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  1. Barry is 64, Maureen is 63, Christopher is 61 (62 this November), Eve is 61, Mike is 58 (59 this December) & Susan is 58. They were so close in age and it’s understandable how each set grouped up. I think Barry was playing younger because when Greg had his high school graduation in the final episode he was already 20. In general, they pretty much played their ages with a year or so shaved off their age for their characters.
  2. WW will trash anyone and everybody. Her life sucks so much that it makes her feel better to trash people and tell lies with or without proof. I find her pretty disgusting. Of course, she'll never get over DTWS and then she made up the like about Christy Brinkley faking her injury. I doubt that she will apologize since that's how she makes her living. I also can't take her fake crying. That lady is a MESS!
  3. Thanks. They have the same amount of steps though. Maybe, the top bunk isn't as high or something. I can't figure it out.
  4. Is it Thursday yet? Jeez! I’m not trying to rush the week but c’mon already. Poor Nicole will go crazy with just Jackson & Holly. Nicole needs to win Part 1 or 2. I know that’s so obvious but it bares repeating. I want Nicole to win the Final one and then vote Jackson out. He said he’d be embarrassed to come in third. Let it be.
  5. The ladder for the bunk beds look a little off to me. It was narrow up top and wider at the bottom. Maybe, the scale of the bunks (which they had a hard time finding) required the change. Don’t ask why I would think or know this. I just do. LOL!!!
  6. $50,000 over budget with a small living room. It looked bigger when it was all dark and had a fireplace. I’m not sure what went wrong there. I thought the kitchen turned out nice with the white countertop for the island. I didn’t like the couple and felt sorry for the realtor.
  7. Oddly enough, I have hundreds of mugs and I don’t even drink coffee. I’m not sure what’s wrong with these mugs. I mean they’re just mugs. I guess if you never watched the Q, his shows or know his sayings you might not like them. I guess it might help if you have some sort of connection to the channel.
  8. Just saw the ITKWD mugs presentation and shockingly they come in different colors. <sarcasm>
  9. Cliff will join the roundtable and I’m sure Tommy will love seeing him. Told ya!
  10. Remember Holly was bullied to throw the Veto. I think Cliff & Nicole tied her down and started beating her. <eyes roll>
  11. A showmance & Nicole sounds like torture. I hope Nicole makes it to the Final round & kicks Jackson’s out on in his a**.
  12. I totally forgot about the memory lane episode. I wonder how Jackson will remember Kat? “I remember I was banging Kat in the shower, um, uh, never mind”
  13. I do wonder how the next two weeks are playing out. It’s a lot longer this time, right? Cliff won’t get evicted till Thursday and then there is the Final 3 for a whole other week.
  14. Ugh! Jackson is smug and all holier-than-thou. STFU! Jackson you misogynist pig!!!!!
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