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  1. I found all 16 triangles without a drop of Plexus or coffee - 8 small isosceles triangles, 4 large isosceles triangles, and 4 large right triangles (but I'm a geometry geek). I'm also a grammar geek and always cringe when they misuse I/me. In the Axelbrush sleep-resistant post, take "Caleb and" out of the sentence and tell me if it sounds correct, Maddie. I learned that technique in second grade.
  2. Not to mention having to walk over uneven pavers to get to the boat, looking as graceful as cows riding unicycles.
  3. Old furniture was also better made. My drawers were very sturdy because they were 100% wood, with dovetails holding the pieces together.
  4. deirdra


    That may be why the different products and what they are for are so vaguely described on the website and in the cult members' posts. I've seen "green coffee beans" and "garcinia cambogia" listed as ingredients on older posts. Those things were common ~15 yrs ago in since-discredited weight loss products you could buy at Walmart etc. Side effects include liver damage, stomach upset, dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, and diarrhea. Lovely.
  5. Once he outgrew the pacifier they let him eat multiple candy bars while lying on the floor and smearing chocolate on the rug, linoleum & couch. It wouldn't surprise me if they put him to bed with a bottle or sippy cup of juice (pure sugar) to keep him from disturbing them. I had a 16 yr-old cousin who did this and baby's teeth were rotted to the gumline by the time she was 20 months old.
  6. When they were videoconferencing with the Doctor, I was imaging him thinking - there are TWO of these pathetic women?
  7. Ed's brother has a similar smile and even rubs his eyes like Ed.
  8. deirdra


    The "Hey Sweetie" comment sounded like Robyn. I assume in the third sentence she meant "up front", not "up from" which made her point unintelligible. Proofread, Sweetie!
  9. Back in the days of Smilin' Jack Abbott, he dated and played tennis with the bad-boy-seeking classy daughters of the GC elite. Certainly some of these women his own age are widowed or divorced and back on the market. Maybe Jack needs to go to more charity events to meet them. Or get Nikki to help him find someone.
  10. One day ~5 years ago Nikki was wearing the perfect bra and looked fantastic. But it didn't last.
  11. Sounds like Christine saves her woe-is-me fodder for her Cameo video messages.
  12. thanks for being our detective, ginger90 !
  13. Our infants slept in drawers instead of fancy bassinets when we were students & grad students in the 1970s. We invested in our educations rather than material goods and massive debts. When you're sleeping on a mattress on the floor and the drawer is on the floor, it is very handy. Babies grow quickly and drawers come in various sizes. Once they are no longer needed as beds, they go back to being drawers. I smile when I think of it and never felt sorry for myself.
  14. Natural looks a lot better than the 2-3 shades of fake red she'd been wearing. Tad is a moron and not as cute as he thinks he is. They all like to bring their dogs to sites, yet he breaks mirrors & everything he can get his hands on. How often are they picking glass & splinters out of their poor dogs' footpads?
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