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  1. Too bad the goat didn't steal his pacifier.
  2. Megun's make up makes her look like a female impersonator in that video.
  3. If Darlene is such a tough broad, why cannot she change her own tire? I hope Johnny Galecki stays around and finds a real partner, not Darlene nor a flake like Blue (Juliette Lewis).
  4. True, but that is an incentive for most parents to begin toilet training before the kid heads off to college.
  5. Those contrasting arm & neck bands weren't cute in the 1970s and just make her arms look doughy.
  6. I did like how Maddie and a couple others were sick of waiting for the rest of the convoy to get their act together and just hopped in the UHaul and took off so they could start unloading the first truck at Robyn's and get on with their lives. Meanwhile, an hour or two after the planned departure time, Robyn decides to give Areola a bath.
  7. But she talks with her mouth full of food. Yuck!
  8. The eyebrows are bad enough, Meri. Please do not start applying lipstick like this cousin, who has a full set of lipliner lips drawn outside of her actual lips.
  9. It should be a rule that if your crayoned-on brows touch your crowsfeet, you've gone too far.
  10. Ha ha - it made me think of David Sedaris' book When You are Engulfed in Flames. I also laughed when the camera operator focused on Megun squint-scowling at Ronan, with her eyelids engulfed in mascara, eyeliner and fake eyelashes. Was she waiting for him to say something liberal so she could stab him with her filet knife? Or was she just puzzled by what she was seeing, like a 6-month-old watching someone on a unicycle for the first time?
  11. I find it interesting that they all have the same stories that I learned reading Greek Mythology in junior high school; they just change the names. They are actually secular parables about how to behave in a civilized world and treat your fellow humans and animals, and I follow them, unlike some of the ultra-religious people I know who do what they want and just ask for forgiveness later. I was raised Presbyterian and in Grade 9 you go to confirmation class before you can join the church. We had a brand new junior minister teaching it for the first time. It happened that right before confirmation classes started, there was an "after school special" about a 10 yr old Jewish girl and Catholic boy who were friends and snuck into each other's places of worship. The camera panned slowly up the statuary etc., from a child's eye-height as the religious words and music played. This still sticks with me - I thought worshipping idols was a no no. We asked guitar-playing Bruce - "how do we know we're supposed to be Presbyterian, not Methodist, Anglican, Jewish, Catholic or Holy Rollers?" He organized trips to ~8 different churches, including Catholic services in English and full services in Latin, and one synagogue, which involved an extra class on a Saturday that we were all anxious to attend and learn. It was most illuminating. It was also the year that two of my uncles (one 50, the other newly retired) and the 40-yr old mother of my best friend died. I chose atheism without stopping at agnosticism. Not from ignorance, but from reading up on all the religions. Occasionally I toy with Jehovah's Witnessess or Mormons who come to my door to convert me to the only religion they know anything about. They're the ones who want to get off my porch first.
  12. Ronan is only 31, stays out of the sun and moisturizes, so his skin looks great.
  13. Sunny, the bangs in your eyes don't make you look young or cute; constantly touching/blinking them out of the way makes you look like an airhead. Joy will be back on Thursday "if you're good", said Whoopi.
  14. The shirts are oversized with uneven hems, so the knotting hides that fact and makes LLNo wearers feel like they are "edgy" fashionistas. But it just emphasizes how wide her hips are and the excess fabric makes the stomach area look bigger than it actually is, even with the skinny filter.
  15. Here's my attempt at un-skinny-filtering, straightening the wall a bit and making her width match what I saw in the last LLN video posted.
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