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  1. Jinger never struck me as one who would tolerate cameras like some of her family. There would no birthing of babies on the shitter and keeping sweet while the cameras camped out in her living room for weeks.
  2. The pee stick was not likely dry and she probably peed on one every morning since she got married.
  3. I’ll bet you a box of Thin Mints that her bones and organs look like they belong to an 85 year old woman.
  4. Jill needs three feet cut off of her hair and an intense hair mask. Jill needs to “partner” with some cosmetic company who will gift her some eye cream. There’s no reason why someone her age should look so damn old.
  5. Meri doesn’t have an updated mailing address in AZ so I don’t know where she’s living.
  6. I have no idea where they are getting the money for these houses. Kody’s official address is listed the same as Robyn’s so maybe he thinks HE deserves a house that big and it has nothing really to do with which wife he’s married to? No clue. But it’s an ugly house IMO. Janelle and Christine have beautiful views with considerable less square footage than Robyn got.
  7. Yes, Robyn is renting a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom monstrosity.
  8. I grew up near there and I still go back occasionally. There’s a ton more crime but otherwise it’s still the same.
  9. Greenville, NC? Wow, they’re going to be in for some serious culture shock.
  10. I’ve said for over half my life that “God” doesn’t give a baby to anyone. Cockroaches reproduce for heaven’s sake.
  11. Robyn must be doing something right because she’s living/renting a 7 bedroom 7 bathroom mansion in Flagstaff (I would never give out the address.)
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