I say "led to believe" because I still am wondering if Serena will have an affair and get pregnant, That would really turn Gilead upside down if wives started thinking, "Maybe it's him and not me..." One more quibble: Why was June at that taped plea for Nicole's return? (Other than the fact that she's the protagonist.) Without her, the Waterfords look like a normal couple heartbroken over their kidnapped daughter. But a Handmaid standing by encapsulates everything unnatural about Gilead's "families."
  12. Last night was my first look at Emma in action, apart from viewing Monday's game on You Tube two nights after the fact. So of course she lost ☹️. I don't share the Emma-dislike. She didn't have a "big" TV personality, but I tend not to care for those. Did anyone else think Alex was pleased she lost? Something about the way he said she wasn't going to be champ again after her FJ answer was revealed. Plus, he brought up James again at the start of the show.
  13. I was just about to post a link to the same thing. It really irked me. It wasn't enough to write a mash note to James, the author had to put down the opponents by saying they don't really matter, that they "fidget and fret; they mash their buzzers and bite their lips and bobble their heads in frustration", and that they're "evil" if they happen to "steal" DD's from him. ETA: I know the last part was tongue in cheek, but it still bugged.
  14. There was a fair amount of hostility. I remember when his winning streak went over 20 that I began rooting for him to lose. Nothing against him personally, but I didn't like it that so many of his games were runaways and there was no suspense left in FJ. And even he didn't have as many runaway games at the time as James. As for last night's game, I got the Sherman Brothers, swing, and Panacea. I was ready to cry when Liz missed that DD and felt bad that Alex kept rubbing it in that she wasn't playing well. Going for high dollar clues and betting big on the DD is the only way to have a chance against James. I missed FJ, though, and felt ashamed because I'd lived in VA for eight years. I thought of Kansas ("Bleeding Kansas") or Missouri (because of the Missouri Compromise).
  15. He would be at least $1000 closer whatever happens. I doubt Alex can predict the future.
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