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  1. Has anyone else noticed that Sheryl frequently slips into some kind of accent (that I can't understand)!!!???
  2. I missed the Grammy-winning singer that they advertised at the beginning of the show ... who was it?
  3. On a purely superficial note, Nancy's outfit was a knock-out & her pewter shoes were fabulous with the ensemble. Kudos to her stylist!!!
  4. I also luuuuved it when Marie told SO(bitch) to "bite me" ... PERFECT!!!
  5. When Marie said she couldn't wear "shape wear", SO(bitch) called her a liar THREE times (by indicating that her nose was growing). Good for Marie ... walking over & shoving her body in SO's face. Definitely an uncomfortable moment & eye daggers were going both ways. (I think SO is jealous of Marie ... just sayin'.)
  6. I'm hoping Brigitte is there because SO isn't!!!
  7. I haven't watched yet, so I'm surprised to hear that. Oh well ... not something new in Hollywood.
  8. I was on the James Hewitt bandwagon until my research indicated that dates of affair & Harry's birth didn't match up. So there's that ...
  9. Yvette Nicole Brown announced on Facebook that she'll be co-hosting on The View tomorrow!!! Love her, but I'm guessing Ana won't be there.
  10. She was also a fabulous dancer, so that would probably explain the "toned" arms.
  11. Poor Missy, she got over-talked by Sunny & looked to the Producer for help. Gawd!!
  12. I feel sorry for her too, but I kinda saw this coming when Linda sang at Sara's birthday party. I thought it was odd that the "theme" of the song was "Mama" (if I remember correctly). My impression was that Linda saw her more as a Mom than a wife. Just sayin'.
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