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  1. If I never see Christmas shimmy her shoulders again, it'll be too soon. I severely dislike her. Why does 'game play' these days have to come with a heaping helping of nastiness? I really don't think these people know any other way. We'll probably never see a non-bitter jury again (some of it completely justified). The majority of the people they cast are just too one-dimensional for anything else. They know how to find each other and will always rule the house, as long as casting this way continues. It's not only boring, it's very uncomfortable to watch. I feel like I'm forcing myself to keep watching because it's something I've done for so many years that it's comfortable. Like a friendship that has turned toxic and you know it's time to say goodbye, but you've been holding out hope that the dynamic will change back to what it once was. That hope has been fading fast and I might give it one more season to see if BB pulls it together and casts more diverse, interesting, humane, and sharp players. But if they don't get it after everything going on in the world today, they never will. Is the fact that they now have to constantly interrupt the live-feeds to protect these people from the stupid things they say registering at all?
  2. Nicole wondering about her place on the totem pole? Lmao. The best time to consider that, when in a comically large alliance, is when all your options have hit the road. But then again, she might just think she's playing the viewers with her over-the-top concern for Ian.
  3. And her mom also kept trying to turn it around like she was the one helping Jade out. As if Jade was in financial trouble and her mom was going to stay there and pay rent to help her out. But one thing I don't get was when her mom first brought up the idea she said her money was gone, but then said how her rent money would help Jade. If you have rent money, why not just pay rent where you already are? There was a lot left out.
  4. It sounds like Jo's trust issues with Kail involve her poor judgment in the people she brings into her and her kids' lives. I doubt he'd flip out if he knew this person was trustworthy. I'm not saying they're not, but he's probably never, or only very recently, heard of them. Aubree has grown so much, please please please give her her privacy now. I noticed that Nova's life sized doll was wearing a seat belt, but Bri wasn't. Bri, you're a bigger influence on your daughter than her doll will ever be. I take it Victoria's BF's name is pronounced Roy-er? Because I would have sworn Leah was saying Roar, but then it was spelled Roger, so it has to be Roy-er, right? Reminded me of the episode of 30 Rock where Jenna was in a movie called 'The Rural Juror' but never enunciated correctly and none of her friends knew what the title was til after it was released. She always called it Rurjurr. Lol
  5. I got second-hand embarrassment when Dani was tying to manipulate Day by not-so-subtly threatening her. No way will Dani ever match wits with Day. It's like a valley girl trying to manipulate a professor. Lol I don't think it hurt Day's game any because they were never going to be loyal to her anyway. If Ian had won veto and taken Kevin off, Day would probably be up there right now. So she is no worse off than she was before, IMO. The only difference is that they will be more nasty when they crap-talk her behind her back and will pretend this is why she's being nommed. She would have been anyway. Day FTW!
  6. I clicked on the link to see Lux's new cut, but the link said tweet was sent from a suspended account. Does that mean he suspended it, or Twitter put him in time out?
  7. Day looked PISSED! I wanted her to win because of it. At least we got somewhat of a pecking-order type comp.
  8. Edit: I was able to attach clip in next comment.
  9. Yes. She didn't have to be so bitchy. She was the one being condescending, IMO. Up on her high horse thinking how dare Kaysar come to her highness and tell her something when she's actually knows soooo much more than he does. Then she doubles down with the attitude in the DR without an inkling that she might actually have a fake immunity idol in her bag. The only plus side to Kaysar going this week is that now I can enjoy watching the rest of them fall. Too bad they all can't go down. But I'll enjoy the ones who do. Any predictions on boot order? I'm thinking (without watching the feeds) Kevin, Ian, and David first, obviously. Then Bayleigh and Dayvonne??? Then who? Side note: Does anybody remember Kaysar's shirt from way back in the day that said 'Redundancy Department of Redundancy'? Even his shirt was memorable, I loved it. lol
  10. Sean has a real Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. Don't do drugs, kids. Here's Jeremy to start crap that has zero to do with him. Is he getting worse? Briana-please reevaluate your decision making process. Kail-Ooof
  11. Oh Janelle, not Rupert! lol
  12. You're being generous here. It was actually 3 minutes in, I checked. For real. 😂
  13. What day is the veto ceremony held?
  14. I was wondering if that's what would happen. Would they just isolate the person who tested positive while they do another test to confirm (since they've all been negative for weeks and haven't been around other people), or would one positive be the end of the season?
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