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  1. Eagle Woman

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Thanks alot!! It's 1:00 a.m. and I'm watching quietly in bed and pulled up this page and shrieked out loud, waking poor DH, who said "whats wrong". I said nothing, Dear, Just had a nightmare. I shudda said just SAW a nightmare, lol.
  2. Not used to the changes and my first reply is somewhere in the lost zone, LOL. You just named 3 of the top 4 movies, the other being "Sarah, plain and tall." These are such classics and "Magic"cries out for a sequel. Above several posts dissed the rapid falling in love...At 19, I had a checklist of what I wanted in a man. And a friend asked me to double date with her because she was shy. I was engaged to be engaged to a college friend, away at grad school, he said go ahead. Well, this turned out to be Mr. Right x100. On the second date he proposed and I said yes! A month later we were married and moved to Europe by his parents. We had two beautifull daughters (one now an MD; the other an Atty) within three years and ten years later he died of cancer. So a good thing we didnt waste time. Seven years later, found the love of my life at my cousins wedding, lightening bolt again and now 35 years of Happiness. It happens.
  3. Eagle Woman

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    It sounds like Cate hates toddlers. Maybe she is still in an infantile stage herself so she resents their cuteness and the attention they get for being loveable. Tyler is looking at a selfie of himself. He is undoubtably in love with Tyler. Narcissus was a greek "god" who was a romeo and finally was punished by falling in love with himself. He spent all day looking at his own image in a well (guess no mirrors around) and he finally fell in and drowned...Tyler beware.
  4. Eagle Woman

    S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    Granny and kid; He has worked with disadvantaged youngsters alot and now works with rebuilding families of abuse and alcohol etc. He is also their Pipecarrier(traditional spiritual helper). I remember the first time, years ago,nI knew he was the one for me: we were traveling in his old truck to viset an elder in the hospital in Marquette. On a busy four lane hwy approaching the city at dusk, he suddenly pulled over and ran back where someone had just hit a deer and it was in the ditch. Then he dodged thru all the traffic and picked something up from the grassy median. Here was this big, tall guy cradling a newborn but deceased fawn in his good leather jacket. The doe must have been birthing when hit....we dragged mama deer into the bush and under some evergreens, covering her from predetors, and he tucked the dead fawn under her neck, put tobacco in their mouths so they wouldnt go to the Creator empty handed...and sung the traveling song. Back at the truck, he hands me the jacket, and off we went. Yeah, he is a great guy.
  5. Eagle Woman

    S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    Amer-Indian men dont put alot of weight on looks. They like it if you have a job, are a good mother, a good cook and not complicated. I asked my husband about this topic and he said, " After 40 years, when i cant sleep and we are lying in the dark, I cant see if you're beautiful or not,but I know how good your laughter sounds, how warm your touch is, how you never criticize anyone and can track a moose better than anyone I know. Those things matter. Beauty is like the sunset ...even as you are in awe of it, it is fading: so its the memory of it that lasts longer than the actual beauty and makes living in the reality bearable"
  6. Eagle Woman

    S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    Its one thing to not shave your pits but your FACE!!! I'm one of 6 girls, my auntie had 8 girls (then finally a boy) and I have 3 daughters and 4step daughters. Its 100 per cent consenses that facial hair is not attractive on a woman. Of course being varying degrees of Native Amercan ancestry, we dont really have to even shave our legs much and maybe we are just used to thinking thats how attractive people look, LOL.
  7. Eagle Woman

    S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    If Jazz is female in her brain, why doesnt she spend hours plucking, shaving or getting electroysis for that awful black outline around her mouth. Her mouth is already unattractive and that only emphasizes that . It must be fine hair because sometimes its there and sometimes gone, so some shaving is happening.
  8. Eagle Woman

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    Why not have the Cat lady on the multi-kid show and she can give each of them a cat al a pet. this will possibley drive her to check into a hospital and she can get some sleep.
  9. Eagle Woman

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    my guess would be Gestational Diabetes, which means baby could be over nine pounds and prone to problems.
  10. Eagle Woman

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I went back to this photo, thinking it would go well in the nameless baby's depressing room.. I set up and ran a Native Art Gallery for years up north, and this photo, if properly matted and framed is actually very beautifull. Especially if Nova were placed more to the right and not dead centerl It is a study in blue (as in Im feeling blue) and could be titled, "Melancholia" or "Childhood lost." It's piognantcy is a true indightment of RTV.
  11. Eagle Woman

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    That's the bassinette, Druzy. Now all they need are the new Baby line of grey and black onesies with white skull decorations designed by Celine Dion!!! And Theresa can use these photos to remind Neverthere Carley how blessed she is to be adopted...
  12. Eagle Woman

    Season 6 Discussion

    Modeling, little Ferdinada the bullee, is a Profession. The qualifications are not how cute you think you are, how guys look at your body parts(real or purchased), because you want to grace the modeling field with your presence or what a knack you have for being cruel to other women. Models have patience, intelligence, education, class and style. They have classic features and good bone structure. They have to be tall and size 1 or 2. and have a sense of elegance. Good manners are also important. Your make-up is way over done. You almost have only one eyebrow. Your underslung pit bull jaw and overly large mouth is vulgar looking; Your posture is lacking. If you hadnt of been so unkind to Larissa, she might have given you some makeup tips, she is a natural beauty. Perhaps the older gent you married could pay for you to take some pole-dancing lessons. Larissa and Olga: get the green card. Get as good a job as you can. Keep every cent you can in a separate bank account under your name only. Olga, keep a hidden diary where you can record date, time place, witnesses and photos of any ill actions your husband does for custody reasons. Then ditch these losers as soon as you can. Olga, use tapes of the show for your court hearing. Then find nice normal men who will appreciate you. Kilani, your sister is wierd . Who do you people think you are to walk all over such a sweet and innocent man. He gave up a safe place where he was happy and loved to be a good father and husband to a tourist who had a good time without thinking to be careful. I doubt you could have found such a good husband. If he just washes dishes, he will do so with a friendly heart and every one will like him except your stupid sister and father. Cherise him, in a phoney and morally bankrupt and evil society, he is an innocent , good hearted kind man. You arent a good catch, either. Maybe consider moving to his home and sitting in the shade of a palm tree with the babies playing on the beach while he gathers flowers for your hair.
  13. Eagle Woman

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    how come noteverthere Carley got a whole big birthday cake a few weeks bake and poor little neglected Nova just gets a cupcake. Not fair.
  14. Eagle Woman

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    I came from a family of nine and we had a very small home and no indoor plumbling , but NONE of us ever saw parents or siblings naked and I had no idea boys had penises until maybe fifth grade, nor did I care. My eldest daughter had a vocab. of over 1,000 words in two languages at age one (I wrote them all down in her baby book). Never mentioned private parts at all. She was more interested in her salt water aquarium or reading . For those words to be so correctly used someone in her home had to point the differences out and use the words often and commenly for them to be so important to the child. There was an incident at age eight where a man exposed himself to a bunch of girls at my childs school playground. I asked her what she thought of that and she said "Pretty silly when its -5 degrees out" and she sat down and began her homework and that was that. (she graduated from Med school summa cum laude at age 23)
  15. Eagle Woman

    S07.E29: Mixed Feelings

    Maybe Giggley juice is hillbilly speak for Champagne.