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  1. I don't think Janelle knows what monsoon means... And I told my husband about the "from raw" cooking revelation that Janelle had. Now he can't stop using the reference. He is now asking about dinner...and will it be from raw?? 😂
  2. I would think it might be everyone sittin' there around the fire with their own open cans of cabbage and beans, maybe even potatoes and play out their own version of the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles...
  3. That area doesn't have "streets" as we know them. They mentioned that Christine's house is a mile away (straight line) from the property lots. Robyn's house is closer to the property, probably a half mile if flying above the trees, but the roads themselves meander and curve around, so a car maybe a mile. It's close enough to be in the vicinity.
  4. Yes I remember the batman PJs. If memory serves...and depending on how much you can believe from JO and the info dump, I remember a phone call or video call between Meri and "Sam" that Sol made an appearance. I suspect Meri including Sol in her delusion with JO was a major contributing factor in Robyn severing her deeper friendship/trust with Meri. It was pretty obvious (even with Brown doublespeak) that Robyn felt as betrayed if not more than Kody with Meri's involvement with "Sam". And later when Meri became very pissy because she wasn't allowed to pick up Solomon and take him on a r
  5. Technically. Kinda. Their trip to Alaska was in August, and that is right at the end of the Meri/Sam fling and then something happened that has never been discussed from anyone. Something went on between them that angered JO and made her flood the internet with all the voicemails/photos/screenshots etc. This is also around the time when Kody made a shady comment about "Batman" in a tweet and one of the shows producers followed the batman account on Twitter for a short while. Meri, in the season when she invited every other "victim" of Sam's to appear on camera, stated that she put two and
  6. While Kody said the actual "getting the scraps" quote after the big property blow up, Robyn did allude to it as well when she told Meri that all the properties are beautiful and she would be happy on any of them, she will just take "what is left". In a talking head Meri then scoffed and said something like "really Robyn, like you are the bottom of the totem pole!?" Even after 30 years of marriages and children, moving and jobs...10+ years of a television show and therapy...this entire family truly sucks at any and all communication.
  7. It may have even been Kendra who took them to the fabric store and it was her idea to have dresses custom made for their "modesty" requirements and vastly different tastes. I think that is where Meri bought that upholstery fabric for her dress. Yes, I think she had like 7 or 8 kids.
  8. Ahh Kendra. Her name still pops up now and then. I don't think it has ever been said exactly how Robyn met her, but if memory serves it was around the time of My sisterwives closet and Kendra was a design person? She must have weaseled her way into Robyn's trust because she got herself on camera on the show. The "shopping for modest Mormon dresses in San Francisco episode" She isn't part of Robyn's family but she was the admin of a Like page Robyn started on facebook around the same time of the catfish days. Kendra was named the Junk Yard Dog by CJ on her blog because she behaved onl
  9. It looks like she just slid eggs out of the pan and threw in the bread. And actually...this is how I usually make toast these days. ☺️ I make all of the bread we eat in the household. Last year during my husband's furlough we were going through multiple loaves each week and one day we were grilling some hot dogs for lunch and my son got up right as we were getting ready to grill and wanted some too (he works night shifts). I only had enough buns on hand for my husband and I, but I had loaf bread. So, we put our heads together and I said I could make cowboy toast for the extra buns. Wel
  10. I believe it was Gwen. Kody, Janelle and Christine and some of the kids were heading to Hunter's wrestling match for state competition (I think) and Robyn was staying back. Gwen was going to go...then didn't want to go. She wanted to hang out with Aurora but Robyn really put on a stink face and started saying how someone had a sports practice and this and that. Gwen did eventually stay with Robyn, but it was her reaction that was obvious she didn't want it to happen. So much for the "we are all moms!!" This is also the same scene where Christine mentions that Gwen CAN'T stay at Christ
  11. Yes, they always have turkey bacon when making "bacon" on camera. Also...with the Savannah wanting eggs scene...I L O V E D how Kody first says something like "I'm making eggs...do you guys want cold cereal??" lolol then they all want eggs. Sadly, they didn't film Kody actually MAKING the eggs and breakfast for the girls. hmmm.
  12. Well. There goes her dreams of a big garden...Smack in the middle of an established herd of Elk, she will need electricity AND a hell of a fence fortress to grow anything.
  13. Isn't that kinda what the whole show has been. Them just "sittin' there" telling a camera over and over and over how a polygamist family is "supposed to be". More to drive it into their own heads to delude themselves that is how it is with their family. ...flashback to an old Tell-All when they brought out Truely and Sol in the end and the adults told the children to say hi or wave at the cameras and Truely put her hand up and quietly said over and over "I don't see the camera, I don't see the camera". Obviously someone had told her over and over just to ignore the cameras during filmin
  14. In last season(14), near the end they were looking at houses and they only showed a scene here and there about the "buying/renting" endless debate between Kody and Robyn's polar opposite views of God's Great Plan for the Family. They showed a lot about the debate...however very little about the actual buying. In this season just past(15), there is only one little scene where Kody is at Robyn's house when the call comes to tell them the lender has closed and they now own the house. The COVID storyline took up most of the season. I have always wondered exactly how long they paid rental
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