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  1. Chelsea had braces, probably with rubberbands to pull the lower jaw forward. Lana still has an overbite. I had the opposite problem, needing the lower jaw pulled backward.
  2. What about the grassy slope where Geoffrey picked some flowers/weeds as his gift to Varya's mother? Or the camping area? 😉 Real ex-fiancées? or just in his mind?
  3. For someone who is completely DONE with Tom and Jesse, Darcy sure does think and talk about them a lot. The obsessive talking about them with her daughters while putting on their facial masks, as if the only way to have a happy life is to look pretty enough to attract a man or boy was pathetic.
  4. I wonder if Mariah thinks the police officer of Asian ancestry involved in George Floyd's murder is a white supremacist?
  5. It occurred to me that Mariah may be getting credits for her Masters' program with her online justice warrioring. Hopefully her teachers are marking her down for spelling the victim's name wrong, bad grammar & punctuation, gratuitous swearing, and not getting her points across. Chicago is starting to open back up - time for her to DO something!
  6. I was born in white privilege but when I was 12 I was old enough to spend the summer volunteering in an inner city daycare so that the kids' parents could work. Most of the kids were black, the rest were minorities. I worked (played) with the 3-4 year olds and it was a good introduction to how the other half lives. I took their lead when playing house or with dolls, blocks, etc. Why doesn't Mariah DO something? Reading and SM ranting isn't helping anyone. When I was in grad school in Baltimore, I was usually the only white person on the bus. Once a 3-yr-old said "I'm not sitting next to a white lady!" when her older sister tried to put her next to me while corralling the other siblings across the aisle. I smiled and said nothing, but did wonder what her family/friends told her about white ladies.
  7. I love watching the Tiny House programs on HGTV, but they aren't on now in my area, so I'm watching shows about Floating Homes instead. I love geometry, so I like how inventive they are about using every cubic inch of space. I recently downsized into an apartment half the size of my house and use the same principles. I prefer a tiny space all on one level to climbing into lofts or down into the hold.
  8. Why not hose or scrape off the clumps of dirt on the sidewalk and THEN take a photo?
  9. Presumably the liberationists are those protesting the shutdown. What sacrifices has Mariah made? I haven't seen her wearing a mask or staying home. Does she think punctuating her rants with swear words makes her seem more emphatic? It just makes her sound lazy, unimaginative and childish.
  10. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/4389-the-couples-spoilers/
  11. So if Lana said David looked better than she expected, has she never seen his photos on the "dating" website … because she was not the person(s) he was communicating with? In his pleather coat he looked like he was Bowling for Columbine.
  12. People from around the US have also said that The View is often preempted by their President, Governor, Mayor or Health authority making Covid announcements. So maybe it is the timeslot that is "#1 in all of daytime", not The View.
  13. People defying social distancing is scary, but what will soon become scarier is when temperatures soar and people who stay home start dying in their stifling apartments. Scores of Americans do not have air conditioned luxury apartments, backyards with pools or second homes in the Hamptons with private waterfronts or ranches in Arizona to enjoy like these privileged ladies. We need solutions not just louder "stay home" screeching. Air-conditioned stores, shady parks, the ocean, rivers, lakes, pools and fire hydrants are traditionally the only places the underprivileged have to cool off for their health. What is The View's solution?
  14. When was his first trip to meet her - a few years ago? He's cheap and probably has been toting that same box of candy around in his suitcase along with the cubic zirconia and probably some polyester lingerie for Lana.
  15. David is in love with the voice on his translator app. How does Lana feel about hearing David speak Russian in a woman's voice? Natasha was a cartoon who spoke "Moose and Squirrel" in English with a Russian accent, but Lana rarely speaks English.
  16. She probably bought herself some Halloween contact lenses, delivered to her cell.
  17. Meri got Kato's fried brassy hair, Kootie got Kato's wild eyes, and Robyn got his jaw line. But Kato spent his days sunning & lounging in and around OJ's pool. What is Meri's excuse? And who would accept her as a permanent house guest?
  18. I like the idea of chamomile tea, but hate the taste too, so I'd never buy it. So if you order on Monday and pick it up on Sunday, how "fresh" are the market foods? I doubt they can wait until the last minute to pick and pack a week's worth of orders for Sunday pickup.
  19. Ash probably has 50 clients/womens😉 right here in Australia. If Avery doesn't want him, he won't need to pay a cent for the passport application fees and paperwork.
  20. I wonder how Lisa would have reacted if the ring was so small that it wouldn't fit past her first knuckle? She was giddy like Cinderella slipping her foot into a size 6 glass slipper.
  21. I got that feeling too, but David was so off balance while bowling that I was reassured that Lana could easily tip him over and run away if he came at her. She should skip their next meeting, and a few hours later message him through the expensive "dating" site saying she is shy and "not that kind of woman" who would join him in his hotel room on the second date for a box of chocolates.
  22. What I don't get is that they are so baggy in the butt but so tight everywhere else.
  23. He said he wants to look at her eyes every minute, but then sits next to her instead of across from her and cannot see her eyes-to-heaven and cringes at nearly everything he says. How can he not feel how she stiffens when he hugs and touches her?
  24. They were the flowers he gave her the night before, on their first date. They took separate cars, so she must have followed him home. 😉
  25. Is Ash even an Australian (dual) citizen? Or is his "passport delay" really because he first must apply for and get Australian citizenship? I have a couple of Australian cousins and it never took them more than 6 wks to get a passport. Australia wouldn't issue an Australian passport to a Mauritian unless he became an Australian citizen first. Did Stacey get matching eyelid surgery & a lip top up to make them look like twins again?
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