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  1. TurtlePower

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Lol! It's Hatch pepper season where I'm at, so I'm roasting and peeling a lot of those for freezing to last until next year's Hatch season. Definitely made a boo boo taking out my contacts the other night!
  2. She is SO full of shit, just like her arrogant mother. Self care? That's all she ever does, and not the version she's trying to advertise here. She's good at stuffing her face with brunch and pretending to care about things. Fakey McFake Face!
  3. TurtlePower

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Even more boxy and shapeless on her bulky shoulders. SO arrogant. She looks like an average middle age woman who just threw something on in those outfits, not the cover of Vogue. So full of herself and her "#flagstaff fashion" hashtag. No, it's not, Meri.
  4. Whitney is a runaway train filled with overcompensatory cargo. She's in her mid-30s and still acts like a college student on spring break. Whenever Whitney does this crap it feels awkward and weird, not "senshous". I wonder how she's going to look back on this 10 years from now. Or will she be in her mid-40s acting the same way (add more hobbling and panting if she doesn't lose some of that weight).
  5. And she has to sexualize everything, as if this wasn't strange enough already. She constantly needs to show everyone how "confident" and comfortable she is with herself. Confident people don't need to do shit like this. There's a way to have a sensuality about oneself--something subtle, but not advertised; that's confidence. What Whitney is doing is tasteless over-compensation. Can't the woman just dance without slapping her ass or running her hands on herself? She's acting like a desperate, dirty slut versus a confident "senshous" woman. She may get attention, but not respect. Only reason it lasted so long is because the skeleton couldn't run away from her.
  6. TurtlePower

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Couldn't have said it better. To me, she comes off as weak because she constantly has to remind everyone how strong she is. Strong women just are, they exude it. They don't need to remind everyone.
  7. TurtlePower

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Yeeeeeup. And our professional Janelle thinks that a trip to a park can work off waffles. Jesus, no fucking shit, Janelle. I've known this for 25 years. "Who knew it could be so awesome?" Everyone else.
  8. TurtlePower

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I agree and might be more forgiving towards her if she wasn't so deceptive and subversive about it. I get not taking crap from people and being blunt, but "capricorn" not a valid excuse for how she lashes out at people, even if they meant her no disrespect (that's where you stop and think before you type a nasty response online, Mer). Meri can get away with this for now due to her status as a tv personality. The sense of power one gets from an army of followers can make a person feel invincible and protected, like they can say whatever they want without repercussions. But hey, she's a capricorn so that makes it okay to be an asshole.
  9. TurtlePower

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    So now Meri blames her meanness and bossiness on her ass-trological sign (no offense to other capricorns out there): https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/sister-wives-star-meri-brown-shares-quote-about-not-being-perfect/
  10. TurtlePower

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    Interesting how these shows work, isn't it? What they present you is never "real". There's a show that's going to film in our jurisdiction next month and when I heard their storyline I was like, they're doing what? They're going to show them catching fish from the river and then use store bought fish for filming? Our fish live in 53 degree water straight from Hoover Dam, they're amazing. Why the hell bother coming down to film fake fishing? Sorry to veer off-topic but, you'd think I'd have learned having worked with enough film crews to know everything is a set-up (I had to babysit to make sure they didn't break any laws). ETA: Not sharing anything more until said show airs. I really wanted to be down there for the filming but will be out of the area (boo, because I wanted to actually see one of the cast).
  11. TurtlePower

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Anyone else feel like it's not even fun any more to point out Janelle's cluelessness? She doesn't get it, she'll never get it even if she gets smacked in the head with it. She'll never understand that health advice from an invariably fat, slothy, dullard of a woman doesn't have value. No, not our Janelle. "Lose weight first, keep it off, then tell us how you did it" is too much work for this imbecile.
  12. TurtlePower


    WTF. She looks like shit in everything and her advertising sucks; she really must be relying solely on blind followers. Every week the stuff from this one becomes more and more ridiculous.
  13. You'll have to research your area. Many universities have such tests for their athletes and study subjects. There's also a company called Dexafit that does body composition and metabolism testing, but it's a crap shoot as to whether there may be a location near you. Just my thoughts having coached runners in my younger years--fitness machines and fitness trackers most definitely "lie". With the trackers, some may be better than others but most people don't burn as much as a machine or app tells them. It's so misleading and can be very disappointing. Myself, I only burn about 100 calories per mile I run. I've been on treadmills showing I burned something like 900 calories for 6 miles when it's closer to 600. The whole thing makes me mad because people who are trying to get fit/healthy need to know the truth. They need to know what their needs really are and that machine/app that tells them they burned 900 calories makes them think they can splurge (when they're actually eating back their workout and then some). If you can't find a location to test your RMR, it may come down to the old school method of tracking everything (which can take time and can be frustrating).
  14. Fitness trackers can be off. Best thing to do to find your resting metabolic rate and burn rate is go into a facility that can accurately measure it. Many people are stunned (and sometimes disappointed) by the results. Nice work!
  15. There are so many things about this woman that are revolting; her assumption that everyone has to be subjected to her enormous belly is one of them. She's not asking for acceptance, she's shoving it down everyone's throat like a religious zealot. anyone who cries foul is a hater. Whitney is an odious person.