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  1. A lot of moms do this on social media. They think complaining about toddlers and babies will bond them perhaps. To be honest, I used to talk in this manner when my kids were young. For some reason I thought it was the right way to communicate. At some point, I realized that my pessimistic attitude was off putting. I didn't understand that at the time but looking back, there were knowing glances or extra long pauses when I may have said a bit too many negative things. Now I know why. It's certainly ok to commiserate but if you don't work to find the beauty in your children, they will grow anxious and defeated before their lives even really begin. I wish someone would have told me this when I was younger. I wish someone would tell Maddie. It's quite obvious that Axel in particular is loved, but not celebrated and enjoyed.
  2. Meri lived a sheltered life and was brought up in the culture of polygamy. At age 19, she would have no idea of what her feelings and true beliefs might actually be even in the first 3 years of marriage. I'm sure she knew she felt jealous, unhappy, and bitter. But I doubt she would be able to form and communicate a mature opinion about what those feelings might actually mean. I don't believe she defrauded Kody. I do believe she was confused.
  3. FWIW I think it's possible that Maddie and Caleb chose the birthing center - 2 hours away from home - because of its association with UNC. The midwives at that center are affiliated with UNC and have a working relationship with this major hospital. While they didn't know abut FATCO, they did know there might be a problem, and therefore they were close to UNC just in case. I think that's a reasonable responsible decision. While deliveries at UNC, could also be unmedicated, it makes sense that Maddie felt more comfortable with the center. It's quite important for a woman, who wants a low intervention birth, to be in a comfortable and familiar setting. I didn't see anything wrong with what the midwives did or said - with the exception of them telling Maddie to go home at 4-5 centimeters. And I'm not sure she was in fact told that? I can't recall - and it might be that editing was involved. For the midwife that said "sometimes babies wait" - this is actually true due to the fear tension pain cycle. No, moms cannot "hold a baby in." But there is something to be said about a woman who is so stressed, tense and scared, that the labor does slow down. It's not the baby doing it of course - but it is an evolutionary part of the process. Back in the day - you don't give birth with a saber tooth tiger around. You move to safer ground.
  4. I believe she justified wanting a larger 6 bedroom house because the plan is for the girls to also live at home while they attend college.
  5. I think Robyn is competing for "Best Mother" in her mind. Christine's kids seem somewhat flighty like her - fly by the seat. Janelle's sons all leave without looking back. Her daughters, depressed in their early years, also seek quick independence. Meri likely thinks Mariah is the winner in the "who's the most successful contest." But Robyn keeps her kids close to the nest. Orderly, methodical, reserved, in the "perfect" Homelife she's created. Do you think the wives do compete for the "best mother" award?
  6. Real honesty time. I do this when I'm overwhelmed. Living out of a basket now and then isn't the worst thing in life. I feel for Janelle. I don't think its laziness. Laziness is a sign of something else. Look at the signs. Low motivation. Unfinished tasks. Fairly bright but unable to stick to and succeed in a career. Doesn't get angry with Kody or really doesn't even care to be with him - because her expectations are extraordinarily low. Avoids conflict of any kind. I'm guessing she binge eats. What do you see? Depression? ADD? Anxiety? All of the above?
  7. True. The other three wives were there with Maddie and it was the first grandchild. It had to sting. That I understood. Now Meri's grumpy over the top reaction or failure to understand why she was iced out - that I don't understand. IIRC Maddie was working for <Meri when she was pregnant with Axel. Their real falling out occurred after Axel was born and Maddie was selling Lulu... Am sure there was bad blood before but thats when it came to the surface. None of the relationships are helped by Mariah - who seemed to feed the "us vs meri" mentality.
  8. I certainly agree that she's behaved like a bitch for most of the series. But lets remember she married Kody at age 19 . Then her brother's wife married her husband. I'm sorry but you can't tell me that these intertwining polygamous relationships don't mess with someone. Your personality continues to form as you are an emerging adult. She was 19 and married to a narcissist who compares himself to Jesus. She's a bitch in large part because he made her one. YES!
  9. I know Meri has her issues but to be honest she is correct in her feelings - even if she brought them on herself. Her walls are up because the family does NOT like her. It's obvious in their body language, their conversations, and their made for TV moments. She has acted selfishly and harshly in the past and the older kids do not have a good relationship with her. Maddie and Mariah did - but they too recently had a falling out with her. So now literally everyone except for Sol and Ari hate Meri. Meri does have good relationships with other people. Perhaps Kody does need to explore that. One usually gives what one usually receives. Meri is a bitch in the family because she's been treated as a bitch. No doubt this began when Kody married her. The core culprit? Kody! Kody is a terrible narcissistic human being with no regard for honor, sensitivity, compassion or a willingness to grow -- one must ask themselves... Why is Meri still in this family?
  10. thank you! Irks me so much. Maddie, you aren't in labor until the contractions don't go away no matter what you do. Periods of contractions are normal - but if the periods come and go -that's not labor.
  11. Do interns edit this show or something? How many times do we need to hear Robyn say that she doesn't want to buy. How many times do we need to hear Kody say that he doesn't want to rent. I really just watched this?
  12. interesting. what is the real reason he divorced meri to marry Robyn? He could have married Janelle or Christine- why Robyn?
  13. The land, the view and the 4400 square feet. I agree - it's not an extravagant over the top mansion but it looks pretty luxurious inside when you compare it to Janelle - and even Christine really.
  14. Ugh so Meri went from one mansion to another. Figures. Yes, Gabe and Savannah must be a little peeved sometimes. Janelle just doesn't really care which is a good life role model (at least in not getting caught up in material things). But teenagers would likely have a hard time seeing their "siblings" living in much nicer abodes. I think they will likely do this something like that. Robyn's house looks very nice. I don't see her moving again anytime soon.
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