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  1. I agree with this. I didn't necessarily interpret the comment to mean that Sol is learning to read for the first time ever...I guess I heard it as Sol is working on his reading. I don't think that Kody knows, understands, or cares about where his kids are in their educational development at any given time..just my opinion.
  2. Mid-life crisis with a side order of roid rage? I'm kidding, but only kind of....
  3. If Dayton was the cameraman for that scene (and the Ysobel/Kody/Christine debacle, and the Janelle/Kody "raging romance" cringe-fest).....well, he did a great job first off, but secondly- that's taking awkward family meetings to whole other level. 😬
  4. Oh, the train wreck that is this fambly. Takeaways: 1. Kody is a repugnant piece of shit, but the fambly culture these clowns have Frankensteined together has does nothing but enable his narcissism. Case in point: Kody's suggestion that 16 year old Ysobel fly across the country by herself in the middle of a pandemic to get a major surgery. He admitted it was more about his need to be included in the event. He said something about being able to provide Ysobel with the strength and support she'd need..implying that Christine wouldn't be capable of doing that. Never mind that he's been
  5. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that that conversation had Janelle giving her well-rehearsed spiel about communication styles, only to be met with a constipated silence by Meri. In Meri's accompanying TH, we hear her say some version of:"My walls were up/I din't fill safe/I was just takin' it all in."
  6. Yeah- this family is incapable of the simplest of group decisions, so watching them try to figure this one out is maddening. Takeaways: 1. "You're arguing with a four year old, who has the words of a 10 year old, and the logic of an idiot!"....Kody talking about Ari, but actually describing himself. 2. Robyn dry-crying about her spirit children.....oh holy hell, STFU. Robyn using her 'belief system' to justify an incredibly selfish idea. 3. Kody talking about how much he loves the "little ones" because they're so sweet. Yeah, until they grow up and develop personalities and
  7. Because up to that point he'd been pulling his punches with her? The whole conversation from the moment she got in the car was variations on the theme: "Every time I see you I throw up in my mouth a little bit". I remember that admission in the TH and not understanding the tactic...but it is Kody and why would I expect him to make any decisions that make any rational sense..
  8. Ugh. This. Kody's attempt to come off as some wise life-coach/teacher in this moment and provide Meri with some kind of "guidance" is really fucked up. Kody's religious beliefs/personal code of ethics only come into play when he wants to justify his own cowardly behavior and save his precious ego and bank account. A decent human being with real strength and moral purpose would make the tough call to end this relationship, cuz it's clearly done. It takes two people to create a dynamic, (or in this case, five), and Meri absolutely needs to own her part in all this, but I found Kody's cruelty har
  9. Yes, it certainly didn't scream "I went to some extra effort for your birthday", but I think I'd choose a low-key gathering around a bowl of Hamburger Helper than what Breanna got. Robyn insisted on making an effort, which was nice and all, but when the rest of her family didn't join her bemoaning how tragic it was that the "whole fambly" couldn't be there, she just turned the whole thing into a guilt-laden pity party. Gross.
  10. I actually like beef stroganoff as well as a once-in-awhile comfort food treat....but the slop on Janelle's table did not look remotely appetizing to me (but who knows? It might be the birthday boy's favorite dish, right?).
  11. It looks like a beef stroganoff/hamburger helper thing. I sure wouldn't want that for my birthday dinner, but there is no accounting for taste, right? I am very confused by the rando social distancing decisions put forth by this family, but it seems on brand with their "we all just make our decisions and then complain about how unorganized we are as a family" way of doing things. To be fair- there was a lot of confusion at the time this episode supposedly takes place about what you could/couldn't do, who you could do it with, and masks were still considered unnecessary- at least where I w
  12. Yes...and initially there was a lot of theory being bandied about that people in the 20's and younger were essentially safe, or at least safer, from the disease than older folks. His attitude seemed consistent with the thinking of the time. Here were my takeaways from the episode: Kody's "psycho-cam" talking head in Robyn's garage. Dude, take it down notch or 10...what am I saying? It's Kody. I cannot think of a worse person to have to ride out a pandemic with- especially in those early days. Kody never referring to any of the kids as 'his' kids. I was struck by the reac
  13. Oh, that's who that was. I saw the picture and initially thought, "Why is there a portrait of Kenny Loggins in Christine's house?"
  14. Couple of takeaways. I found myself trying to give the Brown family some small amount of grace given how hard the past year has been for everyone. That being said..... 1. Kody explaining what Coronavirus is at the top of the episode like it's something no one has ever heard of...??? 2. In the same vein- Robyn explaining Sol's RSV to the rest of the adults during the teleconference call as if it's the first time she's shared that info...?? Is it possible that no one else knew about precious Sol's medical issue? 3. The TP lesson...my retinas and ears are permanently damaged from t
  15. Or if Meri says, "My walls are up" OR "I'm just going to take it all in".
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