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  1. Agree. If anything, the move to Flagstaff isolated Savannah even more. She doesn't have Christine or any of her 1/2 sisters anymore.
  2. True. But if the things I did at age 18 followed me around, I'd be on the streets for sure. Time will tell. Still willing to let her prove her maturity.
  3. I didn't like the way VK was given first, second and third chances last year either. But I'm very willing to give her a chance this year and see what happens. She's not as bad as some people make her out to be. Yes, she's still got some issues with spacing and a heavier style - but she's not god awful. I think she earned her spot at finals this year. In some circles she's a fan favorite.
  4. I understand everyone's comments and agree that she should not be marketing herself as a health coach. To be honest, she should be leading a counseling group. Some of her posts have a real honesty to them that I appreciate. She's struggling. She definitely has anxiety. Her self expression posts are not bad. Her business is.
  5. White diaper look is in the front here. Her hair could be the replacement for Savannah in the bouquet. I get a Hannah vibe from her too. But they better not cut Hannah for her.
  6. 3 out of 9? Do we know which ones did and did not?
  7. We keep hearing 9 DMD. But do we know who they are and if they made finals? Maybe 9 wasn't correct? I also think I saw Julia Fife in one of the clips and dancing sort of clunky (even though she's a great dancer). Any word on her?
  8. Agree. I was about to post the exact same thing!
  9. Compared to VK's audition photo from last year, she is more narrow this year - even accounting for her extra sucking in. last year
  10. All of these made it to semis except the girl in black to the far left.
  11. all of these girls made it to semis
  12. Even if the numbers are small, with 9 DMD and all the returning TCC, it's shaping up to be an interesting finals. There are only 7 spots at the moment. I hope Kelli is not dumb enough to say "hundreds" this year. As someone previously said she really should play up the quality. Don't lie about the quantity. It's silly.
  13. yes. She was on MTT. I don't remember which season
  14. You know all those brown haired girls kind of blend together. I think a few of those may be at risk if they don't have stand out solos. Miranda, Tess, vet Rachel, Molly, Madeline, Amber and Alanna are some that I always have trouble remembering. Maybe Taylor is at risk too because she does sometimes stick out in a too tall sort of way. I would wish for Savannah and Rachel W to be cut but I don't think they're really at risk. They love Rachel W for sure. Savannah would probably be at risk if some other amazing redhead shows up at tryouts. Worried a little about Cianna and Gabby. I also really hope they keep Ashlee. I really like her too.