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  1. Kellyee

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    I will join Team Andrei when Andrei stops relying on his father-in-law's money and gets a damn job and pulls his own weight. You can't take with one hand and slap with the other. Even Libby's job is being financed by her dad. If they want to do their own thing, then do it. Start by paying back the Dad for the apartment security deposit. Until then, Andrei needs to shut it. Without that baby shower, they would putting their daughter in a dresser drawer to sleep ala Little House on the Prairie. And they'd be homeless. Libby's sisters are rather horrid, but Libby and Andrei are moochers to the core. Andrei could have taken that trucking job until he found something else. He is choosing to sit on his ass.
  2. Worst case for Jenny is that she disappears and is never heard from again after dishonoring her boyfriend's family. Americans don't always realize how serious dishonoring your family is in other countries.
  3. How is that even going to work long term? Is he going to lie forever? What if they want to come visit his new home? The longer he waits to tell them, the more pissed off they're going to be. And I work with a lot of people from India, and culture-wise there are things you just don't do, because you don't risk disrespecting your parents or your in-laws. He's risking a lot doing this if this story is really true and not just made up for TLC. Culturally, this is a very big deal in India to offend your parents this way. Paul has serious issues. Anger and other mental health stuff. And he's 35 and can't get a job making at least $26k a year to bring his wife to this country. I'm betting that's because of his criminal record. And he's about to have a baby in a foreign country with no money and no way to get a job there.
  4. When Pedro told her that the last week without her was the best week of his life, she should have gotten up and calmly gone back to the airport. That's immature and was said on purpose to hurt her. I'm no Chantel fan, but Chantel is likely covering most of their bills, and Pedro just isn't worth this much crap. Its not going to work long term. She needs to cut her losses, find a divorce attorney, and move on. She must be reasonably smart if she is getting through nursing school. And I doubt she will want to continue financing her in-laws once she has kids and more bills to pay. I believe they are paying for the mother and sister's apartment? While the mother and sister treat her like shit. Family Chantel may completely suck, but Pedro's not paying their bills.
  5. Kellyee

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I feel bad for every kid on this franchise and the shit they have to be hearing at school. Can you imagine having your whole freaking life out there weekly for your classmates to watch? Once the kids were over around 3 years old, a good parent would have pulled the plug. And I'm not just talking about Jenelle. The footage of Isaac crying two episodes ago was also horribly inappropriate to show on television.
  6. Kellyee

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Jenelle needed to be fired, but without her, what does the show really have left? Chelsea and Brianna are boring as hell. Its not fun television to watch mostly normal moms do normal mom things. Leah has also wandered too far into the Garden of Normal. The boyfriend came off like a regular single mom dating situation. That leaves Kailyn, who only provides occasionally drama and snark. This show is over.
  7. Kellyee

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    Selfish people never die. I learned that a long time ago. She doesn't stress her heart out by trying to help or care about anyone else, so she can just keep going. The daughter was almost as big as her though. She needed weight loss surgery and a therapist to get over her mother's crap.
  8. Kellyee

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    Angela's children seemed to have a much worse childhood than she did, and they weren't 600 pounds. However, the whole family sounded like they were various kinds of screwed up. If she had really lost a ton of weight, I would think she would be trying to find a scale somewhere to weigh her so she could prove it. But she did seem to be moving around easier.
  9. Kellyee

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    The manufactured drama wasn't entertaining, just annoying and stupid and obviously fake. There was no reason that Meri had to move on the same day as everyone else, since she has no kids starting school. And since none of these people have jobs, the whole idea that they couldn't pack until the last minute was ridiculous. I noticed that Logan and Garrison were nowhere to be seen. I saw on Instagram that Logan graduated college, but I don't think they covered that on the show? I guess Logan and Garrison don't need the money for being on the show like Mykelti does.
  10. Kellyee

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    The land has trees, and it sings to them. Those are the only two concrete criteria they have given for this move, besides the impression they have that more conservative people live in Flagstaff. They haven't considered anything you mention above, just like they haven't thought about whether super-conservative people would even associate with them, since they are in essence living an alternative lifestyle. None of these morons have noticed that the reason they are so well received in Las Vegas is that the city is pretty liberal, and people with alternative lifestyles are accepted under the Live and Let Live clause.
  11. Kellyee

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    Where is all that cash coming from? Where did Christine get the money to buy a second home without selling the first one? We haven't seen anything on this show to demonstrate they have any other real source of income besides My Sister Wives Closet and LulaRoe. Is TLC really paying them that much money for this crappy show??
  12. Kellyee

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    So basically, Kody wants to build a massive house in the middle of nowhere that they will be stuck with forever because no one else will ever want to buy it, and it will be very unlikely that the land will ever become valuable enough to make someone want to buy the land and demolish the massive house. And he probably hasn't thought this through, but the idea is "singing" to him, and that's all that matters in the Brown family. Did I get that right? And its probably too far from any tourist attractions to make someone want to purchase it and rent out the sections to various families visiting the area. So they will be stuck there forever long after all the kids have fled. Mykelti's expression when they were opening the time capsule was priceless. She was all "I sit here and get paid for being on camera." It was so obvious she couldn't care less about the shoe she put in the time capsule only like 7 years before.
  13. Kellyee

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    All three of them appeared to suffer from some form of mental illness. Jeanne's mother was either mentally ill or at least just severely depressed. The house was filthy. They needed assistance from Adult Protective Services, not lectures from Dr. Now. There have been a few of these episodes now where the mental illness is so obvious that having a camera crew film it seems exploitive. Either Jeanne or her mom are going to die next, and its really sad.
  14. Kellyee

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    Did Aspyn graduate college? Or is she at least still in college?
  15. Kellyee

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    They discuss moving in the most bizarre way I have ever seen. No mention of school districts, commutes (it seems only Meri has a job at this point?), or what the total cost will be for 4 brand new homes after you have to run the utilities. All they talk about is what "sings" to them?? Seriously? No discussion of the mental/emotional cost of uprooting the kids for no reason, Robyn losing what appears to be her only babysitter, or the cost of the rentals in addition to the cost of building. They whine about money and budgets, then throw a million dollars at a ridiculous impulse buy. And only after they can't go back does it occur to Kody that this is going to be complicated and hard to pull off. Also, Meri should have walked out when Kody said she should abandon their daughter to figure out moving to Chicago on her own. Not that Mariah couldn't figure it out, but Kody's complete lack of caring for his child and her new stage of life is horrid. He is not a good father. I think the kids see the issues too, which is why none of them want to live polygamy. Even after his stroke with limited mobility, my dad always wants to help me, or at least care about what I'm doing. And I'm in my 40's. I felt sad thinking Mariah was going to see that clip.