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  1. It's an interesting conundrum (if any Duggar is watching this board; I know you don't recognize big words like this but it's safe to look it up it's not a bad word)....anyway for Jessa who seems high on the craving media attention scale she has to be 50/50 on it - part of her wants to show off the perfect I can give birth at home, it's all: I am doing what women are designed to do, all that hospital and doctor fuss is for people who don't trust god to see them thru. Then there's the other part: I am worthy of being on TV, I bring in the ratings, people can't wait to see what I'm up to and wow, look, a dramatic emergency during birth that you can advertise and replay and cut to commercial at a cliffhanger moment won't that have people watching in droves this show just can't do without me. Her need to prove her birth plans are the only right way must smack right against her need to be seen. I bet she did hate the problems in Spurgies delivery but I'd be just as willing to bet she saw ALL of the monetary potential in that dramatic little story. And honestly I don't think it matters either way - if she went to the hospital with Ivy, if she was told she's at a bleeding risk and she gets pregnant again down the line she'll go for that home birth yet again no matter what. I think that's the only thing that makes Jill different and with her we'll never really, really know but I have no doubt something big happened with Sam, something completely out of their control and they were told no more if you want the Mother to live (now whether that means they use a rhythm and cycle method, actual BC, Derrick got snipped or, worst case scenario the complications meant a hysterectomy for Jill...that we'll definitely never know). We seem to believe Jill can't have more kids, Jessa can but she will insist to the ends of the earth on doing it her way on her terms and physician advice be damned. As for Ben and his schooling - I remember an episode when Jinger & Jer were moving into the apartment and Jessa and Ben came to help them. Ben actually brought books with him and at one point was standing in the corner studying while the others were decorating. There was more than one moment where he was caught with a look of annoyance on his face as though he really did want to concentrate on learning and the show, the decorating and the trip itself were in the way. He seemed so committed then I had high hopes for what that would mean in the future but it all seems to have fallen apart or at least they're not talking about it anymore. Either he washed out or he changed to a "secular" study and they don't want to admit he might end up with a normal everyday non-godly blue collar job in the end.
  2. sigmaforce86

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    I loved your list I just pared it down for space purposes to say - Sandra, please no not Sandra she's a multiple chances player and I can't stand her. It's bad enough she's back as a mentor in S39, the idea of having her on the show again as an actual player...just, no , please. Todd on the other hand, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him mostly because I was rooting for him to get better and get his life straightened out. I can't find any recent info or stories on-line to say how he's doing, if he's sober, how long it's been. So I'm on the fence on that, I like the guy and if he is truly, truly better and has been for a period of time (years not months) I'd love to see him try. But if there's any doubt at all on his side or the show's I'd rather he stay away or the keep him away then see him do something that might harm him more. I'll throw Richard Hatch under the bus too, he can stay away. Although with his legal troubles and his time on All Stars maybe the show won't want him and with his all around arrogant, sour, nasty attitude I imagine he'd have a huge first vote target on his back. As for an "all winners" season; it's an interesting idea, but honestly what I've always wanted them to do was an "almost winners" season, all the people who came in second either by final tribal when they only had two left to vote for or by votes in final tribal when they went to a three finalist format. They could throw in a few third place people if they had to pad the cast but I think they could get enough participants and I think it would have been more interesting with a group of people who bond over the experience of "almost made it".
  3. sigmaforce86


    Oh for Pete's sake! There's a Season Two!?! I should research my shows more, I really thought this was a limited series, a "one and done" deal. I thought it was a little better this week but I use "little" in the loosest sense. Really something needs to happen, something that's not angsty talk about college loans and "I'm not bad I save the deserving children". But I figured I'd stick it out to see if it picked up and if it didn't well then at least I'd see how it the story wrapped up. But no wrap up and a Season 2? If that's the case they really, really need to step up their game (IMHO at least)
  4. sigmaforce86


    I thought Anna was a bit more bad ass this episode, she's no criminal genius but she doesn't shy away from getting tough either, the whole "break his neck" thing with "how many minutes" was good. She might be hitting a good combination of tough when she has to be but doesn't mean she has to enjoy it so you see the vulnerable moments and hesitations along with the orders to harm. Justine Epp is totally playing Tina. I think Tina sees it now or is at least suspicious because it seems like Justina overplayed her hand a bit with the questions this week. I'm looking forward to how this plays out especially a moment that was in the previews for the season; hasn't aired yet so I'll spoiler tag it but .... Is it wrong that despite her mistakes and the fact that, as @Dowel Jones said Anna is no Corleone and, most important, technically she's a criminal and the "bad guy" I'm somehow rooting for Anna even more than I'm rooting for Noah and Able to take the cartel down? I'd say it's getting more interesting than what I thought when watching the first two episodes but I still can't help but feel like this is a rehash of S1 with different cop characters instead of a totally new story. Right down to the "there must be a mole in the PD" hints. I think if it were a longer season I'd be more tempted to bail but with 3 episodes to go I do want to see how it plays out. Also am I missing Alyson Hannigan or are the credits off because she's listed for every single episode and I would swear she hasn't been in one yet?
  5. sigmaforce86

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Wonder if Jinger saw the disturbing FB post (now deleted only b/c the poster started getting tons of friend requests from it) where a baby suffocated while Mom took a shower because the baby was wearing one of those huge headbands and pulled it down over her face. Honestly I think that's a rare thing to happen but I can see where it would be a risk; to me those big bow headbands look silly anyway but if you just have to have them I think best bet is take them off the kid when nobody is around. After all it's to make the baby look "cute" or "girly", if nobodies there to see her who cares if the headband is on or not, I'd go with better safe than sorry. Also been wondering if Jinger subscribes to the advice that you shouldn't get our hair colored while pregnant? I think that's considered out dated now but it did make me think maybe she also did her hair to head off any "when's the next blessing" questions. I'm pretty sure she and Jer will space things out since they're the only ones to wait a decent amount of time between wedding and first baby. But I'm also sure with Felicity going on a year old now she gets her share of questions from family and friends who pop them out like clockwork.
  6. sigmaforce86

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Dalmatians are hard to train and own because they're smart. It sounds backwards but "dumb" dogs are actually easier because they'll just follow our commands, very smart breeds can be smart enough to resist or find loopholes. Once trained they can be really great at what they do but you have to be more stubborn than they are. Dalmatians fall into this category. Even so if I hit the mat and saw those puppies I'd immediately ignore Phil and my arrival position in the race to flop down on the ground and play with them! Line cut gate: Love them or hate them Team Fun didn't cut, with no clear "wait here" or "form one line" signs and no ropes or guides they did what normal people do, saw two agents and got in line behind one of them. Nicole can CLAIM they're next if that agent is free before the other but that doesn't make it so anymore than it would work at my local store. What I don't understand is why Nicole and Victor then thought that wandering away to another agent was better and faster than waiting the five minutes or less it would have taken for Becca and Floyd to buy their tickets. That it worked in their favor in the end was more luck than anything else because it really wasn't the smartest decision or fastest way to get the tickets. Team Bromance was doomed - they could have maybe done it with one switch to the poem, they could have possibly pulled an upset with the second switch back to the treasure hunt. By the time they were thinking of switching to the poem yet again I wonder why they didn't just say screw it we'll take the penalty, they had to know how far behind they were by then. I really thought Phil was going to have to go to the soldier counting task and give them a mercy elimination there. Took me awhile to realize everyone's swimwear matched and the teams must have been given bathing suits, it just wasn't shown. Anyone know what they were blurring out on Becca? Couldn't tell if her suit was just baggy in the back and it was a butt crack blur or if they were trying to hide a tattoo.
  7. sigmaforce86


    Episode 1 didn't grab me and I wondered if they lost their way but the second episode was better and set up some interesting ways paths could cross. I thought Christopher Heyerdahl/Augustus was just being set up as a possible love interest for Anna but rolling his business into the drug smuggling was a good twist and I want to see where that goes. I'm suspicious of his "church" though, there was something just a little off about them and how they greeted Anna and Tina. Something more to them or red herring? Then there's Noah and Abel and how the furniture company factors in to all of this. And will Isaac allow himself to be made into a gangster and how far can they push him. nd And for network TV they pushed the nudity boundaries; I'm sure he had some coverage for him on set but Dylan Everett still had to feel pretty vulnerable and he did a great job. The only thing I find weird is even though they were going for the obvious joke when people kept thinking that Noah and Able were a "couple" I wonder how Noah has been away for a year traveling all over but is still either ignorant of or slow on the uptake about things like gay partners, James Bond etc. He obviously kept to his religion but he hasn't been living in a Mennonite cave either, he should have at least a passing knowledge of the basics of the "English" world.
  8. I do feel sad about Mary - she was just on the side most of the time, she didn't chase fame like her son, daughter in law and, by extension, their kids did (and are) and she seemed like a nice lady. I think it's sweet she was able to hold Ivy and they have that picture - but I love generation pictures like that anyway. Interesting they said she had 21 Grandchildren which would be JB's 19 plus Amy to make 20; I don't think there are any others so they have to be counting Jubilee or Caleb but not both. But then they only state 13 Great Grandchildren so they aren't counting Lauren & Sia's miscarriage either. Only counting one of the two babies Michelle lost is weird. Not counting Lauren's must just burn her biscuits (only because I think she's a drama queen anyway and would bet any other daughter or DIL wouldn't care as much). And how interesting that Joy & Grandma watched Price Is Right, never thought they'd allow Joy to watch much TV or that she'd be hanging out next to Grandma watching a game show. But I really love the mental picture of it! Still Grandma's are special so RIP Mary. Edited to add: And please Jim Bob.............. let Grandma Mary actually rest in peace now. I know it makes good drama for TV but don't film her funeral and all the kids mourning her just so you can have a "Very Special Episode"
  9. sigmaforce86

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    IDK I think I like it. I've never been a fan of the dyed blond hair with dark eyebrows look but there are thousands of women out there who style that way so that part isn't weird. I don't think the blond looks too light for her at least not in the pictures I saw maybe because it's not solid and you can clearly see the highlights and darker areas. I'm not sure she can call it a Balayage, it doesn't look dark enough at the roots which I think is the point of that sort of coloring technique (but don't quote me on that I'm not nearly up on the current trends enough to be sure, only going by what I read since I had to look it up). I would have been really impressed if she colored it and when we clicked on the picture we also saw she took six or more inches off. She's already happily wearing skinny jeans, buying a home with a mortgage, moving to Cali, add short hair to the mix and we really might see JB's head explode from the loss of control. I'll give Jinger this though - coloring your hair is really common for teens as they start to express themselves which Jinger didn't get to do much. Little changes but nothing radical certainly nothing that could be termed true self expression. If she wants to try that now even if she's hit and miss on the color choice then more power to her.
  10. sigmaforce86

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    That's what I was waiting for too....... the Rachel/Elissa you're team number (not last) HOWEVER (Penalty!) - It was hard to tell but almost certain they didn't wait until they reached that flag before the other one was raking. I wonder though if the Amazing Observers let them do that for just a short time then told them the raker has to stay back for safety purposes? Good for Christie for not sharing that clue - guess it never hurts to ask but there's no way they could or should have expected a yes. Loved Colin acting like a big brother to Becca on the mat; and that's how you handle an animal without going nuclear. I think the last of my skepticism has drained away about whether "new" Colin is real or an act. The u-turn vote goes against all reasons we like to say raaaace. That Amazing Producers really need to find twists that keep the spirit of thee game more intact. Ironically though it played right into Rachel and Elissa's strategy which came back to bite them. They had no reason to play nasty, stir up trouble or pit teams against each other (or against them) basically do anything that treats this game like Big Brother or Survivor; but they did and they burned bridges doing it even if it was something like Chris and Brett's case where it was just ignore them while you plot with others (and calling them the stupid team even if only to the camera was a jerk move too) ......well, surprise, some teams didn't forget that and out you go. I don't doubt if it were a regular u-turn the teams chosen would have been different. Also the vote took away the option from teams who choose not to u-turn at all; I wonder what would have happened if Phil said teams could abstain?
  11. sigmaforce86

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    That's where the huge difference comes in - if any of our floors looked like that immediately after the kids ate it would be fine and I'd place no blame or judgement on myself or anyone else for it, some days they get more on the floor, tray and themselves then they manage to actually eat. If the floor looks like that hours or (gulp) days after eating and it's obvious there are multiple meals down there; then there's a problem and yes I am judging your housekeeping skills and general cleanliness (bug city!). Only other time I can see giving a pass is if there's some sort of sickness going through the whole house, it's hard to keep up then and you try but if a good thorough sweeping doesn't get done it's understandable. It's like Jessa and her diaper mound - if you have a dirty diaper laying there for awhile because you're wrestling the kid into PJ's, grabbing a bottle, consoling the other kid who's crying we get it that's just the Mom multitasking dance. If you still have that dirty diaper plus ten others laying around for the whole day or longer instead of going into the garbage we have to wonder about your housekeeping skills.
  12. sigmaforce86

    Escaping Polygamy

    Whistleblower was on last night - what I thought was interesting was how it meshed with what we've seen on Escaping Polygamy. I always thought that like all "reality" shows the things we saw on Escaping were inflated or re-enacted, and maybe they still are at times but......They showed the raids on the Kingston businesses and twice I saw Jessica, Andrea and Shanell there watching; it was from the back but very obviously them. They also heavily covered Washakie and what goes on there which I remember really affected one of the girls (I think it was Jessica?) when they went back, again the work done there talked about on Whistleblower matched with what Jessica said was her experience. The living conditions of their Mom and the pictures they showed last night of homes owned by Kingston families, some of which looked even worse than the Mom's home if that's possible. And the banks, I remember the episode where the tried to get an escaped girls settlement money and, like that girl, Mary the Whistleblower last night had $17,000 in a Kingston bank that she was denied when she left. It did make me wonder who the anonymous source in the clan that was featured on Escaping is. Is that person real and still in the cult, still collecting evidence, are they out now that the arrests took place and the trial is this summer? Did Mary the real Whistleblower know the person? The whole thing was really interesting, I feel sorry for Mary having to testify and have no doubt the Kingston lawyers will try to paint her as some disgruntled former member mad at her family and money hungry (she gets a cut of what the government recovers if the clan is found guilty) but I also thought it was really interesting how her experience and evidence actually made the Escaping Polygamy team that much more credible. I'd really like to know what they thought of the episode. Also if I have the family relations right the whistleblower girl Mary is probably a first or second cousin of the Escaping team.
  13. sigmaforce86


    Loved Season 1 but after watching S2 premier not sure what I think. Losing Novak/AJ Buckley's hurts then to have us invest in Det. Gates and kill him off too that's a big ask. Plus no O'Rielly/Rosie Perez. Now we have the "new" Novak and Perez or so it seems with the two new Detectives Valerie and Octavio. But it was too much, we're supposed to be immediately invested in Valerie's life and kid and divorce drama and how the suicide/murder they're following will (eventually) mesh with Anna and Noah's story. One big win, Christopher Heyerdahl, who I love watching and I do want to see how he's going to fit into all of this. Also Able is alive; the story of how is a little thin but I really liked him in S1 and was pretty mad when I thought he'd been killed so even if it seems a little convenient I'm happy he's back. Anyway that seemed like a lot of complaining and really the premier wasn't that bad but it did seem a bit long, a LOT of introductions, a lot of past and current plot explanations being thrown at us. Maybe it's just that the time jump and the need to set up the coming season made them force too much story into too short a time. Still going to watch and see where this leads but as @Dowel Jones said right now they seem to be repeating last years plot just with a new bad guy and new police investigating it. Hopefully they have a few twists that avoid a full rinse and repeat from S1 to S2. One twist they could do that would make it really interesting (to me at least) is to have Anna fully embrace her new role. Last season she was with Noah trying to take down the cartel to save her community and family. Now that same community has ditched her and at the same time taken in and helped Mrs Lapp who really screwed her over and humiliated her. There's the idea she could go into full on revenge mode and that would be pretty interesting.
  14. sigmaforce86

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    I couldn't figure out at first what Rachel and Elissa were complaining about but I think now it was they wanted to pit Nicole & Victor against Team Fun in a U-Turn battle to get those two teams to implode while they sat back and watched so the blame wouldn't come to them and it wouldn't affect their race. That all fell apart on the train when N&V wouldn't accept the story at face value. Rachel & Elissa tipped their hand by becoming way to defensive and argumentative, Victor knew right away that their over the top defensiveness was a con. I LOVED his face when Rachel & Elissa ran up and greeted them in Switzerland. I also think the only reason Victor brought it all up and started the argument on the mat was he thought he was eliminated so why not let it all out, he had nothing to lose then and if they went home it would be the perfect time to vent. I can only hope this now gets back to Team Fun and all the rest of the teams, if anyone team left on TAR hasn't figured out by now that Rachel & Elissa are playing this like Big Brother and Survivor and using manipulation, shit stirring and psyche out tactics to screw with the other teams and get their head out of the game......that team seriously has its head in the sand. The switch from we're on your side we were trying to help when they thought Nicole & Victor were eliminated to nasty sour duck faces when they found out it was an NEL says it all. No way to know for sure but I thought another reason the Afghanimals might have chosen the funicular detour was to rest a little - I don't remember which but one of them was so bent over and out of breath by the time they got to the clue box I really thought they'd be calling for oxygen for him. Not nearly the same in height but I remember having driven to Colorado multiple times and not having any problems I once flew instead and forgot there's no way to acclimate gradually when you do that. I was surprised to be just about knocked on my ass from the sudden change in altitude; can't blame any of them for having trouble with that run and I have huge respect for those that managed it with little to no problem. Have to say except for Rachel & Elissa making it too much about manipulation and drama and not enough about raaace I'm really enjoying this season and I don't think there's any other teams left besides them that I dislike or would be disappointed to see win.
  15. sigmaforce86

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    Tuned in just to see what the new judges would be like but I didn't get to see much of the show so I can only observe that the first act (forgot the name) with the "impressions" wasn't that great and I didn't understand the applause. I did think some of his take on Star Wars was funny but the impressions not so much. Didn't like Sophie either, she had a story that was touching but to me she didn't have the talent to back it up, that wasn't really singing, it wasn't rapping either, not sure what it was. Just throwing this news story link in here because tornado warnings and storm coverage was the reason I didn't see more of the first hour of AGT which I assume happened to a lot of people. The story is about a different show but the sentiment is the same - if I have a choice between "we want to let you know a tornado is about to touch down near your house" and "You can see amateur singers and magicians" pretty sure I'm choosing the let me know where the tornado is option. The people who complained about the coverage overshadowing the bachelorette are certifiable, the meteorologist was right to say something about it. And special shout out to the snowflake who felt "personally attacked" by the meteorologists rebuttal, that's some high level me first thinking right there (fyi the twitter link in the news story is a dead end looks like the person deactivated their account). If I was that desperate to know what happened on the bachelorette or, in this case, AGT, I'd get it on demand the next day assuming my house was still standing (which it is, no damage, tornado went south of us). Not going to bother watching the whole show on demand but I think I'll go seek out a video of the golden buzzer act just to see that one. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/im-done-with-you-people-tv-meteorologist-responds-to-angry-bachelorette-fans-following-interruption/70008381