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S39.E08: We Made it to the Merge!

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Castaways enjoy a merge feast before individual immunity is on the line.

original airdate 11/12/19

Sorry.  The episode title totally spoiled the merge.  😕  I didn't even want to post it. 

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You got voted out with TWO idols is your pocket!

You have made the Pantheon of Survivor Stupid, but still not stupid enough to beat Eric.

Ivy League graduates are seriously overrated.

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This season is wild. I swear I change who I’m rooting for every 5 minutes.

I feel really bad for Janet. I do not feel really bad for Kellee. Congratulations on your 2 souvenirs. Somewhere, James is sooooooo happy right now!

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Best episode of Survivor in many, many seasons and one people will be discussing for a very long time. I was riveted. I even ended up crying during TC which NEVER HAPPENS. 

It was such a roller coaster but in the end very satisfying, although I was sad to see Jamal go. 

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1 minute ago, Eolivet said:

I would take a Edge of Extinction winner who was voted out fourth every year over what happened tonight.

Dan. Should. Have. Been. Removed. From. The. Game. PERIOD. End of Story.

This is ALL on the producers' heads.


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2 minutes ago, Eolivet said:

I would take a Edge of Extinction winner who was voted out fourth every year over what happened tonight.

Dan. Should. Have. Been. Removed. From. The. Game. PERIOD. End of Story.

This is ALL on the producers' heads.

I was just thinking, last season suddenly isn't looking so bad.  I was really enjoying this season, too.

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That was so deeply uncomfortable. I don't know if I've ever felt so uneasy watching this show. I'm not sure how I feel with everything that went down, especially between Missy, Elizabeth, and Janet. Still processing.

I do think Kellee got too smug and started to over play and strategize. I never dreamed Dean would outlast her and even vote her out right after she saved him.

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2 minutes ago, Haleth said:

I think I hate all these people. And I hate how every episode has become A Very Special Episode. 

I am a female who worked in the late 70s and experienced male harassment constantly from an older boss, and this episode still had me gagging into my shoes from all the pandering.   Bye Jamal, and your PC lecturing too.

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5 minutes ago, Ms Blue Jay said:

Thanks LadyChatts, for saying everything.  Especially your first paragraph.  I always declare this my favourite show, but goddamn.  This was all the worst possible outcome.

Dean is scum.  Elizabeth is scum.  And Dan, calling it the -- what did he call it?  Craziest accusation that humanity has ever endured, or some shit?  Holy shit.

I'm so glad Jamal got to redeem himself tonight.  His comments were great.  And Jeff saying "No I will not let this go" to Dan.  Fucking Dan.  Ugh.  

The scene where Kellee says don't touch my hair and Dan makes up 54 reasons why he should?  I am so beyond disgusted.   Just so nasty.  Just so ugh.

I actually forgot one, but at the end, when Jamal was voted out, Lauren turned her back to Janet and grabbed Missy's hand.  Way not to make the woman who just said she felt alone feel alone Lauren.  

I also loved Jeff saying he'd be there until day 39 if he had to..  Sometimes he comes through and surprises. 

And I loved the look Kellee and Jack gave when Aaron openly said who voted Kellee off the last episode.  Chelsea was right, there's too much big move-itis this season.   

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Just now, LadyChatts said:

I haven’t had a rage induced feeling this season so far, but better late than never.  I’ll start with the minor: Aaron is no longer good looking to me, especially with the eye rolls during the 2nd TC.  

I thought the producers handled the Dan situation very well, but it all went south during the second hour.  Missy and Elizabeth are a joke.  I lost respect for them tonight.  It disgusts me when they keep saying they separating an extremely serious issue with the game. 

I don't know what I would have said if I were there when Aaron made the "They didn't tell the guys" comment.  That crap is exactly why women don't tell, it's never oh I'm sorry that happened what can we do it's...are you sure, did you misunderstand, maybe it wasn't meant that way and (my favorite) what were you wearing.  I feel sorry for Kellee, at least the others had a chance to talk it out, she had to sit and listen at tribal and couldn't interject anything.  And Missy was bad but Elizabeth was worse having straight out said she'd use this to her advantage and down play or escalate depending on what would help her.  

So before the boards blow up - They should have gotten rid of Aaron before the merge, they're just now figuring out he's going to be a challenge monster but the harassment issue meant nobody discussed (that we saw) how he's gone 2 for 2 now and that's going to be a problem.  And what happened with Dean and the fake advantage?  They never said what Jamal wrote on the paper, when Dean was supposed to "use" it or how it would trick him or ruin his game other than the obvious it'll put a target on him with the tribe which didn't seem to go anywhere anyway.

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7 minutes ago, truthaboutluv said:

Okay, before this thread gets messy as I’m sure it will as I expect this episode to create A LOT of dialogue online, I’ll focus on the actual game part first. Blindsided with two idols. Congratulations Kellee. And that ladies and gentleman is the definition of over thinking yourself right out of the game. How’d that plan to blindside loyal Jack and save Dean, work out for you Kelly?

Not only did Dean sit back and let her drown, he helped shove her down by writing her name. And again, who the hell, when you’re not 100% comfortable, doesn’t play an idol when they have two. Again, you know who, someone overthinking and playing two or three tribals ahead, without remembering that you have to get past said tribal council to get to the next one.

Btw, I also loved when nutty Noura blows up her spot bare minutes after the tribal council and says that it was Kellee’s idea to go for Jack. I especially cracked up when Jamal immediately figured out that Kellee was trying to play a low key sneaky game, except she tried to pull it off with someone as nutty and unpredictable as Noura.

I can’t stand Tommy and Lauren. Tommy was only pressed because Kellee and Janet weren’t going to do what HE wants and so obviously that must mean they should go side with the group of people that already showed them that they’re NOT loyal to any alliance with them, when they booted Jason. But sure, allow them to get the numbers because they’re really going to be top dog in that group. Whatever. And sure enough, they’re picking them off one by one. Awesome.

And now my only contribution to what is sure to be a heated discussion is simply this – FUCK YOU Missy and Elizabeth for using something so serious as “game play”. Because you know women don’t have enough of a problem being believed. I have never been more disgusted as a woman watching this show and there have been plenty of people I’ve really disliked. Especially you Elizabeth. Happily discussing playing up stories about inappropriate touching if it gets you numbers. Wow, just wow.

FUCK YOU Aaron, you arrogant, condescending, obnoxious dick. And FUCK YOU Dan for being a creepy, handsy pervert. Because that speech was complete bullshit since Dan’s full of shit to pretend he was completely unaware of how he was coming across, since Kellee had a conversation about his behavior in the first few days of the game. He fucking knew and he kept doing it. I liked that the producers showed the clips to back up everything Kellee said, making it clear how she would let him know she didn’t like him touching her and he kept doing it. And fuck out of here with that I have a wife and two sons. And?

I'm a guy and I agree with all of this.  Disgusting behavior all around.  Lots of men are pigs and too many women enable the pigs.

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I really hope Aaron is not going to go on an immunity run.  Also, one other silver lining tonight, but I loved the moment on the beach when Jamal and Noura were strategizing.  She got so excited, and he gave her a smile.  

I felt for him when he went to IOTI and got nothing. 

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This might be kind of foreign territory to the castaways, because Survivor has never really covered moments like they have this season.  I don't know what's gone on behind the scenes, but it's certainly never made it to the forefront like it has this season.  So I wonder, if knowing how this would be broadcast, if anyone would have done things differently.

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I just know what to think. That was such an intense 2 hours. Really liked Kellee. Warmed up to Jamal at the end. 

Dan is a creep.

Elizabeth - don’t know what to think of her. I was cheering for her but now.. I just don’t know. 

Poor Janet. Will she stay or will she quit???

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6 minutes ago, ByaNose said:

Missy has dropped a few pegs in my book. She was being built to be a great heroine but now the real world came into the game & she lied. Not a good look.

Lol a great heroine? When she was being an arrogant ass and plain unlikeable the week she blindsided Chelsea and the week after?

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6 minutes ago, Maggie Mae said:

I can't even with this episode!! Missy and Elizabeth are awful! What liars as well. We all saw them complaining about Dan...and we saw Dan being creepy...and we saw Kelley have a 2 hour convo with Missy about Dan's creepiness! These 2 make women coming forward more difficult. Janet you rock. Aaron, shut the fuck up. Jamal, you can be awesome and a jerk but I wished you'd stayed. Noura, you be you. Lauren, you are right behind Missy and Elizabeth in my disgust. Go Janet, take this thing!!!

Yes and then we saw Lauren come up to Missy and say that everyone is voting for you tonight including Kellee who you just had this two hour conversation with (which was true at the point). I mean no one came out looking good tonight except for Janet.

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12 minutes ago, tvfanatic13 said:

Being that Tommy is a local, I know I should be routing for him but he just rubs me the wrong way

I'm stuck with local Jersey boy Dean  😞 

It's not like Long Island or New Jersey have a shortage of assholes.

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I’m not home and I am not able to watch. Not sure if I’m looking forward to it or dreading it. I haven’t heard any mention of Elaine tonight. I’m guessing she didn’t piss anyone off too badly?

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