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  1. Filming is already done but the network keeps pushing airings back, it was supposed to be summer 2020 then fall 2020 then this summer now it's "probably late 2021 or early 2022". I really want to see it but at this point it's been so long I have no hope for it to go further than airing season 2 or ever getting a season 3 at all. Matt Barr really deserves more attention than the gets, it's a shame he was used as the convenient red shirt family friend to give Walker more survivor angst. Couldn't Geri have dropped by the ranch and gotten caught in the middle of the gunfight instead? P
  2. Delilah wants to move to France because there she's not the sad widow/cheater that everyone knows. I hate to break it to her but she could accomplish the same thing moving to Lenox with Darcy. How well known does she think she and John were? Outside of her friend group in Boston she's a nobody. That said I have to admit I loved the scene with her and Gary - it was very well acted and also good in a way to see both of them blow their tops and have an actual fight not a polite, slightly irritated discussion. I've been thinking for awhile they should have just given Eddie visitation a
  3. Mary was over the top terrible to Missy - she could have at least paused to find out why her daughter was sobbing hysterically instead of just reacting. I think by the time she got to Missy's room she didn't care because she was so worked up she took her whole day out on her daughter who just made an easy target. It certainly looks like George and his cheating is going to be part of the show to match adult Sheldon's stories about his Dad. Interesting twist that it could be Brenda though. There was one other connection to adult Sheldon I'm not seeing mentioned much. It was sweet o
  4. That's the one I just read that lead me here to see what people were saying. Honestly it was so disgusting I couldn't even bring myself to quote any part of it to comment; even the investigators said it was in the top five worst types a person could access. But outside what he looked at which I don't even want to think about I need to say I'm disgusted at the judge for allowing visits with his kids in his release as long as Anna Is There. That should not be, that girl is so far in the cult she can not be fully trusted - not that I think she would allow or encourage Josh to do anything just
  5. Both the family statement and Jeremy’s are pretty damning, they didn’t try to say they stand by Josh or his name will be cleared soon. Family went with The truth “No matter what it is” and Jer with “Fully support the judicial process”"........Neither of those scream we’re on his side or we deny things which is pretty telling. To go further I’ll take this to Jill’s thread but for here.....not long ago I read how Derrick had apparently encouraged her to go to therapy and that came around the same time she started wearing pants, drinking wine, avoiding the TTH and so on. He’s also declined
  6. I liked it but didn't love it.........yet. I think pilot episodes always need the benefit of the doubt, characters to introduce, background, main plot. Some do it better than others but it's usually them throwing a huge amount of info at us. Will definitely keep watching and see where it goes and how they build it up from here. But I do have to complain about one thing - the sound. Some of the characters seemed harder to hear than others but I also heard static and some breaks in the sound so I don't know if it was them or technical issues on that part. But they can control the musi
  7. The writers need to decide if they want consistency in their characters or if they want each member of the family to have their own plot/story in each episode. It really bothered me how out of character Frank was - there is no way that with an officer shot, in surgery and possibly not going to make it that he would be hanging out in the gym with the disabled detective. In any other episode Abby or Garret bursts in, tells Frank the news, grabs his coat for him and Frank is straight off to the hospital. For pity's sake he's walked out on the Mayor and Governor to "be with my men" as he puts i
  8. Just watched the Jinger gives birth episode (airing tonight 12/23 but available on TLC Go in advance). I really hate their decisions here, much more than usual. I'm assuming everyone had Covid tests, probably multiples but I question why did both sets of Grandparents minus Boob have to be there and worse why in the world did Michelle need to take Jordan with her. To a hot spot on its way to lockdown, on a plane then back home where they're in contact with the rest of the family. I seriously doubt they quarantined properly when they got home. I don't care where you are on the virus belief
  9. I'm torn between two plots - One that he went after Eddie in a fit of anger after the confrontation at the lake and he's calmed down now and feels guilty about it but doesn't know how to make it right or confess what he did. Two that his anger hasn't gone away at all and he's trying to get close enough to Eddie to finish what he started when he hit him with the truck. Those are sort of two opposite ends of the rope and each could be likely but if either are where they're going with this I'm honestly not sure which story I want to see, the guilty but can't confess is, as you said, needlessl
  10. Asher is quickly becoming a favorite of mine; he's a good actor and a good character both. I know most watchers don't like Leah and Shawn as a couple but I did like that she recognized that he needed to be at the hospital for that patient and she was kind about it. It's better than the usual, "you put your career over our relationship" drama that couples usually get stuck with. Complaint about Morgan though - shows of course take liberties with reality vs fiction but there has to be a middle ground - in her scenes on the hospital stairs with Park her shirt sleeves were wildly distractin
  11. I think this is the one thing that we, as viewers, are going to have to ignore and forgive on every show right now. Nobody is going to have a baby on set during a virus situation - that's probably why on This Is Us Toby & Kate's baby Jack hasn't been seen yet this season ( just mentioned napping, babysitter etc). I'm still trying to guess how Call The Midwife will deal with this. But I'm giving all shows a pass for either disappearing babies or dolls that don't really fool us if it's all done in the spirit of keeping the actual babies/toddlers they would have used safe. I didn't ha
  12. Joining the Reznick hate train. I get she's pissed that surgery was taken away as a career but someone needs to take her down a few notches with her "In it but not in it" attitude. Especially when it comes to yelling advice from the peanut gallery - if you don't have your hands on the patient, haven't been asked for an opinion and won't suffer consequences if the surgery goes wrong then keep the lip zipped. Her career arc doesn't make sense though just like Shaun when he was pushed to the lab and they acted like it was surgery or that and no in-between. There are so many specialties out th
  13. I liked this episode a bit better than the premier. They're settling in to the seasons story lines. I think Randall and Beth did pretty well with Tess, I wish they had talked to her more, maybe given her books to read or people to research and talked to her about why it's different to "act" than to "react". Her reacting and lashing out to the incidents at school was pretty age appropriate and she's not wrong but like anything at her age she needs guidance how to channel everything she's learning and experiencing into actions that can make a change. Also teachers don't touch a kids hai
  14. What strikes me and what I almost feel I don't have patience for is how unprepared these kids are for this "world beyond". If we as viewers didn't already know so much about the walking dead world we'd probably be more invested in the kids journey - it would be: "Oh my god this is strange and scary what will they do how do you fight and get past these scary creatures!". Or that's what it should have been, instead we look at them sneaking through the fire area and it was "Just cover yourselves in their guts and blood and you'll be out of there in half an hour, Oh my god Carol and Daryl wo
  15. This, This, This.......and everyone who commented after you. So glad to see I'm not the only one going down that thought path. She happens to have a vest with his name on it, they just chill watching his TV show, he can steal from the register but not use the phone. No way he's in the real world. But considering how well known he must be I'm not sure he's in any actual hospital or anyplace official - I'm leaning towards him waking up back in the bed at the first old ladies swamp shack. It's getting pretty twisted and a little (or a lot) weird at times and for some reason, maybe because it
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