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  1. Victoria bobbled in the last episode during the opening triangle formation (when Julia was still in it). They didn't call it out but I was surprised it was aired. My point is that Victoria did deserve to make this team, but she's human. All these dancers make mistakes here and there. They all make bad facials here and there. We see some more than others. The show is focusing on Meredith and Kat but we really do not know how the others are doing because we aren't shown everything. That all being said, it's very apparent that Meredith has a boxy figure and an unorthodox DCC style when looking at her demo reel. She's the one TCC I don't fully understand. However, Kelli loves her and it's clear that Meredith has put in a huge amount of hard work. So I can't fault Kelli for having a heart.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with Cheetos or knitting. However I agree that Tina just seems to be having an awesome time. More power to her. Embrace the moment!
  3. I would really love to be in the room as the girls are watching this season back. For Kat and Meredith - it must be embarrassing to be given so many obvious chances. For people like Julia- it must be infuriating. Now, I do believe it was valid to cut her for the media blunder. But to make it seem like it was dance is ridiculous when you compare her to the ones still making mistakes (Kat, Meredith, Kristin and even Victoria stumbled obviously in the triangle formation). For all the other girls - I wonder if the dynamics bother them at all. I imagine it does.
  4. It wasn't talked about on the show but the screen shots of the stickers clearly revealed who the group leaders chose as their top 36. Not one of them picked Lisa.
  5. I'm really surprised that Julia failed to see why it was wrong to say "my whole goal in doing dcc is to build my resume." She's from Dallas. She knows how this "sisterhood" works. She knows she has to touch the star, believe in the star, love the star... As for her behavior after the meeting... Again, she fails to play Kelli's game. I am not sure she said "f**k that" but she did say something and was pouty and angry looking. Kelli will say she's toxic. Most maddening is that Lisa didn't get a sticker from ANY of the group leaders - so she must be toxic too - and we don't get to see it. I guess if you can fake it with the best smile and declare your undying love to Kelli - toxic doesn't really matter.
  6. Bye bye Julia. K and J are so obvious. Just looking for reasons to cut her. Annoying. http://www.cmt.com/video-clips/psk4j2/dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders-making-the-team-kelli-and-judy-evaluate-the-dcc-hopefuls-on-the-big-screen
  7. I didn't know they had to audition before each game. Seems stressful. Did former TCC (X2) (and now former BB#21) Kathryn Dunn ever get to dance. Just re watched her on DCC MTT and Kelli basically said "you can't dance."
  8. Oh my bad. Kelli told me they were supposed to be world class dancers.
  9. There are defintely some TCCs that are head scratchers. They bring in some girls just so they can cut them easily. Some are already clearly too heavy or not even close to the right look. Some can't dance at all. Some are Kelli's pet projects... I wonder if Kelli was in the habit of bringing in project girls prior to TC being a reality show.
  10. I agree. However, I don't like her more bouncy style of dance. It's more cheerleadery and less stylized in my opinion.
  11. Is it just the perspective or illusion? Or is the placement of placing two shorter girls on the end back point of the Thunderstruck triangle a mistake? Looks like a big drop off.
  12. There were a few posters that were asking people to stop talking about it. But the discussion continued in what I think was a pretty civil manner no matter how much rehashing was going on. The first moderator warning said "stop telling others what they can post and be civil (or something like that) -- so I thought they locked it was because people were telling us not to talk about it anymore. But then the second moderator warning said we need to stop beating the dead horse (which was a comment made by another poster). So I don't actually know either.
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