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  1. Is that master surveillance room behind the hall paneling at the ranch still there? It would be fitting if Victor kidnaps Connor that Conner would be the one to lock Victor in that closet and his mumbling is too faint for anyone to hear so it takes months to find his withered carcass in there.
  2. I can imagine Meghan admonishing her Columbia professors whenever they tried to give her a bad grade on Art History tests on art created before she was born. If that didn't work she probably tried "do you know who my father is" to get a passing grade.
  3. What did she post today if she was too sick to come to work?
  4. The last photo Christine posted of kitty was taken indoors - and she was inside the refrigerator!
  5. Janelle's Hunter was making planter boxes with Christine's Truely which was nice since Robyn wasn't letting her play with Sol, the closest in age to her, even though they have a large lot and plenty of room to social distance.
  6. I actually looked into those buy-house-with-cash companies when selling my house a year ago. I was downsizing and wanting to sell my house "as is" with minimal effort during COVID. They offered me $380K for my 1973 3 bed/1.5 bath that I'd lived in for 32 yrs with no upgrades or paint in the last 24 yrs. I was hoping to get $400K based on comps in my area using a realtor (with closing costs that would have net ~$380K too). But I went with an experienced realtor & got $440K ($420 after closing costs, so $40K more in my pocket) since they tend to have more contacts with people wanting to
  7. Tell Rey the surgery is scheduled for next week so Adam can be de-kidneyed, sewn up and shipped off into hiding before Rey figures it out.
  8. Wasn't it Christine's cousin who wanted Utah to require DNA to identify fathers & stop the beast bleeding?
  9. Plexus is probably causing their digestive problems. 😟
  10. Roy Woods Jr. is at least funny sometimes on TDS. Most of the other current "reporters" are never funny or informative except in their own minds.
  11. The very light grey painted floor tiles will show a lot of dirt and scuff marks. I agree with the open house visitor who said they wished it was sand-coloured. The original was a bit darker than sand and not lovely, but mottled so as to hide the dirt. We only saw it in an empty room, but with furniture, paint & art on the walls & an area rug, nobody would have noticed the original tile.
  12. Have they forgotten how they traipsed through the sewers of GC with the body of Cam-Ron Kirsten?
  13. Good question. Has anyone besides Mariah needed a passport? Kootie would be on her long-form birth certificate because her parents were legally married at the time. They could do a story about Gwen or someone wanting to travel and seeing her detailed birth certificate for the first time. I needed my long-form birth certificate to get my first passport & at 17 learned that I was the third live birth, not the second.
  14. I seem to recall one of the Brown or Darger sisterwives mentioning a mother/daughter pair of wives in one of their family wreathes (in addition to the sister/sister/cousin Darger sisterwives). Joseph Smith was a fan of "marrying" mothers, their daughters (not his) & sisters
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