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  1. ByaNose

    S21.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    Bella was really funny about her mother and what she knows what she would say. I doubt her mother is watching but it’s funny to think she would and be horrified. LOL!!!
  2. ByaNose

    S21.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    But Jackson is a man and he thinks he’s good looking. It’s so obvi he’s going to win. LOL!!!
  3. ByaNose

    S21.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    I can’t wait to see the power rankings. I’m sure he’ll be at the bottom.....Bro!
  4. ByaNose

    S21.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    I am not down with this Browmance. I need them out soon. Please!
  5. ByaNose

    S21.E01: Season Premiere (Part 1)

    Not a bad first episode. Jackson says he didn’t want to do it. Um, you campaigned for it you idiot. Now, you have to banish 4 people and 3 of those people are coming back you dumbass.
  6. All I remember about Chance was he was noticed more when he grew a beard. John Driscoll who played Chance was popular on GL. At first, he didn't make an impact playing Chance but later on he came back and had a beard and they wrote for him. I think he left to enlist in the Army or something. Why they are bringing up his name now is a mystery though. It was sort of random but not. I agree that the scenes betwee EB/JM was more about the two of them then VIctor & Nick because they've said those lines a million times. I'm sure they knew it would air on JM 25th Anniversary with the show and EB let the tears flow. They like working together in real life.
  7. ByaNose

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Are we ready? I'm not reading any spoilers for now. I want to be somewhat surprised for the first two nights. Let the crazy beging!
  8. ByaNose

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So show doesn’t show how Shiloh got his hands on the adoption records in court today. Thanks show
  9. Yes, remind me not to drive Mulholland Drive when I’m in LA. I didn’t know it was so dangerous.
  10. ByaNose

    Home Shopping Network

    Is Shannon leaving, too?
  11. I agree. Leo & Jamal have really regressed this season from the last race. It's a tight race between Leo/Jamal & Nicole/Victor. I guess the other racers could block Nicole & Victor which would help out Leo & Jamal. I do think they are the two weakest teams left in the race though. They've both have had their issues. It will be interesting to see how it plays out between the two of them.
  12. ByaNose

    Christina on the Coast

    I keep forgetting to watch this show. Maybe, that's a good thing. She was okay in small doses on Flip/Flop but a whole show of just of her is too much. I am curious to see if it gets renewed.
  13. I’m so glad I asked this question because it’s nice to know I’m not going crazy. LOL!!!! The key does look like an old fashioned key and that’s why I was wondering why Eve was freaked out by it. It doesn’t even look the the old soap locker key (do they still have them?) that the soaps always used back in the day. So, in closing we can all agree it was a dumb plot twist, right?