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  1. I'm not gay but if I was Erika would be a lovely choice.
  2. So Darcy says women should be treated like queens and goddesses? How about just treat each other like sensible adults. This might explain part of her problem with finding love...wanting to be worshipped.
  3. Wow...calls the doctor and gets right through. Impressive.
  4. Justin didn't want to go to Houston because he didn't q to see Steven. Yeah, in a small town like that it's a real danger.
  5. On the one hand I'm glad Steven has some affection in his life. On the other hand,kill me now.
  6. I'm thinking that the roots of Stevens psychosis goes all the way back to abandonment issues. And then the father had no idea how to raise either of them.
  7. I couldn't hear him well. Did he actually say puking?
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