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  1. I have to agree with Joan. But unattractive doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong. It’s just…a bit plain. That foot looks a bit neglected as in not really cared for. Frankly like the rest of Maddie I’m afraid. The vibe she’s giving me: “Got the man, the kids, the house and the dogs, so why bother looking my best” I’m not saying she should look date-ready 24/7, but a little more attention to clothes, hair and looks in general would go a long way.
  2. I may be wrong, but iirc there were rumors out here saying that the adoption wasn’t real? Can’t remember what these rumors were based on though…. That court scene definitely seemed fake to me. Apparently the kids have legally changed their names to Brown. But that’s not the same as adoption… And I’m trying really hard to understand why Jessop signed his rights away….. He was involved, albeit minimally….
  3. You definitely have a good point there. Robyn was in a separate house in Lehi because of space and then they went to Vegas. Again in separate houses. So neither she, nor her kids were ever part of the one big family in one big household. I’m sure that didn’t help her kids to be accepted either. But….if you agree to marry into a polygamist family, you generally agree to other wives parenting your kids. That includes correcting or disciplining if and when deemed necessary, just like a teacher does. Unless you’re in one of those dysfunctional families where only the husband is in touc
  4. Wow…that sixth lady (don’t know who?)in the jump split…going down so out of sync can cause serious damage and then landing on the tarmac of a racing grid…yikes! I know that action photos enhance tiny mistakes and make them look huge, but this lady is in such a different position compared to the rest that she must have been off time wise which is a big thing in jump splits…..
  5. A couple of years ago, quite a few cars in the UK were sporting stickers with “Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas.” Which is spot on. I have a gut feeling Maddie went out for groceries, accidentally bumped into puppies and bought them instead. If she’d been seriously planning,I’m sure her SM would have been full of preparations, maybe a puppy count-down or whatever.
  6. Talking about lack of tact/ diplomatic skills: who is the worst amongst the kids? With Janelle’s bunch, my money is on Maddie and Hunter. But for some reason, Hunter doesn’t really annoy me that much. His blunt comments are often spot on, which can be quite amusing. With Christine; definitely Gwen and Paedon. With Gwen topping the list here by a mile! But….None of them can beat Her holy tactless Queen Mariah….
  7. Oh yes…. If they develop litter mate syndrome, (they probably will) it’s going to be fun! So, a lab x german shepherd mix eh? Well, as a former breeder of shepherds I have to say that I don’t see it. Maybe when they’re bigger. If this is true, the puppy show is going to be great fun! German shepherds are amazing family dogs but need an experienced and consistent boss. Btw…one of ghe smartest breeds there is. let the show begin…..
  8. Yes, they’re labradors but labradors. Actually, they’re incredibly smart (hence their use as guide dogs for instance) And smart is a way bigger problem than dumb and stubborn. If these dogs aren’t properly trained, exercised and challenged, they’ll develop their own pastimes with disastrous consequences.
  9. I only saw them perform just before the start. And yeah, no proper flooring. My husband also pointed out that a jump split must have been pretty damaging to the white boots. That’s of course totally irrelevant when thinking about the damage it could do to the body. (Still a waste of the boots though) Unfortunately, this performance shows how unimportant the DCC are in the big scheme of the Dallas Cowboys. There’s no way they would let a footballer practice on an inferior field, let alone do a move on the grid for fear of injuries!
  10. Now I’m thinking about the huge amount of dog poo in the yard…. She doesn’t seem like the dog walker type, much less someone who picks it up and gets rid of it. Imagine Axel and Evi having to play in that yard…
  11. As there’s no 2021 team thread yet: just saw little snippets of the DCC at the F1 grand prix in Austin. Last bit was them getting up and marching off. All I’m thinking is: “Did they really let them do a jumpsplit out on the tarmac?? Are they mad??” I didn’t see the actual jump split, just them getting up, so I’m assuming they did it….. ps Gina looked great! No skeletal appearance!
  12. Am I the only one who is cringing about the puppy news?? Sorry, but I already seriously doubt some of her parenting skills (especially with taking the easiest/least resistance/laziest route as in give them what they want to prevent any form of tantrum) and now she doesn’t take just one, but two puppies?? Key words when raising puppies are consistency and a lot of attention. I give it a year at best and then they’ll be gone. Mark my words. …
  13. I’m sure Robyn is seething if she doesn’t do it. (Or Meri for that fact) They’re selling loads of crap and quite possibly make some nice money from it but refuse to help Robyn to do Robyn’s work in selling her tacky joolry….
  14. So true what you said there! As much as I don’t like Joe Darger, he seems to be doing a great job as head of the family and seems respected and well liked by the rest of them. Kody is dysfunctional, impulsive and chaotic to the core. All equally disastrous when managing a huge family. And he’s completely blind to all visions and needs of everyone around him, only catering to his (and Robyn’s) own whims and needs. That’s probably why the older kids don’t care for him.
  15. This!! The bad editing they keep doing over and over again, whether it’s your example or messing up time lines is really getting on my nerves…. It’s on my short list that will probably cause me to drop this show entirely within a year (together with the bad cover music instead of the actual songs, bad editing in general and the really bad acting they let the girls do for storylines. They never did this in the past….)
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