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  1. RoxieBear73

    S15.E08: An American Model in Paris

    Is it just me, or is kim trying to set the groundwork for leaving Kanye? Seems like tonight's show was the first time she really said anything bad about him in all the years they been together. Or it could be just for show. Lol
  2. Is it just me or does Kanye look so out of it (under the influence) in this video with Kim???? I dont like the guy but its sad to see him in this state.
  3. RoxieBear73


    the cool mom would be at home Interacting with her child instead of using that Innocent baby as a fashion prop and then dropping it like a hot potato whenever you can. (and partying it up as if you dont have a baby and responsibilities at home.)
  4. RoxieBear73

    Kardashians in the Media

    lmao sure Kanye, whatever you say...
  5. RoxieBear73


    The only one I feel sorry for is the baby who is born into this mess. Khloe knew what she was getting when Tristan and her got together and he left his girlfriend who was 5 months pregnant. if she wants to go back to the cheating dog (which smells like a Kris Jenner production and made up.... more so now that I found out that this was filmed for the KUWTK) so be it.
  6. RoxieBear73


    the more I think about this cheating story... it smells like a Kris Jenner had this all set up once they had enough of Tristan stepping out on Khloe. They dont call her the pimp-momger for nothing and she will milk this sad situation for everything it has to make the most $$$$$$$$ she can. The sad thing, the baby will suffer in the end.
  7. RoxieBear73

    S14.E100: A Very Kardashian Holiday

    and Kris uses the same "tree (footage) from last year.... this proves that this who show is Fake and made up.
  8. RoxieBear73

    Kardashians in the Media

    I hate to say this, but JLO and Kim look like they are Aliens from Outer Space... its pretty freaky how they think they look so "hot" when they dont lol
  9. RoxieBear73

    S14.E100: A Very Kardashian Holiday

    I thought the same thing. the Christmas show was fake, it was more evident when I saw Kris's tree from this year. (along with that fake bake off between Kris and Khloe and that "fight over who is stealing what decorating ideas from who.) This family would do anything for press and they will fake story lines to do it.
  10. RoxieBear73

    S13.E09: Family Trippin' (Part 1)

    when I watch this show, I can't help but feel that 99.9% of the "stories" are made up for the show itself to keep the viewership numbers up. all the drama in that family is make believe and I will never believe anything the kardashians or jenners say. the only story i believe is Kanye health issues.
  11. RoxieBear73


    to me, Kendall doesn't seem to be a runway model.. she appears to be very bored and always pissed off about something...
  12. RoxieBear73


    so sad but yet so darn true lol
  13. RoxieBear73

    S08.E05: Another Catfishing

    I agree, meri seems real and like she would be a good friend to have
  14. RoxieBear73

    S08.E05: Another Catfishing

    Now she is back home and she is all tensed up... something is not right with that relationship
  15. RoxieBear73

    S08.E05: Another Catfishing

    Is it just me or is Meri happier away from her home? She seems at peace and she is being herself when she was with the other lady.