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  1. I literally have no idea why I wrote that or where it came from. So weird. I don’t even recall typing it. Maybe, I’m the one that’s possessed.
  2. I guess getting up at 2 in the morning is starting to affect her. LOL!!! I doubt it’s two in the morning but they do get there early. I never understood why they have to be there 3 or 4 in the morning. Isn’t 2 hours before 7:00 am enough time to get their notes, hair & makeup done? It’s not like they are doing this from memory. They all (GMA & CBS, too) read from a teleprompter. Then Hoda has to wait around till 10 am and do another hour and pretape Friday’s show. That said, they are paid millions and are driven in to work. It’s nice like they are driving themselves in and sitting in
  3. Aren’t most babies conceived on the first try in daytime?! It’s soap textbook 101.
  4. With technology so advanced now I wonder how different this levitation compares with the OG?! Also, why doesn’t John suspect…….anything??? He was there before. Shouldn’t he have a clue? Maybe, that’s an oxymoron. Finally, Ben and Ciera having Rosemary’s baby is kind of creepy but I’m here for it. maybe, the show will sacrifice Ciera and let her leave the like the actress wanted to the first time. LOL!!!!
  5. Just think J.D. could have spared if he just let Luvu lose the challenge. How could he be so dumb?! LOL!!!!! Once Shan took the idol back I pretty much assumed J.D. was a goner. Now, UA is down to only 3 people. I’m curious to see how this plays out next week.
  6. OMG! You are so right. I don’t know what I was looking at. I was just shocked at the thought that after 16 years that 6abc would ump the show. Now, if we can just lose that stupid GMA3 at 1pm. At least, to me it’s dumb. I guess it’s their version of the 3rd hour like Today. Although, I’m not sure what I replace it with. ABC doesn’t have another soap and there sooooo many talk shows as it is. There are really only 3 choices for daytime (for ABC) which are a talk show, game show or a cooking/lifestyle show. As of now, Rachel competes against The Talk, Dr. Oz and Kelly Clarkson. Thanks again.
  7. The show went all out with this wedding. Everyone looks amazing and looks like they’re having fun. It’s the best Amelia Heineken has looked in ages. It was funny that Phyllis didn’t read the room about the piano solo. Jason Thompson really did look extra sweaty. I don’t know what his deal is. He always looked like he sick or has been partying the night before. While I always thought Robert Adamson was a great Noah they never wrote for him. I will say nuNoah was pretty good today and very sensitive in his scenes with Victoria & Summer. Are there any single females on the show for Noah? I th
  8. I just realized why I haven’t seen this show in ages. I had no idea that it had left our number #1 Philadelphia affiliate (Ch.6 WPVI). I saw an ET spot about the new studio and I wanted to record it. I couldn’t find it on my grid and I had to talk into my useless Comcast remote that never understands me to locate it. It really must have lost viewers and numbers for them to drop it. It was on the same station that Oprah was on for its entire run and The View since the beginning. I had no idea.
  9. I agree. I always look at the the price, renovation & new value of the house and always think, “This doesn’t add up.” LOL!!!! I thought the same thing with this house and the location,
  10. I thought it was funny when Chanel asked Johnny if he was only hiring her because she and the role (Celeste) are black. Too funny! I think RC even knows they’re were very few AA on contact back in the day, if that. If the whole cast was to play a part from the original possession they be hard pressed to find a (substantial) role for Chanel, Eli and Chanel. Luckily, Abe was always there (less his role on Generations), and had a role. Of course, like Johnny said she could also play Lexi. So, I guess I might be wrong about the lack of roles but in general there weren’t many AA actors on the show
  11. Like, I had mentioned earlier and always thought they (the show) needed someone with a news background when Julie left. We can all debate how much knowledge Julie or Natalie have in that field but it always seemed necessary for this show. I guess it’s the Barbara Walters school of training. LOL!!! I happen to catch it today and it looked like Natalie was moderating the whole show. Since I haven’t watched since Julie left I don’t know if the current host take turns taking the lead but I liked how Natalie kept the show moving. She’s been doing this type of genre for 20 + years and it shows. Does
  12. I kind of wanted to Matt reach #40. Bummer. Although, his “what is” was annoying he seemed like a nice guy and I liked seeing his expression when his winnings were announced. At least, we’ll see him on the Tournament of Champions. After, the death of Alex and the Mike Richards debacle he came at a perfect time for the show and a new era.
  13. I hope everyone is sitting down for this. Dylan has written a children’s book. I am as shocked as everyone else <sarcasm>. I swear I think Hoda & Savannah have written children’s books, too. God knows they need the money.
  14. I like Nate but I don’t care for Jeremiah. He seems like a hanger but I guess Nate likes them young. LOL!!! I watched the reveal. The after was okay. I also, thought they bought and redid the forever home in New York after there other forever home in California. I guess we’ll have to live through another renovation of their newest forever home which will cost millions and it will need to speak to Nate. He’s like that. Anyhoo, where is their new, new, new house? Still in NYC?
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