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  1. No, I thought the same thing. LOL.
  2. Oh, I see. Not just the south though. Here in PA my kid's highschool had "inadequate" cooling and they were just roasting. Also, leaky ceilings.
  3. it is surprising. I went to school in the 70s in NC and we had A/C.
  4. yes, all those water bottles bother me.
  5. and good luck surviving in an apartment in a city in summer without an A/C. I don't even like my second floor in the suburbs. Ridiculous storyline. Ugh.
  6. Oh please stop, New Amsterdam. You're exhausting. Just have a medical drama please. Find interesting cases. Don't try to fix the world.
  7. OMG, it dawned on me who this moron reminds me of....Michael Fitzsimmons from "Peggy Sue Got Married."
  8. to this day your user name and avatar crack me up. I hate myself but I am going to defend him here...he may be one of those persons who absorbs accents easily, without realizing it. OK, back to snark.
  9. well, well, well....this is certainly a treat.
  10. I just think these two are a couple of hippies, 60 years late.
  11. a lot of people think that "because it's in the Bible" means it's good. There's A LOT of bad in the Bible too.
  12. follow your heart. It never lies.
  13. not even that much. Get a Fire Tablet at Best Buy for about $75 and done.
  14. we're going to get booted off of this forum for straying too far so I hope this posts. There sure are consequences to free speech but it's gone too far. I don't want people to lose their jobs over differences of political opinions or social issues...unless they are a DIRECT THREAT to someone. People don't need to agree and "tolerate" (for lack of a better word coming to mind) hateful speech but also cannot shut it down. For example, I personally don't need to tolerate something I oppose, but it would be up to me to leave or ignore it or whatever is appropriate in the given situation.
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