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  1. I wonder if Whitney will be the god-mother? I was also one that felt this was fake from the jump. I would not be surprised if Whitney did fall for Chase even though he was only a paid actor. I wonder if next season, we will see her moved back to Greensboro as it seems that nobsactive is kaput and there is no reason to be there anymore.
  2. I guess I am a COL, but I find pit hair on women gross. I am also grossed out going out to eat ( yes, remember when ?) and seeing men with sleeveless shirts eating, IDK something about it bugs me. I remember watching a cooking competition show with Gordon Ramsey and there was one guy who always wore a sleeveless shirt, I am surprised they let him. Pudge just wants everyone to thing she is so woke and all natural and one with the earth, if she was, she wouldn't be mooching off her mother on her wokeness retreat at the B&B and using electronics to post her jibberish and buying her 5.00 macha lattes in styrofoam cups and her special blend green shit in plastic bottles.
  3. Meri running - more likely away from her disgusting spawn
  4. I think that is the consensus of all of us on this board. I do wonder if the land that Meri liked would have been easier and cheaper to develop on? They have been sitting on this land for what, almost 2 years and other than using it as a U-Haul storage and throwing some picnic tables on it, nothing has been done and probably never will. I think Christine is perfectly happy where she is in her home, Robyn got her 6 bedrooms, Meri is off photo-shopping her selfies and Janelle is pretending to use her spin bike.
  5. Well they could start up again filming, its not like Whitney does much in the public, most of the show she is at home, slobbering over Boo Bear, trying to make it through a 22 minute workout or eating 6 aigs.
  6. I knew she was going to move it after stubbing her toe one too many times, plus cloths do dry quicker outside
  7. Here are a couple of questions I would totally love to see 1. Robyn, are you sad that the man upstairs didn't provide you with a 6 bedroom rental ? Are you mad at him or at yourself because now you are deep doo-doo in debt just because your precious darlings all needed their own bedroom ? Have you been having a hard time finding Abreva on the shelves during this pandemic ? 2. Christine, the angels have stopped singking a long time ago and have moved on to non-flood plains & plague-less land, do you meet up with your "handsome man" at the picnic tables often or have the tables been repossessed? 3. Janelle, glad you finally decided to get that McNugget off your lip, was it interfering with your meals ? Does a stationary bike dry cloths quicker than a dryer ? 4. Meri, will you ever stop photo-shopping your IG photos ? Will you ever size-up in your jacket choice ? How do you feel about your little ungrateful moocher of a daughter taking over the B&B for her wokeness retreat ? 5. Kody, what will happen when TLC cancels the show ? Will you be forced to all live under one roof and commit food stamp fraud again ?
  8. I don't think she can ever cross her arms when she is wearing her garanimals size 1 jacket.
  9. that is what Cinnamon buns can do to anyone who is woke and just plain stupid
  10. Sure looks photshop - her chin is weird, plus what is on her shoulder ( our right ) also another too tiny jacket - the arm on our left looks like its about to bust out of the seams -
  11. Not to be confused with Robyn's Goiter, which she wears around her neck and maybe can pull it over her mouth, but i doubt it would pass over her chin
  12. This pose(r) reminds me of when my nephew was taking a poo-poo in his diaper. As my dad used to say "Shit or get off the pot"
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