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  1. I stopped watching the show due to the tattoos. They were so off putting that I couldn’t watch. I’m pretty much down to just watching HH. I’ll even delete some if the area doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t want to see poor people like me look for homes. LOL!!! I’ve been watching Sarah Richardson on YouTube. She is doing several renovations and she had great style. I can’t believe she’s not on HGTV-US. Also, I’m sick of the Property Brothers. I don’t find them funny at all but the find themselves hysterical. Rant over. It’s a rainy day in Philadelphia but in the 40’s. You can’t have it all.
  2. But Hoda & Jenna are best friends. Really they are. They try so hard to push thus out into the ether and hope it does the rest. Now, their big thing is Oprah. Oh, brother. That said, I was surprised that Hoda never met her. I don’t know why but I thought their paths would have crossed. I also think that no one meets Oprah until Oprah says so. LOL!!!
  3. The fact she acts like she’s 13 might be my issue with Emme Rylan. She always curls her lips when saying her lines like some cupie doll. It’s like I’m watching a kid. I liked her on GL back in the day but she never matured as an actress on either Y&R or GH. I much preferred Julie Marie Berman. She was a much stronger actress and I really bought her as Luke and (especially) Laura’s daughter. Yeah, there was something going on. He seemed slower and could barely move in the office. I don’t know if it was acting rust or the fast pace of daytime rust. Time will tell with the next few episodes.
  4. IIRC, this was the first time that an outside friendship came in to the game for a returnee. I'm sure people are either for it or against it. I remember watching this live and Lex took it on a different level than Rob did. Then to have Rob & Amber (spoiler alert) in the Final 2 just amplified the matter. Good times, indeed. LOL!!!
  5. This is going to be one long turf war. At this rate, we won't see the turf war till late February. I think we are preempted today and several days next week. They might start banking their episodes like DOOL. LOL!!!!
  6. ByaNose

    S40: Kim Spradlin

    I hope she does really well. She's pretty much everyone's #1 target so I'm a little worried. Of course, she could be on a winning tribe and not see Tribal Council till later. I'm curious who she works with and who targets Kim the most. I'm thinking Sandra will do both. It won't be long till we find out some of these answers. I love my Survivor Wednesday's.
  7. So, far I've only seen Monday's episode. I think that's the only one that has aired, right? Unless, they are on the ABC app or On Demand which I haven't checked.
  8. Probst has gone on record saying everyone was asked. I’m guessing he’s lying. It’s too bad because I would have preferred to see her over Amber or Michelle (just because she is newer winner).
  9. Even Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford made an appearance. It was an okay episode but a whole hour of just Randall is too much for me. The individual story of the Big 3 is interesting but adult Randall is so overbearing for me that I usually need the other storylines to make me forget him. LOL!!!!
  10. ByaNose

    S40: Adam Klein

    I totally forgot about Aras and he was one of my favorites. The Aras & Terry rilvary was so much fun. I haven’t hear if he was asked or if he declined. Usually, RHAP would comment on these things but they haven’t talked much about the non returning winners. I think Hatch said he wasn’t asked (due to the Season 39 fiasco) and, I’m not sure about Tina. I don’t think Mike Holloway was asked but I really haven’t heard any real confirmation on any of the winners who aren’t going to be on.
  11. It’s nice seeing VPH back. She’s getting me in the mood for spring. I didn’t buy anything but I did like the Hammered Glass Jar. After, the 24/7 Christmas assault it’s nice to see her a little more serene. LOL!!! It’s funny in checking Pier1 has a similar looking jar on clearance and it’s more expensive then the 2 sizes VPH is selling it for: https://www.pier1.com/large-hammered-glass-jar-hurricane-candle-holder/2761637.html and, VPH: https://www.qvc.com/11"-Illuminated-Hammered-Glass-Jar-Hurricane-by-Valerie.product.H221843.html?sc=SRCH https://www.qvc.com/135"-Illuminated-Hammered-Glass-Jar-Hurricane-by-Valerie.product.H221842.html?sc=SRCH
  12. Jenna a former teacher who can’t speak correctly writes another book. smh.
  13. I just couldn't get over how different he looks from the last time he was on. I don't even think it was that long ago. I remember being 14 myself (in my 50's now) but he looked soooo different. I'm kind of glad that didn't replace him. I like to see the kid actors age in real time. I would like to see more of Emma, too. That said, I could do without Charlotte and her Papa.
  14. I agree about Judd and possibly Rafe. It's nice to see Danni returning but Guatemala doesn't get any love besides the times that Stephenie has returned. I loved her first season, didn't mind her second season but she had to play dirty and her third time she couldn't find her footing and James hated her.
  15. I never hated her but just wanted Aubrey to win. I don’t think I’ve seen or heard much from her since she won so still don’t hate her. LOL!!! I’m curious to see if she sticks with the newer winners or goes old school.
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