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  1. And she worries about touching kangaroos, but constantly runs her hands through her hair, throws her hat, meds & contents of her bag onto an un-sanitised picnic table that animals and germy people have used. And then throws everything back into her bag to cultivate the germs.
  2. It is not a "road", it is a gas line easement, with a gas line under it. They occasionally explode (natural gas is a gas). You don't park on them.
  3. She used to be a "real-a-tor"
  4. He probably thinks it makes him a "Quality" person in the eyes of monogamists, not just a bachelor who knocks up multiple women (we're not fooled). Also, he can qualify for more tax deductions.
  5. Maybe she HAS been knocked on her ass, causing the back pain.
  6. That may have been yesterday. One every 17 minutes is 85/day. 200 would be one every 7 minutes. 😭
  7. That's what I came here to say.😉 I live in a spread-out city. Most of my friends live within 5-15 minutes, but some are 20-40 minutes away on the far side of town or in the exurbs. But I don't use that as an excuse to go a year without visiting them! Sometimes we meet somewhere in between.
  8. I thought she moved out of the first rental because of the unsafe neighbourhood. Did she find another bad neighbourhood?
  9. And she certainly won't be going fishing. Though Janelle could fish since Meri was running Madison's wedding.
  10. Fawlty Towers' kitchen was bigger than the windowless closet Society has their fridge & stainless steel island in. And the sunshine streamed in. I would add Victoria to the list of vets who cannot act.
  11. We had 2 episodes on Thursday in Alberta & my PVR recorded them, otherwise I wouldn't have known. It was probably to make up for the 2 repeats we got last week and the fact that the US had caught up to us on the 20th and we needed to get back to a day ahead (since we already get all the US channels, there would be no incentive for Canadian TV channels to buy the show, so some network exec came up with the day ahead incentive. We used to get Criminal Minds a day ahead too, when Shemar was on it). Initially CBS said they would intersperse old and new shows to spread out the new ones, so Global did it, but CBS did not. Maybe they will when they get closer to running out of episodes. Personally I'd like to see really old episodes from the 1970s & 80s.
  12. Kootie did call Christine "Love" once, in that episode where she was making him breakfast and being all lovey dovey and calling him "Wonderful Man". I was surprised when he said it, but then realized it was just for the camera and he was just acting the part of a plyg who can satisfy four women. A truly wonderful man would have been cooking her breakfast.
  13. or Nurse: "What's going on in here? A Pillow Talk episode"?
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