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  1. I bet they made that decision before they knew the show was cancelled. I'm thinking it'll be a small wedding.
  2. I feel like this potential Bates scandal is a big snarker tease. Lets get on with it already!
  3. Is she still working at FRC? Josh's old employer?
  4. Sponsors almost always announce when they're pulling out due to unsavory behaviors. They want the customers to know they listened and they responded.
  5. Right, in my post I said due to a scandal the Bates asked to stop the show. A possible scandal UP would be willing to tolerate but the Bates would have difficulty with. It costs almost nothing to film these shows and I think UP would willingly end the show at the Bates request if UP anticipated a big public brouhaha surrounding the Bates.
  6. I think Jill's snowy posts are to keep one step ahead of DCF. See we DO have WINTER COATS.
  7. I don't know, UP kept airing reruns of 7th Heaven after Stephen Collins admitted to CSA, so I'm not sure the Floyd comment matters that much to them. And didn't they film at least one (if not both) weddings after Carlin's post?
  8. I'm kind of leaning toward a really big scandal and/or UP allowing the Bates to pull the brakes on the show. I don't think UP would cancel due to a potential documentary that may come out in a year or two. A documentary that would only include the Bates, not about the Bates, and likely won't include anything that's not already public knowledge. Plus UP kept airing 7th Heaven reruns after Collins admitted to in person CSA. Which brings me back to thinking its a big (to the Bates anyway) scandal and a very recent scandal.
  9. The one difference being the scandal was known first, and the rebranding happened second to that.
  10. That was my point. A-listers are well known, Z-listers aren't. If it wasn't for People Magazine and the Today Show, they'd be even less known than they already are.
  11. I'm not sure, maybe nutrition? I know her other interest is music. I think their show is about a year behind in filming. Its possible Ari and Derick attended at the same time.
  12. In a weird twist of fate, Jazz's sister Ari now lives in Fayetteville, AR. Working on her PhD at U of A.
  13. Something's up. I wonder when, or if, we'll find out.
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