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  1. Maybe a 10? Its hard to know. Sometimes I think she actually looks slender.
  2. WTF. Gross, disgusting. He thinks this is funny??!
  3. I don't know if any of you have followed the tragic events of Gabby Petito. Much of what is not known is left to speculation, but I can't help but think poorly of her boyfriend's parents and the boyfriend. It just makes me wonder if any of us truly know where our line is. I mean, I think I know, but in most areas I've never been tested. My husband has never cheated, I've never had to contemplate covering up a crime for a loved one, etc. Then I look at the Duggars, Bates, Rods, etc and wonder if they know there are lines, lines beyond the politics they defend. And I look at Anna and wonder
  4. Anna got stuck with the likes of Josh. How do you all think Jill, Jessa, Jinger or Joy would handle a similar situation? Do you think any of them would leave their spouse for cheating? Or viewing CPA?
  5. It looked like she was trying with Ivy. The dress she had on looked a little loose in the torso. The sleeves were way too long, but that's the way Spurge, Henry and Ivy are built - thicker torsos than the average kids. Typically kids around Spurge's age, hit a little growth spurt and start to become more evenly proportioned.
  6. Derick's prom date looks like a mix of Jill and Olivia Plath.
  7. I agree that Anna's SM is a little more curated than her SsIL, but it seems a little more on par with typical real life SM. And when her kids are in candid shots at Duggar events, they always look clean and happy. Lets not forget, she may have been raised Fundy, but she was not raised by the Duggars. Cooking, cleaning and bathing may have been the norm in her house growing up. And while she, like every Fundy female, prayed for God to send her a husband, she actually had a plan. That plan was totally geared toward Fundy wifedom, but she took early ed courses, to aid in homeschooling and wa
  8. I think after a rough start, all the Duggars actually like Anna. In the beginning, I think Michelle struggled with sharing the baby making spotlight with her, and the girls were a bit jealous because Anna was elevated to the couples circle. If I'm remembering correctly, Grandma Mary was really the only who embraced her from the get go. But I actually think during the past 5 years Anna has somewhat taking over the role of the TTH matriarch, which frees up Jana, JB and Michelle. So they all may really want to help Anna, in addition to maintaining their "Christian" image.
  9. Not only do I think she knows about GoFundMe, but I think she's donated to them. I also think she knows there's a lot of haters out there. While Josh may have been her prince, I'm guessing she knows by now he is the most hated Duggar, so she may think few would likely to donate to her. But she also likely knows if she renounced the Duggars she bring in a lot of donations.
  10. The boosters were approved late yesterday, for seniors and those at high risk for complications. 👏🏽 However, because the Pfizer vaccine is overall FDA approved, MDs can technically offer a booster to anyone 12 and older. I think most will be very judicious because a few, mostly young males, have had a severe but temporary reaction to the initial shots.
  11. Jana is in her thirties and Jeremiah won't be 30 for another 8 years. I'm guessing he'll be married by then, or this forum might not exist by then. Why not let the oldest, unmarried Duggar female 'move out' on her own? It may be the only time it'll ever happen for her.
  12. I think they've been very careful about assets for Josh and Anna since the Ashley Madison scandal. Neither one likely ever has much money in their name.
  13. Would love to see how Not-Nurie and her beau got themselves situated on that 4" railing, overlooking a swamp.
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