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  1. Congratulations! And maybe this is a sign that kitty will be happy with you since you'll be working from home. You don't always get the pet you want but you always get the pet you need! Sounds like a really safe environment with mandatory vaccinations and masks. Doesn't get much better than that!
  2. Plus the MLM Queens are all supporting the church with their tithing so it's best not to kill the golden geese.
  3. Holy crap, those eyes. Gurl, stop emulating Meri. It doesn't become you.
  4. The Mormon Church is mandating masks in temples. Don't know why that surprises me but they are not exactly known to be compliant in a lot of areas.
  5. Cetacean


    NPR had a wonderful hour-long look at MLMs aka pyramid schemes today. It's 32 minutes long and worth a listen.
  6. True that. And add Sarah Plain and Tall to that list. A rare "good guy" role for Christopher Walken and he was great in it. The acting was top notch as expected with that caliber of actors. Compare that to the stable of current Hallmark actors and it's jarring. And very sad to see how low they have gone to achieve quantity over quality.
  7. I agree with your entire message. Knowing Princess as we do through vomiting her every thought on social media (sometimes in a totally offensive way) I sincerely doubt she actually does anything at all beside posting items. She loves to blow her own horn and the only thing we have ever seen her do was be in a Gay Pride Parade which had pictures galore. She talks the talk but never walks the walk.
  8. Can anyone explain the "smoke" reference? I suppose it's some sort of esoteric message that only her woke followers will understand. I bet most of them pretend they do but have no more idea than this COL.
  9. Cetacean


    My grandmother had a couch with a slipcover on it with the same pattern.
  10. The only church they tithe to is the Church of the TLC Almighty Dollar. These Z listers wouldn't give bread to a starving man unless there was something in it for them.
  11. I think what the "lazy people, they just don't want to work, they just want to sit home on unemployment" crowd seems to forget is that 670 THOUSAND people have died. So figure half are above working age and that still leaves 335,000 less humans to do the jobs. That's a huge number of workers of all ages and ranges of skills to have permanently disappeared. And as Delta rampages among the brainless unvaccinated and anti-maskers, it's culling the herd at a rate of 1 out of every 500 deaths. It's only going to get worse.
  12. But we don't know what experience they have had. Plus, we know that they had already purchased the property before the filming and they seem to have survived quite nicely. THe children had clearly not been eaten by wild carnivores. Moving around for the military makes families a lot more adaptable than most. My brother is a career Marine and he and his family have moved every two or three years even when the kids were young. His wife managed just fine where ever they landed and the kids are very well rounded because of it. They make friends easily as does their mom. She seeks out act
  13. Wow, that certainly was........harsh. Millions of kids live outside the city limits and are quite happy and healthy. In my rural area, farms are spread far apart and the nearest town is a 30 minute drive. Yes, they have to be driven to school or catch a bus and in the winter they leave in the dark (gasp). They are also in an area where there are "wild animals" but are taught how to be safe. Yet everyone seems to thrive without difficulty or trauma. When there is an emergency they call a neighbor and, shocker, we do have 911 services. Dirt roads area a way of life, not a death sentenc
  14. According to my TV app: "Molly Yeh and husband Nick celebrate wheat harvest with a tractor tailgate party on the farm; Molly makes colorful sheet pan ratatouille pizza, succulent grilled ribeye steak on feta farro with garden veggies, and tangy rhubarb bars for dessert." Actually sounds kind of tasty.
  15. You should let Hallmark know that. As will I. They don't know why they lose viewers unless told. Loved Loving Leah today. What a nice surprise.
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