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  1. That was a thing for a few years where begged others to let them make jury. They wanted to be paid more because they knew they weren’t going to make the Final 3.
  2. I never thought of the (pre) inspection. That’s a good idea. I know they are usually done anyway but it’s good to just get it done beforehand. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Ron was Mr. Broadway and always had the boisterous personality with the cast. I heard from others he was always singing in the studio because he has a great voice. He was great as Alan. Of course, Chris Bernau was the best Alan but I would put Raines up there, too. It is funny because I was thinking that Grant Alexander & Raines worked together a lot but I can’t really recall when Grant left and returned towards the end of the show.
  4. I know Scott had been on with Hastings & Hays. He’d also popped in on Maura’s chat, too. I agree he should have been included in this one since he & Andy were pals on & off the show then. I got the impression now that they have different lives now and don’t really talk. Sometimes life & distance get in the way. That said, I didn’t really expect Ming to be so into it. It’s not that’s she’s ever trashed the show or her experience but I didn’t realize how happy she was to do it and reconnect.
  5. Hopefully, Day will find out soon in the goodbye videos or in jury that she was duped by Dani & Nicole. I guess Dani will be bad cop and take credit and Nicole will be all meek and say she was threatened at gun point.
  6. I’ve known lots of people who have sold their homes but only one put some money (the kitchen) in upgrades. Most people seem to just clean up their houses and sell as is. In theory, you could get some of the money back but in general I don’t think it’s a huge windfall. The only think I’m doing is adding a new (which I needed to do anyway) and, paint. Even that isn’t really needed because I painted a few years in the tan/beige phase that everyone was to do by HGTV. LOL!! Now, they (HGTV) says it needs to be near white for the bright and airy look. I have to next spring to get it all done. If I had the money I might install new cabinets in either the kitchen or bathrooms but I don’t. Hopefully, it’s not too much of a dealbreaker. Of course, the twins would make me do it, LOL!!!!!
  7. It’s funny because I’m always mad when they land on $36,000-$37,000 depending on what season it is. I think it should be an even $50,000, $100,000 and of course, the million along with a car or two added. That said, I wouldn’t turn down the $36,000 or whatever the amount is currently.
  8. Yeah, everyone can have an opinion and be a fan. That’s what’s great about the USA. That said, it does crack me up seeing all these pictures of Tarek (trying) to look and act young with his clothes, jewelry & personal life. Of course, he gets to have fun for a second time but it’s amazing how fame (and, a divorce) changes someone. He’s is 39 so I guess that’s still young. I’m almost 56 and maybe I’m projecting too much. LOL!!!!!
  9. Too funny! I really thought she had looked like that at one time. I didn’t open the picture to see she was in the same clothes. Hysterical!!!!
  10. Lower right really isn’t her, is it? It looks like a totally different person. Although, both pictures on the right the head is the same shape whereas the photo on the left is photo shopped to death and doesn’t look like her either. Crazy!
  11. Courtney & Shawn trying to act all hip and Kardashian like. OMG! They are so embarrassing. Does the Q think the older crowd really want to watch these nitwits? This is one time I want to be apart of the cancel culture. Also, why does Kerstin’s head look bigger then her body in the Meet the Host section?
  12. Ryan was out sick again on Thursday & Friday. I know he was out sick when did the Zoom’ed shows and he’s already out sick and they just returned to the studio. I think he might want to stop flying back and forth to LA. It seems to take a toll on him and he’s not even doing American Idol yet.
  13. I saw the BMW was finally won on Thursday by a female contestant. Pretty amazing that it kept coming up. Do they put more then one car envelope on the wheel? Anyway, I think Pat was happy to get the BMW off the stage. LOL!!!! WOF was also preempted in the Philadelphia area for the news RGB death on Friday.
  14. Like, I said on Christina’s thread. Why do TPTB think we care about this?! Just show the flips. That’s what people are there for. Personally, I don’t care what Tarek and his Christina look alike fiancé are doing. IMO!!!
  15. Well, I know one thing. She’s going to have film a new introduction to her show. So, her & Tarek each have their own show and I think they are returning (some day) with Flip or Flop is I’m sure she’ll have to show her new-new home just because these quasi celebrity can’t help themselves. Just like Tarek is doing with the fiancé. Why do TPTB think we care? Just flip houses people. Jeez!
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