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  1. 9:35 - So far, a ridiculous cluster-f**k, with Joy & Sara tap-dancing their hearts out!!!
  2. I'm liking the new hosts ... 2 guys/2 girls works for me. Everyone seems to gel nicely.
  3. It's "Bunchy" from Ray Donovan ... aka Dashiell Raymond Mihok. I agree with your assessment, but will give the show a little leeway because I love Stabler. We'll see ....
  4. Is anyone else watching this show??? The woman's name is Martha & her 12-yr.-old daughter is Ellie. If you can get past Martha's high-pitched nasally voice, their "characters" don't pass the smell test. LOLOL.
  5. I believe Amanda will do well. No one could discount her fabulous dance on Monday. As my Mom used to say: "He's as cute as a bug's ear!" ??? LOL.
  6. Of course she did!!! (The Whoopster has never made such easy money!!)
  7. Medicine Crow


    Nicolle looked gorgeous today ... hair & make-up ... perfect!!!
  8. Can't find MSNBC thread ... Nicolle looks gorgeous today!!! (She's on set & I guess hair & make-up part of the perks!!)
  9. Well folks, I come to you with a heavy heart!! I watched DWTS long enough to figure out when a "ringer" was cast, for whatever reason. It didn't happen every year, but it did occur often enough for this fan to "see it coming". Amanda did a fabulous dance last night & got high marks for it, but she can dance her heart out & I don't think she will win, no matter how many votes are cast in her favour. That's my opinion & I'm going to keep my mouth shut from here on in. Yes, I'll watch, but don't have high hopes. (I hope I'm wrong!!!)
  10. I don't know anything about 50, but he's always seemed like a weasel to me ... just sayin'!!!
  11. I truly wish she WAS Gone with the Wind ... LOL. Nothing but the best for "our" Amanda!!!
  12. Good show today! Amanda reminded us about DWTS so I checked out the "line-up". Couldn't find who she was dancing with, but did see Kenya Moore is on the show. (Don't like her AT ALL!!! Got a snoot-full of her on one of the HoWives shows that I used to watch.)
  13. Thanks. I watched the two pieces about Anderson & James Brolin on line. I'm not sure why my DVR didn't record???
  14. I didn't disagree with anything Carley had to say & found her quite charming (& sensible).
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