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  1. Brittany always has Brianna's back and has done a lot to help Brianna. Brit is right when she says they all cater to Brianna. I think that Brittany felt a little betrayed by Brianna for essentially making it known that this was just about her and not both of them. While the boy and Bri share some DNA, he doesn't know Bri any more than he knows Brittany. And Brittany actually probably knows their father a little better because she had 2 more years of time with him than Brianna did. I think Brittany could have been more direct about her feelings and not decided to cut out the brother because of Brianna's actions, or said what she did in front of the kids. When you're angry sometimes things just slip out and she has a strong bond with the girls and hearing things like that could hurt that bond, so I do hope she apologized and let them know how lucky she is to be their aunt. Other than that, Brianna was acting selfishly and the very least she could have done is wait for Brittany to return from her already-planned trip.
  2. Then you might be interested in Rachel Beaver from 'Young and Pregnant'. She's got it stacked against her but I hope she can pull out of it. I think Rachel has a harder road than Leah did. Not to dismiss Leah's struggles, especially after what she said she put in her book about her mom and spin-the-bottle. Yikes!
  3. Jade came from 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant'. It was a mix of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, started when the girls were still pregnant and then kept following them. Except some of the girls were already in their 20's so I don't know why they put it under that title. It was only on for 2 seasons, I think. When Jenelle got fired they replaced her with Jade, and now that Chelsea's leaving they're bringing another girl, Ashley, from Young and Pregnant to fill her spot. For whatever faults she has, Ashley has some drive so I hope this TM paycheck doesn't derail her. That's proven to be a big problem for the girls who make a lot of money from this show.
  4. That is disgusting and he is very immature.
  5. Man, did I pick a bad time to try to be more aware of the things I put out into the world. 😬😅
  6. I was wondering if there are any updates on if this is true or not. Anybody know any more?
  7. So Devoin doxxes Briana's phone number to the world and that is what she's worried about the girls finding out about her on the internet? Whatever anybody thinks about Chelsea she's doing the right thing. Aubree must be so relieved. I liked the Addie we saw tonight and it was nice to get to see who Gracie is, apart from the sibling group. She was very mature in her message to her coach.
  8. I couldn't agree with this more. I don't have a problem with people trying to respectfully share differing beliefs with me, even if I have no intention of looking into them. All ideas and beliefs have been perverted and used to harm by certain people, but the onus for that harm falls on those people, not the entire belief system. I honestly think Kevin made a bigger deal out of it than it was. Put it in the trash and move on, just like I do when I find a WatchTower in my mailbox, even after I kindly told them there was zero chance I would ever join their church. I don't feel harassed that I have an extra piece of junk mail to toss every couple of months or so and I don't give a second thought to if they think I'm going to hell or not. If by the off chance Julie did send it as a back-handed gift/insult, then he gave her the satisfaction she'd want, and if she was really just trying to be kind (even if it was tone deaf to some) then he was unnecessarily being snotty and condescending, some of the very behavior he holds against Christianity. IMO, he came out looking worse than she did, although I know that is probably an unpopular opinion. I did enjoy Kevin pointing out how big Cody and Dani's heads looked in the cast picture. Could it be a dig at them from someone in production? I mean they both do figuratively have big heads.
  9. eskimo

    S10.E16: Say OK

    I also want to say that if Leah wants to help with the addiction issue one of the best things she could do is share how she became addicted. I think people don't understand that many, many, opiate addictions begin with justified prescriptions, then things get out of hand. They don't worry about it because they aren't at parties popping pills for fun. The get hurt and need them but aren't weary of becoming addicted because it's not recreational. Then when the doc suddenly pulls the prescription you're in trouble and are either seeking pills or turn to heroin because it's easy to get on the street. That's what she should be stressing to anybody that'll listen. That most of these addictions begin innocently and that you need to be very cautious from the moment you get a legit prescription. She could really help someone who's about to be in that situation. I also don't think it's bad she got the Narcan (is that what it's called?) and was trained in using it. I agree that it makes more sense to call 911, but a lot of people get scared when someone OD's and bail. If they knew someone else they could call they might at least do that. Plus, we really don't know what the people around her, that we don't see, are doing. She might have friends or family who are addicted right now and they would have her number. Again, 911 is best, but addicts aren't really trusting of calling authorities. IIRC, Chris Farley might have survived but the person he was with was afraid of getting busted and left. So while her Narcan and training are unlikely to help strangers, it could very easily save someone she knows, and since she was in that life, we know that she does know people in that world.
  10. eskimo

    S10.E16: Say OK

    I didn't hear her mention how long ago, but when they showed the flashback clips of Leah and Cory arguing over it there was a tag at the bottom that said 'Eight Years Ago'. I might have misread it, but it's deleted now.
  11. eskimo

    S10.E16: Say OK

    1. My thoughts exactly. I feel bad for anybody who struggles with addiction and I'm glad she's got it under control, but in my personal experience addicts are notorious for noticing what has been done to them more than what they have done to others. Maybe she needs to go back and watch episodes from that time, now that she's clean. Also, I cannot believe it's been eight years! I would have said 3 or 4 if anyone had asked me. Yikes! 2. Again, I agree. I didn't think that was the time for that. Also, give her a second to think about it and find a way to express it. I always hate those 'give me a decision right this second' questions. Talk to her about it, IN PRIVATE-so she doesn't have to worry about people seeing what she says about them on TV, then give her a day or so to think about it and get back to you. It takes me a while to sort through certain things and I'm 45, Nova is a kid. Plus, we already know she had a hard time staying overnight with her other grandma for just one night, you want to send her for 3 in a row? WHAT? Roxanne is right about a bachelor pad probably not being the best place for Nova. I also wonder about Nova feeling uncomfortable around boys. I know that can be normal to an extent because of her age and all, but I wonder how not having a stable male figure in her life will affect her as she gets older. I hope this is a case of it being her age and all. Brianna said that she knows she did this to herself. Yes! Now put a period at the end of that statement, but in a practical way, and move on. Stella we don't like Luis either, you sweet baby. Nova seems so uncomfortable on camera. I feel bad for her.
  12. The dolphins. Lol Another thing from that scene that reminded me of Cole was when he asked, 'do you need comforting on any level?' But my favorite is when he looks at the sunset and cries again and says, "When is that darn thing gonna set?!" Now I have to rewatch the movie soon!
  13. So now TM2 has 2 original girls and 3 girls from other TM shows. I wonder if it will sink in to the other two that everyone is replaceable?
  14. Cole, is that you? Lol. (I do like him though!) https://youtu.be/_SxUGBAmjYI Longer version: https://youtu.be/TVmCwmC5-kQ
  15. Briana complained that Devoin's family only come to celebrations, but if they hadn't come then she'd have complained that they didn't come to Nova's celebration. Really a win-win for her because what she really wants is to be the martyr. I know Cole gets a lot of crap for his voice and his emotions, and I honestly don't know how I'd handle my hubby crying like that for things like this, but I do appreciate seeing a man who genuinely loves and cherishes his babies. Having said that, it reminds me of the movie 'Bedazzled' where Brendan Frazier makes a deal with the devil to get 7 wishes to impress a girl he likes. But with every wish the devil, Elizabeth Hurley, uses a technicality to make things hard for him. So after he figures it out he is specific with his wish to be the most sensitive man on earth, emotionally. Suddenly he's on the beach with the girl he likes and he can't stop crying about how beautiful the sunset is. It was hilarious (for a 20 year old movie). Anyway, that's what he reminded me of last night. I know it's an exaggerated example, but that scenario popped into my head. The Most Emotionally Sensitive Man On Earth. 🤣 Again, I think he is a great father and an overall good dude. I'll add a link below if anyone wants to see what I saw when Watson went to school. Lol I loved Creed's Oscar the Grouch shirt!
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