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  1. Got it - but you two know that QVC, from a technology standpoint, is never going to be Amazon, whose main business is, well, technology! QVC barely can ship on time......!
  2. UnMary does know about wine. She has some sort of series on QVC online or her FB page about it.
  3. QVC actually does have a hyperlink to brands, maybe not the up front and center way you see it on other websites. You have to Shop by category and then see the brands under that category. Or am I not understanding what your saying?
  4. You can bet that that someone who was busy is extra envious, too! this is my favorite yiddish expression......!
  5. Wow...I thought I detected a South African accent or Australian. Never would have guessed Canadian.
  6. Thank you! I was getting bored hunting through DV's Facebook, looking for this! Sometimes, it really DOES take a village! And why are we up at 4:30 a.m., anyway??
  7. good eye....it IS the same dress!!! It sure is the same dress! This is the pic @Booney used for the Fashion Poll.......and if I can find the picture I pilfered from the web way back when, it's also the dress Jane wore to a wedding.....I remember David Venable and Jill being in the picture, too........Tara Temptations wedding, I think.
  8. Yeah, I know.....this falls into the category of "Are you bragging or complaining?" Keep in mind, I live in Maryland, smack in the middle of the east coast, so am in close proximity to their warehouses, no matter where they ship from. In that 3-4 days of shipping, sometimes the orders come from North Carolina, go up to Pennsylvania and then travel back down to Maryland. On occasion, stuff is shipping from Virginia Beach, going all the way to PA and back down to MD again. My recent orders all have taken 7-10 days OR MORE just to get out of the "in process" status. That's why this is such an anomaly to me! Why, all of a sudden, did they show up in 4 business days?
  9. True........I worked for Clinique many years ago, well known for being one of the few cosmetic lines with"unscented" products at the time. They added scent to their products for just what you said above. Additionally, some additives used to promote shelf life have scent. I have the body serum from last year, although not unscented, it is the vanilla apricot. Right out of the bottle it has a funny sort of smell.......almost rancid smelling. I persevered, and once I put it on my skin, about 15 minutes later, all I smell is the vanilla apricot. @hummingbird is correct - the lactic acid is what you are smelling. It really is a super product, so I hope whatever it is you are smelling isn't so off putting that it makes you not want to use it!
  10. so, here's what is probably a weird anomaly. I ordered three items from QVC on Sunday, probably the last of what I'm going to purchase for the season. - my husband wanted that rolling drawer thing for under the Keurig machine and then I ordered two Philosophy sets as Christmas gifts for my customer service team at work. I got all three, in separate boxes, yesterday! Four days? What happened? The EDD on these things was late NEXT WEEK. Why do I get the suspicion that they are now putting extra long EDD's, so that they're under-promising? Then, if they're able to get their proverbial shipping shit together, and get my orders here in 3-4 days, as is typically normal for me, they've met their goal of delighting their customer?
  11. Right? How about that, Mike? There is no joyful customer experience from where I sit. I used to get packages 3-4 days after I ordered them. Now, it's 1 to 1 1/2 weeks of an order sitting "in process" and I'm lucky to get an item in two weeks.
  12. Awww.....I can't believe it either, Daniel! Dreams really DO come true!! We really CAN have nice things once and a little while! **I am so not sorry to see this guy go.
  13. At this point, I really don't care who they pair Dummer with.....as long as they keep her away from Kyle!!
  14. Seriously? THE PLAGUE is back????? 😱😱😱😱
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