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  1. Gyproselee

    S09.E03: Hurricane

    How prepared are they for doomsday if they dont even have a generator? Going to bath in the pool if there is nuclear fall out? They are nuts.
  2. Gyproselee

    S07.E00: Meet the New Moms

    I actually found myself liking Bristol,much to my surprise. Not so much Cheyenne.
  3. Gyproselee

    S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    It was driving me nuts when Lauren spoke, until I realized she sounds like one of the female Manson family members. That monotone, dreamy voice like she is under a spell.
  4. Gyproselee

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    Researched it, found my on answer .Yes.
  5. Gyproselee

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    Is this the couple who got a bit of fame with the clip of their gender reveal? She had three boys wanted a girl, at the reveal they saw three blues before any pink?
  6. Gyproselee

    Little Women: LA

    How was Faries not insulting but Gnomes are?
  7. Gyproselee

    S08.E27: Thirsty 2018.07.02

    In SC the age for the front seat is eight and 80lbs.
  8. Gyproselee


    He was actually the producer of the show.
  9. Gyproselee

    The Passage

    Oh my God I can't wait .The book is epic!
  10. Gyproselee

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I think Leah 's mother is Apex but her dad was a normal human and her mother was trying to escape her being found out in the future.
  11. Gyproselee

    Say Yes To The Dress

    $11,700 it was written on the screen as she walked out to the entourage.
  12. Gyproselee

    Season 4 Discussion

    So the " public health worker" who freaked out over there old ,dry blood clearly has no clue about HIV. HIV can not be contracted through dried blood or boogers. I'm not saying it didn't need to clean but he wasn't going to catch it.
  13. Gyproselee

    S04.E02: The Scavengender Hunt

    My friend had her gender reveal last week,the cake was green .It's a boy and we are still baffled.The pink ballon remains because she was so upset it was a boy she punched the blue one.
  14. Gyproselee

    Hodges Half Dozen

    Weird observation the mother is in the medical field, Kate Gosselin was a nurse and I'm pretty sure there was another mom in a reality show that struggled with infertility who was a nurse.In my crazy mind I wonder if their brains knew subconsciously they would struggle with fertility and it led them to such a nurturing field?
  15. Gyproselee

    Hodges Half Dozen

    Honestly I don't like mom right now.I hope it's just the stress of it all but she is so controlling just like Kate.I mean hubby is about to be a doctor let him handle the not breathing baby.Stop talking to Rowan like he is the same age as the babies. It's more medical science than miracle.