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  1. My cable TV DVR only shows one hour of SW on Sunday Jan 30th - do others see more than that? I agree we don't want to ruin G&G's lives any more than Kody already has, but one episode of G&G peeling logs and building a log cabin with no drama (and no Kody) would be fun if TIIC are looking for ideas for the currently filming season.
  2. I also wonder if Christine thought losing weight would make Kootie finally love or at least like her. Nope. Now she is free to live life her own way.
  3. Robyn's stepfather filmed Sol's birth and was stationed at the foot of the bed with the camera focused on her crotch the entire time. Janelle could sleep in and watch it later.
  4. Actually it was Harvard that said they wouldn't consider readmitting her unless and until she had a team of 4 in Boston set up. Presumably she can switch them to others if she doesn't mesh with them.
  5. It would be ideal if Raymond went to Boston and escorted Jeanette to the airport and made sure she went home and left Jazz alone.
  6. Our family has welcomed a newly discovered half-aunt with open arms. She was thrilled to learn at age 78 that our grandfather, not the abusive man who raised her, was her biological father. She knew him as her neighbour as a child and always loved him. My father & his brother and parents were not alive to be embarrassed by the revelation and we learned more about our grandfather who died before most of us were born.
  7. And Maddie nearly died of failure to thrive and weighed less than her birth weight at 2 (or was it 4?) weeks of age. If she wasn't going to pay for postnatal care, Janelle could at least have sprung for one of those fish-weight scales they use on Call the Midwife to carefully follow each baby's progress in the first few weeks. My mother had a proper baby scale, but I was premature and she was a pediatric nurse.
  8. What I've never understood is why Kootie & Robyn want the Covid protocull to be all or nothing. Xmas & Ari's bday with no masks or distancing, or no visitors at all (except for Nanny & her hubby). I wouldn't have gone into their home unmasked at Xmas after seeing Kootie drive back from the unmasked, undistanced funeral, hit the Covid testing site and then run into the arms of Robyn & kids with no quarantine or clothes changing etc. When Christine, Ys & Truely went on "vacation" in NJ, it was because 10-14 days of quarantining after the flight were required before Ys
  9. Too much talking at the same time! Shut up and moderate, Whoopi!
  10. At least twice in the last two years he has brought up how he thought Christine was fat, unattractive and disgusting (eating Nachos) when he first met and married her, and only married her because she was plyg royalty. It was bad enough when we first heard this years ago, but there can only be one reason to repeat it - to publicly humiliate her. And that was before he announced that he did not want an intimate marriage with her.
  11. Jordan appears to be stoned out of his mind most of the time.
  12. deirdra


    Maddie gave Plexus to Axlebrush and blathered about how it improved his digestion. Why does the Brown fambly have such problems with digestion? Try not eating crap!
  13. Kody betrayed Christine when he was off canoodling with fiancée Robyn while Christine was in labour with Truely.
  14. Day'un wasn't there. Aurora was helping Ari with her test (gee, why cannot she babysit) & Breanna was in the third seat though only once did I see her tilt her head so part of it was visible from behind Ari's car seat.
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