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  1. I am sorry you have to deal with that BS. I went on my weekly run to the grocery store and standing in line- 6 feet and arrows pointing every which way, I get the douchebag of all douchebags. I have had him ring me up before but today, man he was an ass - normally the checkers are pleasant - this dude - never once said hello -which is not the norm at this store- never spoke a word or anything. Next time I go in, I WILL get his name and call and complain. I am without a job, and if this fucktard is so miserable, I will be happy to take his place
  2. Especially when you can see clearly that she makes time to eat. I laughed when Larissa was on the phone with Nathalie and she told her that Eric-e said she has bad hygiene and doesn't shower for days, especially seeing all her dandruff- girl needs some head n shoulders
  3. Right, with a good smack to the back of the head... I volunteer to go first on her
  4. Have you tried maybe a local university's school of audiology or if they have a clinic? Sometimes they train their students and you may be able to register for a "test" subject for a lot less? Unrelated, but the local University by me offers their senior students an opportunity to design & landscape local residents yard, granted you still have to pay for it, but it is at a much lower rate than what you would be charged for professional designer.
  5. So I wonder on her facebook live if she still looks more like this than her photoshop
  6. This was from last years cruise I believe, and quite frankly, I would never in a million years call this "revenge body"
  7. I took mine on 16Personalities and I am a ISFJ-A
  8. @Kyanight There is probably more of a chance I will have leftover Calgon than I would my Malbec...
  9. Next time I am in the area I will book an appointment, I wonder if he does happy endings? I watched the BB90 or whatever the eighteenth installment is. Darcey actually looked good, maybe she got the fillers out of the lip and her hair looked a little better. Looks like she is living in a studio now. Did Papa Silva throw these 2 finally out? Also I thought
  10. I usually go into the grocery store with list in hand and book it around the aisles like a bat out of hell. Sirloin was on sale and I waited patiently for the older couple to move on once they picked what they wanted, yet they just stood there, looking at one package, then picking up another package, comparing two of the exact same steaks different sizes probably wondering if they would have leftovers. I was getting annoyed. They saw me standing my social distance away waiting and they just took their time. I must have waited 5 minutes before they left the case. I was super annoyed-normally I would have excused myself and took a quick peek and grabbed what I wanted. I am over it. Things are just annoying me more now than they ever did. Calgon, take me away
  11. I think for the Vegas homes they only had an interest only mortgage, usually the terms are 5-7 years. Mona thought they could sell those homes and make a hefty profit, which never happened. Now granted, the housing market can change suddenly, but I think the reason it took very long to sell those were a few factors. When they left Vegas it looked like the homes were in crappy condition, not cleaned completely out, seemed a lot of stuff was still left there. It wouldn't surprise me if Janelles house became a U-Store-it . Also, there were a lot of brand new homes being built and for sale that honestly looked a lot nicer than these. Also location (not sure where their cult-de-sac was) . Did they stagger the sale on the 4 homes ? Sorry, but if I saw 4 homes all in the same cul-de-sac for sale, I would think something was wrong with the neighborhood. Oh, and throw in their original realtor, the ever personable Janelle, who would heave herself up there every other weekend. Now as far as buying land in Vegas, did Kody think that utilities would magically appear on his land? Was that not discussed with their realtor ? I would really like to know how they are getting the money for these expensive cars and homes.
  12. At this point they may as well sell off the plots on Plague Prairie, nothing will ever be built by them on it. Even if he sold one ( probably Meri's) he may be able to get a little bit more than he paid, in turn he can then support his own freakin family and pay for Ysabels surgery. But he is too much of an ass to do that. I bet none of the kids still living at home have any kind of medical insurance. I also think when they were pulling the food stamp fraud they were also getting insurance for the kids. Janelle and Christine were probably getting quite a bit of assistance being "single mothers", until the state of Utah caught up with them
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