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  1. What I didnt understand about the religious bride was that she was so set on being a ~whatever designer bride but never clued into the fact that said designer's dresses were all low cut, cut outs, over the top when she wanted something covered up? And she was surprised she didn't like any of them? I despise the current off the shoulder trend in all clothing. I hated cold shoulder and now off the shoulder.
  2. Anon submissions to a gossip site from people who supposedly dated him in the last 5 years or something. They've been circling the internet since the show started. So yeah... not reliable. Do I 100% disbelieve it? Not necessarily.
  3. and the fact that, didn't they say it was the first black designer that they carried? EVER?! In 2021? You don't get applause for that Kleinfelds
  4. Agreed, I would love to exclusively have the UK version. To go from Randy pointing out ~bumps and lumps to Gok calling the friend/sister crazy for bumps that weren't(or even if they were) there. For them to not act like having larger breasts was the end of the world. To be happy with a $2000 budget (even if that was pounds, less than $4000 CAD/$3000 USD). I like how he alters dresses on the spot so they know what it will look like. It's just pleasant.
  5. This movie seemed allergic to having more than one speaking woman in a scene, unless of course it was the nameless ones taking care of the soldiers. And they all died, except for the wife character of course. Chris Pratt only knows how to be Chris Pratt, eh? His snarky comments/jokes were so out of place. If blowing up the ship ultimately worked, why not just do that from the start? Oh right, still had a few more characters to kill off and daddy issues to resolve. I'm glad Richard Splet is getting work though.
  6. Mine ends 3 weeks prior to the show premiering and I'm not happy about it (and will not be paying for Apple for six months when this is the only thing I really enjoy on it).
  7. Did Peter murder her dog or something? It's so strange how caught up on him she still is when, unlike most final 2-3 contestants on a popular season, he completely disappeared from the Bachelor realm and is back living his normal life in his old hometown.
  8. I really can't get behind Masterchef US. In comparison to the Canada/Australia versions, and to other cooking shows, it's just so unnecessarily mean. Did Joe need to turn around and say "that was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted" after the chef left? Did they need to air it? These are home chefs. It is an audition round. Chill out asshole.
  9. weightyghost


    I also missed the fact that it was funded by the kids themselves. Ridiculous. I was expecting from the previews, and also honestly throughout the series, that it was supposed to be some sort of Hunger Games type deal where there was some random rich old guy who was funding it and taking pleasure in watching kids torture themselves for some money, especially with all the talk of the 'judges'. How is it fair that the judges are classmates with agendas?
  10. weightyghost


    Finished today. I thought it was fine - entertaining enough, happy where it all ended up. There were a few questions I had throughout, like how does a small town that had a tradition of this game for however long not have a single cop on the police force young enough to know exactly what is going on? It's not like the game just popped up 3 years ago (maybe it did but it's also terribly convoluted for it to only be 3 years old) Also, spoiler/question for around ep 4/5 or so: and spoiler for the last two episodes
  11. I didn't take it that way. I think he was super excited (and was happy when he first saw her) but seeing her face(her bruised face), realizing she is clearly torturing mind, holding herself back, been raped and beaten and destroyed... his face only dropped when her face dropped. He didn't know how she would react to his touch. As much as it would have been nice to have some huge, theatric reunion - these are two people who haven't seen each other in 5+ years one of which has been raped the entire time. If it was my spouse, I would want to make sure they were okay with my touch before I jumped
  12. As someone from northern Ontario, they absolutely did not leave from Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay is on the northwestern shore of Lake Superior. They would have to boat through the entire length of Lake Michigan, into Lake Huron, cut through where Manitoulin Island is from the province (which is like a four hour drive from Toronto), then into Lake Superior and travel the entire length of Superior just to get to Thunder Bay. To then hop on a 2 hour flight back to Toronto. As a user above stated, they must have hopped off at Sault or they left closer to Toronto... either way, as someone from t
  13. We know of at least one - the father of that one little girl they focused on when the plane of kids got out (though who knows where her mother is). This episode bored me like no other. We did need Moira and her girlfriend, and Moira and June to have the same conversation over and over and over again for 45 minutes. Also as someone who watched it on TV, this episode was short because the "previously on" section went until 9:05, it was insane how many clips they showed before the actual episode.
  14. "She added, "Rachael is the real victim here."" That's all you need to know about the angle of that article.
  15. I just don't understand. She undercooked her steak in a steak challenge. I don't even eat red meat, never cooked it, and I could tell by looking at it that it was still raw on the inside. She was shocked still after looking at it cut that it was leaning raw.
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