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  1. For a second I sympathized with Mariah on the deck at the mountain resort because it must be awkward to have your mother discuss personal things with you on film; but then I remembered Mariah agreed to have the cameras on her and yet has such a sour attitude! I am thrilled for her that she can finally be herself and find true peace but her attitude is reprehensible and she still has an air of entitlement IMO. She could be doing better things with her time? Then don't agree to be filmed! Yes Meri messed up big time and the situation will not get fully resolved until Meri comes clean about what
  2. Definitely thought the therapy session between Kody and Meri was interesting. I noticed in a talking head Kody claimed that the idea of pursuing in vitro fertilization with Meri was "foreign" to him! But he is the one who suggested it to her before the Robyn offer in the first or second season when the two of them went to Mexico! He is such a liar. Also, although many of us already suspected the perks of polygamy/one happy family theme was a sham for a while, it is still deceitful of them the way they portrayed themselves as soul mates with a solid relationship for a good part of the series ru
  3. I agree with whoever said they are getting a phony vibe from Christine! It is so unconvincing and fake sounding when she acts like "BFF's" with Robyn! I do think Christine is naturally funny and upbeat but sometimes her enthusiasm looks so fake as if she is overcompensating for something. I can just picture her going off camera afterwards and majorly rolling eyes and changing the tone of her voice.
  4. Hi all! Have gone back to lurking here for quite some time and finally decided to chime in again on this episode which was unintentionally hilarious! I agree 100% with everyone about Janelle's terrible wedding speech. I understand she is pragmatic but couldn't she be a little more positive on such an ocassion?? It was innapropriate not to mention very impersonal and uninspired. Also thought Kodys comments about Maddies dress were a bit creepy but I don't think he meant it in that way. He just has a lot of foot in mouth moments. I am sure Maddie suggested Kody officiate the wedding at the urgin
  5. I think that is Mindy, that niece or cousin of Robyn who stays with her sometimes.
  6. Wow, that therapy session was interesting. I really thought the catfishing coverage would be just a few minutes of fluff, but it went a bit deeper than I suspected. It appears Meri is still pretty traumatized from the whole incident and at the time this episode was filmed, was still pretty fearful of what the catfisher could do to her or the family. I agree that Meri is the victim and the catfisher is despicable for what they did; but I also agree with others who say Meri is not coming clean that yes, she DID have an affair, if only an emotional affair. I also found it odd that she said when
  7. Robyn had her baby on Sunday night http://www.people.com/article/sister-wives-star-robyn-brown-welcomes-baby-girl
  8. It's amazing watching those earlier episodes! (Thanks to the one who posted the link!) It literally is like a different show, almost a different family. Janelle legitimately said "we have a fabulous relationship" in regards to the wives.
  9. New season is filming. Robyn and Meri at Meri's house. Robyn: Mer, I'm so glad we are gettin' a chance to reconnect now that this catfish thing is behind you. I'm glad I begged you to tell me the truth about it, thank God I'm such a good sister wife!! Meri: yup...right. I just fill so grateful for the fam'ly. So what do you wanna do. Robyn: let's go to your craft room, I need the space for my latest project; I'm plastering pictures of my face all over the old Brown family albums. It's rill special cuz we shoulda all been together from day one!! Meri: that's not creepy at all. (Calls Asp
  10. Considering the personality traits of Janelle and her tendency to apparently block out emotions I can kind of see why Janelle and Robyn seem to still thrive in polygamy and Christine and Meri are floundering. It would seem you either have to be detached from the situation or the one in power/in the most favour with the husband to be happy in it. Or you have to have a husband who gives absolute fair and equitable treatment to all wives(though to be honest even then it could be depressing). Though you can forget about that last one with Kody.
  11. I'm pretty sure the tag lines for the wives were pretty close to this: Meri: I believe in living this life, it just makes each of us better. Christine: I wanted the whole family, I didn't just want the man. Janelle: I like sister wives, I wouldn't want anything else. Robyn: it's like destiny, like we shoulda' all been together from day one.
  12. I also missed the Tell All and was very sad at first because the previews made it look so juicy! But after reading the entire thread here I am all caught up and realize I did not miss anything of substance. Love all the comments here, so many great observations and I had to laugh out loud at some!! It is obvious that Kody is failing in his relationships with Christine and Meri and how these folks think we will buy their whole facade after Meri herself admitted she was so desperately lonely that she decided to pursue an online affair with someone she knew was sketchy is beyond me. I'm very disa
  13. To me the saddest thing Meri said was that she knew there was something fishy going on within the first week of talking to "Sam" but she did it anyway. She must have been so incredibly lonely and this is the most real I have ever seen this show. Whatever unfaithfulness Meri may have shown, I can only feel so, so bad for her. She just seemed so sad. I don't know if she would have been less lonely if they were all still living under the same roof. It's hard to say. I also noticed, as others did, that Kody said absolutely nothing at that dinner. Quite pathetic. It seems obvious to me that his rel
  14. I don't think it was ever confirmed that Maddie dropped out of college.
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