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  1. Well. I am quoting myself...because this is now bugging me I went back to the first episode... Janelle's hair is the same natural looking blond as in the photos AND Meri has her hair pulled back into a bun at the back of her head...so it was long in the "Meet the wives" S1E1.
  2. I think she has really changed. She was active with the MSWC up until it all just stoppped in March 2019 and she just disappeared off all SM. On camera when she talks she has a breathlessness to her speech. I remember seeing her standing and talking recently (the show or a clip...) and she reached out to steady herself. Her eyes are lifeless when she talks and as @Tuxcat mentioned she also seems much more pious than any of the others, especially in the last seasons in Flagstaff. She has a different way of communicating and seems to sit and listen vs inserting herself as the "all knowing and f
  3. @Sasha888 has already mentioned that Meri has long hair in the scenes filmed celebrating Robyn's birthday which is in October if I remember. There is one other scene, but it is only quick quick on screen when the camera pans the room as Kody sits all the kids down to giggle while he is trying to tell them that he is going to ask Robyn to "join the family". I looked at the photo in the book and found another online where three are seated and Christine is standing that looks like it is from the same photo shoot. Meri has long hair, but Janelle has natural looking blond hair. My memory te
  4. I think this is why we no longer see Tell Alls. Kody refuses to "just sit there" while they play his clips taking turns throwing them all under the bus while filming their faces trying hard to remain stoic.
  5. Armchair diagnosing disclaimer.. What I see in Kody these last seasons I have also seen and experienced in my husband, his family and other men I know. Especially in men nearing their 50s or over 50. Depression is such a powerful force, and it happens in so many different ways. High energy and hyper focus can be depression. Extreme fatigue. Anger...and on and on. Not just "I can't get out of bed, nor do I have any desire to..." kind of thing. I read an article recently that middle aged white men are the highest rate of suicide. His anger and aggression (in my opinion) looks very muc
  6. They aren't... The Pillsbury rolls have a distinctive bubbly surface texture. Those are very thick and have residual flour on the surface showing that a lot of flour was used when shaping them. The dough probably wasn't rested enough, so it didn't stretch to get several rolls for more of a crescent look to them, or it was too flour heavy, which is a common bread making beginner mistake. They were baked either at too high a temperature or on a thin dark baking sheet so the bottoms are way too dark...almost burned.
  7. On a whim, my husband and I watched the old Thanksgiving episode of SW...remember painting the corn cans for centerpieces?? Robyn was pregnant with "baby sister" and the beginning of her swollen neck was clearly evident. That was the time when she really changed and always seemed out of breath and her eyes just became lifeless. Also...it was interesting to watch an older episode after the recent ones. Wow... what a difference.
  8. If anyone can't ""wrap their head around" how emotional manipulation works...that clip sums it up in 2 minutes. Kody...You can choose for yourself. You can do what you want to do. I will choose for myself. Also Kody (subtext through body language and tone) If you do not agree with me, I will not listen to you. I will make little noises but never actually come out a say anything like a grown up. I will disengage. Kindness and love (what Kody considers to be love) are rewards to be handed out to anyone who parrots/mirrors back his desires, wishes and rules with a smile and kind ey
  9. I'm such a weirdo!! I always zoom in and have a good look at peoples hats. I love LOVE knitting hats ☺️
  10. I am going out on a limb and "supposing" a potential way that the books could be cooked. The friend could pay for rooms and lets just say that 7 days comes to a total of $500. Pay in cash and on the books there is a booking for 7 days. Then lots of cooking and cleaning needs to be done...and then the friend does all the work and earns $500 for the week. Then she is paid out and so on and so on. I was just being snarky with a "well...it could be like this..." kind of thing. The best way to cook any books is with cash transactions and only "hiring" people on a temporary as needed ba
  11. In my opinion as a mother of two. Child #1 gets your undivided attention for awhile before #2 comes along. For me it was a natural progression that when child #1 went to school and left child #2 home "alone" that it was the perfect opportunity for one on one time. Two different children, no matter the gender, have different needs and interests and its the perfect opportunity for you to just be with them. Overall I just don't agree with the social media moaning about motherhood and children in any way. Maybe MAYBE in a private group online....maybe....but at some point your kid is going t
  12. Roslyn


    All I can picture is... Kody, looking serious walks through an office door and props his leg up on a desk. He looks into the camera and says..."Abraham Lincoln once said, If you are a racist I will attack you with the north..." 🤣 ...sometimes I just can't help myself...
  13. Friend pays for 7 nights of B&B room. Meri pays Friend for work in the B&B for cleaning and cooking. Rinse and repeat.
  14. I think Meri isn't ever going to leave officially because then Kody wins. I think it is just that simple. With Christine I think her daughters are her support network and the last two just left. Now with only Truely left she is seeing what lies ahead of her without her children around her. And I am glad to hear she is homeschooling. I can't imagine what attention would have been put on Truely if the Browns life would filter down to her in public school.
  15. Completely off the topic...but... An interesting thing about New Mexico. My husband travels all over, as I've mentioned before. However, the stand out about New Mexico was how many times he was openly hit on in public places. He is a good looking guy and tall. 6'4" but 6'6" when wearing his work boots. He would be mixing his cream in his coffee in a convenience store and a woman would walk right up to him and start flirting. Getting out of his car/truck in the parking lot of a hardware store, hit on. Ordering in a restaurant...hit on, and by other customers, not just a waitress. H
  16. Roslyn


    My armchair opinion from a life of people (and animal watching). The simple answer is connection. Or chemistry. Just because you tend to be attractive generally to a certain body type doesn't mean that everyone with that body type will "click" with you. Robyn's declaration when talking about her slender figure (sitting on the same couch with three not slender women) made her immediately state how she doesn't "fit" Kodys "type" to try to keep from looking like she is rubbing her slender figure in their faces. Kody's true type is more of a woman that responds to him and fulfills his n
  17. Roslyn


    This is what blows me away the most about Janelle's "logical" thinking. ""I started to see what looked like a scar develop"" HUH?? Scars "develop" as the body heals and knits itself back together...from a trauma that breaks the skin. I mean...there is nothing logical about that statement at all.
  18. Hmm. After reading this, and knowing that Janelle converted to marry Kody from Mainstream LDS, I wonder if she never had an unsealing from her first husband because she possibly didn't need one.
  19. This season coming up is supposed to cover the surgery storyline, so there is really no way to know what Robyn may have thought about it since she isn't active on social media. Plus since it was covered on the show, they won't be allowed to give details because of their contracts.
  20. Kody's declaration of "Meri tricked him" was such a dick move. In his little mind he is only going on the superficial promise of a young, emotionally immature girl who was ga-ga for him. She agreed to polygamy somehow means in his mind that she may never EVER complain about it. She must follow all the rules of being a Stepford poly wife with a smile never leaving her face. Meri wanted Kody. Kody wanted polygamy. The ONLY thing I agree with on Kody's side, is that you must be very clear with your first wife pre marriage that the polygamous family is open and clearly on the table. Meri
  21. Using the dates on wikipedia for reference... Kody and Robyn were first "married" on May 22. They stated on the show that they had a 10 month courtship, but haven't really specified if that means they got together and thought about it before the 10 months, or if the 10 months was from seriously thinking about it. So that would have been July-ish the previous year. The cameras show them celebrating Robyn's birthday (and Meri has long hair), so that would have been 7 months pre-wedding in October. They have never in my mind stated clearly how long before the wedding did Kody first meet Roby
  22. Oh my Gosh! Meri's eyebrows are exactly the same as the Lularoe lady!
  23. But that's the thing. That option has never been on the table for Christine. She was witness to how the "family" behaves to a wife with the empty nest, and a participant to it as well. She has seen how Kody treated Meri before the catfish when he just had other kids to keep him occupied, and kids from the favorite wife as well. Pre Vegas, Christine had tolerance from Kody, as long as she played her role and let Kody and Janelle call the shots. Enter Robyn and she gets to see what Kody actually looks like when he is in love and respecting a wife and Christine gets to watch him have the re
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