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  1. It kind of makes my head spin thinking Jill may not be a part of her family anymore. So many thoughts about whose choice it is - Jill's, Derick's or the Duggars'. How Jill might possibly feel, how her siblings are possibly treating her and why the split happened.
  2. Michelle was there? Somehow this makes no sense to me.
  3. Nothing wrong with Jill hanging with the boys and having fun with them. It's the implied message that she only does this when Derick's evening plans have changed. Like when Derick is home, the boys just wander aimlessly on their own. Why not bake together as a family? Or if Derick doesn't like baking, make cookies with the boys during the day. I fail to understand why the Dillard household changes their plans if Derick is not home in the evening.
  4. Although I didn't watch the second set of videos, I did watch the first ones. Spurgie definitely was waiting for a reaction from Jessa on a couple of occasions. Once when he forgot a word or phrase and then again when Henry (adorably) dragged his 'stool' over to join in. While Jessa may be more in tune with her kids, there is a lot she purposely leaves off SM. Jill just lets everything all hang out.
  5. AFter the Duggars meet up, admire each other's ugly sweaters and take a few pictures, what do they do? Sit on the couch? Talk about CHRISTmas? Take pee stick inventories? Also, when a Fundy hangs with family is it still fellowshipping? How many words/phrases beyond, season of life, surreal, blessings, walk through, trials, righteously fulfilled, big pregnant, train up, servant's heart, defrauding, sweet friend, God's timing, obedient, do you all think they actually say when they're together?
  6. There are people of every faith who are prejudice and assholes. And every faith teaches beliefs that might be (& some that should be) taken offensively. I think a big difference is what the faiths 'leads' with. It's my experience that Fundamental Christians lead with fear, distrust and hate, where most religions don't lead with that even if they embrace some or all of it. Also like most religions Fundamental Christians believe their beliefs get them into heaven, and, I learned, on these boards, that by sharing their beliefs they truly believe they're saving others' souls. Which brings me to one of the biggest differences I see with Fundamental Christians and other faiths - they openly share their "convictions" with anyone who will listen. So I agree that Jinger & Jeremy are not hiding anything. Even if you take out scandals 1 & 2, the Duggars and Duggar adjacents have openly shared everything from their nonsensical beliefs to their hateful beliefs. On TV, in books, at conferences, through politics and on SM. And lastly, one third of America share much of the same hateful bullshit that the Duggars believe, and not all believe the way they do because of religion. So at least with J & J, like Chick-fil-A, you know where their coming from. With many other influencers, schillers and companies, you have no idea.
  7. I was actually coming back to add hashtags. #humanmom #doggrandmom
  8. My husband frequently worked late. You know what the kids and I did when that happened? We had dinner, did an activity/game/TV, etc, had a bath, read a book, or part of a book and the kids went to sleep. You know what we did when my husband didn't work late? We had dinner, did an activity/game/TV, etc, had a bath, read a book, or part of a book and the kids went to sleep.
  9. All this lotion talk has given me an earworm. The lyrics are humorously apt, save for the line about a little sister. Come on baby, put on the sexy lotion.
  10. Derick for sure has the right to be upset and keep his children away from Josh- full stop. The other decisions are Jill's and Jill's alone. If Jill is okay with being around Josh, that's her decision. If Jill doesn't want to be near Josh, that's her decision. If Jill wants to write a story, that's her decision. And just to clarify, I don't see Jill or anyone who has been abused as damaged goods. That sentence was to emphasize that I don't believe when Derick found out, whether before or after the marriage, should matter.
  11. I'm not on board with Derick writing a tell-all about his in-laws. It's not his story to tell. The way the kids were raised and the molestations happened long before Derick arrived on the scene. He wasn't there and he has no business writing a judgemental book about any of it. That story, or stories, are for a Duggar to write. And more importantly the molestations are for one of the girls who were molested to write and she should only write about herself. Also Derick (and his mother) knew very much about the Duggar belief system before he ever met Jill and knew more about it as he was courting her, so he did not go in blind. As far as possibly finding out about the molestations after the marriage - so what. Is Jill damaged now? He didn't marry the family, he married Jill. If Derick is planning on writing a book about the Duggars shady financial dealings, that's not his story to write either. Not his circus, not his monkeys. If he truly is writing this book, he's given me another reason to think he's an asshole.
  12. I skipped through the video. What I noticed is that Teacher Jill missed three learning opportunities with inquisitive Iz. The first one was when he realized his hand was now bigger than his handprint ornament - Jill ignored his question. The second was when he wasn't sure it was his name and Jill could have spelled it together with him. The third time was when Iz asked why the grass wasn't growing - Jill ignored him again. Izzy is like most kids and very curious. Jill misses these opportunities and then sits him at a table with candy rewards to learn rote work. Poor kid(s).
  13. I know everyone has a personal preference, but I'm not into having large prints of humans on my walls. Back in the dark ages when professional photographers were not a dime a dozen, we used Olan Mills to take pics of our kids. They used to try and sell me giant canvas prints - each and every time. One time I blurted out, I live with these kids, I don't want giant photos of them on my walls. Anyway, my life during my stay-at-home-mom years was much more well rounded than Jessa's. Although my kids were, and are, the center of my universe, they're not my entire universe. I predict Jessa's laundry room meltdown will be sometime in the next two years, after her fourth child.
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