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  1. Yeah, I'd say we don't have to ask. It's all about her, all the time........
  2. You can buy six Eggo Belgian waffles for $2.99. I buy these often...they're pretty fabulous for a frozen waffle
  3. Oh, dear. I have this on.....I really shouldn't have turned it on. I realize that I'm colored by the fact that, in my book, Shawn can do nothing right, but she is off the rails in her treatment of EVERYBODY tonight. Just who does she think she is? Does QVC really thinks this is good for sales? That normal people enjoy this sort of thing? I watch so little of QVC but when I do, I want to relax.....this is NOT relaxing at 11:00 at night. I just can't....
  4. I haven't had too many with he texture of melty chalk, , thank goodness. Again, it's the texture, not taste!
  5. And I still hate anything with a butter rum flavor! Probably because of those Life Savers!
  6. Yes....although I'm not sure I would call it chalky. Back before I suddenly became hugely allergic to shellfish a couple of years ago, I used frozen shrimp quite a bit. It's a texture thing, which I think he's calling "chalky". Sometimes, frozen shrimp can have a texture that is melty like chalk if water hits it, if that makes sense. There's no snap to them when you bite into one, it all sort of dissolves in your mouth.
  7. They ought to save the time and expense of these cards and just offer a discount to their customers......I have gotten no less than three $10 off coupons from HSN in the past month. Granted, I don't buy much from HSN, so they're trying to lure me in, but I haven't bought as much from QVC in the past year and a half, either. Even if you are someone who is still purchasing quite a bit from QVC, a thank you gift of a $10 off coupon - versus 22 easy pays or free shipping - would go a long way to say thank you!
  8. OMG! Yes! I always looked forward to it and, when I was younger, thought I had hit paydirt in the candy department when I opened this! Except for the Wint-O-Green, which I always gave to my dad. Ahhhh......sweet memories. No pun intended!
  9. Speaking of reps moving to the area, Scott Grimes of JAI recently moved from Florida and bought a farm in PA with a Circa 1804 farmhouse. He's posted several pictures on his Facebook page that I won't post here, since most of them have his kids in them, but it's really a beautiful property, very reminiscent of Kentucky to me!
  10. Exactly! It's what I would have done! But I guess since I'm not on tv with people I don't know watching me, I might have just played along like Sandra did, because I have more class in my pinky toe than Shawn does!
  11. If I were Sandra, I'd have replied "Sure, you can call me Sandy. Can I call you Shithead?" *Shawn, once upon a time, was called The Shittish of Skunkmore on these boards!
  12. Um, no, Shawn....I would NOT put this on "over my jammies" and head to the WaWa. Or walk my dog. I love how they are calling this thing an "investment" piece. Investment pieces, to me, are pieces made of finer materials that will last a long time. Not some over-priced, acrylic rug that I'm supposed to wear while taking my dog out to do his business!
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