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  1. I love, love, and am dying, at this visual! I'm adding panels of Mikey helping Erika don a superhero costume, (with a flowing cape that reads Pretty Mess on the back). He winds her long wig in braids -to cut down on any wind drag- and then she up, up and aways herself over to the cliff. She picks Tom up in one hand, his car in the other, and flies them safely back to the house. Mikey then helps her change into a lab coat, and large glasses costume, and she casts and bandages all of Tom's injuries while Mikey coos and tells her how wonderful she is. This makes more sense than the stor
  2. HAHA brilliant! Pat the..parolee? I need Weird Al to parody all her songs, with videos like the old days
  3. TMI!! . . . . I just can't get past how unhygienic this practice sounds, let alone the mess, the smell, and the ruined fabrics everywhere. Leah must not yet have The Shining periods like I did, lol. I would hand out sitting towels to all those women, if they were guests in my home or establishment, because all of their body function issues are too much yuck.
  4. None for Sutton Stracke! 😆 Andy seemed to get obviously irritated with her a few times, which I feel is unprofessional. I couldn't decide if she was trying to play up quirkiness, had bad nerves or what. Even Liz gave her side-eye. (Superficially, I loved her sparkly dress and the way her hair was fixed) I do like her, more so in her TH segments, but I don't know if I personally could spend extended amounts of time around her. She seems fun but with a big dose of exhausting.
  5. I didn't know that it would be considered hiding assets, wow! I'm impatiently waiting for the lawyer, accountant and landlord to hand over their info. I've also been wondering if Tom's former cronies are helping behind the scenes, or distancing as fast as they can. The lawyers have to be taking a massive chunk of any money she's getting or has, right? The divorce, the bankruptcy, and then the possible criminal stuff is going to run a ton of billable hours. Can one set of attorneys represent her for all three areas?
  6. Didn't Tom or the office also take out a million or so in PPP loans? I hope they look into that as well and see where the money actually went. A while back, I think I read they filed for 84 workers, is that even true that many people worked there? I wonder if that's even getting looked into. I also remember reading that there may be ties between her landlords and Tom, so she might not be paying actual money to rent, which wouldn't surprise me at this point.
  7. Don't newer cars have that Onstar thingy that somehow knows if you've wrecked and calls for help? (Ok I just outed that my car is old lol)
  8. Erika playing poor is just gross. She can call me when she's digging couch change for food. Maybe we need to rewrite her songs for her? How many bucks do I have? Zero, zero, zero, none! I had to quote this because I can't stop laughing! A thousand likes! 😆 Colombo would be THE perfect person to take on Erika. He would brush off her snarky attitude, find all the money (and any bodies) and have it all wrapped up in an hour! I was wondering if Kyle's non-reaction to her giant candle gift is why Kathy kept sniffing it and carrying it around. She should just take it back home w
  9. Since it's a full zip back, I bet she had it backwards to get it on and zipped, and just forgot to shimmy it around to the correct side after. It looks like it's a knit material, so would be easy to shimmy it. (Not that I've ever done anything similar, and if I had, at least I wasn't on tv!) I've got nuthin' for the jacket with the tail. Girl needs a stylist instead of glam.
  10. Your story is beyond moving, Xebug67. I'm so sorry for your losses and the pain you've endured. You were an excellent daughter, and I'm sure brought them joy and made them proud. Many hugs! Lexi just seems so hateful, petty and entitled, over such insignificant matters, too. It's hard to look past that and see the actual person.
  11. This is FASCINATING! I've got to do some reading about body language, it's almost like mind reading! OMG I just did the ugly laugh
  12. ohhhh thank you! Okay, I can see it now! When I was watching this AM, I kept rewinding to try to figure out what was going on there 🤣 Reminds me of those magic eye 90's pictures that were so popular, it took me a while to see those, too haha.
  13. I looked it up, because I'm lusting over that house so darn much, and it looks like it's 6 bed, 7bath! I do understand if someone didn't want to stay there, due to covid concerns.(I noticed Kyle had all the pocket walls and outside doors fully open, probs for circulation.) Erika might've wanted space from questions and also a place to hide her glam squad--is it still a squad if it's only 1 or 2 people? Lol
  14. Did anyone else notice the odd, pointy lump just below Kyle's left collar bone in the TH where she's wearing the off-shoulder black ruffle thing? (I took a screenie, but can't figure out how to upload it, lol I'm such a dinosaur) eta: I figured it out! Do you see that? What is it?
  15. That's Kyle, making sure to earn her shit stirring role, lol, she's got that down to a science. Jaggy blasting his mom for getting away when he's stuck at home, and earlier asking why she needs so many clothes for a few days gives me so much life! Dorit has her hands full with that little guy, lol!
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