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  1. Danielle is nowhere to be seen, so this has to be Olivia. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  2. I just read a few comments on Adumb's IG and once again he is very rude and falsely accuses some fans of bullying, just because they asked questions he didn't like. Time to grow a thicker skin, you idiot, and don't forget:The people who ask you questions you don't approve of are the very ones who support you and the girls. He is such a diva. Also, it was Danielle who wanted the puppy? Do you all remember the fake drama when Adumb brought home Beaux? Ha, as if he had the balls to do something /anything without Domielle's permission. He's such a wimp. ETA:There were quite a few comments wh
  3. Maybe Janelle should watch a few episodes of her own tv show to freshen up her memory, so that she remembers how unhappy the older kids, especially Maddie, Hunter, and Paedon were after the move to Las Vegas. And that she said on TV that she won't let Gabe through the same thing. Hell, I remember how miserable they were. Some strong willed person Janelle is... Btw this applies to Meri also. She, too, seems to forget a lot of what she said in a previous eoisode.
  4. Yeah, right, Janelle. Your husband didn't do anything. We all know that. And yes, of course we think you are a meek person. What about "No way I'm pulling Gabe out of his high school in his senior year, and transplant him to Flagstaff. I'm not gonna do it", remember? And I really hope it was Savanah's choice to accompany you for a "living off grid" and she does love it, although I still feel sorry for her.
  5. Has Danielle posted the inevitable handstand pic yet?
  6. They're in Chicago. And Danielle gets a lot of comments like "Again?" and "You need another vacation from what exactly?" on her IG. And people ask why Adam never gets a weekend with his friends. (Does he have any? Except his brothers in law).
  7. And another โ€œmuch neededโ€œ trip for Danille... She really is tone-deaf, isn't she?
  8. This photo is typical Janelle. Uninspiring, uninviting, boring. An unadorned table, but, come to think of it, pictures of Janelle's meals in chipped plates wouldn't be great, either. I mentioned it before and I'll say it again: I am so sorry for Savanah.
  9. Definitely a lot of Botox. When compared to the first seasons there was a lot of movement going on on Danielle's forehead. Not anymore so.
  10. On her IG, Janelle mentioned Gabe is growing his hair long enough to donate. This is such a lovely thing to do! I actually like his hair a lot, I think it suits him. Kodilox will be so pleased once Gabe's hair is shaven off, I'm sure he's green with envy every time he looks at Gabe.
  11. I'm sure the company gave Adam a huge discount for putting their name on social media. I'm looking forward to seeing him driving the truck, he will absolutely look like the tool that he is. Also, who does he think he is? Hell, if one of my friends would present me with a Cameo from Adam, that would be the end of our friendship. I can't with this entitled moron. All he did was fathering 5 girls at the same time.
  12. And she used it both on her teeth and her fingernails ๐Ÿ˜†
  13. Elodia


    What about proofreading, Mykelti? ๐Ÿ™„
  14. His obit mentioned Carrie who is Janelle's sister. Janelle isn't mentioned though.
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