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  1. weightyghost

    S15.E07: Week 7: Latvia

    Being jealous in this situation is normal. I literally said in the sentence before that this wasn't normal dating.
  2. weightyghost

    S15.E07: Week 7: Latvia

    But that's not what happened. Hannah went on a date with someone she is dating and went bungee jumping with him. Period. She didn't go on a date while she was married. She is dating. That is the show. None of this is 'normal dating'. The guys can be jealous all they want - whether it's the naked bungee, the straddling make outs, whatever. That is normal and fine. But Luke clearly had the issue with her being naked with another man because she was supposed to be his and being naked is only for marriage and she should respect the fact that he decided she is his now. That is his issue.
  3. weightyghost

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    "ABSOLUTELY not." I love peace and love people who know when a game is a game.
  4. weightyghost

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    Hester... makes a version of the same jacket she wore when she was designing it... what are the judges smoking when it comes to her. I don't get why the one judge was harping on Tessa's design ~telling a woman what her body should look like when she literally traced the model's body. It was definitely a way to force her into telling her story and it's just annoyingly obvious.
  5. weightyghost

    S31.E04: I Took Out a Polar Bear

    Only two people in the world can make me root for Rachel to get to the mat faster. Congrats Corinne and Eliza. God help the people in your lives that put up with you.
  6. Re: Peter, I think ever since he said he didn't want to be Bachelor and the response by TPTB was all WELL WE WOULD NEVER ASK YOU, he's probably on their shit list. Also, Rachel's had a bad reaction to people sympathizing with him over her, so given she's in the Bachelor family moreso, the show has probably some unwritten agreement to pretend he doesn't exist
  7. weightyghost

    S31.E02: Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    Nicole doesn't even seem to like Hayden, their dynamic is so strange to me Peace out, Rupert 'strongest survivor ever' Funny, young me had such a crush on Colin despite his anger issues. Now old me sees all the red flags but also does not care for the zen version. But hey, it works for the two of them and they do seem sweet together.
  8. weightyghost

    S05.E14: Life Is a Cabaret

    For some reason, I wouldn't be surprised if next season we found out that Alexis never got on the plane... there was something very off to me about how she said bye to Ted. But maybe that's me reading into it because everything has been screaming out that she didn't want to go. Otherwise, a cute finale. I teared up with Stevie hitting her big moment. I also felt her entirely with her 'everyone is living their life around me' mentality as I am going through something very similar. I need a crazy Moira pep talk.
  9. weightyghost

    Bob's Burgers

    Sweet potato fries, when made right (and with a good garlic aoli) are amazing. When made wrong, they're terrible. While normal fries, even wrong they're still pretty good (except crinkle fries can GTFO)
  10. weightyghost

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    I don't understand (well i know why) they made such a big deal out of Afa's model being cold and Hester's model was wearing just as little. I hate when in unconventional challenges they give them some sort of fabric (whether it's sleeping bags, tarps, seat belts, etc) and then... complain about them using those products.
  11. weightyghost

    S05.E12: The Roast

    So she was ELEVEN? I mean, living the dream of my younger self, but still. Also, texting in 1999? I didn't have a cellphone until 2005 but man was she ahead of the time.
  12. weightyghost

    S05.E12: The Roast

    That sort of threw me because as a previous Josh Hartnett stan during the Pearl Harbor years... how old is Alexis? I always pinned her around my age, perhaps a couple years older and I would have been like, 12 when that movie was filming (it came out in 2001 so would have filmed 1999ish). If she was of age, that would put her at 37/38 now.
  13. weightyghost

    Will & Grace

    It was Chelsea Handler
  14. weightyghost

    S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    The acting in the first episode, outside of Jon and Alexa, has me nervous for my enjoyment of the rest of the season. There's something very off and... annoying...about the blonde girl and the 'baddies' (outside of the main guy who I have seen in other things before). Which is strange since most of the time the acting in Marvel Netflix shows is pretty solid. I'm hoping it's first episode jitters because otherwise I'm in for a long 13 episodes.
  15. weightyghost

    Christmas Movies

    The Christmas movie that I have to watch every year would be Grinch - both cartoon and Jim Carrey. Others I'll watch if I come across them or if I'm in the mood, but some have lost appeal over the years. But Grinch always makes my heart grow three sizes. Funnily enough, I was reading back through this thread and found that I had commented the exact same thing four years ago...