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  1. Loved the finale. And I definitely enjoy this series, it's just enough story to keep you occupied, there's a lot of fun and comedy so it's not too heavy. The characters and their actors are great. I've always liked Christian and Alex is fun, I like Kai a lot and I love that they have chemistry but there's nothing about them getting into it romantically, it's a good balance so far. And, I have to be honest, I've never heard of the guy who place Ernesto before this; but, after watching him all season, I would watch The Ernesto Show in a heartbeat! Very much hoping this gets a renewal
  2. Since Tony was my second choice winner and my first choice wasn't even in the F4 I'm OK with the outcome. The fire challenge was one of the better that they've had; very surprised and a little nervous when Sarah's flames suddenly shot up and her thread started to glow a bit (only for the whole thing to die down a few seconds later but still). I felt like a little too much of a Survivor geek when they showed the final challenge from above and the minute I saw curved metal, even from that distance, I said out loud "Oh I love this challenge, it's one of my favorites". I feel like I should not know that much about the game to recognize the ball chute challenge that quickly. On the other hand I really want to try it someday, when the stakes aren't as high as being voted off and losing a ton of money it looks really fun. I liked the longer game portion they had on much more than the traditional 2 hr finale with a 1 hr reunion especially since Jeff didn't break in to commentate live every 15 minutes like he usually does. Maybe TPTB can learn from this and tweak their finals a bit to focus more on the show and contestants on the island and less on the live stage parts. Might be a controversial opinion but I liked the fire tokens, I know Natalie getting a ton of them skewed the final challenge toward her but she was right in her final tribal when she said getting those by sending people advantages and disadvantages was her way of staying in the game and manipulating things as much as she could. Despite that though I would love to see the next Survivor theme be something like "Back To Basics". No tokens, no extinction, less HII and harder to find, take it back to the way things were S1 to maybe S5 or S6, get a new group of players and see how they manage when they don't get all the advantages they're used to seeing from the past ten seasons or so. Except for one thing - that idol hidden in plain sight like on the front of Jeff's little podium; if Adam had been right that would have been a brilliant move, they really need to find a way to sneak that in somehow just for fun.
  3. I feel like Sister Francis said more in this episode then she has the whole series. Really it was more that she found her voice, she was more forceful, more honest and more vocal than I've seen her before but I like the new her (or maybe the growing evolving her is a better way to put it). Valerie's story was sad but her look is incredible; she is making great use of the hosiery she won a few episodes ago. I think Beryl threw away her birth control realizing that if her sister could raise a baby while blind she could have a baby and risk it being blind. I did have to check in with my Mother on the reality of the pills - I didn't think they had those pop out blister packs in 1965 but Mom says they existed then so another check mark for keeping things historically accurate. Did PBS really have to fuzz the audio for the word "piss" when they said they didn't have a pot to piss in? Considering the content of this show and the realistic ways they portray labor, births and other medical procedures (like last night bleeding episiotomy) I'm not so sure "piss" was the place they needed to draw the line.
  4. That answered my question, especially the club scene - so the dancers are hearing Bailamos on playback but they're grooving to whatever song is supposed to be playing in the club, completely different beat. Maybe they have hidden earpieces to help but even if they do I still find that really amazing.
  5. <Sigh> It wasn't my favorite show on TV but it was a favorite of some in my house and we'd at least all watch it together which you can't say about a lot of shows so I am going to miss it. That and I wish they hadn't left on a cliff hanger - maybe the show runners will do an interview saying where the next season would have gone if they had been renewed so at least we can wrap up the open "How does he rescue the Captain?" mystery.
  6. I love the show, I like the characters, I want more. But - We need some sort of vote to see who is in the majority here, the Mandy Hate Club or the Mandy Like Club. I suspect if there was a real poll for that it would fall on the dislike side. I don't like Mandy very much. She is OK to be on the show in some form, she's pretty good when she's interrogating. But when they move into her angst and personal drama she sucks. It's not that it's not realistic to have those feelings, I'm sure people in her position do feel the repercussions of the things they have to do, it's just that it's overdone in a bad soap opera sort of way and she further over does it with her acting to the point where it's almost caricature instead of believable. As for her and Jason hooking up - well that was the only sour spot in a decent finale that wasn't supposed to be a finale. My sincere hope is this was a one night stand and we do not have a Season 4 full of should we/shouldn't we be a couple drama. I suspect the final two episodes would have sewn up the plot around who is staying on the team and who is leaving. I would have liked to have seen that and do wonder how they'll resolve it next season. But for now I feel like the shortened end was mostly OK but the final scene leaves me sour, of all the ways it had to end watching those two going at it was not exactly the best final scene to be left with at all. Despite that I'm sill looking forward to another season and am actually happy they're already renewed.
  7. I think I liked it, the first story Grey Matter had an awesome group of guest actors, I could have watched them do nearly anything. But the story was the weaker of the two, maybe because I vaguely remembered the King story it was based on so I knew most of what was coming. I liked the second story better; I'm a little amazed how much I was rooting for a bunch of dolls. Will definitely watch again but I'm hoping that not all of the stories are so open ended as these two, they don't all need a happy ending but I would like to see some with an actual ending. It was a good start though.
  8. I loved the use of American Pie because I felt like it tied in to each persons story and foreshadowed season 2. Max and Simon both got to sing about love, although I was sure Max would get the “I know that you’re in love with him” section. To me it was also telling that Joan got the king looking down jester stole his crown (paraphrasing) lines since she’s taking over Sprq Point temporarily. Or at least Danny thinks it’s 6 - 18 months of temporary. Of course I look at it a little differently anyway since I used to be obsessed with that song. Not just wanting to learn every word of the long play version nut also looking up the meaning behind each sentence. Which is pretty interesting by the way, referencing not just Buddy Holly but the whole era, deaths at a Rolling Stones concert for one example. I thought the whole episode was strong and really well done not just the end but the whole build up. Great ending but I definitely need to hear renewal news soon!
  9. Real possibility considering they had her in a skirt so tight she was doing this weird mince step like my ankles are tied together type of running as she went across the street for her car. The one moment in the whole hour I was pulled out of the show and actually laughed out loud. For the rest - it was really good if a little quick and at some points cobbled together. I just read an article on TV Line that explained how they were forced to piece together parts of the two cut episodes and compress a few things so that they could make this the finale. Based on that I have to forgive any hiccups, it really couldn't be helped since it wasn't their choice to lose those episodes and they didn't have a lot of time to adjust and shoot the parts they needed to make this the finale. Loved Martin's "My Girl" and how he was the general calm eye in the center of the riot hurricane around him. Ainsley was right about one thing, when he stops panicking and uses that exceptional brain of his Martin can do just about anything and be stone cold while doing it. Still this is a really well acted show with a good story and very few missteps especially for the first season. I definitely want more and very much want Tom Payne, Michael Sheen and Lou Diamond Phillips to all return. Tom of course is necessary, the other two could refuse a second season in theory but it wouldn't be a show without them. So I guess it's we'll take what we can get in terms of this episode being the finale but crossing fingers that it's not also the final.
  10. Another great episode, the appearance of Bernadette Peters completely surprised me but in a good way. I loved how they used her with Maggie. I keep getting my hopes up for Mitch but they're keeping his disease progression realistic so I doubt there are any last minute miracles coming our way. I love the show and completely pay attention to it but lately I've found myself watching the background extra's with a bit of fascination. If anyone has behind the scenes info I'm wondering when there are two things going on what song is playing during filming, or are multiple songs playing at once. I just find it so interesting for example how Max was doing an upbeat Bye, Bye, Bye but everyone at the bar was either going on with their conversation or reacting to Leif's love song. That's really mostly good acting to not look or bounce your head or indicate you hear the song at all. But I think it's even more impressive when they do things like Eddie's dance tryouts - Mo is singing one song that only Zoey hears and the dancers are moving to a completely different beat from the song they're hearing in the studio. I feel like that's some sort of next level patting your head while rubbing your stomach thing and as someone with no dance ability at all I find it really impressive. Last thought - Despite little character bumps that a lot of first seasons can have as the writers find their way with the characters I am enjoying this show way more than I thought I would and I am definitely not ready for this season to end at all.
  11. Maybe the horse had the same supernatural sound muffling technology as the helicopter that took Rick away with nobody seeing or hearing? I couldn't understand half of what Beta was whispering mumbling either but I figured it was along the lines of "crazy talk, crazy talk, kill everyone, crazy talk, crazy talk, Alpha is my spirit guide, crazy talk, crazy talk, Cat!" Since both Aaron and Alden are personal favorites of mine I did not like that they were both in danger the whole time especially at the end. It wasn't a bad episode, it was definitely a set up for the big finale war to come but since those types of set up episodes seem to always be a little slow I think it was OK as those things go.
  12. I thought Chuck Norris was going to be the code breaker that Lincoln said he'd contact for McGarrett but since he didn't show up again and he's not in the credits for part 2 I guess that's all for Chuck. If that's the case it was a disappointingly short cameo. If the show was being renewed I would have fully supported Adam being killed in the shoot out with the gang and Lincoln getting a pardon and joining the team. It was a pretty good set up and episode although I'm honestly surprised they spent that much time on the crime of the week and not following the story of the package from Doris; basically leaving the final mystery and the general "goodbye" vibe for the final hour. This is going to be the fastest mystery in the history of the series; any other time it would be a full season arc. I am actually a little curious how this is going to play out - my guess is if they don't end with the team in the station like it's just another day and instead have some of their stories or futures come to an end they'll still leave just enough open to accommodate a few TV movies down the line. It happens sometimes but for the most part they rarely fully close the door on a successful series.
  13. Ooh, good one. I was going with arm injury causes nerve damage and affects his ability to play guitar; mixing physical and psychological angst into one storyline.
  14. Last episode delayed because of the virus, they can't complete the post production on E16 so Sunday April 5th will be the "finale" and the best they can say about the remaining episode is they'll be shown later this year. https://tvline.com/2020/03/24/walking-dead-season-10-finale-episode-16-delayed-coronavirus/ Edited to correct episode numbers - I originally said two episodes E16 and E17 are affected but only one episode (E16) won't air and there is no E17.
  15. I feel like Shaun and Lean are going to go in another direction. But it's probably my wishful thinking talking not anything I know about the show's plans. I think Lea get's it now, why Shaun loves her, what she means to him and how she affects him. So I wonder if instead of oh wow I love him too it's going to be OK now I get it and I know how to have a real talk with him about being close friends, like an adopted brother and sister closeness and continuing to support each other going forward. Because when you think about it, if Shaun is able to look at it this way, he and Lea did nearly all of the things he spoke to Vera about before they were even roommates. I'm hoping that's the conversation they have and Shaun get's to that place where he can cut the romance wedge off their little friendship cake and keep the rest. As for the death(s?) - I really wanted it to be Andrews. Sorry to all his fans but he's my least favorite character. He also seems least likely to die at this point. There was a tease that there would be multiple deaths but never that it would be main characters so I'm thinking at least one of the victims is included in that. No offense but it needs to be the kid that Park is treating; I think he needs to not win this one. I'm also suspicious that there's going to be a twist and Carly is going to die - she was my vote from the beginning and she has very little to do now unless the writers plan to get her back with Shaun. I'm absolutely not spoiled on this it's only an opinion but I'm wondering if part two will toss us the curve of Carly showing up in the ER as a patient from another disaster site and they can't save her. Speaking of Park's patient, a few of you made some comparisons of his injury here to another TV show. I'm going back further and a little obscure but has anyone here ever read the book "Aztec"? There was a bit in there where the mental picture of it freaked me out as a kid (considering the heavy violence and sex in it I was probably a little too young when I read that book tbh) - A sheet of marble falls on a quarry worker edgewise and cuts him in half just like the kid. And just like the kid he lives for a time and they even try to carry him home to say goodbye to his wife. That was all I could think about when Lim saw the injuries to the kids lower half and legs.
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