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  1. If Roberta can get to the US and get pregnant, she's got Garrick by the balls. First, he will have sponsored her Visa, making him financially responsible for her for at least 10 years. Then she gets child support. If she gets pregnant but doesn't get to the US, she's in a much stickier situation, as it's difficult to get child support internationally unless you have a lot of money for lawyers.
  2. Garrick waited until they had 2 kids and years of marriage before springing this on Danielle. It's not like he told her he was going to pull this shit before their wedding day. He waited until she was vulnerable, years into marriage and staying home with kids, before pulling this. Garrick is a manipulative prick. I just wish Danielle's family would take a harder stance with her about what's going on. I assume the divorce meant she already gave up any chance at alimony?
  3. Even if they're not on welfare, you can bet they are getting a tax refund each year far larger than the amount of taxes they actually paid in. If Karen is pregnant again, someone should call CPS. I only watched a little bit of the show, but the kids were just running everywhere with no structure or guidance. Do the parents even know what the kids are learning or how much they're eating each day? Is anyone getting any help with their homework?
  4. Michelle made her daughters cook lunch and dinner for at least 16 people at a time, every single day. I can't imagine that being my daily job at 12 years old. I wonder what poor Mackenzie is forced to be responsible for as Anna's oldest daughter. She does seem to be holding Maryella in quite a few pictures that are posted to social media. The daily chores for these large families have to be constant and never-ending.
  5. Did Derrick's mother feed old breastmilk to the dog????? These people are weird. Jill has risen a tiny bit above her raising, but is still freaking insanely bizarre. And Derrick is still a shit-stirring transphobe. And they still make money off spouting about Jill's shitty childhood on YouTube.
  6. What does Ben do for work these days? Do they even have any money to expand the house or move? I'm assuming that the future of Counting On may be in a serious question at the moment, and I'm guessing that was their main source of income.
  7. Henry's language skills still seem to struggle, and her attention should be on him, not adding more babies to the pile. There is an Instagram blogger who is having her 6th kid in something like 9 years, and her third kid can barely be understood. Jessa is going to have a two year old and a newborn, and Spurgeon will probably be put in charge of Henry's speech therapy.
  8. I was just wondering if she will cut it off at some point, or if Ben will say he doesn't want more kids. I remember way back on the original 19 Kids and Counting, Jessa did say at one point that she wants a large family but isn't having 19 babies. Kendra and Joe have 3 kids under the age of 3.
  9. How many siblings does Ben have? We know Joe and Kendra will have 500 kids, but I'm not so sure about Jessa.
  10. It's over. The sextuplets will be 18 in a year, and the twins are already grown. They will only end up back in television if Jon keeps famewhoring on Dr. Oz or one of the kids decides to write a book or do an interview about their childhood. It would be interesting to hear their honest perspective on what happened.
  11. Did Jessa ever do a gender reveal for the 4th baby, or are they hoping the show might still come back and they can get paid for it? I assume that filming may currently be on hold.
  12. What I don't get is that Danielle really seems to have a supportive family that would help her if she left Garrick. And her sons are old enough to witness what Garrick is doing. I don't understand why Danielle puts up with this, except that she has horribly low self esteem. How many times does he need to completely humiliate her before she's had enough? The divorce would have done it for me.
  13. Do you think Anna and her parents really knew what Josh did to his sisters before she married him? I can't decide if I believe Anna that they knew or not. If Anna didn't know, then she was trapped in marriage before she was told, which means in her head she can never leave. If she and her parents really knew beforehand, I don't know what the hell to even say.
  14. Has anyone else noticed that no one in Josh's family is coming to his defense in public? The only person saying he didn't do this is his lawyer. All his siblings are either silent or making vague comments about hoping the truth comes to light. If you really thought your brother was framed or didn't do it, wouldn't you say so?? They all seem to be distancing themselves.
  15. Considering that Jim Bob thinks Michelle had "baggage" before they met at 17, God only know what these people consider a scandal. I remember Josiah being very smug when he was still a little kid. Lauren has always seemed more mainstream somehow and less smug.
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