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  1. TBH I could see it either way. Perhaps they cut her - certainly wouldn't be surprising. But perhaps they are also making it seem like they cut her. It is telling that they hide certain cuts and allow the leaks of others.
  2. true, she's very active in the influencer life. the bottom of the Zaxby posts say "#ad"
  3. That chicken sandwich thing was a paid advertisement. She only took one bite LOL
  4. Did we ever find out what Jalyn's important announcement was? Also, what is the appeal with giant eyelashes? Kristin's are so big they pull her eyes down.
  5. I think Lea was rumored to be cut along with Jordan. But it was Kylie and Jordan that were confirmed. Lea has not been confirmed either way
  6. She was my favorite just judging from social media presence. This is such a shame. Why do they make training camp so long to cut them at the end. It seems unnecessary when they are all trained and experienced dancers nowadays (unlike the early days when they truly were "training" the team).
  7. It's confusing to me why some girls are allowed to release photos of themselves in uniform and/or at cameos (Kat and a few others today) while others aren't. Do they have to sign a special release form to post a pic?
  8. Brent has been boasting about his ability to manage the house since the first day. "Do you know how much damage control I had to do today?" He "has Derek X and Hannah and Whitney is his pocket." Alyssa has passed his loyalty tests. He is simply unable to see another world in which he is not the leader. Every single conversation is dominated by him. Hannah has attempted to push back. Today she said that she wanted to be spoken to with the same level of respect that Ky gets. Brent treats Ky as a "Vice President" in his company and her as a "secretary." She's tried. And he pushes back hard
  9. Team Kat here too. She has a cat and I am pro anyone with cats. Alora Rose has a cat too which is the only reason I accepted her after Hannah left (who also has a cat). Team cats!
  10. If anyone from 2020 SG is not on 2021 show group its probably because they chose to leave due to time commitments or they were cut because they missed too many performances last year. But we don't really know if this information is correct - it was reddit information I believe and not LB. I also think Kelli will take 37 this year. Supposedly two vets left for injuries (Daphne + 1), it would make sense to not cut all the way down to 36.
  11. On reddit it was said that a vet from the 2020 show group either got cut or left SG for 2021. However the Oxnard pics include everyone from 2020 so we can assume that no one was cut from SG? Maybe someone is electing not to be on SG for 2021 or maybe that was just a rumor?
  12. So my thought about Jalyn. Sadly she's likely not in show group --but I sort of doubt she'd immediately post trip pictures if she left DCC. As Shelly said they are somewhat contractually bound to not give the secrets away. And who knows, maybe she did make SG but isn't going to Oxnard for some reason.
  13. I thought so too and I think there is an I love NY decal as well.
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