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  1. Anything the Duggars and a Duggar in-law post, risk Josh being brought up. I think I'm one of the few that think most of the time it's brought up on their SM it is unrelated and unfair. However in this instance, if they know about Kobe, they would likely admire Vanessa for standing by her man. A woman who had the means to walk away. They would see the masses forgiving and/or ignoring Kobe's behaviors. So unfortunately, the Duggars could twist this in their favor.
  2. I want to see a Duggar daughter or daughter-in-law sell a hammer or maybe a t-square, so they know when things a perpendicular. It's not like they're experts in beauty products or fashion.
  3. How does Tim know what porn is? Or what does he think it is? And Tim's forefathers had their own version of porn. Porn has evolved much like everything else in the world. I don't think "guarding your minds and thoughts" by pretending bodies aren't beautiful and sexy, and pretending sex isn't beautiful, fun and pleasurable, is going to reduce the amount of porn being watched. But guard away, Timmy guard away.
  4. I go back and forth whether GEML is still here. I'm not sure someone like her could contain her desire to tell tall tales and know everything. I do think there's one or two posters who post under more than one name though. Wasn't this GEML's favorite thread? I feel like she was an expert in all things religion. And travel. And writing. And I believe she shared her first masterbation experience as well. An expert in everything.
  5. I always thought of Derick as more of a fringe jock and Jeremy as a soccer jock. I'm guessing they both know who Kobe is though. Tragic that so many lives were lost. At least Jill and Derick aren't often hopping in the puddle jumpers, the Duggars call planes. I keep thinking we're going to wake up to similar headlines about the Duggars.
  6. So Jill's decided Kaylee will be a photographer. The death photo - does the little Rod girl have tissues springing forth from her shirt?
  7. There seems to be a fair amount of competition around who Fundys best. With all these little church groups maybe it was more about planting their church and growing their congregation. These churches don't pay for themselves. If that's the case, Arkansas makes total sense.
  8. In addition to Jinger, I think Joy would find no-show peds helpful. While I don't wear pumps, I do wear flats and clogs. My feet are small, the key for me was finding ones that fit - or too small even. If the peds are too big, the heel part sticks out and the peds slide down into the shoe - ALL day. It also depends on the shoe. For clogs like Michelle wears, my favorite brand are, ironically, Nike. For flats like Joy wears, with a peek of toe cleavage, I have a couple of pairs from, I think Kohls. To avoid gross feet like Joys, I'd rather deal with readjusting my sock once or twice throughout the day if they slip down. I'm guessing Jinger and Grandma gave up on washing socks for 9 girls in addition to the 10 boys. I think Jinger and her sisters wear ankle boots (maybe all shoes?) without socks. You really can't take all the Duggar out of these girls.
  9. I think some women wear the nylon no-show type peds, when wearing dresses or skirts with bare legs.
  10. I imagine adding even one wall, on one side, would make that narrow bathroom unusable. There seems to be less than a foot between the front of the toilet and the wall. What I don't get is why an interior wall is metal. If it was an exterior wall, surely the pipes would freeze.
  11. I'm guessing David isn't one of the boys who use that bathroom. I'm thinking they'd need to remove a wall to get him out.
  12. It'll be at least a couple of years beyond age 18 that he'll even know his name is not common.
  13. I know a couple of Laurens in real life. For them it's not about control. They are all about attention and drama. They can somehow turn anything at all into a negative. And everything thing they do is some kind of self-sacrifice. We secretly call one of the Laurens "even though". I dust even though it irritates my allergies. I ski with my husband even though I hate the cold. I love my son's tutor even though she's a half hour away. I imagine being a Duggar is very hard for Lauren. Her need for attention will always be unfulfilled with them. But she will turn that into 'even thoughs'. I loved being at my inlaws for Christmas even though I hate crowds. I went on the marriage retreat even though I had morning sickness...
  14. The name Maryella seems like it should be the name of a food product or the name of a ranch or estate. I think Anna's chameleon like looks are due to weight. She seems to gain it and lose it, first in her face, and with her it's very noticable.
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