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  1. Justin looks 14. And they'll be pregnant by the end of April. And why do all these Duggar marriages have such an "arranged" feeling to them? They're almost all married to "family friends". Except Jeremy and Derrick, who both seem to want to distance themselves in their own ways from this shit show. This marriage and Joe and Kendra both seem more arranged than some of the others.
  2. Robyn was brought in to the family as Kody's newest girlfriend while Christine was pregnant. In my humble opinion, this is no different than having your husband cheat on you while you're pregnant. It's actually worse, because instead of Kody sneaking around behind her back, Christine had to WATCH Kody and Robyn giggle and smootch and flirt with each other. No normal woman would ever get over that. Ever. And if Robyn wasn't so selfish, she would have realized that and stepped back from the relationship. But Robyn loves to play dumb, then cry later and force everyone to reassure HER. I hate these people, but I can't stop watching. It's like getting to the end of a bad book. You're annoyed, but you need to see how it ends.
  3. I suffered through the rest of the episode. It feels like the Dargers were a setup to revisit the one house drama. And if Robyn thinks moving into one house will make her feel less like a stepmother, she is very unrealistic. Other than Truely and her own two youngest kids, ALL the other kids are either already adults out of the house, or teenagers. None of them is going to bond with her as a mother at this point. She's always going to be Dad's 4th Wife. And at least some of the kids see her aligned with Meri, who none of them can stand, or as an instigator of drama, because of all the crap that happened after she joined the family. They feel bonded to Christine because she was always there and cared for them as babies while Janelle worked. Also, Robyn telling Kody to hold Meri's hand in the preview?? Robyn just likes to stir the shit and then stand back and watch.
  4. Despite all their crap, there are some likeable things about these people. Mostly, I think most of their kids are really good people, despite the dysfunction they grew up with. And most of their kids are going to college or into the military and making something of themselves, unlike the Duggars.
  5. What was Christine doing in Phoenix for "work", besides avoiding the meeting with Kody and her sister wives? She has always seemed the most averse to getting a job, and I always figured that was most of the reason why she didn't ditch Kody.
  6. I watched most of the episode. I need to still watch the last 20 minutes or so. But two episodes into the new season, I am once again already losing interest. The whole thing seems contrived, just like last season. They go to Utah to visit a polygamist family living in Utah, and then whine about how dangerous it would be living as a polygamous family in Utah. Except that other family had least one TLC special of their own, because I remember them from before. And I'm pretty sure it's been a very long time since anything was arrested for just polygamy and no other related crimes, so Janelle claiming she's afraid to be pulled over for speeding because they'll be arrested for polygamy is crap. Also, how many times can we really watch Kody throwing Christine under the bus over the one house thing? Even if she agreed, it is questionable whether could afford a house like that or get zoning approval for it. The other family had a normal sized house and lived together in it. Somebody come get me when one of the wives actually leaves. Until then, I'll be over here watching 90 Day Fiance and Dr. Phil.
  7. That means that Christine actually looked into getting some type of welfare at some point, instead of getting a damn job or putting a stop to the baby train. I hate these people.
  8. The honeymoon is over, the large polygamist family fantasy is dead, and now Robyn is stuck with Kody and 5 kids. I'm guessing Kody spends a lot of time on his phone at Robyn's, just like he does at Christine's. Kody is not a great catch. She got the mansion, but the stress of it all might be getting to her. She has no family or friends nearby and she's not on good terms with her sister wives. A lot of women would be miserable. That family member who used to help her stayed in Las Vegas too. And her two younger kids are very needy and dependent for their ages.
  9. The hospital won't allow an entire camera crew in to film the birth. Not to mention the walking Jessa does before the birth, and all the other boring crap they need to film to make A Very Special Episode.
  10. Do the Duggar girls keep having all these miscarriages because they're not giving their bodies enough time between pregnancies? I don't have kids so I don't know if there is a recommended wait time between giving birth and getting pregnant with the next one? Ivy isn't even two years old, and Jessa already got pregnant, miscarried, and then got pregnant again. It really doesn't feel like they spend enough time concentrating on the kids they already have. Henry's speech still isn't great, and Jessa should be starting to homeschool Spurgeon. Don't they need her attention right now?? I won't even get a third cat because I feel like the first two need attention and I don't want to be sub-divided. The Duggars just keep sprouting babies everywhere.
  11. Actually, it sounds like the house is in Christine's name. So she just has to change the locks to keep Kody out. Was it Christine in this last episode who said that Kody shows up and then is just looking at his phone the whole time? Way to be a dad. Shows up once a week to surf the web. Christine should change the wifi password and refuse to give it to him.
  12. TLC won't cancel it. This show has at least one more season in it. There is only so much that TLC can get out of 5,000 90 Day Fiance spin-offs and Dr. Pimple Popper. Both this and Counting On will stay on the schedule for a while. I'm sure they're pretty cheap to produce and they have a core following. That being said, I cannot figure out how these people are surviving financially with no real jobs. Meri makes great profit with LulaRoe, but I doubt she shares, and they have so many mortgages and rents and other expenses. Are they covering college tuition for every kid? Every house except Janelle's is huge and has to be expensive. And what does Kody do all day? The mind boggles. They remind of House Hunters where people who make and sell their own cheese can somehow afford a $700,000 house.
  13. Robyn's an asshole, but she didn't cause the family problems. They were fucked up before she arrived. Janelle left at one point for like 3 years and lived somewhere else because she couldn't deal with Meri. This was no happy young family. I actually think the Flagstaff move was to provide a new storyline for the show and keep them on the air and getting paid. There was nothing else left. I really think the drama is fake, and that these women are living separate lives quite happily.
  14. I watched the whole episode last night. Meri is so checked out from the family that it looks like someone from TLC ordered her to show up for that lunch. She couldn't care less if she tried. Robyn seemed to be crying for dramatic effect. Honestly, I couldn't figure out the point of the lunch. It was boring to watch and went nowhere. From what I could gather, Christine feels guilty for admitting she doesn't want to live with the other wives in one house, and that's why she feels awkward when she's with them. Her feelings of jealousy over having to share her husband with other wives would be considered totally normal anywhere except in this shit show. Janelle feels no jealousy because Kody and Janelle are like brother and sister relationship-wise. When Robyn and Kody were standing on the balcony/deck of the million dollar house, the wind kept blowing and revealing Kody's true hairline. That was the most entertaining part of the episode. He seems to be doing some curly hair/brush forward attempt to conceal it, but then other times he pulls the whole rat's nest back in a ponytail. Baby Evie is adorable. I noticed that Mariah and Audrey were also missing from the family get-together. I'm wondering if all of Family Meri are on the outs with the rest of the family now.
  15. They don't even have to "leave". They each have their own house and he doesn't live with them. They're not legally married to him. They can just hit Block for his number on their cell phones and then go file for child support. Easiest breakup ever.
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