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  1. It's that simple. One just has to accept it and stick with it, which Janelle never does. She doesn't just hop off the wagon, she plays musical wagons. It'll never work for he without consistency. And I get it. It's challenging and sometimes you feel like it's "not fair"; my own metabolism took a dump in recent years. I got injured and gained a little weight and it sucked. I'm back to fit levels now, but I have to watch every little thing I eat and stay consistently plant based, whole food, water only. Even training for a marathon my caloric levels don't exceed 2,000 (I'll adjust if needed). I can only imagine what Janelle's metabolism is like since she doesn't seem to DO anything and goes out to eat A LOT. CONSISTENCY, Janelle, not eating out and then throwing a dart at a board of "rockstar" potions to undo what you've been doing to yourself for years.
  2. Whitney's behavior is absolutely revolting. How does she even have friends when all she does is grab the spotlight and point it at herself, all the time? "Look at me I'm naked" doesn't radiate confidence or comfort with oneself, it has the opposite effect--hence why we have a topic titled, "What the fuck is wrong with her?"
  3. Absolutely agree. His parents were awful people. Parents like that only make it more frustrating and difficult for an autistic child and can cause the child to feel unwanted, misunderstood and unloved. Those feeling may never go away, either. I still feel like there's something "wrong" with me when I go to visit my mom, like I'm a problem. It creates a lot of stress and I wind up leaving, every time. I am happy you were able to intervene early for your son, for both your sakes.
  4. TurtlePower


    Another jacket that doesn't fit and the rest of it is ugly and ill-fitting, too. A problem with Mykelti and her LuLaNo is the manner in which it's done: over the top. The jacket by itself (if it fit) would look cute with a pair of light-wash skinnies--and not ugly LLNo jeans, either. Mykelti mashes this stuff together without thinking about it and it looks terrible. I don't look at this shot and think, "Wow! That looks great, I want that!" But people are BUYING it. Mind boggling. Edited to Add: I can't believe this chick wanted a career in fashion design. If she ever make LULaNo look good, EVER, she gets a green to light go forward. For now, she's a disaster.
  5. I dunno— it requires a lot of trust to allow someone to hold you when you don’t like being held. I can’t speak for everyone with autism, but I only trust one person in my life to hold me like that when I’m having a meltdown. ONE. A weighted blanket is quite a different thing altogether—not so much like a “hug”, but to me, like armor that calms me down. I suspect afterwards is when Shaun realizes how much he trusts Lea and how important she is to him. Perhaps he will realize he doesn’t have that kind of trust with Carly but having said that, I have no idea what way this is gonna go.
  6. What a heartbreaking episode. This one struck deep, I had a similar situation with my dad as Shaun did. They did a very good job of conveying the pain that comes from a situation like that. Props to Lea for being a much needed friend to Shaun. I don’t know how they did it, but she is SO much more likable this season. Shaun seems to have a deep, trusting connection with Lea for him to allow her in like that at the end. He didn’t even have that with his parents and I completely understand it. That’s why it was such a sad episode.
  7. Notice she’s only obsessed with them when she doesn’t feel well. Afterwards, she’s off the healthy eating wagon until she feels bad again. It’s a never ending cycle and I’ve come to the conclusion she’s too dumb to figure it out.
  8. Most of my products are from Rodan and Fields, including the microneedling roller. It’s just easier and they’ve been formulated to work in specific regimens/sequences.
  9. If I'm wrong I'll come out and own it, but I don't buy it based on the faces he makes when he's shown with her. He makes it look like a job, not like someone who's actually in love.
  10. It's not scary and it does work. It just takes time and needs to be done safely (clean roller, use proper serums). By causing tiny "injuries" to the skin, it causes an increase in collagen production which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin tone. It took a while to see a difference, but it does work.
  11. Robyn did look puffy in the most recent photo. But--leave it to Meri to make it all about herself and use insensitive wording, regardless of who it is.
  12. Yeah, I dunno a this point. Flagstaff usually attracts certain types of people who enjoy its offerings--running, hiking, biking, skiing. I hardly ever drove when I was there except to campus. Everything else was within walking distance (I'd walk 2 miles for groceries). I don't understand these women. What's wrong with them? Does their culture say they can't go outside and have fun? They could have stayed in Vegas if all they're going to do is sit around like lumps. Having said that, sometimes I don't understand my gender. All of my sisters in law are indoor lumps. It's difficult to find anything to do with them over the holidays because they're just...........sitting there. Why do women do that? There's stuff to do outside!
  13. Janelle is barely a fair weather hiker, there's no way she's going out in this. All that talk of "walking" in the snow? All BS. It doesn't matter where Janelle is, she will find something she hates about the weather and have an excuse to stay inside. That's what lazy, unmotivated people who want a magic pill do.
  14. I swear by Rodan and Fields. They have different regimens for different skin concerns. It's expensive, but worth it. It's the only non-prescription product line I've seen actual results with--the only catch is that it takes time and you need to be consistent with use. The reverse regimen seriously reduced my dark spots from sun damage, but it took about 4 months to really notice. I also like the redefine regimen, the micro needling roller, eye cream (aka eye crack), serums and enhancements products. I'm totally digging the micro-needling and have been doing it for a couple months now. It's nice to be able to do that at home and not at a spa (and no spa costs).
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