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  1. She is probably telling all her barnacles, she has him in the bag...I wouldn't be surprised if she has filters on while taking the online class and now he is going to come visit or he wants her to visit and how is she going to explain her 380lb body now. ( that would be funny actually)
  2. I really hope it is a funny reference to the Progressive commercials, where the guy said " do you really need a sign that says, live,laugh,love". It is basically saying, don't be like your parents in the commercials
  3. I find it amusing that ol Whit was taking French lessons, clearly she is a pro at it with her Dadwee (oui) spelling. She rarely ever follows through with anything like becoming the largest personal trainer on the east coast, her NOBS is kaput it appears for now
  4. save Koko...I really felt bad for Gigi, she should move back to Michigan.
  5. Thanks @Teafortwo Funny how when I was unemployed, I really didn't comment or post too much, now that I am employed again, I am back at it. As long as these dillywags give me something to post about, I will be here!
  6. I found the unaired follow up to the season:
  7. I noticed that too, I bet their mom makes all their cloths. No way would they be driving around in a 20 year old beat up car if they had cash like they come across as having. I find myself dosing off with this show, it really is so stupid
  8. Gardick is so punchable. I can't stand when he is saying God, religion, etc yet he is having premarital sex with Bert and trying to make a baby. If I were Daniellllle I would divorce his ass and find someone else. I honestly don't believe Bert does not speak English, we have seen a lot of TLC 90 day fiance ladies speak English just fine.
  9. Get ready for more chub rubbing, fake relationships and donkey braying, the bitch is back August 17th.
  10. Still looks like bloat face to me.. I don't get why she just wouldn't run down to the local gas station and fill up the tank. She could have picked up her Dr Pepper 73oz cup and grabbed some snackies. Also, isn't BBQ on a charcoal grill whereas grilling is on a propane grill? I don't know what she was grilling, was that steak? Looked like it would have been as tough as Christines skin, the legs looked ok, I am not a fan of the legs or thighs myself ( unless its on John Stamos )
  11. Both Mike and Reza are lying assholes. Nice friends like Reza to throw GG under the bus. I am sorry, but Jessica was a beauty compared to lips lina. I guess the Palm Springs house that Reza had is no longer or was never his, because he went home to LA when if he still had the house, he could have easily gone there or at least made mention of it. Baby Shams is adorable and I am glad MJ so far is not sporting that long ratty wig.
  12. Kirsten reminds me of Piper Perabo, it is chilling to watch the pandemic unfold again, I remember those early days and it was scary. I hear NYC real estate has tanked since Covid, most people leaving the city now that many companies have realized that there is money to be saved by working remote and not paying high rent. Maybe someone who lives in NYC can chime in on that rumor I heard
  13. Why did they wait so long to check on his head? The kid is 3, so I wont blame Covid. My god son had the same condition and he was not in the NICU at all, sometimes it just happens, he was maybe a little over a year old and had the operation, sure it was scary for his mom, but he is doing great now at 23 years old
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