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  1. I watched this episode cringing in second-hand embarassment for everybody, but most importantly, myself. Couldn’t look away though. I was almost at the point of being team Natalie. The dismal Thanksgiving gathering with all of the passive-agressive commentary from Trish and Mike was awful. Natalie outdid herself with the pouty teenager routine, however, although it was definitely worth the chuckles to watch Trish puzzle over “what she could have said to insult” Natalie. Well, Trish, you and your son with the shrugging tic acting like a couple of mean girls in junior high school could
  2. I watched the full episode, but won’t watch another. Eveybody going in circles and going nowhere and I get really ticked off when I see Mike’s face, his smirking and shrugging. Angela like nails on a chalkboard; she looks older than her 54 years.
  3. Well my attempt to add the file didn’t work. So I will say I am utterly disgusted by Kody’s attitudes about everyone in his family. It’s his own stupid fault everything has splintered apart, with his constant need to uproot everyone, ripping kids out of their schools and friends. Now he’s acting like everybody else caused the problem. His behavior while talking with Christine about Ysabel broke my heart. That poor girl listened to her father consider every way she could just live with the pain longer, it was sick. He has zero insight as to the monumental role he has played in the disinte
  4. Same. Caved and signed up for the primo-edition no commercials version. Some interesting stuff. Will check out Pig Royalty along with all the 90 DF spinoffs except HEA.
  5. That annoyed the heck out of me. And that mad me really sad. What a jerk. Acting like he’s at his real home there, with his “real” children. I got the vibe from Gabe that he’s kinda over his dad’s favoritism too.
  6. Many thanks to all of you who watched the episode and are relating it here. I got ten minutes in and switched off. The show is at a standstill, nothing advances and goes anywhere, just characters going nowhere either. I don’t need high drama every week, but would like to understand what is going on. Don’t care about the Princess, Yumiko, not really even Eugene anymore. I had hoped to see how humanity could rebuild itself, but it’s not about survival in an apocalypse, it’s just fighting and bad guys.
  7. I so agree. Gabe really struggled with moving from Vegas, as most teens would. Janelle resisted moving for a while because of what her kids would go through but eventually got onboard, and moved anyway. I can imagine he feels like he is not a priority in his father’s life, and neither is Janelle. If Kody wanted to see any of his kids, he would have moved heaven and earth to figure it out, including outdoor visits. It’s all on Kody.
  8. Once again the younger Brown kids asked the right questions and made the more insightful comments, particularly Christine’s three daughters upon hearing of mom’s desire to pick up AGAIN and move back to Utah. Christine appeared to really be flummoxed by their position. The rationality and common sense should just for once, come from the adults, not the kids. Luckily those kids have watched this assortment of “parents”, shall we say, and have concluded there must be a better way. Kody’s reference to each wife’s kids as “their kids”, meaning the mom’s kids, annoys me to no end. Robyn’s cute
  9. The producers must have put out a casting call to find the most awful, inconsiderate, creepy men they could get. (Except Zied, I think he legitimately seems bewildered by most of this and Rebecca is a mystery to him and besides I like him a lot.) That being said, these women are a little off too. I am loathe to admit, but I felt pangs of sympathy for Natalie. Her pain seems real. I hope she realizes one day that she is so much better off without him; Mike is certainly no prize. Same for Amira. I get underlying anger issues with Andrew and and Brandon. Andrew’s sudden turn on Amira
  10. While there has been plenty of advice to Natalie to “get over it” and “move past it”, most especially from Mike, I would submit that the same thing goes for him. He is unable to get over the fact she threw the ring back at him, which I have no doubt cut him deeply. It is possible, I think, that Natalie regrets that, and realizes this may have been a fatal mistake in their relationship, but now you can’t unring the bell. So he goes ahead and brings her over here and then proceeds to act like she is dirt on his shoe. (But I am sure he has not refused to have sex with her though). Through
  11. These people. Yara and her endless complaining. I don’t know how she could ever stay with any guy, she would complain them to death. Jovi is no prize, but he always has a bewildered look on his face; has no idea what to do to make her happy, and I don’t know either. I hope she can at least crack a smile at the baby. Watching Mike and Natalie is pure depression. He is enjoying her confusion and, dare I say, heartache? She realizes she blew it when she threw the ring back at him, but he does not appear willing or able to move past that. At this point, I am annoyed with him that he
  12. While I have missed a few seasons episodes here and there, I have watched this show for a long time. However, now there is a relentless stream of Whitney self-analyzing herself, her life, everything about her, her, and her. I should think she would have been bored by herself by now. I am amazed that for all of her complaining about what is wrong in her life, she makes zero effort to change anything. Nobody has stopped her from losing weight, she just hasn’t done it, even knowing the health risks she faces. Which is fine, but for the love of God, stop complaining about it and how it is rui
  13. Mike does not even make an effort to conceal his disdain for Natalie. When she asked him to pray with her, he was incredibly hostile and condescending. Let her go back home, Mike, it’s obvious you don’t want to marry her so stop stringing her along. His open hostility to her is cringy. I am on team Zied. Poor guy leaves his comfy home to fly around the world and land in a barren empty apartment without even a scone or donut in sight to eat or a sofa to eat it on, and a fiance who seems befuddled by how to manage her life and can only keep repeating “ex from Morocco”, and be interrog
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