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  1. Cap'n Sean is...interesting. I kinda wish he'd stay all season just so I could see Eddie's head explode 😂 After all these seasons, I still don't get why so many complain heartily (and constantly) about a job they applied for, accepted and know what it entails. I also don't get all the fights, drama and tears. It's SIX WEEKS! I could deal with pretty much anything for six short weeks, especially if I was getting over 1k tips every few days. (Maybe that's all just because I'm old now, give zero fucks, and have a different perspective on things. Oh, and I'm not on tv lol) I so
  2. SAME! Sooo..who is the actress they got to portray Erika? It kinda looks like her, and kinda sounds like her a bit, but they messed up by using that thick thick accent 🤣 😂 Shout out to @Ms Blue Jay for the I DO Declarrrreee comment. I howled! I randomly say it out loud, and split a gut all over again. She sounds so odd, like she's auditioning for a high school play and trying to get her lines correct, but isn't good enough to get the lead. Oh, and Lisa Rinna sucks. That is all.
  3. I may be cynical and reading more into things than are there, but I lean toward Robyn never wanted to live with any of the others. She's had ample opportunities to push for it, if that's what she's really wanted. Look at now: why can't Jenelle, Christine or even Meri live with her now? I mean, Meri would hardly ever be there, which is a bonus. I started believing this when she had that note on her fridge about the other kids needing to ask before they ate anything from her fridge. I didn't even do that when my son's friends came over, let alone when my nieces and nephews showed up after s
  4. I so completely agree with your first paragraph! I do have a big addendum though: we live in the middle of a forest, so can't get reliable internet. (Satellite, which is metered, expensive and sllllooooo....www) It's extremely frustrating and annoying that so much is headed for streaming when I cannot stream! But also, cannot afford 30 different services to catch all the good stuff, lol. I feel left out, kind of like when I was in elementary school and all the kids got to watch sitcoms and discuss them at school the next day, and all I had to talk about was Jacques Cousteau, or whatever
  5. No, she has a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and the chef uses a different rockstar ingredient every night at dinner. Breakfast is plexus smoothies and coyote shaped Rice Krispie treats. (Don't worry about the digestive issues, as no one ever has to poop in a Hallmark movie!)
  6. She's already screwing it up. The puppies eyes in the first pic looks to me like they're really scared. She should be comforting them and keeping things low key to help them acclimate. Instead, I see Axel reaching to grab one from above/behind. eta: how soon will the complaints and snarky comments start with the puppies on her SM? I don't like how she trashes and complains about her own kids already.
  7. Even the Ozempic commercial has them playing pickleball! You know, the commercial with the 70's earworm song? Is this subliminal sportsballing?
  8. 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 I just made a fool of myself by doing the unending ugly laugh, with added gasps and a small choke, in a public place. It was wonderful, thank you!
  9. Oh boy I didn't need that in my mind, because now I'm thinking I'd bet an rv for plague pond squatting that she's never experienced an O. Not with kodouche as her 'husband'
  10. That was such bs! Kyle, Rinna and Dorit are the most vocal in their TH's, with Sutton and Garcelle behind them. The difference is, Sutton and Garcelle either say it with the group, or keep quiet while the others ass kiss and pretend in the moment that they're on the same page. Two-faced! Now, Garcelle does do some snark, but I think it's her way of joking around or making a point without being confrontational. She said a lot of jokey comments when Sutton was needing her help with the wheelchair, but the difference is, Sutton laughed and piled on herself. She has a sense of humor. Plus, it
  11. I'm rewatching her last season just to drool over her highly creative food! She is a master. I wish I had taste-o-vision? Wonka vision? 😂 I was a little surprised she showed up on BD Med after being on BD OG since she didn't seem to enjoy that trip. This time her group seemed more fun and interesting.
  12. Ok I think it's not specific enough word choice? I apologize as I'm awful at writing and terrible with grammar and not good at keeping posts short. (Where do commas belong?! Lol) KeyWest said attacked, which is a synonym for confront. They didn't put physically in there anywhere. They said 'implied' and I shot back with nah, she straight up stated it in the eppy, so we were on the same page there, I just added a clarification. KeyWest gave her benefit of doubt with the word implied. KeyWest's entire point of their post was that it was all a fabricated story that never even happened,
  13. At the time of filming, all this was hitting the fan, and she was (imo) trying to cover herself and Tom's butts as best she could with info she had. Throw everything out and see what sticks, she didn't, at the time, know it was unhelpful. She DID know about the start of the lawsuits approx 3 years iirc before it blew up, so knew the at least the beginnings of what Tom had done, if she didn't know before-which I'll grant is definitely possible-but she definitely knew after she received and ignored more than one subpoena. I believe she thought it would all go away, like everything else had o
  14. That was the same stunt Ramona pulled with Eboni on RHoNY! I'm DEAD! Hahaha
  15. I believe this is the end for me as well. I can't stomach it any more, and don't want to be part of putting money in her pocket and supporting her massive, misplaced ego. I will read here, but then I enjoy the hilarious comments, different perspectives, and beautiful snark here more than I usually enjoy the show!
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