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  1. Medicine Crow


    Yes, I agree. I thought she looked really rough ... maybe her baby is sick???
  2. Medicine Crow


    I think Nicolle & Brian work well together ... same sense of humour!!!
  3. Atta girl Whoopi, Moderator Extraordinaire, ask a question & when the guest starts to respond, ask another question (Mayor Pete). Gawd, I'm so fed up with her Mickey Mouse approach to her JOB (no offense to Mickey)!!!
  4. Brian Williams showed some of Nicolle's interviews, along with his "Joy to behold & a pleasure forever" interviews with James Carville & Michael Steele. Pure GOLD!!!
  5. That's what I thought, at first, but the more I focused, it looked like a scared dog with something in it's mouth. That just "my take". Maybe someone is familiar with the actual picture.
  6. Did anyone notice the picture (looked like a scared dog) behind Jennifer Palmieri today. Just wondering what it was!!???
  7. Have I mentioned how inept Whoopi is as a Moderator &, frankly, a normal, functioning adult. I missed the first five minutes ... was there any mention of Trump being associated with the outfit that manufacturers the drug he's been touting. (Jimmy Kimmel mentioned it last night!)
  8. Bummer!! I time my afternoon nap to be up for her show. I noticed the "beginning" of today's show seemed odd & she ended early. I'll have to change my schedule!!!
  9. Medicine Crow


    I can't get enough of Brian's "snide"!!! Go Brian!!!
  10. After reading that article, I know, as an animal-lover, I'd last maybe ten minutes watching what Missy thinks is must-see TV. Just reading the article describing the cruelty made my heart pound ... sickening!!!
  11. Whoopi's incompetence as Moderator is mind-numbing!!! Just sayin'.
  12. SO is now, & always has been, a Bitch Royale!! It's too bad Marie has to put up with her crap.
  13. I caught that exchange too & it was obvious SO had a bone to pick with Marie. How rude!!!
  14. I believe she used "nebulous" in the wrong context. Oh Missy!!! Also, when is Whoopi going to stop using the juvenile closer ... "Come back any time." I wish someone would say they'll just stay!!
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