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  1. Mari Lyn does look nicer with longer hair! My take about Shawn's comments? Someone who has horrendous hairstyles and horrific haircolor is not someone I want to hear commenting about other people's hair! She should fix up her own nest - last night's disaster was, well, a disaster!
  2. We're going to get to a point where everything will have one. I've had my Maytag refrigerator for probably 15 years and had to have the ice maker replaced a few years ago. When the service guy showed up, he said to repair this thing ALWAYS, because the newer ones all have motherboards and are the first things to go. He said "they don't make appliances to last anymore". I know this to be true......I had an LG front load washer and the motherboard died after the warranty on it expired - everything else was covered under warranty still, but not the motherboard. It was less expensive to just buy a new washer (without a motherboard, so had to get a top loader) than replace the motherboard!
  3. If QVC really was concerned about it, it would be THEIR CUSTOMERS who would reign them in.
  4. Kerstin is such an insufferable phony. There is not alot that gets me steaming angry as much as people who hide behind their religion and/or Jesus as a means to do or say things that Jesus would never do. Just go and enjoy your drink, Kerstin. There is nothing I care less about than her and her fakeness.
  5. Her lasagna recipe was a big deal several years ago - all the hosts raved about it, apparently. She posted it on her FB page (no longer can get to it, as QVC shut that down), but it's still available on QVC's recipe page. Here it is: Antonella's Famous Lasagna Ingredients: 1 lb. lasagna noodles 1 lb. lean ground beef, crumbled and cooked 2 onions chopped 2 green peppers chopped 2 boxes of sliced mushrooms 1 large container of Ricotta cheese 2 lbs. of shredded mozzarella cheese 1 stick of cream cheese 2 cans puréed tomatoes Olive oil (to sauté veggies) Salt and pepper (to taste) Garlic powder (to taste) Oregano powder (to taste) Fresh sweet basil, chopped Preparation: Boil lasagna noodles. Sauté beef, then add salt, pepper, and some of the strained tomatoes. Sauté the veggies in olive oil, then add garlic powder and oregano powder. Mix the beef and veggies into one pan. In a separate bowl, mix the Ricotta cheese, cream cheese, and some fresh chopped basil. Putting the lasagna together: First sauce the bottom of your lasagna pan. Next, add a layer of lasagna noodles, followed by a layer of meat and veggies. Add a layer of mixed cheese (Ricotta and cream cheese), then a layer of sauce. After that, add a layer of shredded mozzarella. Repeat these steps two more times to create three layers total. The last layer should be mozzarella. Cover and then place into a preheated oven at 350°F for 1 hour or until done to your liking. Recipe provided by Antonella Nester.
  6. Right? The first time I ever heard her tell it, I was so embarrassed for Jimmy the Baker. He was standing there, looking down sheepishly. To be honest, I seem to remember her telling the story as if it was Jimmy that turned her down.....and I was like "What? He was a player?" I also thought it happened in college, which would make sense, since it doesn't appear they grew up in the same state! I even remember coming on here and relaying the story she told.....seriously, Jimmy? I guess now the story's being embellished that she turned him down....who even knows? The poor guy is just lucky he doesn't have to stand next to her while she prattles on about junk that happened years ago......
  7. Right, and she said it last year, and the year before that and.......I've heard this story out of her for at least 5 years now!
  8. Well, I believe you were the first, many moons ago, to pen the phrase " I.Loathe.Her." I literally DID take the words out of your mouth! She's just such a disappointing person to watch. All of the yucky mannerisms aside (nose wiping), it's disturbing the way she sells and talks to others. I can't put my finger on it, but it's almost like someone who doesn't get out much and gets diarrhea of the mouth when they finally have a visitor........that's what it's like to watch her. Except we're the visitors.....and she does not give a damn whether she sells to me or not......as long as she's able to get out her stupid stories, while talking down to OAPs and speaking poorly about products, her evening is made. Mine? Not so much.
  9. I watched a bit of it last night, flashing back and forth between it and something else I was watching. I saw it more towards the end, and when it was over, I just felt depressed. Shawn is just so inelegant, I simply don't understand why QVC insists she's right for beauty shows. I had hoped that with Elise, who used to be the Beauty IQ Queen, we'd get a mix of the two of them presenting. That was not meant to be. I. Loathe. Shawn.
  10. So I watched Antonella's lasagna video....she made the lasagna, thought she was recording and for whatever reason, couldn't get the video to upload. There have been some Facebook issues lately, so maybe that was the issue. In any event...mark your calendars for August 4th. Ant says she has a big announcement! In the meantime, she said she's launching a cooking channel on YouTube!
  11. I don't know if I understand your question, or if it's just a twist on what I said in my post. People from the United States are barred from many countries right now due to the pandemic - Canada, all of the EU, the Bahamas, probably other places. We can't travel there, period. We can't go there and quarantine for 14 days, either - those countries have said that we can't travel there because of our out of control Covid numbers.
  12. Your last line.....me, too! But if I'm honest (to quote the Legend in Her Own Mind), I really don't want to hear about any of these hosts and their personal bullshit, be it their families, their "stuff", their problems, how much and what quantities they buy of the QVC stuff they're presenting. Especially Shawn's.
  13. I'd be surprised if anyone from Shop HQ is actually in Italy, since we're banned from anywhere in Europe right now due to our raging pandemic. They'd be hard pressed to explain how they're "essential", in my view anyway.
  14. Well, the program guide doesn't list her at all on this coming Saturday, hence my post! And saving Christmas >> I hope << is just a July thing, until it returns during the normal Christmas timeframe.
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