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  1. Mariah is a loudmouth halfwit who is so busy yelling at everyone she is incapable of listening. Mariah should drop yoga and try boxing. It would be more honest (also I'd love to see someone get in the ring and wipe the floor with her). Pretty sure she'd be too afraid to even try, given she couldn't yell, post or tantrum her way out of it.
  2. Oh FFS!!!! I'm so sick of her filtering--you can see exactly where Meri airbrushed her face. If you hate your face so much, Meri, use some of your LLR predation money and see a surgeon. Get some fillers or some botox. Las Vegas is only a few hours away. Enough with the face filtering. Edited to Add: "LoveWhoIAm"----Um, clearly, no say the face filters.
  3. Which is why she's so uninspiring. It's the same cycle every year around the holiday season which we all so accurately predict. It'll undoubtedly be the same next year after Janelle gives up in March and starts buying junk food again. I so want to be wrong because it would be great to see this woman finally succeed (but she'd need her 2 years to keep it off before I'd award her any credibility).
  4. Annnd I'm already obsessing over my activity on that watch. I did a run today even though I was in pain, nauseated and wound up vomiting. Because I HAD to get the requirements in.
  5. At least she didn't use the skinny filter. I'll give her credit for that, she's owning it right here.
  6. Not me, if I have a goal or behavior that needs tackling I will not wait for the New Year but just go for it when I see it's a problem. That way, I get a head start :). Not to be a bitter pill, but I find New Year resolutions to be a mainly result of marketing pressure and $$$. Advertisers want people to eat all fall/winter and afterwards spend their hard earned (and harder to come by nowadays) money on fitness and gym memberships. All advertising BS. Same old same old here. I did get an Apple watch that tracks not just my running but so many other things (like O2 levels and HR) and I love it, but worry I will obsess over it. Hubby got it for me somewhat reluctantly, worrying over my past bouts with anorexia. But the watch does SO many things! Happy New Year all and hopefully, this year will be a better one. I have high hopes but keeping my head down!
  7. THIS. Does Meri actually think the audience these posts are meant for actually gives a shit? Whether it's Kody or the other wives, they are probably glad to be rid of her (however for the show, they'll say they "miss her" when she's not there). Her "I'm so strong" posts only serve to remind them how annoying and passive aggressive she was. Really, Meri's "look at me I'm so strong" posts indicate quite the opposite. A person who needs to keep reminding everyone how strong they are...........isn't.
  8. Different year, differently holiday season, same shit. She has not progressed AT ALL.
  9. These idiots have no idea what it is to be truly charitable in a selfless way. Nothing Mariah does is selfless. She has to blast it from the rooftops that SHE is doing something GOOD--versus quietly just going good and being a decent person. Deep down she's bitter, dark and angry. That's the real Mariah, same as Meri: narcissistic and mad at the world. Instead of quietly moving on, it's noisy and messy with these people.
  10. THIS. I hate these assholes for doing this when the rest of us skipped traveling and seeing family. Pieces of shit.
  11. Mariah wants the appearance of caring to make herself look good. Everything she does is to boost herself higher on her undeserved, self-made ladder of bad vibes and selfishness.
  12. I loved it when Kerryn called her out on her BS. And let’s not forget that Whitney has entertained gastric bypass surgery. That’s not something someone who’s life is “fabulous” would consider. Whitney does cry a lot. Every episode it seems and she sure blubbered (pun intended) a lot this last episode.
  13. I've always had a feeling that underneath it all, it doubled a business and a crash pad for Meri when the show ends (when will it all end, it just keeps going). She can stay there until she figures out where she actually wants to be and if all else fails, she stays there. Thirdly, is had been in her family before so all the more reason for her to buy it--she couldn't have asked for a better opportunity. Meri is smart in that regard. None of the other wives seem to have anything set up for when it's over, but they don't seem as unhappy as Meri. I gotta give Meri credit for her planning.
  14. Yep. Whitney is full of shit. Although PCOS can make it difficult, we've seen her stuff her face and hide food containers in her car. All her weight gain is not from PCOS alone and yes, she lies lies lies over what she eats. Whitney is a food addict--the sooner she admits and faces that, the better off she'll be. I'd actually have some respect for her if she came out and admitted that (and also admitted that her life is NOT fabulous).
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