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  1. I didn’t have any issue with sunroom & open deck. Each season gets a little of both to enjoy. Granted, the sunroom would gave been great to have but I’m guessing budget was an issue. Yup! I good with everything except the useless (to me anyway) game stuff (clutter) in the backyard. Does anyone have any idea the location? That is my major peeve with the show. They don’t even give the Providence’s and/or territories. I don’t need their address Scott but a location would be nice.
  2. I wonder what happens when KM & DZ don’t take off which I suspect they won’t? This is the first time I recall her being in storyline limbo romance wise. The show seems to be really serious about keeping Sam & Jason apart. Not only are they never in a scene together they hardly mention each other. I wonder why the big switch? I would say it was the Billy Miller thing but that was so long ago.
  3. Game House turned out great with the new floor plan & sun room. That said, I could do without all the lawn games. It’s too much junk to worry about. I’m getting tired of stupid jokes, too. They are so scripted and worse yet they aren’t funny.
  4. I’ve never seen or knew there are some items you can’t return or exchange. Such as the Lisa Rinna top. Why is that? I’ve been watching QVC since Day 1 and I’ve never knew that was even a thing. I know things might be limited but why can’t you get your money back if you don’t like it?
  5. Side Stitch Popover Tunic with Roll-Tab Sleeves. $97.32 + $3.50 s&h. Are they f’ing nuts?
  6. Watching now. Cloffice?!?!?! Um, okay. She is a part time influenceer? Is that a thing? Does she get an income from being a part time one? She has thousands of followers. Shouldn’t she have millions? Anyway, I think hubby might want to run in the other direction.
  7. That’s what I said above. What’s with this button down EJ.in bed?!?! Did the actor gain weight during covid or something?! Any male new hire (in soaps) is almost demanded to be shirtless for the first six months. I’ve seen his Spartacus pictures. Are we sure this actor isn’t his father? Unless, he and the show are trying to make him a serious actor and don’t want him to have his shirt off all the time. James Scott could do both at least. I guess we’ll eventually know if he is a Greek god or one of the Cleavers. After all, it is summer and you can’t wear those 3 piece suits forever.
  8. Willow will become pregnant with Michael’s baby, right? Chase will then seek revenge on Michael and Willow for having sex when he thought Willow only woved him. I didn’t get Willow wearing that ugly blue dress. Was she married before…legally? That said, the wedding was actually kind of sad mostly due to Josh Swickard going the extra mile in looking and acting like he was dying.
  9. nuEJ has his first bed scene and there was no gratuitous shirtless shot? What the hell was he wearing? One of Victors smoking jackets? nuEJ should have been working out like a feign to get those abs in tip top shape before he started airing. I’m still not on board with this actor. I know it’s only his third or fourth day but he’s comes off so much older than James Scott did. Scott is 42 and Feuerriegel is 39. I’m just not feeling it.
  10. Why didn’t show marry Willow & Chase with a real priest to make it harder for her to get out of the marriage? Gonzo was nice and all but someone more official would have more impact story wise.
  11. That is weird. Did they say that was?
  12. I think it is Live move in true. It’s because of Covid supposedly. Then there isn’t an episode till Sunday because they need to set up story. Wait! Did I say set up? Am I implying that production needs to make up stuff because the feeds aren’t on yet. LOL!!!!!
  13. It seems like Isaac isn’t selling out on his TSV. I guess the ladies already bought their summer ware.
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