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  1. Seeing Stephanie "singing" & "playing the guitar" made me realize who she reminds me of - singer/actor Jewel (Kilcher) in one of her Hallmark Fixer Upper Mystery roles. It is like she is mimicking every eye & mouth expression that Jewel ever "acted" for the camera. Tom, have you gained more weight since last week?
  2. That sounds like what I heard when she was over-talking. But I wasn't sure what her point was - is she with (as she often claims) or against the anti-T people (implying nothing phases him)? If your point is so important that you must shout it while someone else is speaking, why not make it understandable?
  3. deirdra


    LulaNos are cheaply made so their fanatics keep replacing them. Astute people would buy a couple of pairs of real jeans and a few shirts and be set for 10 years instead of 10 weeks with LulaCrap. Not to mention sweating like a pig in polyester instead of cotton.
  4. I still smile whenever I see it, despite the fact that it has been here for over 6 years
  5. Yes, there were a couple of days when her rouge looked like that!
  6. deirdra


    Is "How you all enjoy it immensely" supposed to be a question asking how people celebrated? Or an avoidable/correctable typo in the statement "hope you all enjoy it immensely"?
  7. Maybe she had to remove or tone down a character in her novel who was a clone of Bethenny Frankel, who can never be forgotten for yelling at screaming kids (who are now college aged).
  8. We had some Woolworths and KMarts that were bought out by Walmart and also referred to them by their original names for ~20 years because it made it obvious which location you were talking about rather than having to add the mall or location name.
  9. What got me is that when they moved into the cult-de-sac they went shopping for new master bedroom furniture and big sectionals for the livingrooms. Whenever I've moved I made do with what I had until all the costs of moving & setting up new utilities etc. were paid off and I had a clearer picture of what my monthly costs and needs were.
  10. Ha! I actually have enjoyed grocery shopping during seniors' hour for the past 3.5 months with only a handful of people in the store, so I can go down my list and be in and out of there in 10 minutes with enough to last 10-20 days.
  11. I=Introverted, N=iNtuitive, F=Feeling, J=Judging. It is one of the Myers-Briggs personality types. See for instance: https://www.verywellmind.com/infj-introverted-intuitive-feeling-judging-2795978 and links within to figure out your type.
  12. TPTB at the View need still photos of all cohosts and guests so that when one or more of them don't have the bandwidth to support both audio & video, the audio can continue without dropping the interview. I've been involved in Zoom, Skype, Webex, Teams and other meetings & presentations and we figured this out 3 months ago. Why is ABC so clueless? Also, have a producer with their finger on the mute button when a cohost starts talking when it is not their turn, or take over completely when Whoopi is too confused or stoned to moderate.
  13. Me four. Our Introversion has us meeting on the Internet, our Intuitiveness is from being observant and picking up on subtle behaviours of others, "Feeling" is in there because it is in all four personality types, and our Judging nature has us snarking on plygs or any show featuring extroverts or narcissists.
  14. A flag is a good way to hide your quarantine quince (or cincuenta)
  15. Yes, but some days she has problems reading the teleprompter. She should always have backup blue cards ready so she can recite Ben's opinions.
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