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  1. They were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they came up with that storyline.
  2. Well Teresa "walked all the way to prison", I guess Jen will "run to jail." (if she is found guilty of the charges)
  3. Haha, Love that scene with Ross and his "We were on a break...!"
  4. I came here to say I cant believe what a conceited person Kody is, Like OMG, I couldn't deal with his drama and him wanted to be "wooed". What the heck was that?
  5. That is one nice house. If only I was a billionaire so I can buy it haha.
  6. I swear, its all they do on this show.... buy some houses / land, move in, realize its not working for them, sell their houses / land, move again. rinse and repeat a million times over again. lol He tried to claim he was "allergic" to the dog hair on twitter last night. I say, get rid of Kody and get a dog.
  7. And now Coty wants to go into business with Kim. After what happened with Kylie, as a legit business, I would be very cautious of working with any of the Kardashians.
  8. Makes you wonder what else did the Kardashain / Jenner / west family lies about? I wonder if they lied about West being a Billionaire as well.
  9. The thing is, when Khloe finally comes out of her make-believe world of Photoshop and filters to go back into the public eye, Everyone will see the original Khloe.
  10. It doesnt even look like Pauly D. wow.
  11. This "drama" will probably makes its way onto #KUWTK like all their so called life storylines.
  12. Is it just me, or is kim trying to set the groundwork for leaving Kanye? Seems like tonight's show was the first time she really said anything bad about him in all the years they been together. Or it could be just for show. Lol
  13. Is it just me or does Kanye look so out of it (under the influence) in this video with Kim???? I dont like the guy but its sad to see him in this state.
  14. the cool mom would be at home Interacting with her child instead of using that Innocent baby as a fashion prop and then dropping it like a hot potato whenever you can. (and partying it up as if you dont have a baby and responsibilities at home.)
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