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  1. What's causing her hair to get damaged is probably a flat iron. It's what most people are using today to get that super straight hair Jenn was sporting for the TSV. It's also how to get sort of the wavier look on longer hair that hosts like Courtney and also Jenn have had. They work well...but I find it can really damage your hair if you don't use a protective spray or have a "safer" flat iron. Even then, particularly if you color your hair, you could leave your hair vulnerable to damage.
  2. Right! And I would just add that not being an ass would help, too! You know, the whole "beauty is on the inside" thing? It's true!
  3. All of the hosts have quirks that make us strongly like or dislike them. But all you have to do is look at Jennifer Coffey, Sandra Bennett, Katrina Zish, Rachel, Amy & Courtney.....they all wear QVC clothing. QVC offers more than the shlubby t-shirt and jogger/sweat pant options that Shawn chooses to wear. I offer that she *might* not look half as bad (though still bad) if she simply wore the correct size.
  4. In other words, go to the store, buy a bunch of premade stuff, throw it all together and * Voila! * you have your dinner! I chuckled when I saw the Creamy Corn off the Cob as a recipe. Where I come from, that's called creamed corn. I'm not really sure he needs to tell us how to open this can and heat it up on the stove!
  5. Those comments were great. Besides the one where the lady said "I'm a true size small", I love the one above. I don't know what this poster is smoking, but pre-pandemic Shawn was fashionable? Golly. I must have missed that phase!
  6. What's really a shame is that she kept on that Women With Control dress that is too tight and shows all her curvation!
  7. Could be. But here's some food for thought: David Venable's Down Home show, which was last night, had 1100 comments. His ITKWD show on Wednesday had 1600 comments. Shawn's show on Monday night, Fashion's Night in has 52 comments. Her show with Leah on Tuesday night has 54 comments. The show she did to kick off the Dr. Denese TSV had a whopping 4 comments. Her Dare to Scare show last Friday had just 42 comments. That's either a whole bunch of irrelevant comments plus a whole lot of negative, deleted comments OR people just aren't commenting/watching. Personally, I thin
  8. No, I don't think that's it...there are, from time to time, quite a few negative comments there. At least before someone gets to them and deletes them! But even before they delete them, there are minimal comments. I'm not sure that I have a high social media IQ either! I just think it's a combination of things. Facebook is not as widely used as it used to be, for one. A few years ago, people were all over her FB page. It's just not the case now. I don't know if that's because of her or because a lot of her demographic isn't on there anymore. Probably a combo of the two. David Ve
  9. One reason Martha Stewart isn't on QVC - she's busy designing Bic lighters, which will be available at Wal-Mart starting in July. She even got her friend Snoop to do a commercial with her about them! Says Snoop: They're perfect for grills, candles and so much more!
  10. I've wondered this for awhile. I'm thinking there's really no way to measure Shawn's sales, or anyone else's for that matter, when they're paired with others. I'm thinking this may be by design. Perhaps they changed the pay structure in some way. As a commissioned sales person, you have to have a way to measure your sales. And the fact that it's not particularly their newer reps always paired, but those that have been there for awhile (except for maybe Courtney K), it looks a bit targeted. To be honest, I'm not sure how they could have ever measured sales in the first place. If I se
  11. How could we not remember you? So good to hear from you! Welcome back!
  12. WHOOPS! I forgot all about that....yes, that was my problem. I had this site bookmarked under Previously TV. Just delete your bookmark and do a new bookmark for Primetimer.
  13. Doing the Shawn? I mean, the possibilities are endless here! What particular "Shawn" was he doing?
  14. I feel the same way about Dan Hughes...not an immediate fan, but yes, he's grown on me. That post of his was lovely - he truly has a way with words.
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