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  1. I thought Ryan and his family weren't coming back, and that Maci wanted to focus on....whatever it was she said....instead of Bentley's issues with Ryan??? Did I imagine all that? I mean, you know and I know that there is nothing there, but I don't think they know it yet, so I thought they were going to try that out on us this season. And yes, Maci, Bentley's friends know he's in therapy. Six hundred thousand people know he's in therapy, thanks to you.
  2. Someone I know was told, "are you going to keep circling this thing, or are you going to land it"? 😅 He was a little shocked, but became forever aware of how he tells stories.
  3. Kail is upset about the amount of respect she's getting after 12 years on the show? How about if you want respect, you act respectably? They didn't give you a heads up because they probably don't respect you. You should reflect on that. I saw a meme that said "With All Due Respect is an interesting phrase because it might mean a lot, or it might mean none".
  4. I thought it was interesting that when those questions were being asked Bar said that someone at MTV needs to get it together (although they do, but not for the reasons he thinks). Bar, YOU need to get it together. Some nerve sitting there with that attitude. Does anybody know if the reunion was filmed before or after MTV cleaned house on producers? I'm hoping to see less coddling from production in the future from those who survived the culling.
  5. I agree. It's as much of an exaggeration as saying they "always" are.
  6. But then he said to Julie that white dudes with abs are always targeted first. 😅 What?!? I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up already.
  7. Why wouldn't Kloie think that is how you behave when you're unhappy about something? It's exactly what the adults in her life are modeling. Except developmentally it's something you would expect of a child her age-until you teach them better coping skills, which isn't happening. Imagine her frustration, she has no idea how to handle her emotions and gets screamed at when she does what she's being shown to do. Also, is Sean living there again? You know, to help with Kloie.... Did I hear Dr. Miami correctly when he said to Brianna, after she said she didn't want to go too b
  8. Isn't she like 28 now? Maybe time to update the thread title?
  9. I didn't even think about her having daughters-in-law! She is not going to like someone else being the main woman in her boys' lives. I don't think she'd be as threatened by a same-sex partner for any of her boys because she remains the main woman in their lives. But control issues are control issues...
  10. I think this is because the trend right now is towards unnatural body shapes. The goal isn't fitness/health, or a trim body. The goal is to be overly inflated from your lips to your butt, with a side of paralyzed face.
  11. Where is Ashley's thread? Is it still in the Y&P section? I was looking for this and had to search through all of the episodes. I hope they're filming this. I'm so curious if Ashley's getting fed up or not. The most gorgeous wedding in the world doesn't make a good marriage and I feel like she's thinking of the wedding more than the marriage.
  12. Ashley-'they' are not holding up your life, that is all Bar. Put the blame where it belongs. If you marry him this will be your future. Court dates, ankle monitors, suspended licenses, and visiting hours at the jail. If you want better then call it off now.
  13. eskimo

    S10.E24: MIA

    Did Corey say Alli's wheelchair cost $50,000?!?! Please tell me he said $15,000 and I misheard. 15k is insane, nevermind $50,000, even if it's top of the line. I wonder what a base model is, still five figures I'm sure. The profit margin must be huge. There is also a lot of technology in newer cars that cost less than that. IMO, this is straight up taking advantage of disabled people who need these chairs to function. Disgusting. Everything involving Jade was just shocking. Everything. I cannot believe the way they sent her out the door. I guess it's better for them if t
  14. Kail can't get even with Brianna for dating her ex husband, so this was her small dig at Bri using one of her exes, IMO.
  15. Not to mention that they are making permanent changes when the ideal body shape goes in and out of 'fashion'. Big butts weren't always in, and they will go back out at some point. So unless you would want a big butt even in a small butt world, don't do it!
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