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  1. If "producer credits" means she's benefiting (financially) from the show, then yes, I think it behooves her to make an appearance. Otherwise, it's her life!!!
  2. Navalny is the guy who compared Muslims to cochroaches ... nice!!!! Missy sure does pick who she chooses to champion well. (Gawd!!)
  3. Nowadays, Sherri's whole purpose in life is saying the right thing to ingratiate herself to those who will benefit her. She's a user & a taker, so I don't care what she has to say.
  4. Sherri Shepherd should mind her own business ... (just sayin')!!!
  5. Thanks for the info. I found it last night, but imagine my surprise when I couldn't f-f through the commercials!! The programs, yes!! I've ear-marked it to watch when I have an hour, so ...
  6. Actually, I'm liking her & the show a lot more since she "lost" the strange way of "tawking" & "the strangle effect". I found it very off-putting & wondered why she did it. Just watched a show I recorded last week & she's speaking normally (& rationally), so I'll tune in more often, if I like her guests.
  7. Am I the only one who is super careful about recording this show, but 50% of the time it doesn't record??? Bummer!!! (Every other show I set to record works fine.)
  8. If his dog's name was Trapper, he was found alive & well & has been adopted by friends.
  9. When will the show be "back"?
  10. Speaking of Ry-Ry, last week they were talking about him stepping in his dog's "accident" when he went to the bathroom at night. He cleaned the mess up with paper towels & put them in the toilet. His toilet got plugged!!! (I guess common sense ain't so common any more ... LOL.)
  11. Brooke is a lovely gal & would certainly get my vote!!!
  12. I accidentally tuned in & stuck around. Ali is so smart & funny!!! She is a dependable co-host who doesn't hog the limelight. Would love to see her full time, but I don't think George would like it!!
  13. Just what I wanted to hear -- Missy screaming "I'm sorry" fifty times for mispronouncing Whoopi's character's name on Star Trek(?). Gawd!!
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