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  1. I think it’s because he’s well liked by production & the cast. He’s been there so long they’d never think of firing him. He’s dependable, knows his lines & doesn’t cause problems. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get by & it makes the day go a little easier for everyone involved.
  2. I was more interested in Laura Wright’s hair. Didn’t she just get it cut? It’s amazing how it grows so fast. Whatever she’s taking I have to have it. Yes. That’s how bored I was with the actual show. Also, Michael & Willow are beyond boring together. FV can’t really believe people are interested in them does he?
  3. I knew it wasn’t OG HH and kind of figured it was an old Hawaii Life episode. The couple seemed nice enough and the wife thought a lot of the husband and need for space with his painting. At least, they went in looking for a one bedroom. Usually, the show has the couple looking for a 2/2 and they always end up with a one 1/1. That always annoys me. They never looked at two bedrooms which I appreciated. That said, one bedroom is small but it had a great view.
  4. The “stuck” part really cracked me up. Um, yeah that’s what a mortgage and buying a house is. You live there potentially for a long time. It’s not death sentence either. You can always, um, like move.
  5. Personally, I want to know what’s with their obsession with Simone Biles?!?! Jeez Louise! She’s a gymnast that’s been to the Olympic and possibly again.
  6. He played the ex-husband of Anne (Bonnie Franklin) and the father of Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) and Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli). He only did a few episodes in the early seasons and later on when Barbara got married. He was a good solid actor.
  7. It’s funny reading all about Harper Deveraux because I’ve been watching him (Joe Campanella) on reruns of One Day at a Time. This was way before his Days run.He did every show in the 70’s & 80’s. I think I’m showing my age. LOL!!! Anyhoo, the Gwen reveal was nicely done but you’d think she’d have some proof. Like a frickin picture of said Mum! Gwen said Mummy took her to Salem & Gwen makes it like she saw Jack then when she was supposedly in some roach infested motel. Does Salem have one? She seems to be going on what Mum said which isn’t much.
  8. Why can’t they just have both return? The tie breaker is so anti climatic. They both “won” and both deserve to return. The odds of both winning again are rare so just have them both back.
  9. That’s great to hear. I’ll keep my eye on it. Thanks.
  10. It’s funny because I bought two end tables that need assembling but I have no desire to do it. Years ago, I bought some at Target already assembled which was so much easier. LOL!!! I’ve never shopped at IKEA but the stories I have read about putting things together has me looking the other way.
  11. Not a good sign for VPH when none of the TSV (colors) have sold out. I guess no one needs lamps. That said, it’s a pretty good deal with the lampshade & bulb included. They are kind of pretty but too delicate for me.
  12. I did forget that which I odd since I’ve purchased from there before. Thanks. Thanks. Everyone has been so helpful.
  13. Yes. I will check them out to compare. Thanks. It does look very Ashley like doesn’t it? I’ll check them out, too.
  14. I would love to buy VPH Two-Door Two-Drawer Beadboard but the s&h is pricey. They come in such pretty colors and no assembly. Nope! I won’t cave in. LOL!!!! https://www.qvc.com/Two-Door-Two-Drawer-Beadboard-Cupboard-by-Valerie.product.H225333.html?sc=LIVE
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