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  1. weightyghost

    S05.E14: Life Is a Cabaret

    For some reason, I wouldn't be surprised if next season we found out that Alexis never got on the plane... there was something very off to me about how she said bye to Ted. But maybe that's me reading into it because everything has been screaming out that she didn't want to go. Otherwise, a cute finale. I teared up with Stevie hitting her big moment. I also felt her entirely with her 'everyone is living their life around me' mentality as I am going through something very similar. I need a crazy Moira pep talk.
  2. weightyghost

    S09.E19: Long Time Listener, First Time Bob

    Sweet potato fries, when made right (and with a good garlic aoli) are amazing. When made wrong, they're terrible. While normal fries, even wrong they're still pretty good (except crinkle fries can GTFO)
  3. weightyghost

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    I don't understand (well i know why) they made such a big deal out of Afa's model being cold and Hester's model was wearing just as little. I hate when in unconventional challenges they give them some sort of fabric (whether it's sleeping bags, tarps, seat belts, etc) and then... complain about them using those products.
  4. weightyghost

    S05.E12: The Roast

    So she was ELEVEN? I mean, living the dream of my younger self, but still. Also, texting in 1999? I didn't have a cellphone until 2005 but man was she ahead of the time.
  5. weightyghost

    S05.E12: The Roast

    That sort of threw me because as a previous Josh Hartnett stan during the Pearl Harbor years... how old is Alexis? I always pinned her around my age, perhaps a couple years older and I would have been like, 12 when that movie was filming (it came out in 2001 so would have filmed 1999ish). If she was of age, that would put her at 37/38 now.
  6. weightyghost

    Will & Grace

    It was Chelsea Handler
  7. weightyghost

    S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    The acting in the first episode, outside of Jon and Alexa, has me nervous for my enjoyment of the rest of the season. There's something very off and... annoying...about the blonde girl and the 'baddies' (outside of the main guy who I have seen in other things before). Which is strange since most of the time the acting in Marvel Netflix shows is pretty solid. I'm hoping it's first episode jitters because otherwise I'm in for a long 13 episodes.
  8. weightyghost

    Christmas Movies

    The Christmas movie that I have to watch every year would be Grinch - both cartoon and Jim Carrey. Others I'll watch if I come across them or if I'm in the mood, but some have lost appeal over the years. But Grinch always makes my heart grow three sizes. Funnily enough, I was reading back through this thread and found that I had commented the exact same thing four years ago...
  9. weightyghost

    S03.E04: Blindsided

    I read that it was 11 min long so it must clock in at the longest. I personally was impressed with the things that Charlie Cox did do in the scene that I can overlook the times where it was just the back of his head so his double could be the one slammed against the wall.
  10. weightyghost

    S01.E10: Romans

    I hate showrunners that do this because... it's their job. Their sole job is to tell a story. If I wanted to decide, I would write the story myself. It's also not an insignificant plot point. It's one thing to leave smaller things up to the imagination but the whole storyline was about who this Kid was. And they were just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you figure it out.
  11. weightyghost

    S05.E07: Week 4: Part 2

    I was just in Quebec and everyone I ran into that was willing to speak English to me (many either didn't speak English or didn't want to bother) spoke it French-accented. It's not the same as a France-French accent, but its vastly different than the accents from Ontario/New Brunswick (the other neighbouring provinces).
  12. weightyghost

    S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

    To me, Kendall wasn't upset that Leo kissed Chelsea. It was that everyone knew but her or rather Leo didn't think it was worthwhile mentioning. I'm sure if he approached to her and said like, I'm open to pursuing something else with someone else, so keep doing what you're doing with Joe, she can't really be mad at that (though she was talking about how since there are limited days left, she wanted to figure it out sooner). Yes, everyone is kissing everyone but Colton and Chris knew about each other, Jordan and Benoit knew about each other, Jubilee and Caroline knew about each other. Leo and Joe knew about each other. Everyone at least gives that respect. Also I mean, it was like 30 min after they got back from their date so that is also weird, but nonetheless. Leo is a manipulative jackass and at least its good to see this season the women calling men out (Tia with Chris) on that. Like, they think they can convince them of something that didn't happen? These men are crazy.
  13. Which doesn't make him innocent of what Chloe said he did. She mentioned in her post it was something she had to get off her chest and express. There was no intention of getting him fired or arrested. It was something that was weighing on her for years and wanted to express in order to prevent similar things from happening to other people. That is her right with her own experiences. She owes no one anything. She doesn't care if he keeps his job or not so why bother going through his work investigation. I am not saying with 100% that the accusations are true. However, it is inhumane to write it off just because it doesn't fit in the nice box of "he held me down and forced himself on me" rape or "he punched me every night" abuse. We're living in 2018. We can do better than that. This is so categorical untrue and a very dangerous belief to have and again why people never come forward. It has been proven that less than 5% of rape accusations are untrue. I'll take the 5% if that means the 95% are comfortable coming forward.
  14. It's one thing to work for a bad boss, it's a whole other to work for a sexual/emotional abuser. Let us not mistake an internal investigation in a work place with an actual criminal investigation. Just because they hired him back does not mean he's not guilty - it means the show won't get sued to having him there and they're willing to continue with him until an actual criminal investigation takes place. Everything that has been thrown at Chloe in the last few months is exactly why women don't bother coming forward. Men continue in their jobs, women get called liars, golddiggers, attention whores. Before people start to question why she cheated, why she didn't leave, why she asked to get back together, I encourage people to actually do research into abusive relationships. Regardless of that, Talking Dead shouldn't even exist as a show anymore - I was an avid watcher in the early years when there were things to discuss and speculate on. But when people on the couch are just there to sing praises and make excuses for the terrible writing of the show, it's beyond its expiration date.
  15. weightyghost

    In The Media: Schitt Hits The Fans

    In Canada, it's on the CBC website to stream. I know season 3 was added in like, December to Canadian Netflix. If you're elsewhere, it might end up on Netflix earlier than that or you could check Pop since that's the channel it aired on in the US.