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  1. My son had the same surgery and it did take 12 hours. It’s pretty intense.
  2. My son had the same scoliosis surgery. We were counseled that it is a major surgery and to be prepared. He needed multiple blood transfusions and was in the ICU due to a complication. Only a monster in his position would say to go it alone. Also, if it’s past 50 degrees curvature, it runs the risk of damaging other organs as it shifts. We were also warned about that.
  3. Kody raging to himself when he was alone in the car was window into his personality. There is a lot of negative feelings going on behind his beady eyes.
  4. Well that Kyle gave off major creeper vibes even before I found out he was a wife beater.
  5. I wish Carlton would come back on. She was comedy gold. I dislike Ken. His Lisa never lies was propaganda bs.
  6. Kody needs to stop using the word yummy to describe things. Every time he says it, I throw upon my mouth a bit. Him saying yummy, then giggling is too much to ask us innocent viewers to partake in. Too much.
  7. Very few things irritate me more on the Real Houswives then Rinna acting smug. When she flipped whoever off, I wanted to shout that she is decades too old for teenage angst. She honestly thinks she is brilliant as she laughs at her comments.
  8. Whenever Kody talks about people who like to push his buttons, it always puts me on alert as a reaction. It just sounds menicing to me. On on the other hand, I enjoyed the family time. Minus the ever present Meri drama.
  9. Everytime I see Kody dance I roll my eyes. He is such an attention whore. I want ant to see the family tone down their adoration of him (glad to see some members doing that) and watch him wilt.
  10. I bet there will be a ton of tweets tonight about Maddie's wedding.
  11. Putting aside the maturity issues of the soonto be married duo, the sister wives need to start shitting their mouths in interviews if they want to be part of M and T lives. It was shitty to say the Caleb was their favorite. Does everyone know that's? Most likely yes. But there is stuff you don't say out loud.
  12. I loved the zero effs the grandma had to give to the new girls as they joked about her going through another war.
  13. I live for the day when Jac turns her crazy on the new girls. The loud one will be in bed for a month.
  14. Rosie makes for good tv and I enjoy watching her. But there is no way in hell I would want to be in the same room with her. I imagine being with her, you need to be careful of what you say or she may erupt. I have no patience for playing an adult version of hot potato. It's hard enough with my toddlers. Lol.
  15. My husband had no idea who Kody was and saw the Hawaii trip. He thought it was a show on cults.
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