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  1. I love Christian for the simple fact that he really does design for women of ALL sizes. I follow him on Instagram and while I don't like every single thing he comes up with, I love his inclusivity. Bones was a total ass insulting Christian especially on their first outing. In my opinion both Bones and the other guy should have been excluded from winning. It was like having someone write your term paper. Both should be given a failing grade. So happy the show.is back but I think the first challenge should not have been a team challenge be and maybe no eliminations on the first
  2. They all reminded me of a group of wonderful people I worked with. We were a fun group who loved each other. Sure we have little fights now and then but generally got along fantastic. Watching the finale made me think of them. I'd love to hang with that group of BB contestants.
  3. Is anyone going to suggest to Sonny that he bottle and sell his sauce as it was the clue that ultimately solved the mystery.
  4. Azah finally wins a comp and uses it to put a nail in her coffin.
  5. The lack of replies to this weeks show speaks volumes. This show is on life support.
  6. Am I too woke or too old fashioned? Why is it ok for a group of women to talk derogatorily of about the size of a guys d*** and how good he is in bed? If it was a group of men talking about women's bodies and their expertise in bed everyone would be up in arms. Sure, I guess it still happens in real life in private but on national tv it just seems unseemly to talk about no matter what sex you are. And enough about Harry Dubin. I'd sue Bravo if I were him.
  7. I want to know who and how they convinced the "ladies" to wear pasties and boob bump. If this how high society acts in their 50s and 60s I think I'm happy to be a middle class housewife.
  8. The twist could have been fantastic but it sure ended up a big fat flop.
  9. Don't the contestants go through some sort of psychological testing? A big part of the game is psychological so why should Be it I be treated any differently than any other person who has been emotional or loud on this show? I just don't get why some people want to give her a free pass. Again, nobody forced her to be on this show. According to her she has won numerous awards, is very intelligent and accomplished etc. and she chose to tackle this challenge.
  10. Wasn't Ian on the autism spectrum? I feel like Britni is fair game to either compliment or criticize just like anyone else in the competition. She signed up for the show, she wasn't forced into it. I would not have known she was on the autism spectrum if she hadn't announced it.
  11. She will do it if it gets her airtime. It is my understanding that you are not to have tattoos either. Everything about her is the opposite of what she is aspiring to be.
  12. Wow, I honestly did not hear Sonja talking sex at the dinner. I need to rewatch the episode. I guess you can call me old fashioned but I just don't like the calling women bitches constantly the way Eboni does.
  13. Worst show ever! I am getting tired of Ebony calling the women bitches. As in, when she said to Leah "You can't leave me alone with those bitches athe Shah Bat". I get it that the term is used, I even use it at times. But her use of it last night was catty and to use it while talking about a religious practice seemed especially nasty. Loved the TH with Leah's boobs hanging out talking about becoming a conservative Jew.
  14. Regarding the whole lying about sex thing: lets not forget this was during the worst of the pandemic when we were told not to shake hands, not see family during the holiday etc. Why would you even have sex with a relative stranger?
  15. These women act like they are empowered yet feel they are nothing without a man. How sad at her age that Sonja feels she must lie about getting laid.
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