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  1. I totally get what you're saying, but I'm mildly interested in what those guys at Fox are saying ... mildly!!!
  2. Happy 4th of July to all our American posters!!!
  3. That drives me crazy too & I change the channel or skip forward til "that person" goes away.
  4. Oh, what a surprise!!! LOLOLOLOL.
  5. I haven't seen her on CNN either. I think she's been busy looking after her husband who had a bad fall that resulted in drastic knee surgery, plus I believe, she's taking the quarantine very seriously (Facebook).
  6. Tom is Whoopi's "Assistant" & his ideas are always the best. Ya right!!!
  7. Missy sat there looking like she'd been shot with a dart gun while Joy was discussing black & white sheep. I don't think the poor girl understood the conversation ... LOL.
  8. Hearing SO talk about the "little boy" afraid of the police was so insincere ... it's hard to gauge just how deep she'll go into BS to conjure up her (fake) concern!! (Leopard ... spots!!)
  9. Help you guys!!! I've been trying to think of a song with the lyrics "How will it end, how will I know ... if I should stay or go". That's all I can think of ... TIA!!!
  10. Today was a herky-jerky cluster ... enuf said!!!
  11. The parts I enjoyed the most ... Bill not interrupting his guests!!!!
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