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  1. Dear god, between José last week wanting to brush her teeth, and this week being determined to wear her down enough that he will soon be handfeeding her and controlling her financially, I am worried she will be kneeling under the table with a collar and choke chain next week. I’m all for power exchange dynamics - but only when all parties are consenting and have agreed on safe words.
  2. No, because I totally agree! He’s not a dog that jumped out of a car on a cross-country trip and will be unable to find his way to shelter or home. The previews of them hysterically navigating the mean streets of Missoula, Maine/Massachusetts/Missouri in search of their underclad runaway castmate were just sad. If they truly believe his life was in jeopardy due to his decision to run away in a “blizzard,” then clearly he does not have the mental capacity to sign a contract for any of the shows he does or the physical wherewithal to be on The Challenge where just getting breakfast is more ph
  3. I'm still thinking Tara Lipinski for Cotton Candy. Maybe I just want it to be Tara Lipinski...
  4. This show has been fabulous for our family right now - guaranteed to make all of us laugh so damn hard. We’re on Season 7 and, honestly, I’ve loved every group. There was one I thought wasn’t quite as magical of a combination, but it was still entertaining and the next season was right back to a great blend again. And, honestly, it could have been me - things are crazy right now and that can color my perception, you know? But anyway, this show is great.
  5. Omg - Anna’s wedding drove me crazy. Why couldn’t they just have swung by the courthouse and gotten legally married on the way home from the airport - after getting Mursel a snack? The time pressure was ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that he was jet-lagged, there were family issues, and wild amounts of stress. Just handle the legalities to buy some time, then they could have had a more relaxed wedding with the bees a few days later.
  6. Omg - the fire! I was legit freaking out about the fire. How does that even happen? And they just stood there laughing about it! Thank god someone on the crew intervened before the tank blew - taking off the deck and Candace and Kortni with it. In Season 1, I liked Gus. I can’t stand him now. And yes, Jeremiah should have paid for his dinner - but Gus shouldn’t have ordered everything on the menu. I think Gus was wrong to start with there. At that point, I think Jeremiah should have said, “That’s bullshit. It was teams, so our team is gonna pay for your team,” and averaged
  7. I think Bryson would know because I think they are all still in one bed. At least Robert has some standards: Bring the Dominican Mary Poppins Pen Pal into the bed you share with your child on Night 1 - Fine Threesome with a stripper on my birthday in the same bed - A horrifying example for my impressionable son
  8. I have so many things I could say, but everyone else has said them. So all I’m going to say is: why does Jeremiah look so different this season? It’s weirdly distracting. I keep analyzing each part of him. First I thought his upper body was larger; then I thought it was smaller. Then I thought it might have been his hair, but that wouldn’t account for such a complete difference. It’s just weird.
  9. I cannot even believe that I found myself getting angry on Max’s behalf tonight. Truly, it is the end of times. But what was that, Chloe? I don’t expect super-intelligence from her, but I guess I thought common decency toward “the love of her life” might be in her wheelhouse. Hearing her repeatedly beat him down and then hang up on him just made me feel so damn sorry for him. And I am no fan of Max’s!
  10. Oh my god - I felt so badly for Tyra. Those two women were so awful to her! And there was Alexander - “ Why are you upset?” Oh, I don’t know, dumbass, she’s a new, young mom, still in pain from delivery, still trying to figure out breastfeeding, and those bitches just sat there sniping at her. No “thank you” for bringing the baby over the day they’re driving home from the hospital. No attempt at trying to make her feel comfortable - just nasty criticism. Tyra was way more mature than I would have been. I would have called an Uber and gotten myself and Layla the hell out of there.
  11. He really does, Claire. I don’t know if it’s due to his age or general Caelan-ness, but he seems to be under the assumption that Mikayla gets to make all the decisions about the status of their relationship and their children unilaterally. If she says they’re together, they are. If she says they’re broken up, they are. And until now, “break up” has always meant “take a break.” But he also gets to say, “I don’t want this” - maybe not to their children, but definitely to her. But I think everyone would be happier if there was a set schedule - both in terms of child support as wel
  12. Nilo

    Workin Moms

    Just finished Season 2. I love this show so much. The last 10 minutes of the last episode? I was in tears...
  13. I fear you’re right about this. I think she feels she can’t say no to him - which is terrifying for a number of reasons. When he came out of the embassy with starving Baby, he practically flung him at her and demanded her to feed him. Like it was her fault that a newborn was hungry in the first place. Knowing now about her past, my heart just breaks for her every time he hammers on and on to her about how bad his family life was growing up. Yes, it sucks that they had an international baby. But my mind boggles at his callous hypocrisy of, “I’ll just take him away from you because
  14. I have so many feelings about Season 3. The first 1-2 episodes, I kinda really liked Coach Brown. Yes, he was crude and every word out of his mouth was either the f-bomb or Cadillac/beach house, but damn, he loved those kids. The middle bunch of shows, I hated him and wanted to form a wall between him and some of his players. The day he threw Bobby Bruce off the field and the game with Dodge City were the worst. But then, starting with the day he wore the pink shirt, I reluctantly started going back toward the middle. And by the end, I was nodding my head when his assistant coach sa
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