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  1. Why did Meredith even go with Brooks to meet Jen? He is a 22 year old adult, so mommy has to fight his battles and then to sit 3 feet away and listen to everything?
  2. So happy this is back. I totally think Aaron was robbed, his maroon suit was stunning. Bones's jumpsuit to me looked cheap and made it look like the models boobs were down to her navel. Megan is totally going to lose it and I will be watching
  3. She basically mumbled that when was the last time you dated a girl and then it was something like you dont even like... That is what I heard, and that is my take on it
  4. Thanks for posting the trailer, I will be tuning in. Tammy sure has packed it on and can barely talk without losing her breath. I don't see her living much longer if she doesn't stop eating
  5. but it has been a few months since she got waxed, LeBlur, be afraid, be very afraid
  6. Thank you, she is doing well, made some good progress while I was there, but she is a stubborn lady and everything is her way or no way...she is 83 and extremely pessimistic
  7. Because I am sure she stopped to have a ciggy before boarding. She was absolutely horrible to Hunter, like she is some goddess, but she is nothing but a f*cking baby. She looked like she smelled when she was in her bed, greasy hair and all. It seemed to be she basically "outed" her brother which was disgusting. She invite Le Blur on the friends/family trip almost seemed she was rubbing into Heather's face like I got a man coming and you have no one. Sorry, not that I would ever be her friend, but if I was going on a trip with a group of long time friends and all of a sudden a stranger is dumpe
  8. We don't have an Aldi out here, but I was just back in NJ (mom fell broke her hip) and my sister likes that store. I did go to a store called Giuseppe's, and OMG I would be there everyday. Everything looked delish, pricey but they have tons of premade meals, their hot deli department....Im now hungry
  9. What a cutie, is that Robyn's spirit baby? Can she return it because it does not have brown hair?
  10. Back in the 90's when I moved into my first apartment my go to store was Big Lots. I would buy home décor, sheets and towels, back then I didn't really care about quality, it was cheap and being I had to use the apartment complex laundry mat, find quarters, I wound up with tons of towels, sheets.. This was before Home Goods, Tuesday Mornings started popping up. Back in 2008-2009 when that recession hit, they jacked up their prices by quite a bit, but the quality was still junk. I went there a few months ago, I think Walmart was still cheaper (was looking for outdoor lighting). I still go to Ta
  11. So they are all miserable sacks of shit, I guess we won't be seeing anymore of this. Where they go one they go all...my ass
  12. Well she maybe able to find a nice bow to match the top when she braids her armpit hair
  13. How funny @Yeah No, you look great actually in both, but I do like the shorter one better
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