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    They still own the house and the townhouse in St George so I have no idea how they can get another place in Lehi????????
  2. Logan, Hunter, Aspyn and Mariah have graduated with college degrees. Logan also has an MBA and Hunter is getting his masters in nursing. Mariah was working on her masters in social work but no current status on that.... Maddie and Garrison have attended college sporadically. Gabe, Gwen, and Aurora currently attend NAU. Dayton did attend NAU but it's not certain whether he still does. I'd assume that Ysabel will attend NAU this fall, although I haven't seen it posted anywhere saying where she will attend college.
  3. But the photo shown is a screen shot, which means Meri and the man were talking live via facetime or skype. How would you create a fake picture for a live skype phone call?
  4. So if the catfish was a lady (Jackie) how did she get a guy to video chat with Meri. Call me gullible but that certainly LOOKS like a guy to me in the inset picture. I see how Meri could have fallen for that.
  5. It's that way everywhere now. Mid Atlantic, East Coast, Florida....houses are selling for more than asking within days of listing.
  6. The other important meeting in Christine's library/dining room was the conversation between Meri and Christine about Meri not being called over to witness Maddie's birth in the bathtub because they didn't "feel safe" around Meri.
  7. In some ways I understand Meri's dilemma with the wet bar. Everyone has something they'd wish for in their dream house. I've always wanted a laundry room that is it's own real room, not a pass through to the garage or a laundry pantry hidden behind bi fold doors.
  8. Her first one, that was the smaller townhouse.
  9. It looks like they replaced the flooring and are in process of replacing the countertops, but left the old cabinets and painted them grey.
  10. Meri may say that Mariah "finished college, both undergrad and masters" but how did Mariah finish her masters by January 2021? In January of 2020 we saw Mariah say she was moving back to Utah and transferring her Masters degree in Social Work to the University of Utah at the end of that semester. So at best she started at U of Utah in August 2020 (which was still during covid). How would she graduate after only 1 semester at Utah? I would have thought she could graduate this year....
  11. That is considered the mother in law suite in the house: per the listing "features five bedrooms, three bathrooms, AND A SEPARATE GUEST STUDIO OR IN-LAW STUDIO". Other than being a big room with a small kitchenette and its own tiny bathroom I usually picture a MIL suite to have it's own door to the outside, which this doesn't seem to have.
  12. I noticed it said in the listing : "Kitchen island and bar top to have new quartz installed on 5/26". So I imagine it will match the white quartz that is in the kitchen side counters. (ALSO - when I saw bar top in the listing all I could think of was Kody saying in the last episode "Meri is going to wet bar the shit out of this" lol) The porcelain tile is nice but not my style. I don't remember what Meri had before but I think it was carpet in the living areas and vinyl flooring in the kitchen?
  13. I checked the commencement program for the May graduation ceremony at the University of Utah and didn't see Mariah on the list for graduating from the Social Work masters program. Does anyone know when she's supposed to graduate?
  14. So I see on Zillow that Meri's old house on the cul-de-sac in Las Vegas is for sale again. The new owners fixed it up nice, with new porcelain tile floors throughout and all an new bathroom with a large walk in shower and separate tub. Very upgraded. They bought it from Meri for $574,900 and are selling it for $799,000.
  15. Janelle's rental house was just put up for sale today.
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