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  1. Are Janelle's posts meant to inspire? Are there people out there who actually care how she makes her toast? I wouldn't presume that even my nearest and dearest would be interested in such mundane details of my day-to-day life. Oh, and Janelle, that old baked-on crud in your pan, south of the bread, appears to be giving you the finger.
  2. You said it. I've been in since Day One of this show. It's no longer enjoyable. I tuned in last night after the show was underway, during the conversation (which was probably loud and in a public place) about four-inch penises. I watched for about two minutes and turned it off. If a bunch of men were sitting around talking in graphic detail about female genitalia, most of us would be justifiably outraged.
  3. He's 69. Yes, he more than likely is interested in sex. No, he likely doesn't need Viagra unless he has a physical condition that interferes with normal sexual function. He probably enjoys both gardening and sex with his wife. Even at 69, a person can garden and enjoy sex, though not at the same time.
  4. Both are correct, IMO. Keeping others waiting is thoughtless - give yourself more time to get ready - but it's true, sometimes it's unavoidable. However, isn't Ramona's criticism a little hypocritical? Over the past seventy-five years that this show has been on, isn't she chronically late? I seem to remember people being annoyed that she doesn't show up on time. I think the Christmas dinner at the 21 Club (?) was one of them, in Season 1 or 2, when les enfants terribles fatally stabbed the hamburger (which probably cost $40) while on Bethenny's then-boyfriend's plate. (Oh, I miss the g
  5. I'm neither Catholic nor Jewish, but I'm pretty sure the Catholics are ecstatically happy to see her go, and every rabbi in New York is putting up a GONE FISHING sign on the door of his/her synagogue.
  6. That's who she reminds me of, too. She has that same mousy, haunted look, like she'd speak sweetly to you while slitting your throat.
  7. Do you think he has the charisma to be a cult leader? Here's what I suspect will happen between Insipidian and the current wife (or girlfriend, if they're not married). Insipidian meets a woman who rings his chimes. They can talk about all the many subjects on which he considers himself an authority, and she kind of digs him, too. (Go figure.) He comes to believe she's his intellectual equal, well almost, unlike poor wifey at home who is sweet enough, but doesn't stimulate him the way the new squeeze does. The more time he and the new squeeze spend together contemplating the meaning of t
  8. If King Jerod gets any more embiggened, there's going to be a crushed queen. Vanessa will be more enflattened than embettered.
  9. If I shelled out $250 for a couple of tickets to a Broadway musical and a no-talent poser like Erica Girardi was playing a major role, I'd be royally pissed.
  10. When there are multiple Housewives shows on, I can't keep track of which one/s I fell asleep during.
  11. Except the Norma Desmond character had achieved something in her life. She had been a silent film star. Sonia's only notable achievement was snagging a rich old guy. Sonia was in her early forties when they divorced, not too old at all to rebuild her life. Her hubris led her to jump into the film industry with no experience, and she lost her shirt, and then some. She has had more opportunities than most, and she continues to piddle them away. Yes, it's sad to watch someone live so destructively, but she is her own worst enemy, with a bad case of delusions of grandeur. It's hard to muste
  12. Ben & Jerry? Keep your mitts off of them, Meri! Them's my guys!
  13. I don't know how intelligent or educated Jen is, but her grammar is atrocious.
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