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  1. Isn't single mom welfare a common polygamist tactic? I wouldn't be surprised if the kids were all on Medicaid at some point too. Even if polygamist marriage were legal, they wouldn't do it, because it would prevent them from being able to commit welfare fraud.
  2. Sometimes people reach a breaking point. Christine's aunt left polygamy, so she has seen someone leave. And if Kody favors Robyn over everyone else as bad as it appears on the show, that could be a huge factor. And she's been forced to move away from all her children except Truely, with none of her adult kids choosing to go to Flagstaff. Isn't the upcoming season footage a year old though? We may not find out what's actually happening now, if it was all filmed 12 months ago. I wish they would do something like that old show 24, and show events in real time.
  3. Leaving requires work and effort. It might require her to get a lawyer to get child support, and a real job to finally get her poor kids some health insurance. I don't think Christine really wants to work a 40 hour a week job. Staying on the stupid reality show and keeping whatever small amount of money she gets from Kody is easier for her. Selling Plexus and Lularoe is easier. Christine is as lazy in her own way as Janelle. As miserable as she tries to act, Christine doesn't want more for herself enough to change it. There are benefits to the life she's living. We can all blame Kody for
  4. If they were really one family, two large houses in Flagstaff would have been plenty for the number of wives and kids still living at home. Other families put 3 kids in one bedroom, but Robyn needs 5 bedrooms for her family. Christine has maybe 2 kids still at home, and Janelle has 2 to 3 kids still living at home. Meri is an empty nester. They didn't need 4 homes.
  5. Their life doesn't look all that bad to me: Meri - Divorced empty nester with good job selling LulaRoe crap and side-gig pretending to be married for reality television. She takes lots of trips and sits in that stupid bed and breakfast that was her big dream. Christine - Living in a nice home that she is selling for unknown reasons. She is selling LulaRoe and Plexus, taking lots of trips, and not working a 40-hour per week job. She could get a job and get health insurance if she wanted, so her lack of those things is due to her own choices. She's not legally married to Kody and it do
  6. I'm glad that Janelle and Christine get along, and that the siblings are able to spend time together. I'm more curious than ever about their relationship with Kody and Robyn, since we haven't seen Kody on any of these trips that Christine and Janelle have been taking.
  7. There is a healthy middle ground in there. I'm overweight and have struggled with overeating for most of my adult life. Truely does look like she might be headed for a weight problem. Hopefully they don't start giving her Plexus to solve it. Both Christine and Mykelti seem to tend towards weight gain, so it is likely genetic. And the pandemic and an absent father likely haven't helped much. I remember Christine saying that Aspyn was the second parent in her household, and with Aspyn gone, we can't be sure what's going on, or what stress Christine might be under. We still don't know why she's s
  8. Do they own the plane, or do they rent it or something? I know Jim Bob is likely more wealthy than we realize, but he has a lot of dependent people who don't appear to be supporting themselves to pay for. There are 6 minor kids in the house, plus Jana, and another few probably still living there. Then there are the adults who we can be pretty sure aren't supporting themselves, like Joe and Kendra and their 3 kids. And Josh's family of 9, plus his legal expenses.
  9. I want to know how these people are making enough money at these "jobs" to cover medical insurance and living expenses. Everyone I know in real life who is working for themselves either has a spouse who can provide them health insurance, or they're working a ton of hours to make ends meet, with only limited vacations. I would bet a million dollars most of them (including Austin and Joy) are on Jim Bob's payroll and are covered on health insurance as his "employees." Is Jana basically still the nanny who gardens and helps her brothers with projects? Is that her "job"?
  10. All Janelle likely accomplished was making herself need to pee. I doubt she was that dehydrated. I wonder how much it cost.
  11. Hair is a genetic trait. In about 20 to 30 years, Gabe's hair may look a lot like Kody's hair.
  12. The only debt you are completely unable to escape except through death is student loan debt. At least that's my understanding. So you can buy 5,000 Lularoe leggings on a credit card and then file for bankruptcy, but you can't get an education without paying for it.
  13. When I look at those country road pictures, all I see is no rush hour traffic and an easy commute to work. Sign me up.
  14. Gotta love Meri's toxic positivity, which allows her to blame the victims of LulaRoe because the "real" problem is that they just didn't try hard enough or they have a negative attitude. The truth, if Meri would bother to do some research, is that LulaRoe continued to flood the market with new sellers so they could keep collecting millions of dollars worth of sign-up money, which is where the bulk of LulaRoe's wealth actually comes from. It meant that each seller would make very little money. 70% of LulaRoe sellers make no money at all. This is the real Meri, who only cares about he
  15. Does anyone know if Jim Bob and Michelle were at the hearing, or was it just smug-looking Anna standing by Josh? I wonder if Anna realizes that even on the chance that Josh beats the charges, their lives are still crap. He's unemployable at this point, and he wasn't that employable before. And I'm pretty sure all his siblings hate his guts. And they have 7 kids to feed.
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