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  1. I fear you’re right about this. I think she feels she can’t say no to him - which is terrifying for a number of reasons. When he came out of the embassy with starving Baby, he practically flung him at her and demanded her to feed him. Like it was her fault that a newborn was hungry in the first place. Knowing now about her past, my heart just breaks for her every time he hammers on and on to her about how bad his family life was growing up. Yes, it sucks that they had an international baby. But my mind boggles at his callous hypocrisy of, “I’ll just take him away from you because it would make ME sad to have him taken away from me.”
  2. Nilo

    Last Chance U

    I have so many feelings about Season 3. The first 1-2 episodes, I kinda really liked Coach Brown. Yes, he was crude and every word out of his mouth was either the f-bomb or Cadillac/beach house, but damn, he loved those kids. The middle bunch of shows, I hated him and wanted to form a wall between him and some of his players. The day he threw Bobby Bruce off the field and the game with Dodge City were the worst. But then, starting with the day he wore the pink shirt, I reluctantly started going back toward the middle. And by the end, I was nodding my head when his assistant coach said that JUCO was JB’s sweet spot. No way could he handle the constraints of coaching at a DI school and my god, he’d be thrown out of high school. But he does raise these kids up a bit and, if they can handle it, they’ll be able to handle the demands of a 4-year or, potentially, the NFL. Is Buckmaster too old for me to adopt? A lot of the players this season frustrated me because they didn’t seem to be stepping up (although that could be a flaw with the way this season was presented; it seemed different than the other 2) but man, Buckmaster was a leader for that team. I’m thrilled he’s going on to a 4-year. I recognize DII isn’t probably exactly what he wanted, but he’ll be valued there; he’ll play (probably all the positions, if necessary), so he’ll have plenty of film to show for it, so who knows? But more importantly, he’ll have a degree. Malik. Oh man, Malik. My heart breaks for him at the same time I think he’s a cancer for any team. The day his “dad” came back into his life is the day I think his world imploded. He probably should have been allowed to continue baseball because clearly he has a golden arm, but he hates being hit. Plus, he loved baseball. He’s fairly emotionless about football. I do think he might make a good coach which Diaz said is what he wants to do. Holding out for a Big-5? Is that his choice or his dad’s? LaTonya was great, but I loved the other English teacher who showed up on a day she clearly didn’t think she needed to be at work - with her infant and in weekend clothes - because one of her students needed her. She might not have had book clubs, but on that day, she showed that player (Emmit, maybe) that she cared about him and she saw him and she wasn’t going to let him slip out the back door. Drake! I hope there’s another season with this team and I hope we get more of him. Where did this kid who looks like a Canadian hockey player come from? I didn’t even know there was a 3rd string QB. Where was he all season? Loved the last game when Malik went from being Diaz’s pet to a voice yammering in his ear - so much so that Diaz had to complain about it to JB. As if JB hadn’t been saying it all season!
  3. Nilo

    World Of Dance

    I'm totally baffled by Fik-shun's low scores - particularly in light of how much everyone but Ne-Yo praised him. I know that the judges prefer Les Twins, and I would have been ok with the outcome, but the huge gap between second and third is just weird to me. It was weird too that Les Twins were praised by Ne-Yo for moves that Fik-shun did too - and I thought did better.
  4. Yes. I see it almost as the Willoughby/Marianne situation from Sense and Sensability. Logan (Willoughby) understands his duty is to marry the heiress and keep her happy. Whether he loves her or not is irrelevant. But she will need to come first. If Rory can be happy in Maine or at the Dorchester Hotel, then it's a win/win/win. But if not, well then, the trip to Oz will need to come to an end for Rory - but not Odette.
  5. Nilo

    S01.E04: Fall

    L and L's wedding was on November 5. Wookieman was in the spring - so sometime before June 21. I don't think she was in her second trimester. Plus, she did a lot of drinking in Summer and with the LaDB in Fall.
  6. Such a good episode to quote. I feel like for the last few seasons of the original show and now AYITL Rory is shown making choices that has some viewers - or other characters in the show - saying, "This is so unlike her." And I'm so confused by that because, again, since the end of Season 4, she has continuously acted impulsively and without consideration for who might be impacted by her actions. In the words of Maya Angelou, "when someone shows you who they are, believe them." I'm not saying people can't make mistakes, but to continue a pattern of affairs (when the other person is unaware) is not a mistake, it is a lifestyle choice. I don't know if Odette and Logan have a Vegas relationship, but it seemed fairly clear that Paul did not consider his relationship with Rory to be an open one, and that "relationship" lasted three years. And that's just her pattern with men. While I get being at a crossroads in your professional career, I was sad that she seemed "too good" to hustle. Maybe she will write the great American novel, but it would have been nice to see her asking Luke if she could pick up some hours at the diner. Or the Dragonfly. In the year we saw, she earned nothing, and while she seemed sad about losing her career, we weren't shown any impact from that.
  7. Nilo

    S01.E04: Fall

    Possibly losing custody of a child? One of the most terrifying things there is. Particularly when the other parent lives a fair distance away. There's no reason to think Logan would have pulled this - but Mitchum and Shira?
  8. I totally agree, Leaf. I really liked Winter - mainly because of my Queen - Emily.
  9. Nilo

    S01.E04: Fall

    Exactly. They just wanted to do so when Rory was just graduating from college and was early 20's rather than 30's.
  10. Nilo

    S01.E04: Fall

    Because it might possibly mean giving up some control. She might have to share holidays. She might have to consider his input on things. If she lets him know about the baby, she won't just get the money (probably), she might be opening herself up to a fight for custody. Logan has a stable job, will have a wife by then, and never-ending money. She's seen how Logan is manipulated by his family; what if they find out about the baby and decide they'd like to include her child in the dynasty? Not to mention her own highly romanticized version of her childhood. The cottage at the Independence Inn? I remember being a very poor single mom myself - we ate a lot of pancakes. When things stabilized, I never again made pancakes. Later on, my then-older kid told me that pancakes-for-dinner was one of her favorite memories.
  11. I remain convinced the letter was from Lorelai the First (Trix). Others have suggested one of the many maids. I really wish it had been readdressed since, clearly, Emily was (understandably) very upset about it (and had been for 30+ years) and Lorelai was so convincing in her denial.
  12. It's not bullshit, but Emily was finding it to be so. The former Emily would never have done so. Again, I found that to be a good portrayal of what she's going through. My dad is the same way now. He's cut himself off from groups that he was a long-standing member of because he now finds them frustrating. Unlike Emily, he hasn't found a new thing; he hasn't put on his Keds.
  13. Deep depression can look like early Alzheimer's or dementia. I moved in with my dad last summer when my mom died unexpectedly; they'd been married 53 years. He didn't need someone to take care of him, but I knew he'd be lonely. That's an understatement. He didn't (doesn't?) know who he is without her. And he wasn't the one who lived his whole life taking care of her - the way Emily did for Richard. I thought the show nailed it really well. Of course she'd lose track of time/days - she used to set her calendar around him. Plus, depression makes you exhausted. Sleep is a refuge. Good for her for selling the house; but for going someplace that held fond memories for her of him. And for finding volunteer work that was useful and not "Bullshit!" I thought the Berta-device was odd, but it made me happy to know she wasn't alone - that she wasn't lonely. Because honestly, Lorelai and Rory did not seem to be making much of an effort to help on that front. So if Emily needs to find another family (albeit another one she can't communicate with), at least she won't die alone and unloved in her own home with no one to notice.
  14. It definitly takes two (or more than that - whatever floats your boat), but the partners in Rory's life weren't built up to be Mary Sues the way Rory was. There was a weird cognitive dissonance in the way Rory was portrayed that has nothing to do with "slut shaming." But I do think that one cannot claim prior ownership of a giant man-boy simply because one got to him first (but I'm no lawyer).
  15. I couldn't agree more. To be honest, I stopped really liking Rory about the time she said, "He was my boyfriend first" to justify sleeping with Dean. She's never been written as someone capable of looking beyond what she wanted or able to overcome disappointment. Further, the show itself did her no favors by having her suffer no consequences for her actions (Phi Beta Kappa despite a rather disastrous semester at the start? Graduating on time with Paris despite taking time off?). So for me, I was not at all bothered by Rory's storyline in the revival because, as you said, Katha, her character devolved for me anyway during the original series. I loved Winter, but it was so painful to me. My mom died last year and my dad is dying now (after a 53-year marriage), so I couldn't help but be influenced by those things. But Fall. I loved every bit of Fall. I cried through almost all of it - in a good way. I did laugh a little bit during Rory's conversation with Christopher because I knew where she was going and no, Rory, you DON'T get to make that parallel because YOU are no Lorelai Gilmore!