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  1. Wasn't there a picture of Michelle's lower legs about two years ago? I don't remember any varicose veins.
  2. Did JillR put a 'sticker' over the person taking her photo near the bridge?
  3. I'm surprised Jana and Michaela Bates aren't selling masks online.
  4. I'm not a prayer kind of gal, but I think what they're doing is sweet and thoughtful.
  5. This is for you and everyone in Small Talk.
  6. Between my kids, their friends and cousins, we were celebrating birthdays a lot when they were younger. Seeing as the Seewald kids don't have many friends outside of their cousins, I probably spent more time at kids' birthday celebrations than Jessa does.
  7. I'm a northerner that's always bought "suits" and stayed in "suites".
  8. Suit of cards connects the two, but no one that I know uses the word suit when referring to a group of furniture or rooms.
  9. My reference to chickenpox was in response to another poster saying once you get it, you don't get it again, which is only partially true. I wasn't comparing it to covid.
  10. It's not just lung issues that exacerbate covid. Heart disease, diabetes, blood disorders, immune disorders and certain medications do as well.
  11. Isn't it a deck of cards? Cards with different suits.
  12. In my area suit and suite mean two (or more) different things. I have never heard anyone call a grouping of anything a suit before.
  13. Every virus is unique. Covid hasn't been around long enough to know if immunity happens at all, or if it will last months or years. And chickenpox sits dormant and can re-emerge as shingles. I think for those of us who haven't had the (typical) flu in a long time we forget how sick one can feel. The flu continues to kill folks every year as well. Both my husband and daughter had something at different times this year. Both were very sick and both were run down for weeks after. No one else in my household became sick, nor did my daughter's roommate or co-workers, so I'm guessing in was the typical flu.
  14. I know three people who got tested. One in a nursing home and one who works in the medical field. One tested positive and the other, fortunately did not, both from my state. The 3rd person, a friend of our relatives from NY, sadly passed away, she was in her late 50s. My state has a lot of cases, I think we're 8th or 9th in the 10 worst hit states. After an initial early jump, the cases have been slower, yet still very steady. My understanding from what I've read is, the most practical and safest way to return to 'normal' is to have folks do an antibody test rather than the diagnostic test. Folks who show antibodies would be the first to return to work. I guess the antibody test is cheaper and quicker than the diagnostic one. Maybe that's why they're closing the pop-up testing sites? My fear is with all the quickly changing, conflicting and confusing information, folks will start to feel complacent and take more risks, which in turn puts more of the communities at risk.
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