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  1. I agree that TLC loves a scandal. But, I am wondering how many of them have actually had a tell-all written by a participant? It is not the kind of book I would look I would buy, so maybe there are loads of them that I have not seen.
  2. Regarding the multiple calls for Anna to write a tell-all to finance her escape from the cult: I am convinced Jim Bob is sly enough to have a pretty iron clad non-disclosure contract in place with everyone who has ever been involved with the Duggar family. And I am sure TLC is even slyer than he is and has their own signed contracts. They have spent and made a lot of money over the years maintaining the Duggar image. I imagine every book written so far had to be approved by Jim Bob and TLC. I would love to see a tell-all some day, but I don't see it happening.
  3. I think she was. She was immediately escorted to the diary room by several house guests and came back out sometime later with an ice pack on her head.
  4. When Amber was bad mouthing Anna to Trent and he decided to tell Anna, "Mom and Dad ain't gonna help you because you didn't care to listen or take our advice to prepare yourself", I wanted to slap that smug satisfied look off Amber's face. And the way she gave him a kiss of thanks for taking her side against their daughter infuriated me. I don't necessarily think Trent is as mean and nasty as Amber, I think he is just kind of dumb and easily manipulated. Amber really knows how to play him like a fiddle.
  5. Does anyone remember Jeremiah's father's name? They mentioned it multiple times but I cannot remember. I want to Google it.
  6. I get triggered every time Mike is on the screen. Natalie has mentioned several times how Mike likes to "tease" and she never knows if he is serious or whether to believe what he is saying. When she met his mother she said the mother was just like Mike, she likes to "tease" as well and now she knows where Mike gets it from. Other words for "tease" are: mock, deride, ridicule, make fun of, humiliate, etc. His best friend who was on last night said she did not think Mike and Natalie are compatible because Mike is a "jokester" and Natalie is too serious. Why would you do that to someone you claim
  7. I refuse to believe DeLuca is dead. I saw no body. I believe they have him in a witness protection program somewhere, in hiding from an international child trafficking ring. He will need to testify when they round them all up and the authorities need to keep him safe until then. That is my story and I am sticking with it.
  8. You know you can actually Google "fat girl in romper". What are they thinking?
  9. They also said Angela has been a keen collector of antique taxidermy. Does every antique piece come with a pedigree listing cause of death? They are so full of shit. I am still mad about the dead butterflies.
  10. I will never understand why anyone would enslave themselves to a bunch of goats, chickens, pigs and horses. Especially for a hobby farm? Here's a clue Brandon's parents: if you cannot handle your "farm" chores then sell the damn animals and get out from under the burden. How dare they demand Julia also become a slave to their hobby? If it so much fun to serve their animals then why are they complaining about it? They are looney tunes.
  11. Brandon in how old again? 27? He has a plaque on his bedroom door that says "Brandon". /snicker
  12. I am watching on Peacock based on your post but some content still seems to be missing? I remember in an early episode on the HGTV series they showed them creating a new kitchen out of the old. With Angel designing and printing tiles. None of that content seems to be in the peacock episodes. Unless the time line is drastically changed. The third episode on Peacock is the wedding and the kitchen is magically done? Is there any place I can watch the episode as they originally aired?
  13. I think Sharp got the Shawn/Destinie storyline directly from the lyrics to Sunspot Baby by Bob Seger.
  14. I find myself so distracted by Rebecca's face. Does she just make strange faces, or does she have some sort of tic disorder? It's especially noticeable with the corner of her mouth.
  15. I thought I would like this show until she got to the butterflies. Were those real butterflies that she had killed and pinned so she could hang their dead corpses on her walls? How disgustingly foul. Nasty woman.
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