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  1. I felt bad for Angeliner, remind me not to wear my Rolex if I ever meet a long lost family member. I think we all saw some shady angle with Vinny2.0 being so quick and then to hear the shit he was doing to her, all again money is involved. I really hope she is getting some therapy to deal with everything. I liked Chris her ex. I am glad Mike is doing so well with his recovery and sad that Laurens lost a brother to addiction. I only watch this for Snooki
  2. I was so confused about this phone call, so Maddi was on the call, then lied and faked and cried to Joe about it. So she is going to lose all her friends/co-workers over this dumbass boyfriend? As someone who has a family member who is a recovering addict, they are used to lying. I found Grace Lilly so unlikeable last season, but I like her this season. Joe is fake and two-faced.
  3. They should have left Lisa on Doll Island. And I agree, why were they saying dead babies and who was saying it? I also was a supporter of Lisa early on, but she is insufferable. I thought Adriana tanked with lip-synching and she barely danced (maybe because of the wings?) This at least was the one episode where I didn't want to punch Alexia
  4. Poor Glenn, I thought he was going to whack his head on the table when he was falling asleep. Amy needs to take a parenting class or something. Gage was fussy, and I appreciate Amanda removing him from the table out of courtesy to the other diners. However, if he was fussy before going to dinner, maybe Amy should have stayed home with them and had the family get some food to go for her and the kids. I see so many parents at restaurants with kids, they bring coloring books or even a tablet to let their kids keep busy to hopefully avoid these meltdowns.
  5. Chantel's outfit? Was she channeling Ariel from Disney with that pink awful outfit? She is in her 30's and dressing like that, she should be ashamed. I don't care for Jamal, he started the nonsense by calling Tim a "b*itch, I don't like Tim, but Jamal had no right bringing his parenting into this. Debbie makes my head hurt
  6. Dorit can STFU. She is hammering on and on about her PTSD about the "alleged break in" yet a few episodes when Garcelle said it was hard to share about her family (related to Jax cyber issues) Dorit said to get over it, it has been a year. She is awful. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't spend a second on someone I just met to research their medical issues, as Garcelle said "Why do you care?" Kyle's celebration of life was in poor taste. It should have been listed as a fundraiser for NAMI in memory of Lorene. The song choice was cringe
  7. I like this show, more about the design than the personalities. Jeff does crack me up at times, but if it is true what he he says his young daughter says to him, he is in for a real problem, the kid seems like a nightmare. I didn't mind Megan on Flipping Out, but I find her annoying on this. I was sad to hear about Andrew and his cancer, but seems he is in remission. It looks like those lovely old olive trees didn't make it, it's too bad.
  8. Knock Knock Did anyone watch this? So we have some new and batshit crazy moms/daughters, some returning. Already the pageant queens are annoying, those poor sisters.
  9. Those sunglasses brought me back to circa 1985, when Swatch Sunglasses were all the rage in my neck of the woods, sadly I could only afford the "knockoffs" sold on the corner in NYC
  10. I beginning to think if Amy is a substitute teacher, the kids clearly need to strike
  11. I just saw the trailer for a new movie called Poor Things, and Emma Stone's character and Holly could be twins, right down to the nasty raggedy long hair
  12. Right and I remember her conversation with Heather where Heather was doing Invisalign and Whitney said she didn't want the hassle to take them out when she has her drinks like her soders and 800 calorie mocha coffee crap. Lazy slob
  13. I always find her annoying, but in this episode I wanted Hunter to "Push Mamma from the Train" She is an absolute control freak on this trip and looks absolutely stupid with her tour guide flag and barking orders at everyone. I think she pissed Glenn off early on with the suitcase stuff and she does continue to infantize him. It would be in his best interest to either move back to his old house or find a smaller place far away from her.
  14. I am ashamed to admit that I have watched this from the start. I remember when Chantel first bought Pedro here and she was living in a small studio apartment, then they upgraded to a 1 bedroom and last season a 5 bedroom house. I would like to know aside from the harvesting of the TLC dollar, what other income they made?
  15. I don't know about you all, but I am clearly excited for Glenn to finally give old Twit a nice verbal beat-down.
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