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  1. Sorry, can’t remember who wrote “rollypolly lesser sister wives” but I’m still laughing. After spitting water out my nose. You guys are the best!
  2. Ransom of Red Chief. I spit out my coffe.🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Just my 2 cents. I remember reading somewhere that the AUB kicked the Browns out when the cat fishing thing broke. Would explain the scarcity of all things religious these days. And why they haven’t hooked up with any Plyg group in Flag. We also know that the LDS folks want their members to distance themselves from the Brown clowns. That’s why Gabe is so scarce. Could be the reason FT is not around much, either.
  4. These are the looney tunes featured on Escaping Polygamy. If you remember the episode where Logan, Maddie and Aspyn went to help people escaping polygamy, the blonde girl who was so distrustful of Kootie was a Kingston. She was also on that panel discussion show with Christine’s aunt. Lots of uncles marrying nieces and brothers marrying half sisters. Wives and kids living in horrible poverty conditions.
  5. Sorry, can’t figure out how to quote. Amazon docu is “The Mormons”. History and explanations of doctrine by ex Mormons. Worth watching.
  6. Oh, please. Three words that best describe MEri? Cold, predictable and tidy. Here’s a quarter. Go buy a clue.
  7. Just watched an excellent documentary on Mormonism on amazon prime. Filled in a lot of my information gaps.
  8. I can’t believe I wasted an hour of my life watching this drech. They have to find water and drill four wells. They have to survey the plot and draw in lot lines. They have to do perk tests and install septic systems. They have to do something with that drainage ditch. They have to pull electricity. What are they doing? Pointing and staking claims. Equal access to the pond, Jangle? For who, Savannah and Ysabelle? In the trees but not shaded? Sell some trees and open up the lot. It’s like they’re all sharing a brain cell. Robchin’s the Victim. No, MEri is. No, wait, Kootie has four wives and that makes him head victim. Plyg Princess and Jangle look on, gleefully. Next week: therapist Nancy makes everything clear?
  9. Interesting that the pop up ad under the picture of the tub was a hot pressure washer in my feed......
  10. Someone posted here that they would enjoy MEri if she started to snark on the family. I think this week is further proof that she reads this site. “You can use my house for gatherings.” Crickets. Jangle’s TH, “yea, right.“ “Robin, can I stay with you? Would you like that?” Robchin turns pale, stutters, “Well, if you needed to, I guess.” Siding with Jangles about the past trailer life. Trying not to laugh out loud at Kootie’s oh so defeated poor pitiful me routine. I could learn to tolerate this side of her.
  11. So, here’s a thought. IF polygamy is decriminalized in Utah, and IF Kootie really did want to move to St George, do you think that in three years, when Savannah graduates and the rest of the kids aren’t in high school yet, the Browns will strike their tents and move again? They could buy/build a four townhouse complex. Maybe add a big party room on one end and create a man cave and extra bedrooms on the second floor. Plyg Princess could live at the far end, put up a big wall between her and the others so they can’t see her. MEri already has her walls up. Jangle and Robchin could arm wrestle for the house closest to Kootie’s cave. They could put in a full on parking lot in the back. Maybe set off an alarm when Kootie heads out on a date so they can all go stand in a corner, away from windows, until the all clear sounds. Come on, is it any more ree-dick-liss (quoting Christine) than what we’ve already sat through?
  12. Not polygamy, but an extreme fundy Christian sect. “Gloryvale”. Just watched it on amazon prime. Three shows. FYI, founder of the group spent time in prison for child abuse. The brain washing is amazing. Nice long shots of New Zealand.
  13. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that Janelle, with no experience of polygamy until Kootie, is the only wife that is all on board for one house? And the Plyg Princess is so adamant about living away from the other three. Does she pretend Kootie is away working when he’s not at her place? So much for showing the world the joys of this lifestyle.
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