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  1. LoneWolf

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I read the comment last night and was still bothered by it tonight. I've never push my beliefs upon others nor do I believe myself without fault--I have many faults. I have no issue with people whose beliefs differ from my own and I don't much care what people wear (or don't wear! πŸ˜‚). I took exception to the "dopey Bible look" mostly. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I'm going to bed, too, Kyanight.... it doesn't really matter. I'll just probably take a break from these boards for awhile.
  2. LoneWolf

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    Thank you for your response. I was genuinely asking because I really didn't/don't think of someone with Aspergers as completely unable to function independently. I really look forward to seeing Dayton coming into his own because, as you mentioned, those on the spectrum are usually highly intelligent. He seems like a nice kid.
  3. LoneWolf

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    What exactly is "that dopey, Bible brain look to the face"? Sincerely, A devout Catholic who wears drab (all black) modest clothing
  4. LoneWolf

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    Can someone please help me out, here? We all seem pretty certain that the 'Leavingk Las Vegas' is likely due to incredible lack of foresight and planning for the long term, an indiscernible process of decision making, and general idiocy finances and that Flagstaff was chosen because angels/trees/singingk Day-uhn is attendingk college there. My question is this: is Day-uhn so disabled that he still requires his mother's constant supervision and such that the inept caveman overlord must include a second en-suite setup in the Mountain View McMansion Monstrosity of Prairie Dog Plague for Day-uhn to live the rest of his days? I think I remember him as being on the autism spectrum, but there are many on the spectrum who live independently, attend school, and hold down jobs. Is Robyn pathologically overprotective and controlling or is Day-uhn truly incapable of independent or semi-Independent living? I adore my (now tween/early teen) children and on occasion reminisce about when they were little, but I have always maintained that one of the most important aspects of parenting is teaching them to individuate and learn how to independently take care of themselves. I have always tried to teach them how to make wise decisions and guided them through age appropriate independence. Right now, as they navigate their lives, they have my husband and I to guide them and offer safety nets as they figure things out. I won't be around forever to make decisions for my kids, and Robyn won't always be there for her kids. The fact that many children and four households are being uprooted, the high schoolers' achievements and excellent opportunities have been denied, the kids' pain and struggle have been dismissed and even ridiculed, these people irresponsibly purchased undeveloped land without considering all that is involved (water, sewer, electricity, road construction), they bought land and a house before selling the four Vegas homes, they are renting three home of varying sizes and locations, they are effectively ensuring financial ruin, and by abandoning the place the majority of the kids have spent their formative years, Kody's desire to have all the kids and grandchildren around perpetually is actually accomplishing the opposite --I hope the cost is worth it just to be close to one kid..... who is an adult in college.
  5. LoneWolf

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    Yeah.... to quote Christine: this ridiculous clusterfuck of a house/condo/apartment/lair/egomaniacal delusion of a single structure is "NEVER, period, GOING, period, TO, period, HAPPEN, exclamation point." I'm so glad she verbalised the punctuation πŸ™„ I cannot believe a group of people can be so incredibly ignorant and shortsighted as to not consider how many obstacles that will hinder, delay, or altogether shut down such a building plan. I have always lived within communities and have never had a septic system--you guys have educated me a bit on the ridiculousness of having a nineteen bed twelve bath four laundry room structure on a septic system and access to water. Kody's idea is bullshit and he'll be up to his neck in literal shit if they attempt this. My beloved dad, may he rest in peace (I still miss him every single day even though he died over ten years ago), was an electrician and wired a gazillion homes, maintained the state capital's network of buildings, and helped fix the horrible baggage system mess at Denver International Airport. He was a talented and hardworking man full of wisdom and humour (sorry, I know I'm way off topic) and I would LOVE to have been able to talk to him about the expense, feasibility, and complexity that Kody's structure would entail. And yes, I keep calling it a structure because I can conceive of no possible resale value in such a monstrosity of ego. I suspect surrounding neighbors would fight like hell to petition that the zoning requirements not change to allow this....thing. Everything Kody does is about ego. If he hadn't stumbled on polygamy he would've be a church leader commanding attention, or some other way to enable him to feel like a king. He has absolutely NO leadership ability and while some of his wives might 'keep sweet', it's abundantly clear his older kids (especially the boys) think he's a joke. I know people generally can't stand Meri, but I do not blame her a bit for her "affair" of the heart. Kody legally divorced her after decades and while she was incredibly naΓ―ve and illogical that a wealthy man online loved her, I can see absolutely why she'd be vulnerable to such a thing. This whole "she cheated" and "she needs to take responsibility and admit her wrongdoing" is bullshit (forgive me, I'm a psychologist and 'have' to be empathetic πŸ˜‚). She was divorced, neglected, rejected by her husband, treated with disdain by her only daughter, and just wanted to be valued and loved. I dearly hope she finds a man who will love her and only her, that her B&B is successful, and that she continues to grow and be successful ON HER OWN, as she said. She has many faults, I agree, but her situation is soul crushing. I've no doubt that she was bullied into or contractionly obligated to react to the catfish 'scandal' in the manner she has in public. Maybe Kody will build his monstrosity and Meri will never move in, none of the older kids and the grandchildren ever visit, and 75% of the building is empty and useless. Meri finds a good man, marries him, and he has a bunch of kids who adore her. I was so sad watching Mariah tell her 'we don't want you helping us move'. I thought Meri handled the heartbreak well in the moment. Ugh. These people. YOU people, however, are good for my soul. Again going off topic (sorry moderators, it won't happen again...in this comment anyway) I have been fighting cancer for two decades, am in constant pain and am sick, watched my dad die from the same cancer--it's genetic and my kids have it, also πŸ˜”, my husband is a commissioned law enforcement officer and it's scary and stressful, I'm a neat freak but my house is currently a disaster from six plus years of me not being well enough to do even basic cleaning and maintenance, I'm isolated and have no friends or acquaintances from whom I can ask for help. I do not say all this for pity and I am incredibly blessed with a phenomenal husband (Kody should come visit and see a REAL man and leader and I guarantee we have way more, er, marital relations than Kody who has four 'wives'), wonderful children, I had an amazing father, I live in a beautiful area with mountains and wildlife, I hit the jackpot just being born in the US and have had access to medical care that literally has and continues to keep me alive--I do not feel sorry for myself most of the time and am generally positive and upbeat. But I also struggle continuously and have some intense panic attacks, fear, hopeless moments, and insomnia. I come to these boards, the Sisterwives specifically, and your comments and assessments never fail to lift my spirits. You all are my kind of people and your humour, wit, and insight into the Brown Idiocies rarely fail to help me get through the rough moments. So I offer a BIG THANK YOU for your amazing and snarky comments. You all are my people. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
  6. LoneWolf

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Logan's adult responsibilities, while being a child, enrage me. I think the Brown weddings are boring and Aspen was difficult to watch (and hear). Logan and Michelle's wedding would be the only one of interest for me because they seem to be mutually in love and committed to each other. Part of me wants them to change their minds about not having kids. Logan would kick ass as a father and show Kody how a REAL MAN does marriage and fatherhood. But Logan and Michelle have my respect, whatever path they take. Unfortunately, I think Aspen will raise her kids much like her mother, unless Mitch turns out to be a wholly different type of man than Kody. Jury's still out on Mitch; we haven't seen much of him. He does seem underwhelmed by the whole TLC production and as someone above mentioned, merely tolerating the Brown Clowns.
  7. LoneWolf

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    It surprised me initially, but with Logan being the oldest I imagine there was immense pressure put upon him by Kody and Logan felt a bit of panic in making sure Kody didn't go even more ballistic. Logan had the responsibilities of an adult while being a child needing parenting also. No wonder he has barely concealed contempt for Kody and got the hell out ASAP After reading all your snarkified commentary, I decided to watch the episode since it was only one hour (seemed like four, though). I am LIVID at how dismissive and shaming these adults are toward Gabe. He seems like an intelligent and sociable young man. If I could do it I'd move to Vegas (even though I hate it) and be his guardian while he finishes high school. This move is stupid on every level. Financial disaster, uprooting a home that the kids know, love, and in which they feel secure, buying fully undeveloped land, not selling the houses save one, renting ridiculous houses (buying in Christine's case). My heart was sad for Truly and darned if she isn't my favourite Brown of them all. And normally I think it's important to be respectful to your parents in general, but I was so fucking proud of Gabe walking out of the "what do you think", "oh damn, you're thinking wrong....no motorcycle for you!!", "I was just joking, ha ha". And Gabe's comments essentially pointing out his parents know nothing about him during his talking heads. It also pisses me off that Kody is angry that Gabe wants to spend his last days in Vegas with his friends--well, duh. Find your salve labouror somewhere else, your son is in pain, you imbecile. Robin is absolutely right that by moving now, they're uprooting the kids' history, memories, and sense of home. In Flagstaff, most older kids will fly the coop soon, the adult kids will have never lived in nor will feel like Flagstaff is home, and he wants everyone to have a home at which to return. This isn't going to work like he wants it to happen. Idiot. I have more to say but it's 0130 and hopefully I can try to fall asleep. I went fishing with my husband and kids this evening and I can't get the rippling water out of my mind's eye! Mesmerising. Edit: I should not post early morning comments with no sleep. Grammar & spelling, omissions & errors...
  8. LoneWolf


    I've always thought Mykelti was pretty, even with extra weight. That doesn't seem to be a popular opinion, though.
  9. LoneWolf

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    This is the woman who insisted on fishing THE MORNING OF HER DAUGHTER'S WEDDING!!!! She avoids anything uncomfortable and unpleasant, though why being there for your daughter on her wedding day was deemed unpleasant for her, I'll never know.
  10. LoneWolf

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    I do this a lot. I kind of stare up at the wall with eyes unfocused, 'searching' for my words and answers. It's my way of tuning out all the visual noise so I can collect my thoughts. I'm not saying that's what Robyn is doing, but maybe?
  11. LoneWolf

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    She's not an expert on exercise..... but she's a health coach? Who paid $6K for her certificate thing? WTF is a health coach doing not knowing enough about exercise to point a beginner in the right direction. 'Hire a personal trainer...' awesome advice! So worth the monthly subscription to Stife with Janelle.
  12. LoneWolf

    S10:05 Mariah's Big Announcement

    Well, that horseshit DOES IN FACT make that grass greener. Showing myself out....
  13. LoneWolf

    Robyn Brown: Her Sisterwives Have a Closet!

    1. I completely agree re: favouritism. My mother heavily favoured my brother, still does in fact, and it was heartbreaking when I was younger. We have a see you once a year relationship now, even though I have her only grandchildren and she's 45 minutes away. I initially worked hard to not show favourites between my kids, but soon realized that I genuinely adore each for her amazing self. Amazing how unconditional love can make a family close; we actually love spending time together, and my kids are now teens. 2. I've been wanting to say this for awhile, but KYANIGHT, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and perspectives with us. I've always respected your opinions and posts; that you have experience with this lifestyle adds an element of discussion that enhances the conversation. Anyhow, thank you for sharing your thoughts and for what it's worth, I appreciate your perspective.
  14. LoneWolf

    Robyn Brown: Her Sisterwives Have a Closet!

    As I read through this post, I felt a tad uncomfortable, like it was too invasive and exposed Dayton's 'weaknesses', 'issues'--whatever you want to call it. This is not an anonymous blog, they are in the public eye, and Dayton is old enough to tell his own story--or NOT tell his story in such a public manner. I could be wrong, but I doubt that Robyn discussed this post with Dayton and asked him if he was comfortable with sharing such details. Forgive me--I am a psychologist, and with all the ethical guidelines as well as best practices to promote positive therapeutic outcomes, I am acutely aware of the importance of one's control and ownership of his/her story/narrative. A person's story is not for others to tell. Perhaps Dayton is completely comfortable with such details being shared so publicly and my discomfort is unwarranted. I have been impressed with many of the older kids and how they seem to be really good people: Logan, Janelle's boys, Gwendolyn, Ysobelle, Dayton. With the clusterfuck of dysfunction between the 'adults', many of these kids have grown up to be very decent, kind, and responsible individuals. I kind of love when the kids make known their opinions and call out parental hypocrisy. Like when Logan essentially called Kody out in Hawaii about his sudden need to eschew pork and Kody's resulting tantrum because he wasn't being blindly followed (clearly a demonstration that the sudden forbidding of pork was never part of the ever-changing evolution of the fambly religion thus far). I also appreciate Logan making his own way and learning from his parents' mistakes--rejecting polygamy, his relationship with Michelle, his responsibility regarding his education and future, his willingness to risk losing his glorious eternal position on Planet Kody by continuing to consume bacon, etc.
  15. LoneWolf

    Season 10 Spoilers, Speculation and Social Media

    Seriously? More catfish shit? Ugh.