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  1. lamadeleine

    S12.E24: Family Affair

    I know! I get that Shonda had to figure out some departure scenario for SR, but this whole story line from beginning to end was ridiculous and sloppy. Other random thoughts: SC should get some kind of special Emmy for best "being cut open with a steak knife" acting...wow. I now love Riggs. I love his objectivity and refusal to get sucked into the never ending Grey Sloane Memorial drama. Of course, that's going to change, but for now I'm loving it. Amelia/Owen- nope. Still can't go there. Amelia's bridal do' was hideous...the bedraggled rain look was actually an improvement.
  2. lamadeleine

    S12.E21: You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

    I totally got this impression as well, and honestly, I think it would be for the best if she went on her merry way. I don't have super strong feelings either way about the character, or the actress playing her for that matter, but she's basically been a plot device with an inordinate amount of screen time from day one. I feel like the "Perfect Penny" syndrome is partly a result of Shonda and Co trying to cram what would normally be at least a full season or two of main character development into half a season and hope something interesting and likable sticks. It's too much too soon with no rhyme or reason and as it has been said before...Penny and Callie have no chemistry. At all. I agree with Joana- the biological vs. adopted parent viewpoint might indeed be part Callie's presumptuousness, but I'm disappointed that we have to guess at that. That kind of conflict could have made for a really interesting, valid story that might have given this whole plot more honesty and depth. Instead, it's just underwritten and exasperating. Other random thoughts: Owen and Amelia- somewhat enjoying if not momentarily relieved by the "Owen/Amelia character rehabilitation project 2015/2016", but still not anywhere near enjoying them as a couple. Nope. April Pregnancy- I am done with the baby health scares- put it to rest, Shonda. I also just can't with April's screeching...yes, she was scared and had good reason to be, I know, but still....
  3. lamadeleine

    S12.E16: When It Hurts So Bad

    I agree. We're actually getting to see a side of Amelia that is gracious, humble, and striving for emotional intelligence...it's a good side to see. I also hope that the Owen/Amelia ship has passed for good. At the end of the day, you cannot force chemistry and these two actors just don't have it with each other, bless their hearts. My wish is that this failed relationship is a positive jumping-off point for both characters- for Amelia, an opportunity to really stand on her own and navigate sobriety without the distraction of a relationship. For Owen- I hope this helps him realize that he needs to start dealing with and owning his issues and get into some kind of therapy- do not pass go, do not collect $200. In regards to the Meredith/Will situation- I gotta say that part of me was really put off that they used the tease of "Did Will actually assault Mer in some way" to tell the story of Mer not being ready to move forward. Maybe I'm being too sensitive here, but it just felt it was over the top and it didn't sit well with me.
  4. lamadeleine

    S12.E11: Unbreak My Heart

    Well, if they stay true to the Grey's Anatomy mold, April will undoubtedly have to have a near-death experience..that's usually how characters on this show achieve their much needed clarity.
  5. lamadeleine

    S12.E09: The Sound Of Silence

    Long time Grey's Anatomy watcher here, but since I rarely get to watch it in real time, I missed the hype surrounding this episode. However, since I have been watching this show since the beginning, I knew to expect something cray-cray for their "midseason premiere"...runaway locomotives crashing through the pit, tornadoes, serial killers...something was going down. I just got a chance to watch this episode so forgive my being late to the party. My random thoughts: Geez Shonda. Can't a character come to a realization about their life without having it accompanied by some violent, traumatic act against their person? I'm no shrinking violet, but this is the gazillionth time Meredith Grey has had to endure some personal tragedy just in order to move to the next step. It has become a frustrating and very tired plot device, IMHO. BUT....the episode was well done, I gotta say. The writing, directing, and most of the acting was very compelling. What wasn't so compelling, you ask? A"ME"LIA. Just when I think that character can't get any more annoying, she steps up the plate and hits a grand slam. I couldn't even deal with her dramatic slow-mo slide down the wall as she watched her colleagues try to save Meredith's life. She then shows up in the hospital room and some of the first words out of her mouth.."you don't know what it was like for MEEEE watching you there..". Boo hoo, lady. No interest in her journey whatsoever. edited for typos:)
  6. lamadeleine

    Dr. Amelia Shepherd: The Shepherdess

    Word to this. I too really struggle with this character. Part of it for me is the actress, truth be told, but most of it is the writing. I feel like Shondaland has a few tried and true formulas for characters on this show, and this one is the ol' "Prickly/complicated/smug(but brilliant) woman in a position in power who is hiding a deep well of vulnerability and ultimately has issues feeling comfortable in her own skin"...sounds compelling on paper, but it's an old, tired device that has worn out its welcome for me. I'm just not interested in watching another episode where Amelia screams about how brilliant she is and I'm definitely not interested in watching the ick-fest that is Amelia and Owen awkwardly trying or not trying to have a relationship. Gross. To me, Amelia is pretty much the "Andrea" of this show(and if there are any Walking Dead fans on this thread, you'll know exactly where I'm coming from..).
  7. lamadeleine

    S05.E14: Spend

    I wasn't creeped out by the fact that Pete offered to give the kids check ups. I was creeped out by the fact that he seemed hammered when he offered. Uh...thanks but no thanks, Dr. Drunky-Pants. I just also think that Pete gives off a seriously malevolent vibe. A few other thoughts: Tara- is her only purpose on the show to get injured? I actually like the little glimpses of character they've allowed us to see, but right now she just seems like a device. FPP- not to get all Dr. Phil on the situation here, but I think we've got a classic case of projection. FPP is clearly hanging on by a thread; he can't come to terms with the guilt and shame he feels, so all of that just gets redirected towards the group; they're the ones who are dangerous, they're the ones who are untrustworthy. Interestingly enough, some of what he said could very well be true when all things come to pass, but man....that pissed me off. Someone take FPP on a run next time, please?...and then just leave him. Thanks. Rick/Jessie- I don't know where they're going with this; I feel like the attraction/connection/simpatico/whatever it is between these two characters is being set up to serve a bigger storyline. We'll see....
  8. lamadeleine

    S05.E13: Forget

    I didn't think the kiss was predatory in nature, per say, but it sure was one of the most sexually loaded pecks on the cheek I've seen...and both Rick and Jessie seemed to be fully active participants in it.
  9. lamadeleine

    S05.E12: Remember

    All shipping aside, the introduction of Jessie was kind of ridiculous. It played out like some kind of zombie apocolypse porn scenario. Newly hotified Rick gets out the shower and before he has a chance to dry his glistening chest off and put on a shirt...oh, surprise! The doorbelll rings and a hot blonde lady shows up not only with supplies, but just "happens" to have been a stylist and offers HotRick a haircut....I fully expected to hear "Bowchickabowbow" at some point. Hopefully, her inclusion in the story will have more weight and dimension than just being some potential love interest. Regarding Michonne, I feel like the show has done a decent job of setting up her desperate desire to find a place to land. She's one of the few characters who spent a good deal of time out in the post-apocolyptic world alone, save her zombie pets, and while she figured out how to negotiate that somewhat successfully, meaning she survived, it seemed to be at great cost to her emotionally. She knows and has spoken about the dangers of being out there too long. She knows how dehumanizing, lonely and awful that existence can be...even if technically you've found a way to live through it. Now that she's got people she loves and cares for around her..she doesn't ever want to go back to that, and she probably knows that not everyone in the group would survive it. I guess we just have to wait and see if her intense desire to make Alexandria work ends up being a good thing or a disaster.
  10. lamadeleine

    S05.E10: Them

    I actually enjoyed this episode; I liked seeing the group struggle with the basic, essential tasks of finding water, finding food, and just making it to the next mile marker. I agree with this. I think the writers did not do Maggie any favors last season with how they handled the Beth situation, but I got what I needed from Maggie in this episode. I was, however, totally bothered by the sloppy storytelling surrounding the zombies trying to break into the barn. The barn door scene was very dramatic and symbolic, but cutting from barely keeping the hoard of walkers at bay to everyone peacefully sleeping the next morning...whaaa? I think they were trying to tease us with a "was it all a dream or wasn't it" so that when Maggie went outside, we could have the full dramatic impact of seeing that not only did the events of the night before happen, but apparently there was a "zombie apocalypse miracle" in play that helped save their lives. Fine, I'll bite(no pun intended), but it didn't really make sense.
  11. lamadeleine

    The Great Wife Swap of 2014: The Dark Wife Rises

    Absolutely...especially since this "legal restructuring" is going to be followed up with a Hawaii honeymoon....if this was truly a decision based in practicality and pragmatism, then there would be no need to celebrate it, let alone celebrate it in the most intimate, "romantic" way possible(short break while I throw up in my mouth a little bit at the thought of Koduche and Sobbin being romantic). Of course, I'm sure TLC is paying for the trip, so who cares, right? I don't know....as messed up as this all seems, I really don't know where the truth of it all lies at the end of the day. I think TLC and the Browns are hoping on, counting on, and actively fueling public outrage and criticism to help keep interest in their pathetic show alive. For all their "don't judge us..we're just normal people trying to live our lives in peace", they are also financially incompetent fame whores who have to keep ratings up and stay relevant in the public eye...no matter what cost to the lives of the people involved. So, grift or not, ratings ploy or not....it still sucks for those kids who didn't get a say in any of this hot mess.
  12. lamadeleine

    S05.E11: A Family Meltdown

    I'm coming late to the party, but I just had a chance to watch this episode. My thought on KenGate: What a bunch of ridiculous, unnecessary drama. Yes, it was insensitve for Kody to insist on trying to make plans with a buddy that he knows you have an issue with..but, you know, welcome to your marriage- this is the dude you married. However, if this apology for a comment made.. a year/a few years ago.. was so important, Christine, here's a radical thought: this is 2015, not 1915- call Ken and ask for an apology yourself. When she and Kody were having their one-on-one and she was talking about how easy she felt it would be for Kody to just ask for an apology, I noticed she went from "I need an apology", to "the wives need an apology"...what?? No one cared about the stupid comment but you, Christine. If you're going to wallow in self-righteous indignation, then at least own up that you're alone in it. Gawd.
  13. I laughed my ass off when they were talking on the show about how their website gets "lots of traffic but no purchases.." Uh, yeah....that's because the only people actually checking out the website are people like us who just want a good laugh. Seriously...one of the biggest problems with this whole misguided venture is that there's no separating the personal and the professional- particularly with Robyn. At first, she's all, "Oh, our family is going to fall apart if all the wives don't get on board with this," and now that she's actually got some buy-in from everyone, she's pouting in the corner because the other wives actually have opinions about the business. At the end of the day, it just feels like MSWC is nothing more than a vanity project and a sad effort to gain mainstream validation.
  14. lamadeleine

    S02.E10: I'm Gonna Go Home

    I think Mo and Dani both equally contributed to the epic train wreck that is their..whatever their relationship is. I buy that Mo entered into the relationship with Dani knowing full well that the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow was a green card and a "better life" in America...not a fulfilling and loving partnership with the woman of his dreams. He doesn't even seem to like Dani, let alone love her, and once he realized that Dani doesn't live like a cast member from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he panicked. For Dani, I think she saw an opportunity to latch on to someone who could "take care of things for her"(her quote, not mine), and be all the things she thinks she needs: a father-figure, life-coach, financial manager, prince in shining armour, etc. I think she's a lonely, desperate woman of limited means who is exhausted and defeated. That doesn't make her a bad person, per say, but it sure does put a lot of unrealistic pressure on a guy she clearly doesn't really know. The whole thing is just sad and depressing, especially for Dani's girls who just seem resigned to a life of bad decisions courtesy of their mom. What I'd be interested to know is how their getting to be on this show played into their courtship/marriage/etc. I wouldn't be surprised if both Dani and Mo believed that somehow this show would lead to money/fame/celebrity, which makes all the problems magically go away....right? edited for spelling:)
  15. lamadeleine

    S02.E08: Chunks Of My Soul

    Yes. And while we're on the subject of the kids.....I find it tragic that these kids are allowed to be on this show in the first place, and that's on both Tori and Dean. The only thing these kids are getting out of this experience is the lesson that nothing that happens in their lives is valid unless it's happening on camera. Just So Gross.