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  1. Gossip magazines combine common sense with existing and new rumors to write these articles. Very rarely, if ever, do they speak with the 'stars' or any other "source". The articles are never flattering and are always written to get readers riled up. Celebrities have said, unless a magazine crosses a line they won't sue because its too much trouble and any press is good press. But ... because more celebrities have sued, the articles have become less salacious and more mundane, and harder to prove false. I'm guessing all new moms are tired. I bet many couples have increased spats while adjusting to newborns and lack of sleep. I also think every mother in the world has wished for a nanny at least once in their kids lifetimes. This article did what it wanted. It painted an ugly picture of a 'celebrity' couple and got increased clicks.
  2. It could be due to her health, including malnutrition and lack of periods, but I don't think being thin alone is the cause. I'm 5'4" and weighed less than 100lbs and had no trouble conceiving.
  3. 25 million Americans have had covid. 400,000 have died. 20 million Americans have had the covid vaccine. No known deaths from it. I'd say the vaccine appears much safer than covid.
  4. I just read an article about a random family. The 36 year old mom was pregnant with their 10th child. No mention of their religious affiliation. The article doesn't mention how, but the entire family contracted covid. Mom and dad got more severe symptoms, the dad having pre-existing conditions, but not the mom. They did an emergency C-section and delivered the baby girl at 36(?) weeks. Sadly, mom later died. IMO, the Duggars, Rods and others increase the risk of something like this happening, with their cavalier attitudes. Like @iwantcookies said, how has no one become seriously ill or worse? Because covid was allowed to run amok, there are two new prominent variations of covid circulating. They're thinking the strain circulating in Africa is more contagious and more deadly.
  5. I think she's facing Joy, so we're seeing the back of her head.
  6. You all have to go to JillR's FB page and watch the Plexus unboxing videos. Plexus porn trigger alert ... The last two videos. She has to know that it looks like she's vigorously pleasuring that bottle by hand in the second to last one. And the last one, yup Jill and her large mouth are at it again. Lastly, WTF is she filming in the bathroom? Oh I forgot, because, you know, she's doing Plexus porn.
  7. Was it Carlin's birthday or birth announcement day? I hope Joy told someone she was coming before she hopped on a plane. Like y'all said, she's not sharpest tool in the shed.
  8. I'm a little confused. You know who your dad and his family are? I think the DNA is more about finding the genetic connection, than the physical location. So sorry your mom abused you Cookie.
  9. Kids get covid. Kids can have covid complications. Kids have died from covid. As a parent, I just don't think eating in a restaurant during a pandemic is worth the risk. And if your Jill, eating in the car is something she typically did pre-pandemic. And... when was the last time Cathy saw Deena and Dan? Is she walking around, maskless, as an asymptomatic carrier?
  10. This sounds like a conversation between two 12 year olds.
  11. I agree. They make up stories like this all the time, just like the Enquirer has done for decades. Its much easier now because of SM.
  12. I know about 50+ folks who have their first dose of the vaccine and about a dozen or so who've had both doses. With both Pfizer and Moderna. Every single one complained of arm soreness, from mild to severe. Only one had severe symptoms from the first dose. She described as having weird body sensations, migraine headache, nausea and a fever in the 100s. It lasted about 2 days. Of the one's who got the second dose, the symptoms they had were mostly mild and included headaches and extreme exhaustion and one with what he said felt like he was getting the flu, but still relatively mild. That small real life sample makes me feel a little more reassured for when my turn comes.
  13. No way I believe the Vuolos are hiring a nanny. Anymore so than I believe the Queen thinks Charles is unfit to be King. These 'journalists' sources are their imaginative thoughts in their own heads. Anything to get a click.
  14. I don't get why they labeled the picture with the cans the "pantry". It looks like cans, in plastic bins, on a counter. I've always thought of pantries as maybe double height cabinets, a closet or a separate room.
  15. Count me in the no column for giving up my DNA. My reasons are all over the place, including some that might seem paranoid to some. Genealogy does fascinate me though. I received a FB message about a year after my dad died. The woman thought my dad might be her father. Her DNA test was pointing in that direction and she asked if I would call her. So I gave her a call. She asked if I, or any of my siblings, would take a DNA test. I told her no. Anyway after talking for over an hour, exchanging a couple of pictures, we both agreed it was highly unlikely my dad was her dad. I told her to save my number and call me back if things still pointed toward my dad and I would call her if any of my siblings would agree to get tested. That was 5 or 6 years ago. She's never called back. None of my relatives have done DNA tests and that was the only thing that led this woman to me. How does that work when there's no other DNA? Because I'm unsure of how this all works, it made wonder about the phone call even more.
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