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  1. I agree that Lauren needs counseling. At minimum she needs somewhere to act "real", cry, scream, just let go of whatever she's feeling and holding in around that first pregnancy. That said I would honestly rather put up with her cakes and her baby in heaven mentions every five minutes and her little sister status for the current pregnancy over her getting ANY therapy or counseling that is Gothard based or through the church or ministry if there is any chance at all that said counseling would blame her in any way for losing the baby. That whole "If you are suffering it's because you are outside god's will and need to reflect on your sins" crap. As much as it annoys me and as much as there's still a small part of me that wonders if she does it for attention and followers not because it's really truly how she feels.........I'd rather she annoy me or go on with the mentions and attention seeking than hear that she was berated and made even more crazy by being told she "let" the miscarriage happen due to pissing god off for some unknown sin that she can't make up for.
  2. Finally saw the episode. Coming at it from an AHS newbie perspective I have no previous seasons or this actor was better as so and so perspective. I don't know if that skews me to like it more or less. I did like it though, not loved it, somewhere in the middle. Somewhere around the level of "Not fascinated and enthralled but not bored or finding that time was dragging". If it keeps up like this I'd probably call it an escapist show good enough to watch for the one season it will be on but probably happy it isn't a multi-season show..........although even then I don't know how they're going to maintain for 10 episodes, that seems long. The clothes and styles were spot on and I liked the music which, so far, they're tying nicely using songs with lyrics that really fit each scene. I have a feeling some of that music may also be trying to give us a clue but that might be reading too much into it. My first thought on the "villain", besides Mr Jingles is that it's Margaret. Again newbie here so whether AHS screws around with time and doesn't show things as a linear story I don't know but.......If linear than obviously Mr Jingles didn't cut the kids ear off (the one they hit with the van) and he's not the person in the car that turned the headlights on and scared Montana. Because (again if linear) he hadn't escaped when all that happened. I think Margaret is the obvious choice.....survivor of massacre grows up crazy and twisted and becomes the killer she escaped.... but that's almost to obvious and easy so it's probably a red herring.
  3. Oh Yes - I am not so breathlessly anticipating her very special episode where she breathlessly and oh so seriously describes in whispers, pauses and a pathos of self-suffering her every negative labor moment from the first wince and twinge through cramps, contractions and active labor. I expect she's spending her downtime actively studying a thesaurus to find all the sympathy evoking language she can to describe what will amount a normal labor and delivery before the post-birth interviews.
  4. This bugs me because I read an advice column question not long ago and I desperately tried to find the link to it and couldn't but................The Mother of the groom asked how to handle thank you notes or should she even encourage her DIL to send them because just after the honeymoon her son was diagnosed with cancer, he got treatment but died within about six months. That means that couple didn't even get to celebrate their first wedding anniversary at all. Not to mention the numerous times we've heard about couples getting married in the hospital just so they can have that moment knowing that the sick person has only days to live. But please Lauren do tell us how you've had "more" downs than ANY newly married couple.
  5. The headline even said Lauren "Cradles" her baby bump....I wonder if People even realizes the joke there, that's ALL we've seen her do. Either she thinks that's the pose she has to make for every picture, she doesn't let go of the bump even when the camera isn't on her or (and this is my pick) she thinks she needs to hold and accentuate it to draw as much attention as she can to it and make sure all around her know "I'm Pregnant, Me, Me, Me". I think it's interesting too that they cover the miscarriage at the end of the story and show the picture with the baby #2 sign. but the opening sentences call her "First time Mom to be". I'm sure someone at People made the call to write it that way and I bet it upset Josiah and totally pissed off Lauren that they didn't go all the way and acknowledge both her as a second time Mom to be and that they named the baby Asa.
  6. I don't think Jinger's hair is looking healthy in recent pictures, maybe it's coming off the dye job or maybe the dye job dried out her hair but I think it just looked much better in a healthy, thick, bouncy sort of way before and now it looks flatter and tired. Does anyone know if Jeremy's school has special a dress code? I notice in some of the class pictures that were posted the instructor had on a suit and from the backs and sides of the nearby students they looked like they had suit jackets on too. Far cry from the khaki's and flip-flops and your basic university - Was wondering if it was just a specific class or maybe they had a church activity that day or could it be expected that the students wear suits at all times? I think Jeremy expects to graduate and use his past and current media exposure as well as the charisma, charm and smarts that he (vainly) thinks he posseses to get hired at a mega church as their golden boy and leverage that into some Billy Graham sort of empire. I just don't seem him being satisfied with being the pastor of a basic rural or suburban church, one neighborhood, one flock, basic career - I think he wants the whole pie. I didn't used to until I found tricks like; I love those mini cucumbers they sell 5-6 to a pack but the went bad quickly until I figured out they lasted a week or more if I just wrapped a paper towel section around each then put them in a baggie (as long as they're not stored touching each other). I think this is one of those ever present questions like toilet seat up or down, shower at night or morning, is a hot dog a sandwich....there'll always be people who say of course I do and people who say who does that. Big! A little off topic but I drove from Colorado Springs to Shamrock, TX (about 100 miles east of Amarillo) once. Nearly two days and about 450 miles. Between New Mexico and Texas panhandle I sometimes thought it would never end. Don't get me wrong the country is beautiful but it doesn't change much and there are long, long (long) stretches with a lot of brown land, very little grass and no cities, towns, villages of any kind. But it gave new meaning to the phrase "I can see for miles and miles"!
  7. I was going to say that Abbie could have been surprised to be pregnant because Celiac can mess with your cycles. But then I remembered; Abbie isn't Celiac is she? I imagine being a nurse she would have looked into an official diagnosis if she thought she had a problem but isn't Lauren the "official" celiac sufferer and Abbie is gluten free because she just felt better when she eliminated it? If so I guess that theory is out, not that Abbie couldn't be irregular for many other reasons; it's not an uncommon problem. I love that Instgram photo though - it is a totally normal everyday photo of a woman wearing a normal summer outfit. In Duggar land those shoulders and that neckline are defrauding and JB would drop in a faint if he saw any of his unmarried girls and even a few of the married (ie the ones he still controls) in that outfit. That JD doesn't seem to care and that Abbie is comfortable wearing it says a lot and is great progress.
  8. I read Lot's of Kids and Live by Grifting and I suddenly thought...........Can you imagine if they introduced the Duggars to the Alaskan Bush People? Like some sort of crazy "survival" cross over? Ben gets bush somersault and tree climbing lessons from Bear while Jessa and Joy hang out picking berries and soup weeds with Bird and Rain. Part 1 on Discovery followed by Part 2 on TLC where they bring the family back to the Duggar compound and try to put prairie dresses on Bird while Noah invents a new watering system for Jana's garden made from JB approved buy used and save the difference radiator hoses and pvc pipe that Matt shipped in from his local dump. I would actually pay to see this!
  9. I just read that Linda's nephew was killed by a drugged driver last October. It was back in the news now because the driver who hit him was sentenced. I don't recall hearing or reading about it at the time but he was only 41 with a young son so my sympathies to Linda and her family. https://theworldnews.net/uk-news/drug-driver-who-killed-actress-linda-bassett-s-nephew-41-while-taking-children-to-school-is-jailed
  10. Still interesting week after week - I think Danny is right about the brotherhood being behind the taking of Anthony & Cleopatra, to me the biggest clue is that Lexi, Danny & Shaw were left alive on that island. That would be a rookie move from Farouk's team, there's no way they wouldn't have known Danny & his team were still on the island and no way they wouldn't have at least checked the cave to see if Shaw's buddy had left them alive or not. That makes the Brotherhood being the culprits more likely. Also hoping Larroquette is a red herring since the show has already been renewed.........I'd prefer he not be the big bad because I'd like to see him again next season. Also boys and girls what did we learn from the clues found in tonight's episode? Buttons for the men! No pretentious cuff links on your everyday suit shirts. Save those for the tuxedo's....... buttons were invented for a reason
  11. Well at least I get to take back any negative thoughts I had before the show aired when I knew Gwen was going to arrest Father Chuck. Very glad it didn't go the route I thought it would with Gwen being all hardass and threatening or using Chuck as a bargain tool with Danny. I laughed out loud at how fast Chuck flipped the script on Gwen and she let him, when she not only sat down but let him stand up and start walking around .. suddenly he was questioning her. Can't believe they killed Fabi in one episode and Farouk the very next. I know we're supposed to be rooting for the good guys to win but for Fabi I feel like they could have done more with him and for Farouk I feel like it's a waste of Oded's talent when he wasn't in a couple episodes and they ditch him with three episodes left (or maybe I'm shallow and just like seeing both of them on my screen).
  12. Very disappointed Fabi died, I think there was more they could have done with that character even if his cover was blown. Too bad they didn't have him wounded and have the Brotherhood swoop in and take him away to heal, I really would have liked seeing him on the show longer. Edited to add: The show got a mention on TV Line's Q&A of the week asking if we were distracted by the amount of bugs crawling on Fabi during his death scene. I never noticed, I was too busy being pissed they were killing him in the first place! https://tvline.com/2019/07/12/big-little-lies-season-2-jane-boyfriend-corey-tv-questions-answers/ To me (and maybe I sometimes don't pay attention like I should) the store is a little more convoluted than it needs to be especially for a summer show. Just my opinion of course but I think they could do the same plot, same story with much less complication - not everything they encounter has to have a twist and ten different connections to all the characters. Doesn't mean I'm not still enjoying it though - I definitely am enjoying it Biggest complaint where I really do wish they'd pull back is Gwen. I don't really go for that sort of character whether played by a male or female on any show. When they're written as unyielding, unlistening, too by the book and no out of the box thinking they start to move away from being a foil and just become tedious and annoying. She seems very myopic at times; I'd love to see the writers pull back on Gwen a bit and let her use her brains to see the big picture. Somewhere way back on here I said how the characters in this could be matched with Leverage characters - Gwen is Sterling but even Sterling knew when to stand back sometimes and let the team have a run at a con because their goals were the same and they'd get the job done. Example of Gwen being too strict and a general PITA (upcoming)
  13. I'm starting to go far, far down the psychoanalyzing rabbit hole but even though I agree with everyone that Izzy is getting the short end of the stick I'm amazed it's not Sam at least as far as Jill is concerned. The consensus seems to be that Jill isn't having more kids because she can't and that something went very wrong with Sam's birth, I wouldn't have been surprised at all if that made Jill resentful towards Sam as the one that (in her mind) "ruined" her future baby making chances. If she was treating him badly or even just ignoring him more that would make sense. Of course she could be swinging the other way - being overly clinging and loving toward Sam because she thinks after the birth trouble he's a miracle baby and possibly (probably) her last. Plus with Izzy growing up, getting out of that "cute" stage and being or trying to be more active, curious, independent (all the normal things that the Duggars blanket train and shame out of their kids) she may resent having to curb what we see as normal childhood but she sees as constant willfulness. It'll be very interesting to see if there continue to be a disparity in how the two are treated or if Sam is no longer the golden child when he hits the 4-5 year old mark. I don't know when they became popular but I have to admit I think toddler beds are a scam the stores cooked up to get parents to spend more money. We used to just use a regular bed when they out grew the crib, push it against the wall to block one side then buy a guard to put on a the other side. Some friends and family even skipped the guard and put a couple chairs along the bed. Worked fine for all of us and the kids could still get out by crawling to the end of the bed, it was just to make sure they didn't roll over and fall out until they got used to the "big kid" bed. I never saw the need for toddler beds although we did have to leave the guard on longer for one child, I swear that kid was such a violent sleeper he was in his teens and still flailing around in his sleep until he flew off the bed. OTOH I was in my 20's and still sleep walking so I may have passed on some bad sleeping traits!
  14. Can you clarify - is this something we could see during the episode or is this something you suspect based on the injury and how he was acting? I couldn't see well so if the pupil was shown I missed it. Curious though if you did see it and it was easy for the viewers to see how could Casey standing right there not notice! They (all the Captains) have always engaged in at sea first aid but some are better at it than others, I think a few of them or their deck hands even have basic first aid or EMT qualifications which certainly helps. I'd agree though that Casey might be at the low end of those skills and "the lump" pretty much stood in the background for the whole thing. Funny how when it hits the fan he often disappears, like with the crane issue on the previous episode he left the bridge instead of supporting Casey or actually going out to help the crew. Poor Sig, and, of course, the whole family... the hits just keep on coming lately. Hoping there's a light on that horizon, he's a tough guy but he's not a bad guy and I wouldn't wish the stress of blow after blow on anyone. One or two emergencies and family issues is enough, one after, another after another with no break must be so stressful for everyone especially when you want to be with them but still have to find a way to fish and meet your quota.
  15. I completely agree with you but I also have no doubt that Derrick will never, ever see the inside of a court room unless he's testifying for something. There is no way in hell (sorry fundies, I meant heckness) he's going to do anything that would even remotely be near a trial lawyer path. My money is on him becoming an Accounting Lawyer and trying to work for a large or mega church doing their taxes, audits, tracking tithe's maybe even some investing. Second career guess is he goes on the other side and does the same work but for clients in a firm or organization (a christian one of course). It plays into his past training and the limited work he did for Walmart; except that you have to be a CPA to go the accountant lawyer route and I'm pretty sure Derrick never took the exam or more likely tried and failed. He still has the JD schooling to get through, then the Bar exam hurdle so the CPA exam might be far, far on the horizon if that is the career path he's going for. And, of course, there's the widely held belief that he did actually fail the CPA exam before, possibly more than once which makes us wonder if things have changed or if the Bar exam is going to be his downfall too.
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