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  1. Creative license. If Kelli conveniently decided to ask Travis Wall (ON CAMERA) about Ava, presumably at least a week AFTER she had talked to Ava then I am only left to assume either: a) she was talking to everyone about it and we just didnt see it or b) she only talked to Travis ON CAMERA because she wanted to exploit the issue for television drama sake.
  2. Honestly it doesn't even matter what she was doing. Any off- camera director would have been able to just deal with the situation swiftly and then moved on. Call her in. Go over the standards needed for the job. Warn her and move on - stop bringing it up with guest choreographers every week. OR tell her she's not a fit for the team this year and cut her because of it. Dragging this on and insinuating that she's a girl with "poor character" is ridiculous. She's 19. Teach, don't drag. And it's a bad look on Kelli who appears as if she doesn't know how to be a director anymore.
  3. Gotta love that cameraman who gets so low and close. Is that Kat who is dancing right on his lens? What is he zooming on anyway.
  4. It seems a bit rehearsed to me too, especially when Kelli gives her signature eye squint while listening to the pitch She does. So far she's the only one I can remember with no canned sob story. She was highlighted last week and I laughed out loud when she said "Growing up was awesome and so much fun." I respect what the other ladies have been through (but its disheartening to see some of their traumas that I'm not sure I should know about them tbh - seems so private for reality tv).
  5. Kylie seems like Lily 2.0. Pretty, good dancer, a little reserved, loved by her peers. Gets cut the first year near the end. Comes back the next year and makes the team, hooray! and then... oh wait. More flattering perhaps but I dont like that the "V" points to the v.
  6. Kelli in theory, is asking Travis Wall at least a week (probably more) after they "stumbled across Ava's social media," and she happens to ask Travis ON CAMERA. Sorry but this whole thing is a made for tv storyline. First of all, any respectable organization doesn't "stumble across social media." They check it prior to admission to camp. Secondly, any director would make a decision on the spot. Yes or no. Teachable moment, warning and then let it go. Or cut the girl. There is zero reason she needs ask Travis Wall on camera and drag this out. That's the most ridiculous idea ever. Why
  7. I am 100 percent sure DCC will support Marissa with this. Marissa could very well have been simply venting about things so the text messages dont necessarily have to be fake. The context is likely completely fake though. I mean who knows... she may have been planning to take on the problematic things within the organization in her later years. I have zero issue with that direction for her. We all know that there are issues with how NFL cheerleaders are treated. What's terrible is him publicly trying to capitalize on private conversations in order to ruin her reputation within the DCC
  8. Link for me was broken "unavailable" - but this doesn't surprise me. Of course tbf her granddaughter isn't trying out for DCC- yet.
  9. Last year's debacle was good for ratings but I do think it hurt their overall brand. I fully expected a reparative "feel good" season this year. I also think they are acutely aware of cancel culture. We likely will never ever hear about weight or body issues again. Likely those things are discussed off camera. For me, the trend toward being overly produced is my only continued complaint. I wish they'd do a throw back. I wish we saw some actual training camp rehearsal that weren't just the film nights with K/J. Oh my. Maybe I miss Kitty? 😬
  10. LOL if it was WAP, I'm pretty sure the lyrics are the bigger issue than a little birdie. It was a HUGE Tiktok trend but shocking enough to have tons of "shocked parent"' videos. I still say though you don't insinuate a girl is "nasty" on national television just because of a tik tok. Review the social media and discuss prior to offering an invitation into training camp if its such a concern.
  11. When Kelli was talking to Kashara she said something along the lines of "it's not an indicator she's a nasty girll waiting to break (freak?) out?" If that's not the right wording, please correct me because I'm not sure (though its what my closed captioning said). I take issue with this comment. I can see saying unprofessional. I can see saying off-brand. But I think its actually insulting for Kelli to assume that someone is a "nasty girl" because they post certain material. She's 18 and this is national television. (And all just a little ironic given the original intent when the DCC
  12. I wish they let the current girls wear different hairstyles like they used to. They used to have braids or half back styles that allowed some of the girls to not look so swallowed by their hair. I'm thinking of Kelee who has such a beautiful face.
  13. I'm not sure they can customize the height of the boot though - because they want the boots to line up measuring from the ground up. When all the girls are standing together it would look funny to have some boots higher and lower than others. Yes it would be more flattering to customize to the individual girls legs but in this case the boot height uniformity seems necessary for a dance team. I think (not sure).
  14. I still don't know enough about Rebecca but I'm with you on the Madeline S. train. Actually I don't mind her - but I just don't understand the hype. I appreciated her maturity and the contrast to Victoria the first time around. This time I was looking for a newer hard hitting dance style, but I still think she's missing that pop. Her facials have improved but I don't get all the "Madeline's killing it" stuff.
  15. Tiffany wanted the knockout comp thrown to her. X threw it but then Kyland tried to throw it and "accidentally won." Tiffany had also talked to X about throwing the wall. They had a convo about DX or Kyland taking a shot at the kings (people to this day people swear that X didnt know -- but there is a long convo clipped from live feeds YouTube that proves it was discussed with him the week leading up to the wall). They also asked him to throw flying bambinos to Azah. Tiffany also asked him to win the veto when he was on the block next to Claire (domino effect) so that she wouldn't have her vot
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