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  1. But Michelle said 8 grandchildren. Spurge, Henry and Garrett. I'm assuming the other 5 were Josh's and Anna's.
  2. I fell asleep before any of the dates were completed, so I'm still unsure if any of them know the definition of romantic. TLC is so ingrained in Jessa, she picks a TLC-like field trip. Joe and Kendra let a penny decide where to picnic in the rain. Josiah and Lauren go horseback riding. Was fading when JD mentioned something about flying and I think maybe steak. So far my bet is on JD as the winner. JB & M were babysitting 8 grandkids, one of which was Meredith. So Josh and Anna did the date thing off camera?
  3. Jessa probably thinks Ben just wants to live near a WalMart. I'm guessing off camera she told Ben to pray to God to be happy with whatever Jessa God has instore for him.
  4. Sorry Tom, your kids are not fine. They will be fine, but their mother just unexpectedly died and it sounds like their dad sucks at life. So Tom, get your head out of your selfish ass, be a parent to your motherless kids and let your kids be kids while they're grieving the loss of their mother.
  5. I assumed Lauren pulled a stock photo off the internet. The toys in the bassinet don't look very Duggarish to me. If the post was for Joy, why not say so? Joy has been very open about her loss and probably would have been touched by a post remembering Annabelle. All-About-Lauren doesn't seem to be able to think past herself, except maybe when a SM poster calls her out on it.
  6. Yes, but this is the promo pic they have linked. The same one we've been discussing.
  7. Well shit Galaxy, now I need to go watch some cute animal videos to erase that from my mind. Lol
  8. Mystery solved. Supposedly TLC were not going to feature the Seewalds. Funny (and sad) how she managed to make herself relevant in time for filming. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/jessa-duggar-explains-why-shes-not-in-counting-on-promo-photo/
  9. I believe there are studies showing sing-song voices with young babies is instinctive and universal. It helps infants and babies learn language more easily. For infants and babies though. Not toddlers and pre-schoolers.
  10. Or filmed it. We know Jill certainly would have.
  11. I'm not sure Jessa would know she was experiencing PPD, unless it was severe. I also don't think she would stop filming because of it. They used to film the Duggars a few hours a day for 3 or 4 days when the show was 19 Kids and Counting and that was before they had intentional story lines. I'm guessing they film each family and adult kids less than 20 hours each for an entire season now. I think Jessa would push herself through filming for an hour or two, for the money and the attention.
  12. I believe that's the name given to the RV the Duggars used to travel in and is now used to describe Josh's RV and the JRod RV.
  13. Props to the bride if she feels comfortable showing her curves. I'd hardly call the outfit a wedding dress though. It looks like a lacy knit tank and lacy knit skirt. Lacy and white does not always mean wedding attire, and often means undergarments. Buyer beware.
  14. Apparently Lauren answered a poster's response. Something to the effect of not being sad about the miscarriage and looking forward to the birth of their daughter.
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