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  1. Dressing for the cold to shovel snow is a process. (He/She who's dressed, usually does the honours. Also walking the dog.) No one mentioned that hubby might have a disability!!??
  2. Jimmy did a very heart-felt tribute to Bob Saget tonight!!!
  3. Jimmy Kimmel did a lovely tribute to Bob on his show tonight ... my eyes were leaking!!!
  4. I just wish she'd learn to walk in high heels!! It's painful to watch her!!
  5. I had to Google "snatched" before I could agree with you ... LOL. Yes, Sheryl has really upped her game & is looking fly!!!
  6. What a giant waste of my time!!! It appears that Sunny seems determined to take exception to anything Ana says, IMHO.
  7. I was sorry that they didn't give Ana the opportunity to finish what she was saying!!!
  8. Do "we" have a schedule (that I can't find)?? HAPPY NEW YEAR one & all!!!
  9. Medicine Crow


    ... not to mention a tribute to Betty White!! What a grand old soul!!!
  10. No doubt they'll be fitting in a tribute to Betty White ... what a wonderful soul!!!!
  11. Re Rachel DelTondo(sp) Why do I feel "ripped off" every time I watch a 48 Hours "Mystery"?
  12. Medicine Crow


    I think the problem here is that Nicolle is "as blind as a bat" (her words) without her glasses & she's too proud to wear them as much as she needs to. The result is that every time she pulls them off/puts them on, her hair gets pulled into her face & she gets bugged by that. Just sayin'!!!
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