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  1. Omg you made me laugh so bad!!😂😂😂 My kids were watching Hercules the other day and when this guy showed up, all I could think of was Kody Brown. I hadn’t thought of Robyn when I posted this.But you bested me with that chinny remark!😉
  2. Agreed, and everyone with some basic math knowledge, common sense and knowledge on average wages knows this article is absolute BS…
  3. KODY!!!! ARE YOU READING THIS????!!!! Money opportunity and tv show boost here! Contact dr Now in Houston and TLC and enlist Janelle for my 600lb life...
  4. Are you serious? They must be even more stupid than I thought... So on top of all the disastrous house buying and selling at a loss or minimal profit, failed business endeavours, wasting a fortune on numerous outrageously high rents and going bankrupt a few times, we can now add blowing away your pension/retirement money? Possibly the very last safety net they had? What will their future look like? Do they even have a future if this is true?
  5. This is what I thought after reading "not a good role model". I don't think it is personal or related to character. I agree there must be a general concern about her weight and an awareness that they cannot use her as a role-model because of that unhealthy skin and bones body type that will unintentionally convey the wrong message to young girls. Fortunately, the world is slowly moving away from the idea that women have to be almost skeletal to be beautiful. More and more model agencies and companies use fuller models for that reason.
  6. The typical modern blended family issue: Mom and dad decide to divorce find new partners who bring along an army of step brothers and sisters you are supposed to love from day 1 and with whom you have no past. You cannot force love between two people, so why do we expect this from our own children in such situation?
  7. It's a Brown-thing, they all do it. All the time. Which is why none of us out here takes them serious and laugh at what they do.
  8. The truth often hurts the heart which to me explains Janelle's angry defence. I read this gentleman's reply (I'm assuming it's a man because he sounds like a guy and talks about his wife) and cannot find much fault in it. He is spot on with his observations about their relationships and is genuinely baffled with the idea of a husband letting his wife live in an RV in the middle of nowhere while he lives in a mansion. Who would not be shocked? Her response also makes it pretty obvious that the Browns cannot comprehend how their own idiotic actions are viewed by the public. What th
  9. I know it sounds awful but that red lipstick and the huge (unflattering)toothy smile reminds me of The Joker... Ruby red lipstick is tricky; few can actually pull it off and wear it with grace, so that choice is just plain stupid. A good makeup artist looks at complexion, eye colours and facial features when determining the colours and will enhance those or tune them down a little for the occasion in mind. Some of those girls could do with a visit to a good hair salon! I'm pretty sure that the DCC jury would have sent a lot of them for a huge make-over if they had been auditioning for the
  10. Now they won't... Anyone remember this clip from two years ago? Look at some of their responses and how they laugh at candidates that completely humiliate themselves in front of them and on national tv? That says it all....
  11. Please don't be jealous! There was a time, quite a while ago, that due to circumstances I was seriously under-weight and the doctors told me to gain a minimum of 18 pounds within 4 months. It probably sounds like heaven to some, trust me, it isn't. For your next meal, try to eat until you are completely stuffed and can't take anymore, then force yourself to eat some more till you feel really sick. And that 6 times a day.... I'm now experiencing the opposite with struggling to get only 10 pounds off but I prefer it over having to gain almost 20 pounds any day.
  12. wow... we're in the middle of training camp and our last post about this year's group auditioning is from 2 days ago? Makes me wonder what's going on? Have they unmasked some insiders? Moved training camp into a 24/7 guarded fortress with mobile phone jammers? Is this just an incredibly boring group with no news??
  13. For what it's worth: I'm in Europe and SW was (and still is) on TLC which had its own streaming service called Dplay. Dplay changed to Discovery Plus a couple of months ago. And most shows, including sister wives came along. So, if it happened here, I'd say it's a safe bet it will happen in the US too.
  14. So this answer came to one of my posts ianother DCC topic so I brought it here. Bernie2018 REALLY?!?! Apparently I wasn’t in class when this was discussed…I used to watch Big Brother religiously, until I found DCC:MTT, of course 😁 ---------------------------- It refers to Jenna's attempt to make Big Brother. Apparently she tried to get onto Big Brother last year (or the year before, not sure) And she was close to being cast. Rumor had it that former DCC Katherine Dunn was also cast and actively tried to get Jenna out of the process because she believed that it would be a bi
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