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  1. I didn't remember this until just now! I just feel like they had a "thing" that never really was fully realized - thank GOD! But I sort of remember that it was Kyle who was infatuated with Phyllis at some point, very briefly and it wasn't ever really reciprocated. I don't know, maybe I'm confusing it with something else. Or maybe someone here will remember? *Frankenkyle - love it!! Perfect name for the actor at that time! He always reminded me of a vampire from Interview with a Vampire!
  2. Did I dream this? Was there ever a time that Kyle and Phyllis were sort of a thing? Like, maybe for a week or something?
  3. Really? I tried this and this method didn't work for me. I looked in the mirror and I just looked like Carol Burnett's Mrs. A-Wiggins!!
  4. Yeah, Shawn didn't even do it correctly, like @Syringa Vulgaris said. It was supposed to be the profile pics you use on social media platforms. My favorite was Martha Stewart's! Like, who knew Martha would have a Tinder page? This woman never disappoints!! LOL!
  5. Exactly! And I just realized I called that poor girl Bella and not Delia! How could I forget her name was Delia???
  6. I occasionally read Mary's, from ITKWM, Instagram page. She's been on a sensible diet for 9 months or so. Portioning out food, eating less. She mentioned she had been on this portion control plan as a response to a post where someone said she looked like she'd lost weight and wondered if that was a result of the thyroid cancer. She replied no, and explained how she's been able to lose the weight. I watched a bit of ITKWM today.....Ginger Puss is obnoxious to the nth degree. They were presenting the wine (which I was tempted to purchase, but didn't) and Mary invited GP over because I think GP used to be a bartender (or a mixologist). Anyhow, Mary was talking about how the wine is sourced and the OAP said they comb the California vineyards taste testing and GP was like "yay! I'm a California girl!" Oh, brother. She can go back there as far as I'm concerned. She's awful. And she can take the skeletor, Kerstin Lindquist, with her!
  7. Got it....not thin like that at all!
  8. I'm not sure what you mean? I have a fair amount of Lock n Lock......as well as a couple of glass sets. There are a couple of different lid styles, although all of them have the flaps on all 4 sides that you have to latch on to the tabs on the base. The difference, I think, is whether the lid is somewhat domed or is simply flat. In this TSV set I posted above, it looks like there's a mixture of both types, although the domed types usually have a handle. That said, I have flat lids with handles, so I don't know if that's why it's sort of domed. The quality of the plastic lids in the glass and plastic sets I have is exactly the same. The only Lock N Lock I have that I have NOT been happy with is a set I got made out of Tritan. I think it was a 6 container set, and the larger ones (the ones I really bought it for) lasted once - the tabs broke off. Interestingly, in the set I bought, it received a lot of bad reviews for this same reason.....there were no reviews when I bought it, but tons of positive reviews on other Lock n Lock tritan sets, so I didn't worry about it. I think it must have been a fluke set with an issue. Out of all the sets I've bought - and unfortunately, I've way too many, this was the only bad set I've ever purchased. Does this help?
  9. Gird your loins, all Lock N Lock lovers! I just got an email from QVC announcing a presale for a TSV Lock N Lock set: https://www.qvc.com/LocknLock-8-Pc-Nestable-Multi-Purpose-Storage-Set-w-2-Handle-Lids.product.K49630.html?cm_ite=MAIN_K49630_ILL:LockampLockStorage&sc=MAIL&cm_ven=APTSV&cm_cat=LockAndLock8PcSet_Week0420EM_20200125_CULINARY_CAMP16964&cm_pla=10PlusMBS_QVCActive_2111048994&p1=C8ACB579-52CA-41D8-A5B1-0169B787FBC4&p2=68D6D59B-BFF6-4573-8EF2-F26926E66DAE&TZ=EST
  10. She does have a weird cadence to her voice. Saying she drinks coffee "at my home" for me is just another way of her constant "me, me, me, me, me-ness". It's all about Shawn, all the time. The other night when I was checking items online, I came across an item I was semi-interested in and it was Shawn's presentation that was online for the item. She was introducing the OAP, after going on and on about herself and this item, her usual "I don't like this sort of thing......." then said - and I'm making up the name and company because I can't remember the item I was looking at - "Let me introduce Laura, from IT Cosmetics, is she". She added that "is she" like she was Yoda or something! Or Dr. Seuss. Shawn's just a strange person. Not someone I enjoy, at all.
  11. I watched the rest of today's episode online. Very annoying as what felt like the first 15 minutes were commercials.....I fast forwarded through to where the episode ended today, and when you do that, you still have to watch the commercials that occurred in that 1/2 hour I fast forwarded through! I agree with those of you who said air the whole thing or don't air at all. I feel like at other times, if news pre-empted, my local CBS station would make an announcement about it running at 2:00 a.m. or something. Guess that can't be the case right now, due to the "news" running through the dead of night, followed by commentary. Anyhow.......I get why some of you would feel that Chloe has no right to berate Adam, since she's tried killing him. I may be in the minority - and this in no way is to say that I don't think what she's done is correct, either - but for my money, Adam started it. He accidentally hit her child, and yes the child's father is 100% complicit, but when Adam found out he hit Delia he did everything to hide it. Everything. And then had the good fortune to have his son be the recipient of her corneas. Can't remember, but didn't he know they were Delia's and still remained silent? That's some heavy shit to forgive. I'd say it's about even at this point in soap opera world. And I also liked Phyllis' dress. Hate the character and dislike the actor so much, but the woman can rock a slinky dress.
  12. here's my picture and all I have to say is hmmmmm...........
  13. I don't know if it's regional but I always thought a "Dutch Rub" was a rub while a noogie was a punch!
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