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  1. ... is Janessa eating off the table? There is a plate in front of her but it looks like whatever was on it has been raked off into little piles for her to eat with her hands. Off the table. I guess I shouldn't complain. At least they're feeding her.
  2. Maybe. But the mess on the floor makes a me think the screen is open quite a bit. Although it's highly likely possible they're just slobs, I guess. I don't care for Jermy saying he is on "dad duty." You're a father you pinhead. You should be on dad duty every day. And if you need an actual list that tells you to remember to put pull ups and pajamas on your kid and to read and sing and pray and tuck her in you must be a moron because you should be able to remember your own kid's fairly simple bedtime routine. I'm guessing the list was just for show. Either that or Audrey thinks Jermy is
  3. I wonder if Ember loves being burned by flaming bits of wood shooting out from the fireplace. Because, well. Flaming bits of wood do shoot out from the fireplace when you leave the screen open. Just sayin'
  4. Jodie Comer for the win! She's the only reason I'm here.
  5. My Spidey senses are telling me the producers probably had that t-shirt made and gave it to Zied to wear just to have a little fun with the filtered picture drama. If they did, they succeeded. I know it made me laugh. How cringeworthy!
  6. I've always felt the same as you about it, Kitten. Don't you remember? My impassioned posting about the subject inspired you to say this: Accepting your proposal was the best choice I ever made ... even better than giving up my dream of being a missionary so I could become an internet influencer for Jesus, spreading hate and intolerance like wildflower seeds across the web. Marrying you was smarter than deciding to go to law school, then flunking out abandoning that when The Lord laid it on my heart that my true calling is to be a professional "don't let this happen to you/"before pict
  7. For a second I thought that was the guy who plays "Newman" on Seinfeld.
  8. Not true. A person can waive HIPAA's privacy provisions any time they want to and allow their medical information to be shared for some reason. It's done every day when someone wants another doctor or their attorney or a family member to have access to certain information in their medical file. Bethenny could easily grant Dr. Oz similar permission if she chose. Actually, I would guess that many of Dr. Oz's guests waive their right to medical privacy in order to allow him access to their records so he can understand their case and discuss it on his show. So it's something he is probably v
  9. I didn't see any skepticism from Dr. Oz or the audience. He was his usual overly-earnest self, intensely focusing his attention on his guest in an attempt to create the illusion that what they are saying is actually interesting. To the extent the audience members shown had any reaction at all, they looked like they were mildly bored to me. Dr. Oz pointing out that miso soup doesn't usually have fish in it didn't seem like an expression of doubt about Bethenny's story in my opinion. I think he was just playing at being a journalist, emphasizing the unexpected twist in the series of event
  10. Wow, Amy's parents look amazing. Hard to believe they are 86 and 90! I might have guessed they were twenty years younger.
  11. Ok I broke down and watched the video found my charger and was able to watch the video. What a non-event. Just ... nuthin' ... the biggest who gives a shit I've wasted my time watching in a long time. And Audrey was full of crap advertising Ember's reaction. Because she didn't have one. Zero. Zip. Nada. I want my 45 seconds back!
  12. Thanks, @AZChristian. I suspect they were hoping Ember would have one of those little meltdowns you sometimes see kids go through when they see Daddy without long hair or a beard for the first time. Good on her for not delivering them the moment to further exploit! I bet Ember was thrilled to see that mop go, if for no other reason than it means she will find less strands of Jeremy's hair in her food!
  13. Can someone post and "after" pic and describe Briquette's response please? I refuse to sit through the whole thing the battery on my kindle needs charging and I don't have enough power to watch it.
  14. Exactly. Over achieving isn't really a problem or flaw in and of itself. It's the pushy, controlling, demanding, insensitivity that often goes along with it which irritates the people around you that is the problem. As well as the stress you create in the environment by never being satisfied. I can't say I'm surprised Audrey prefers to flatter herself and describe herself the way she does. Articulating anything truly insightful that demonstrates an awareness of how annoying she is might make her sound less than perfect and we can't have that.
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