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  1. Take a tiny little sip of wine every time she touches her hair and you will be wasted before the 26 minutes are up!! 🍷
  2. ...I just strained and fortified 14 bottles of sangria in preparation 😉
  3. Honestly what is left? Fleeing Persecution. Family Gatherings. Forced Family Road Trips. Family Parties. Kids Milestones. Weddings. Births. Check, check and check. All that is left is a handful of kids at home, which they don't seem to showcase anymore and adults that don't get along. Either they really and truly don't get along or they are now just going to use their acting skills to drag out "who is leaving" "who is unhappy" "Kody gets unhinged to vent only when alone with the camera" ""Sobbyn Robyn""Janelle's quiet eye rolls" "Meri filmed alone in her house" "Christine's variety of vo
  4. I believe it is like Fosca says above. First rule of business. Know your market/customer. Janelle gets responses when she talks about weight struggles and health. Strive is such a nonsensical "business". Janelle literally rambles around vaguely and calls it a "community supporting healthy lifestyle", for all we know it is only to keep her interacting with fans and a tax write off. ETA: Their true business will always be the show, everything else is just a side gig.
  5. This is why I think her issue is depression. And it has gone on so long she thinks it is just how normal life is. Janelle has stated subtly on the show how she wants to be a part of the big, loud buzzing family. She wants the big house because she benefited the most from it in the past. If she is only part of the whole then she can settle into her happy place as a cog in the wheel vs having to make all those micro decisions that fills a normal day. She quickly becomes bogged down with even the smallest life task/decision and looks to find a distraction to deflect how overwhelmed she is.
  6. Janelle. It's called a knife... Learn to use it, become comfortable with it. Then you can cut your own veggies and meat exactly how you want to and you will really save money.
  7. Um. Meri. If they are blocked, they can't see your message about why they are blocked... Well, she has studied the Kody Brown way for 30+ years...
  8. I would assume that the water delivery would be similar to other fuel deliveries. I have lived in a house (years ago) with both heating oil and propane delivered. You had to set up an account with the company and for the first delivery it was cash on delivery with a delivery charge (since the driver had to wait and finalize the account and payment). After that you could just call when you needed a delivery and there was no delivery fee IF you waited until they were delivering in your area. If you needed an emergency fill, then it was the fuel+delivery fee and if your account was not in goo
  9. ...actually. Both Robyn's million$ house and Christines more modest house have water tanks. So they both have trucked in water for the household. I would LOVE to know how much water Robyns household needs with people who are accustomed to using municipal water.
  10. I am clueless how any of the Browns finances work, but Christine perplexes me the most. She put her Vegas house up first (July 2018) and bought the Flag house in Aug/Sept 2018. Her Vegas house sat and went on and off the market with a lot of price reductions, then all the other houses sold and Christine's still sat there and finally sold in Sept 2019. So she had to get a mortgage in Flag when she still had one in Vegas and pay for the house expenses for more than a year in Vegas. Someone made note along the way that she said ( in a live sale online) that when she was in Flagstaff she was
  11. Christine said on camera that she bought her house, and yes, that set them "back" because they had to "put down a chunk of money" which I am assuming was a sizeable down payment. At the time Kody was on the property and mortgage with Christine. At some point it was noted that Kody's name was removed from the property and Christine remortgaged the house to remove his name. I don't remember if this was before he and Robyn bought the big house or maybe closer to when they pulled out the equity from the big house, which wasn't that long after they closed on it. So with her selling the house, it
  12. Well. They have been doing this since the beginning of the show. Watch season 1 and 2, then read Robyn's bestselling book and it is one contradiction after another.
  13. I think this dispels the question of where she is at the moment. This is the red door on her Flagstaff house.
  14. Someone needs to write a paper studying his cameos. How many different ways can he make any subject all about himself. "Your nose isn't any of my business, but...MY HAIR..."
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