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  1. Beauty Bash was today. I'll just leave these here..........
  2. Shawn was showing the Lancer Caviar Lime Acid Peel. She would like you to think she is super classy, especially as she explains to you where Dr. Lancer's office is. His practice, she tells us, "is on Rodeo, between the Ralph Lauren store and Air Mays". I looked up from my laptop, startled by my husband's snort-laugh, who I thought was asleep, but also confused as I'd never heard of a place called 'Air Mays'. He asks me if QVC is in the Los Angeles area. NO. He says "why can't she just say 'Rodeo Drive' like a normal person, then? And who cares what street it's on?" The sales manag
  3. I think - I know! - you are right. As far as her role as the social media person for the show, I don't think I've ever seen a more engaged social media person than Vanessa. She asks questions, promotes product, she talks to folks, tries to answer questions. More importantly, she manages to "rise above" all the little slights and attempts by Shawn to make Vanessa look dumb or uninformed. Well done, Vanessa!
  4. I scrolled through the pics and when I scrolled back up, looking for Carolyn, I landed on Isaac and thought it was Carolyn until I saw his face. Pitiful that from the shoulders down they look like the Frump-a-Dump twins, almost a mirror image of each other in style.
  5. That little link that says "see thread" is on all of the comments, BTW. If you click on any one of them, you'll be able to scroll through once the screen opens up.
  6. Go to Shawn's FB page, go to where the comments are and then click on the link within the comment area that says "see thread". On my laptop, it opens up a screen that has the live video going on to the left and then all the comments that you can scroll through are on the right. I DO NOT follow her on Facebook, so you can do this without following her!
  7. I AM DYING There is someone on the Live Chat who is really bashing the heck out of Shawn. They've called her a loser, tone deaf, a bad friend to Antonella..... But what cracks me up is that at the bottom of the chat it clearly states that "this live video is being moderated". Someone's asleep at the wheel!
  8. To Boss Babe Aisha: Skyping in live from.....is it Pasadena or Palo Alto? Nitwit can't even manage to get a new vendor's locale correct.
  9. Not even 5 minutes in.......that piece of hair. And the fact that I can't tolerate much more than that.
  10. Jesus....three hours of Dare to Scare tonight. TSV is that Trophy Skin microdermabrasion machine. She'll say it was debuted or launched for the first time in her show.....and she will definitely pull it apart to show all the gunk she got out of her face. Count me out!
  11. It's under Suggestion Box....called "Please QVC". People there miss the original posters point, though. It's the SOUND of it a cajillion times a minute that is grating.
  12. To me, what's sad about that stuff is that ALL of it - down to the black crows - has been done before.....by Martha Stewart. Who, if I remember correctly, considered herself the Queen of Halloween. Been there, seen that, bought the t-shirt.
  13. I just remembered something else about Janine Graff! She was the one who used to pronounce the word "fragrance" as "fregrence". Janine Graff: My begel has a fregrence.
  14. I should add that in that picture above, Diva was - OF COURSE - taking us "through the colors". It's why he's got that serious gaze going on and he had paused so he could hear his producer tell him how many of those cubes were left in each color.
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