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  1. I do wonder who her final scene(s) will be with. I think it should be with Doug & Julie where it all began.
  2. Could Bryan’s wife STFU? Is she intentionally trying to start a fight with Bryan at every turn? I would like Bryan sans wife for another show next season.
  3. I also wonder if KA doesn’t want to play second fiddle to CIN? KA is like, “Just because I did it to Bill & Susan Hayes in the 80’s doesn’t mean I’m gonna let these two models do it to me!” LOL!!!!!
  4. It seems 50/50 at this point. He had been announced sometime ago which means in theory he would be leaving sooner than her. Whereas KA just announced it now but said she filmed her leaving a few months ago. With Days taping schedule (previously) you can’t really pinpoint when the actors are leaving. I’m still waiting for WilSon to leave and that was announced a while ago. That’s why I hate the 9 month taping schedule Days has/had.
  5. Or, Hope is being sent to the Funny Farm for a rest. LOL!!! Shadybrook here I come or wherever Salem people go.
  6. I’m surprised that KA is leaving just because it’s an easy paycheck for her. She’s been doing it for so long and had the system down pat. Of course, she might have enough money and feels she doesn’t need it and wants to satisfy her needs elsewhere. Yup! I’m very surprised she’s leaving after all this time.
  7. Point well taken. CBS hasn’t cared in years so why would they start now?! Fingers crossed.
  8. Only, 2 more months for a new season of The Amazing Race for us fans. Of course, for the actual racers it will about 2 plus years of waiting. That just isn’t right. LOL!!!
  9. I think most of the girls he dates are in in the biz or want to be quasi celebrities themselves. He ain’t exactly dating school teachers. Which in retrospect might be better fit for him if he wants a family as he seems to always talk about. He has a type from what I can tell from Julianne Hough and on.......blonde......young......very young and blonde.
  10. Jeez! They have Jane working the holiday. Can’t any of the new lackeys do this shift? She’s been there a million years and shouldn’t be working holidays anymore. Maybe, she’s trying to get away from the family. LOL!!!!!
  11. I watched the show and it was just okay. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before though. I’ll give it another episode or two before deciding to proceed or not. My question though is about Allison. Why does HGTV keep hiring her? Hasn’t she been sued a million times for faulty work & flips? Just curious.
  12. It’s August 2003. I don’t remember blonde-blonde Heather Tom. I have no memory of a Benjamin Watkins from the opening credits. Although, I do remember watching this episode where Isabella (spoiler alert) tries to kill Christine. I remember thinking I can’t believe they’re getting rid of this beautiful actress and we’ll never hear from her again. Boy! Was I wrong. LOL!!!!
  13. I wonder when they told her to play up the annoying part more she should have gotten a clue. LOL!!!! They.seriously.did.not.like.her. LOL!!!!!!
  14. Just saw that. They’re good through October with current episodes. If they start filming without any hiccups in September they could go to an almost normal two month ahead taping schedule. I think the actors would like that just for interviews and such. It got to be annoying when they couldn’t recall where they were in story or if they could even talk about it. The nine month ahead while helpful with the pandemic it was just a bad thing for daytime. It will be interesting to see if they keep it down to two months or even a month taping schedule.
  15. I had no idea that Sharon Case and Mark Grossman we’re dating. How did I miss that? I know she really Michael Muhney but he was married so they were just friends but I totally missed this. I’m really slipping. Back in the day I would know this crap. Maybe, I’m just so old that I don’t care as much. LOL!!!
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