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S16.E02: Four Wives, Three Fires

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Janelle's kids have strong opinions about Kody's COVID rules, and Kody makes a surprise visit to Meri's. Then, Kody organises an outdoor get-together for the whole family -- their first time seeing each other in months.

Air Date: November 28, 2021

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4 minutes ago, Adeejay said:

Gabe had better be careful about what he says on camera, especially after what happened with Hunter. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get on Robyn’s bad side.

What happened with Hunter?

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Just now, deirdra said:

What happened with Hunter?

When Robyn announced that she was pregnant with Sol, Hunter said in a confessional, that the last thing that family needed was another child. I don’t believe Robyn ever forgave him.

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44 minutes ago, Joan of Argh said:

Kody didn’t want to travel with Ysabel because he doesn’t give a crap about her or her mother.

if that was AerolaEbola needing surgery or even AROARa or Brianna he’d move heaven and earth to be there for them because they’re Queenie Robyns girls….

All he felt about Ysabel’s surgery was annoyed that he had to even talk about it!

He’s such a shallow jerk.

I felt so bad for Ysabel when she was crying because she realized her dad didn't care enough to be there for her. All because he wasn't willing to be away from Robyn for a few weeks :(

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5 hours ago, lindalouwho said:

Shaking my head every time Kody opens his mouth. Is he unaware that he has children in college? Even when every thing is online, you have to surface occasionally. Does it not register that he has children who are working? Hunter, Garrison and Paeden are in the military. Zoom is not really an option.  His older kids are married/involved and living elsewhere. So how does he plan on keeping everybody home, with only the moms running out for groceries so they can have a family holiday season.  Maybe he should look up and notice that there are only five or so kids left. The rest are young adults living their own lives. Time for Robin to tell him? He makes me shout at my tv!

Exactly. At the time of this episode Dayton and Robyn’s oldest girl (I forget her name - Aurora?) are over 18.  Are they not going to school or working at this time, just spending their time quarantined?  House better damn well be spotless.

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8 hours ago, Adeejay said:

The adult kids all know who is running the show. Which is why I am convinced that Christine's children played a huge part in her getting the heck out of there.

Meri said that people ask her why she stays.  She said she had a confirmation from God that this is where she belongs. I wonder if that confirmation came before or after the catfish incident.

I would question "my god" if they insist that I stay with a guy like Kody. Like what kind of god would approve of such a relationship where the person is gaslighting the wife and making her think everything is her fault. Wake up Meri and see the light, leave Kody and save any dignity you have left. 




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I was appalled when Janelle and Gabe were discussing covid and Gabe said he should just go get covid and then they will be immune. Janelle said "The problem is it is scary. It could kill me."  Gabe just blew it off like that is not his problem. What a selfish little shit.

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9 hours ago, Joan of Argh said:

if Kody drove over to Méri’s house and told her that he decided he wanted to run off with her and to hell with the rest of the family…. she wouldn’t be able to pack her bags quickly enough…. She’s so full of it she’s turning brown!



Well with that tooth, she is about 1/1000 there. I also had to laugh when poor dear old Robyn said she would be chasing the little kids around, did I blink and miss that? I saw her yell across the ditch, I saw Meri and Aurora mostly with the kids. At that time in August 2020 lots of schools were back even part time, if Kody was having such a dill about following protocol, why weren't they kids allowed to play with masks on? Gabe does have Robyn's number and I totally believe all this isolation from Kody and the rest of the family comes from her. Meri, you are coming across as a ass with your yearning for Kody, is she out in the field pulling petals off a flower, saying "he loves me, he loves me not?" 

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8 hours ago, eskimo said:

And honestly,  the energy Kody brings is so chaotic and annoying it was probably best that he kept that at his and Robyn's house.  

which is why Robyn probably liked it when K used to be gone for a few days at a time.  

8 hours ago, Pegasaurus said:

I assume this was filmed sometime in 2020?  The constantly yelling at the kids to stay 6 ft apart while they were running around & trying to play outside was just ridiculous.  And sad. Let them play and wear masks if need be. 

But maybe this was during the time period when it was recommended that people should wipe down all grocery items (cans, boxes, etc) outside your home before bringing them inside.  (Now we know the virus doesn't live on a can of beans.) And when we were all washing our hands constantly to the point of chapped skin.  

IIRC, it was August 2020.  Well past the Lysoled grocery time. 

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7 hours ago, Elodia said:

As a Rammstein-Fan myself I quite like the idea ;-)  Who would have thought that Rocker-Babe Janelle would ever have the engery for a concert, let alone a concert where german industrial rock is being played. And why, oh why,  didn't TLC do uns the favor of accompanying her with a camera? 

Best of all was Robyn's disgusted expression when she told about Janelle's concert-get-ups.

I was the only punk in my very rural Pennsylvanian family farming county in the 80s 🤣

My husband heard Janelle say that and he stopped and said "Really!!??" So...I kinda have to respect her a little bit now..."  Then listening to the Janelle/Gabe conversation he said ...well maybe not...

And a reminder about Gabe. He has pushed back against anything Janelle said or wanted and if her view was lax then his would have probably been highly cautious. He is one of those pushing against any and all things kids, and being smarter than all the adults put together means he can out argue and just push push push. Janelle once said that Kody was pushing her to have another baby and her response was she was afraid to "get another Gabe". She obviously caved and then had Savanah.

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41 minutes ago, jacksgirl said:

Trying to remember August 2020. I went back teaching then, and know what? We all masked and had zero (known) teacher infections at my school. Yes, wearing a mask sucked, but we all got used to it. Why not see each other,  try to stay distanced, and mask? So Kody supposedly is seeing all the wives at this time. Is he masking? If he had "talked to his doctor" like Jenelle claimed, the first thing the doctor should have said is mask all of the time. I call total shenanigans on all of these people. I hate Kody and Gabe sure has his number. 

Yes, the school kids here were back in with masks on in PA. Testing was widely available by then, too. Why not have everyone tested before a gathering?--yes, I know not a 100% solution, but that and with masks could've provided more protection and some sense of security.

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51 minutes ago, Granny58 said:

I honestly give Meri a pass on this.  She was in a super deep depression.  Despite what we all see, she madly loves/loved K.  And was shoved aside.  Some people kill themselves when this depressed.  I can fully understand her looking for validation and love.  And despite what people say about God's rules and how the Browns mold them to fit their ideas, they are not alone in this.  People have always justified their actions because they want to do things their way.   God's rules are the perfect standard, but nobody meets them all.  

I understand all of that and that’s not what most of us have a problem with… it’s her inability to take responsibility for her actions that annoys us.

she’s still making excuses and blaming it all on the nasty woman who tricked her when Meri herself was an active participant and if Sam Cooper had been real she would have left kody and the family in the dust 

the only reason she’s still hanging around like a bad stench is because there was no handsome millionaire to whisk her away in his private jet 

If she’d own her shit I wouldn’t have a problem with her.

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My guess here is that when boundaries aren't enforced in general, and you have a mom like Robyn who doesn't think she should even be expected to chase her own kids around a couple campfires, kids of those types of parents, who aren't used to wearing a mask in the first place, are certainly not going to keep a mask on for a one-off outing. That was never going to happen. 

I bet you dollars to donuts that if Kody did mask he wore one of those N95s with the exhaust valve on the front to propagate his kooties to the world.

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1 hour ago, TurtlePower said:


* Meri going goo-goo over Kody wanting to talk to her—🤮 🙄—god this woman is delusional. Kody will never run back into her arms, ever, after she was ready to ditch them all in 2015. And she’s STILL lying about her role in the catfishing relationship because she had a heads up he was fake. 

* So glad Ysabel is getting (and has gotten) her surgery. She did not deserve to be in pain for so long. 

* Christine is DONE. That’s not acting, as we all know now. 

All fine and good if she had come clean, but Meri lied about all of it, claiming she was pursued and victimised when she was doing the pursuing, all while knowing this person could be a catfish (Mariah warned Meri, other women warned Meri so the “i was duped” is bullshit). I listened to the voicemails and they are from a woman going after it. 

I’d have empathy for Meri if she came clean but  she keeps playing victim. The fact that she’s never admitted to her role in it is why she gets zero empathy from me. 

This! You nailed it!  👍🏻

Plus… not only did Meri expose herself to a possible sociopath named Jackie Overton but she insisted on exposing her teenage daughter to her as well.

it’s one thing to sneak around online… sexting, sending embarrassing sexy voice mails, sending pics and personal information to a stranger but it’s a whole other level of stupidity to involve your teenage daughter by dragging her along on a date to meet the stranger at Disneyland. 🙄

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2 minutes ago, maxmama said:

All I can say is that I am so happy for Christine that she got herself out of that mess.  If only Meri had the courage to take that step and salvage her self-respect.  

This. Meri talks a big game about being independent and strong, but she isn’t strong enough to go, even though she’s not wanted. 

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I too wanted to slap Robyn for bitching about watching her OWN kids.

I also found it ridiculous they were all social distancing as Kody walked from one group to the other.

I do think Janelle's boys were (age appropriately) cavalier about covid. That was only 5 months into the pandemic. Like Janelle said, its certainly okay for them to pick their jobs and friends over their family, but they need to own their choices. As their mom, she should have enforced the consequences of their choices. 

IMO, Janelle played (and still is playing) some crazy stupid odds living with her sons, with covid lurking. It most likely won't be pretty if she's ever unfortunate enough to catch covid.

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