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  1. Thanks! I think I’ll like it there, we’ll be close to Shirley/Mastic. I’ve got friends from the northeast but haven’t lived there myself, they’re kinda filling me in. Hopefully it won’t be any more of a culture shock than where we are now—this place is truly a trash pit, the worst place I’ve ever lived in the US (and we’ve lived CA, AZ, NV, MO, WI, WY and MT). There’s trash everywhere, overgrown brush and weeds, broken-down trucks parked in front yards is common (so it looks like a junkyard), people don’t care for their properties, the power goes out somewhere in town every week (fo
  2. Same. Drives me nuts when they do this—knowing how Erika has attacked only the sensitive group members, I would never comfort her. It only reinforces her behaviour—“Poor Erika, she’s in pain so she lashes out.” No one else even gets a pass for that behaviour. At some point, I hope Erika is knocked down a few notches. I can’t figure out why some of the ladies stand by her, unless they’re just afraid of her. When things don’t go Erika’s way and she shreds some of the softest group members, that’s the real Erika—trying to act like an apex predator but instead, she displays her inner w
  3. Doing ok actually. A little stressy with moving, but it’s better than where we live now—the town is a trash pit (the humans as well as actual trash). We just sold our house and are off to Long Island next month. I can’t wait to leave the hell hole that is SE NM—we only came here for career advancement and 2 years later, we’re moving on (more quickly than we expected, too). The people here are nasty, trashy and mean—big oil pretty much runs things and it feels like the Wild West oftentimes. They do what they want and the mayor looks the other way. It’ll be nicer for running out there
  4. “The trees are my happy place” But, we thought you said you didn’t want to be in the trees Meri.
  5. I WAS in law enforcement and found Erika’s reaction to be over-the-top aggressive and vicious. It’s understandable to be worried about a family member in law enforcement, it’s quite another to attack someone who didn’t even mean it that way and twist the intention of the words. Erika hurt Eileen, on purpose. A woman who was kind to her. Poor Eileen, I felt so bad for her in that moment.
  6. Annnnd this is why I’m no longer Team Erika. That woman has faked her entire existence on this show. The reason she was so guarded and aloof all those years is because she didn’t want anyone to know who she really was. Erika is as boujee as they come. I started disliking her when she attacked Eileen, who never meant to hurt Erika. Then she eviscerated Teddi. This season, it’s Sutton (and that’s like attacking a kitten). Erika would never, however, attack someone like Kathy Hilton—she only goes after the vulnerable. That doesn’t say much about Erika’s character.
  7. See now I think something *did* happen between Denise and Brandi—and Denise was lying all last season (denise was caught in several lies regarding contact with Brandi). I think it had to do with Denise trying to change her image and she tried way too hard. I don’t care for Brandi and think she’s a desperate flake, but the former law enforcement officer in me detected inconsistencies and outright lies from Denise. If nothing to hide or be ashamed of, why the lies Denise?
  8. I’ve owned 5 motorcycles (ninjas) and none of them could be brought in for service without a trailer or additional driver. I wonder what she rides.
  9. All of this. Regarding Erika, I was Team Erika for a season or so until I saw her attacking the women in the group who seem more sensitive. She’d never go after someone like Kathy Hilton, but she’ll shred poor Sutton because deep down, Erika is weak. Attacking Sutton is like attacking a kitten. I also dislike Rinna’s cackle and the way she yells “Helloooooo” when she enters a room. Feel the same about Crystal (for now). I love her hair, though. It’s nice to have another dark-haired woman in a sea of bleach blonde (besides Kyle and Rinna goes back and forth)
  10. Oh Sutton! I feel a little bad for her, as I find her awkwardness somewhat relatable. Like Sutton, I was once urged by a group of friends to “be honest” with someone, hoping they’d be there to back me up (because we’d ALL talked about it) only to be thrown under the bus by the group—who chickened out at the moment of truth. So I looked like the douchebag, and while I apologised to the person I was honest with (for being an honest jerk), our relationship was never the same. We don’t talk anymore. I regret being honest because it just caused too much awkwardness and problems within the soci
  11. I can’t believe it has been 20 years since 9/11. It feels like just yesterday. What’s mind boggling is we didn’t have social media and smart phones back then—I was in my college Hebrew class and didn’t find out until I got home, where there was a note taped to the door telling me to turn on the news (yep taped to the door, nowadays all our phones would have been vibrating and dinging with the sound of messages). It took what felt like forever to get news back then. If there’s one place I need to see and pay my respects when we move to NY, it’s the 9/11 memorial and museum. I came from a
  12. Google Earth street view. You can drive around and see! I’ve stayed in Denver often for travel, and it’s just another big city to me. As far as mountain towns go, I preferred the smaller ones within the mountains themselves and started staying there, stopping short of Denver when traveling from Las Vegas. Vail is really spectacular and was surprisingly affordable for hotels. There have been a few other ones I’ve forgotten the names of.
  13. I’m not sorry for Whitney one bit. She’s part of these sham storylines, after all. Had she stuck to the original premise of the show, she wouldn’t be in this big fat fake mess. I can’t wait for this show to be over and for Whitney to remember what normal life is like. I don’t think she’ll ever accept that she’s demanding, difficult, obnoxious, rude and offensive in her behaviour, but real life will get her started (like when she went to a PCOS conference and expected to be treated like a celebrity—they pretty much ignored her. She didn’t talk about that one too much!). I can’t beli
  14. And now she’s starting to show her wear and tear like the rest of the wives. She’s aged 20 years in just 10. If she’s not careful, Kody will replace her with a newer model—cute, trim adventurous Robyn has become tired, bloated demanding Robyn.
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