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  1. Methinks Ashland's lawyer told him that his stupid ultimatum would not hold up in court. If Kyle is the father, he cannot be kept from his child just because Tara agreed to the cash. Jack seems to be keeping track of discrepencies in some of Tara's claims. These along with the ultimatum and the fact that she kept Kyle in the dark for 3 years, Kyle may have enough to go for sole custody so that he and Summer can raise Low Side Part.
  2. And whine about having to fill, sand and prime all the nail holes before repainting so it won't look pock-marked.
  3. Meri's mother Bonnie looked beautiful mainly because she appeared to be content with her life and age, so she smiled genuinely. That's what I like to see, not creatures from a wax museum. Meri filters her face but doesn't seem to realize that we can still see her sun-damaged neck and chest on IG and her unfiltered whole body on live videos.
  4. Dr. Pimple Popper is a catchy name, but she's primarily Dr. Cyst Remover. The one twin who had had surgery before is another example where the previous doctor didn't know (or care?) that removing the capsule around the cyst is critical to fixing the problem.
  5. Apparently there are gay cruises and tours of The Azores, so she may have found people in this Autonomous Region of Portugal more accepting than those in mainland Portugal. It is a beautiful place,too.
  6. I feel the same way. It is especially bad when they have a 16oz cup of coffee in one hand and small dog in the other arm while touring peoples' homes and then put the cup down on fine wooden furniture to check their phone.
  7. It probably depends on what type of DNA test they had. A quickee version might say there is a familial connection. A full DNA test would show that ~half of Harrison's DNA matches Kyle's if Kyle is the father. If Theo were his father, there would be less of a match ~1/8th of Harrison's DNA to Kyle's sample since ~1/4th of Kyle & Theo's DNA would have come from Dina. But with Tara goofing around with Harrison's sample, for all we know she also dipped the swab in some of Kyle's DNA that she collected for this purpose during one of her visits to K&S's hotel room. In that case Ashl
  8. MeAgain shops in high-end stores, where what is called a "size 0" would be a size 6 or 8 in regular stores. It allows celebs to brag about being a 00 or 000 or 0000.
  9. A couple of years ago, Joy or Sarah or Sunny said "'dating' doesn't necessarily mean sleeping together" and Meghan jumped in to say yes is does you old fogey! However getting blotto on JD with some guy and having sex doesn't mean you're 'dating', Meggie.
  10. I've been working long hours and cooking large batches & freezing the rest in single servings for 40 years so that I can always pull out something and have a meal ready in minutes. Stews, casseroles, soups and cooked meat & poultry. I'll roast a whole chicken or beef roast and slice or dice it into single servings. A frozen serving keeps the salad dressing cold until I dump it into my unwilted dry salad for lunch. I typically have 5 or 6 different things in the freezer so it doesn't get boring. I save a lot of money and I don't spend all my time cooking and washing pots & pa
  11. Same here. And the people who paid $200K over asking also waived the inspection, so they are stuck with the problems. Maybe that is why the blonde one likes dark olive and wood-covered walls - they would temporarily hide all sorts of mold in the drywall.
  12. The twins say they are mirror twins (one split egg), but pics of them when they were kids show one blonder one - did they start dying their hair in grade school? ETA, I found a pic when they were ~5 and both had dark brown hair, but by ~8 one is blonder.
  13. Sometimes Jeff seems to really be pained, knowing how much work their idea involves in a short time frame; other times I think he makes that pained face to keep himself from laughing at the twins. He does manage to figure out how to create what they want. I did like it when he made the executive decision not to use a third clashing tile on the floor of the shower a few weeks ago.
  14. Rocks constantly weather into soil. When dry, the finer particles blow around as dust or collect as mud when wet ... and blow around again when they dry out.
  15. Floating homes don't have engines, so they need to be towed to their destination (slowly because they are not shaped to cut through the water and wind). They are basically houses on rafts. In Europe there are a lot of canals so canal & river cruises are popular vacations. Though I'd prefer to rent a smaller one for a vacation and live in a house that isn't cramped.
  16. It sounds like a piece of paper that would require a large cheque to cover 3+ years of back child support and a huge amount going forward, and at least half of his medical & schooling costs until H-man finishes his bachelor's degree
  17. If she's going to Johns Hopkins, it is one of the top three hospitals in the US, a big step up from the GC Walk-In clinic. I hope she has some experience with gunshot and knife wounds.
  18. Jack Mariah - who deserves a great SL!
  19. All of their selfies look more like "Look how deliriously happy we are pretending to be".
  20. Perhaps she is being punished for rolling her eyes and expelling air when MeAgain interrupted her yet again in the middle of Joy's turn to talk yesterday. It would be fair if everyone got a free day off to balance each of MeAgain's time out days.
  21. I don't blame the boys for avoiding their sperm donor's visits.
  22. Kyle's one and only "fatherly" facial expression is that gag-worthy forehead crinkle and lopsided smile that are presumably supposed to say "my boy is sooo precious". Blech!
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