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  1. Here’s a thought. Meri moves to Parawan and Janelle stays in Meri’s Flag house until she finds a new rental. Yeah, I know. When pigs fly.
  2. OMG. If scrolling down to that picture didn’t scare you, your nerves are better than mine. Wow. Just wow. I’m no model, but a picture of me looking like that would go straight to the trash, not social media.
  3. This just on Facebook “Hey Ladies! Gwendlyn Brown has the opportunity to win a scholarship from her job selling CUTCO 🔪 So clearly I wanted to share this with you! She gets paid just to show cutco but I love it and we’ve had ours for years 🤯 send her a PM on Messenger if you’re interested in helping her out or getting a great new piece of cutco 😍😍” next generation mlm continues.....
  4. You nailed him, Laurakaye. And then she said, “that’s why I give you Grace.” Makes you wonder what kind of verbal abuse he spews at the wives and kids on the regular. Just a pitiful little boy playing at manhood.
  5. He won’t even take responsibility for his own words. He doesn’t feel he has to be responsible for his wive’s happiness. He considered sending his daughter alone, across the country for major surgery. Poor Koduche, his life is unsafe. Imagine hitching your wagon to this idiot. The AUB could teach the Moonies something about brain washing.
  6. Ginger 90, you are pure gold. Thanks for all you do for us.
  7. Nah, Robin’s eyebrows win this week. They look like Mykelti and Groucho Marx’s love child.
  8. Keep sweet. Endure to the end. These relationships are for eternity. If you’re jealous of the other women sleeping with your husband, deal with it. All this mental and emotional pain will make you better. If this show was supposed to make polygamy look normal or attractive, it’s a big fail for me.
  9. Living my entire life out here in the real world, it is hard to understand the depth of brainwashing these women have endured. Janelle is the only one not raised in this faith, but she has all the zeal of a convert. Kody is proving his father correct, he is not capable of being a husband to multiple wives. I lay the blame of this family’s dissolution squarely on him. Perhaps, with the guidance of the elders in their church, these relationships wouldn’t have spun out of control. Christine may wait until Ysabelle graduates before she takes Truley to Utah. It’s where her family is. She would be
  10. Really? Did he just say they should send Isabelle across the country for major surgery alone? Christine needs to go postal on the Jack wagon.
  11. I always thought Kootie was a bit dim, but I never realized how mean he was until lately. Good for Meri, finally speaking the truth about his treatment of her. Like others here, I feel sorry for the “lost “ kids in this group. Hunter has found his way, so I have hope for them all.
  12. Agree that Gabe is acting rather selfishly, but how can we blame him? This is the behavior his father sperm donor has always modeled. I’m hearing Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle”as I type.
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