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  1. I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it here: what bugs me most about robyn is that she portrays herself as a martyr, while promoting her own goodness.
  2. Well she didn't have any problem with the cameras recording her GIVING BIRTH, now did she??
  3. Ok. This is a bunch of bs. Christine made a comment something like, "when people ask me how I can do all the things I do, and I explain it's because of polygamy, they're like, "oh that's how you can get it all done"".... Something to that effect. Did anyone else catch that? What a load of sh&t!!!! Her MOTHER is moving in with her, so she can have more help, because her two oldest mini moms (aka daughters), are leaving home!! She is essentially a single mom, with a husband who spends a few hours at her house once every three days. And she even talked about how the other wives can't really help out because "they're all working the same hours" (whatever THAT means). So how in da hell does polygamy offer her so much more free time than what is available to us monogamists?
  4. I'm not an expert on their religion, but I remember reading that in the after life, the husband calls out the name of his wife(s), to live with him in his celestial world/ higher state of heaven. Is this why they are indoctrinated with the whole "keep sweet" thing? Because their husbands can choose not to exalt them? Nathan's voice/the way he talks reminds me of a character from somewhere but I just can't pinpoint where....
  5. Robyn-- “I had been married to the son of a very prominent family, so my dirty laundry was public knowledge. It made me uncomfortable. But my mother insisted that I “get my scent out there.” I agreed to go to the dance, but only to escort my brother and sister, who needed a social outlet.” Ok. I know what Robyn is getting at here. But talking about her "dirty laundry", in the same paragraph also talking about "getting her scent out there", is just, well, eww!!! Lol
  6. Yeah I remember him saying both those things in the book. Like when they were having lunch or something, and Janelle was telling him about a guy she was dating, and he thought to himself, "oh no, she needs to be with...... A guy like me". Hahaha!!!!!!
  7. We all know Kody is so incredibly in love with himself. This little fact shines through, not only on tv but also in the book. Here are some examples: When Kody first met Robyn at her cousin's house. “Eventually Kody noticed that I wasn’t part of the small crowd that had gathered around him. So he turned to me and said, “And who is your husband?” -Robyn. I guess Kody always makes himself the center of attention? Later, they meet again at a "church dance". Meri convinces Kody to dance with Robyn. He's smitten. And he's upset that Robyn doesn't seem to be as into him as he expected her to be, as she didn't show up at church the next morning... "“Robyn was nowhere to be found. I was crestfallen. I was certain that she was as interested in me as I was in her. It seemed impossible to me that she wouldn’t have attended my congregation in the hopes of seeing me again" Wow! But this next one is even better... He corners Robyn's cousin, Reba, and...... "“I was simply convinced that she was as smitten with me as I was with her. So I went up to Reba and said, “Maybe you should call Robyn and ask her who she’s thinking about right now.” Reba looked baffled” Hahaha!!!! This guy is too much.....
  8. The first thing that struck me was Sol's mane. Are they trying to turn him into a biblical Samson with a mullet?? MSWC - lots of web hits. No sales. Their words, not mine. And yet Robyn STILL wants to keep steering this obviously sinking ship. (They blocked me from posting on the mswc fb page. I'm so upset! Lol.) I never thought Jenelle was attractive, but she's got some natural beauty, that woman. The designer's studio looked like his main focus is dressing older women, like formal wear for grandmas. And I think he used a little too much brow liner.
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